War vets free to join any party: Mujuru

BULAWAYO - Former Vice President Joice Mujuru has told war veterans who have been under the cosh from President Robert Mugabe, that they are free to join any political party of their choice.

Mujuru, a war veteran in her own right, said what is critical is that ex-combatants are respected since they played a significant role in the liberation struggle.

“Do not be threatened because as we speak those who fought in the 2nd World War and are still alive, are getting paid their pensions. Those who went back to England still have their money posted to them.

“So what about you, do not be misled into believing that you will not receive your payouts because of your political allegiance. You are free to join a party of your choice.”

Mujuru’s tone is at variance with Mugabe’s scathing admonishment of war veterans whom he recently threatened with war if they continued assuming to be the “kingmakers” in Zanu PF.

Speaking at her first political rally last weekend the former VP said they must be a thorough investigation into what really happened to the country’s economy.

She said it was up to people like her who were once in government to speak out of these ills.

“People will think that just because I was in government, hence I do not have to say it. But I am saying if we do not say it then we are doing the nation a disservice.”

Mujuru said it is disturbing that $15 billion of diamond money just disappeared into thin air.

“That money, if you were to divide it by the 1 958 wards we have, each ward would get more than $7 million. Imagine where we could be with that kind of money — we could not be having these problems.”

She said corruption in Zimbabwe had reached alarming stages that if not contained will swallow the whole country.

“The only way out of our mess is to invite to the table all the investors who are running away from this monster called corruption which has engulfed the whole government.”

Mujuru bemoaned the lack of job opportunities in Zimbabwe which has led many young people to cross borders in search of employment.

“I have heard of horror stories that befall our children when they go out of the country to look for jobs and we are saying this should not continue. As People First, we want to identify industries in Bulawayo that can be revived so that they create employment for our youths,” said Mujuru.

She urged voters to be very careful when it comes to voting.

“We do not encourage you to just rush into voting before you make your assessments. You have to sit down with those who want to be voted and deliberate on issues, and if you agree then you can proceed to vote.

“When you talk to your leaders and you are convinced that they are the right people, then you can go and vote. You have to vote if your concerns at grass roots are carried along.”

“There is need for political transformation among us as political leaders because the way we do our politics in Zimbabwe is wrong. We emphasise politics when people are dying of hunger while others emphasise the growth of the economy.

“I know politics and the economy are like twins but while we know that politics is played let us play more of the economy. People do not like politics if there are jobs, hence these wars and fights that we hear will disappear if people are gainfully employed.”

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wo vets are the proverbial Esaus of our time who sold their 'birth right' for a bowl of soup when they thought they were gravely ill from hunger. rhobhati gladly dished out a couple of printed tens of thousands to these yesteryear bush fighters and they renounced their welfare & being to him by pledging their allegiance to him. they cant wean themselves because they made oaths & vows on the alter of zanu thru murder & maiming civilians, opposition politicians & civil rights activists in the name of surfguarding integrity & sovereignity. its simple paybek time for the avenging spirits of those who perished in the holocusts of the 1980s, the illegal farm grabs & the stolen elections of the 2000s. now they cant join parties of their choice because they are bound by promised protection from prosecution and the possible victimisation that may come with dissent. they are in a conundrum rather than they are in a dilemma! its their paradox to solve! safa kontinyo!!

SaManyika Chaiye - 24 June 2016

Batshele Joice.Some of the war vets are dragged into scandalous political activities for the sole purpose of ensuring that their monthly pension payments are not discontinued, unaware that these are their rights and are protected by both relevant national legislation and the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Gen. Spinola - 24 June 2016

She never liked us when she was vp.she never link up wth us.infact she displayed annoyance at the sight of poor comrades.she shut the door rite in our faces during her time.we lost trust.we stopped contacting her on our welfare.I think we were done being comrades wth her a very long time ago.

viola gwena - 25 June 2016

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