West welcome, Chinamasa says

HARARE - As the economy continues to die, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday appealed to Zimbabweans to put aside their differences and work together in wooing investors from all corners of the globe to the country.

He also reiterated government’s determination to continue engaging with the international community as well as Diasporans, as Harare seeks to energise the ailing local economy.

“The context of Zimbabwe’s problems is that the country is not in the global economy. We need to understand why, because there are sanctions, although the European Union is now relaxing. But still, there are challenges there,” Chinamasa said.

The pragmatic Finance minister’s sentiments regarding Zimbabwe’s readiness to do business with all countries, regions and global financial institutions contrast sharply with those of his principal, President Robert Mugabe, who at the weekend said that Zimbabweans would rather suffer than accept conditional assistance from the international community.

Addressing journalists in Harare, Chinamasa also cautioned citizens against “bad-mouthing” their country, saying this was scaring away investors and scuttling the government’s re-engagement efforts with the West.

“Confidence comes from you. Don’t expect outsiders to have confidence in you when you don’t have confidence in yourself. Do you speak confidently about yourself, about your own country?

“How do you expect to solve the problems if you are always bad mouthing your country? If you are telling everybody do not come and you shout the most to say don’t come,” he said.

Chinamasa called on Zimbabweans to take a cue from the rural folk of yesteryear who would always go out of their way to try and paint a glowing picture of their homes, even when they were going through hard times.

“We must exude this same confidence. But just meeting you, your face is written problems,” he lamented.

“I am not in the same position with my counterpart from Zambia. My counterpart can go into any capital market and raise resources at affordable rates. This I cannot do because of the constraints I have mentioned,” Chinamasa added

However, he said, he and his ministry were not “just throwing our arms in the air” and giving up, but working hard to try and fix all current challenges, including raising agricultural production, compensating white commercial farmers who lost their land during the country’s chaotic fast track land reforms.

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Well said. Tell your boss (Mugabe) and his nephew (Zhuwao) about it. They have the biggest and loudest mouths.

Dingiswayo - 23 June 2016

He is hallucinating. They are busy killing our brothers and sisters and they think they deserve support. The only support that can be given, is the support to Zimbabwe and not ZANU PF. The support towards the transition to a government that is ready to serve all Zimbabweans. As of now, we are in the endgame. No repeat of the 2009. Let us get to the real end of this drama. A drama not finished is bound to be repeated.

Zvichapera - 23 June 2016

sir you rigged the elections thinking that you will do the same with the economy,now i can see you had rearranged your thinking process as you call for those whom your master Bob laments when ever given an opportunity to come to your rescue,corruption is the order of day how do you expect miracles to happen,what do you normally discus in those so called politburo meetings with your friends in crime,recently you agreed to ban the importation of goods without giving any notice to citizens,you are running my beloved country as tuckshop shame to your totalitarian evil government.

justice zulu - 23 June 2016

If Chinamasa is serious about Zimbabweans putting aside their differences to woo investors he should start by wooing the local investotors. He should tell government departments and state enterprises to stop stifling indigenous projects. Like Strive Masiiwa there are a lot of Zimbabweans who have projects stuck in parastatals and government institutions that could turn around this economy. I will arrange for someone to show Chinamasa how Zimbabweans can turn around this economy if the effort is not stifled by the system. White and Asian investors are just there to plunder our resources, yesterday he was complaining about looted diamonds and externalization of the US$, today he is saying let us woo those same people. If he has natural propensity for slavery and foreign dominance he should not assume that everyone is like him. No recolonization and slavery through the back door, our women in Kuwait was bad enough not officially inviting them here.

ADF - 23 June 2016

Chinamasa is working hard to reintegrate the economy of Zimbabwe into the Global Economy but unfortunately,the country's leader and some of his close confidants are pouring cold water into such noble efforts.The worst and unpleasant scenario in the country's political landscape, is that the country's national executive is completely fractured, incoherent or even uncoordinated, one wonders what purpose are those weekly cabinet meetings serving?

Gen. Spinola - 23 June 2016

@ADF, With respect, its those in ZANU who are busy looting the nations resources whilst the ordinary guy languishes in abject poverty. Now, what kind of government is that? Possibly, you are part of the looting crew. ZANU has no clue and should make way for a government of national unity until we have free elections.

Dunlop Munjanja - 23 June 2016

Vana Chinamasa, Maneta. I still remember him saying he cannot guarantee the safety of White Farmers. Shame on you. Government make policies and private sector follows good policies. When are these fools going to realise you can not go against the world.

Mchasula Maneta - 23 June 2016

Chinamasa of all the people, people started disappearing wen u were Attorney General, usada kutamba nepfungwa dzevanhu. Udza boss vako nehure ravo zvauri kutaura izvozvo.

kkkkkkkkkkkkk - 24 June 2016

Chinamasa you are not geting us ryt. we are not bad mouthing our dear country, No. we bad mouth your government. this gov does not have our blessings and the least we can do is to bad mouth it every opportunity that we have. you want us to go about praising the rampant corruption within yo gov, your incompetences and yo rich human rights violation record? hell No. we absolutely have no confidence in your policies thats why we bad mouth you. you have brought nothing but 36 years of misery. we shall continue bad mouthing.

Bad Mouther - 24 June 2016

tell mugabe yoto say it himself. he has spent his ruling years saying we did not need the west and now that he sees he was wrong he sends you? no no no. I hope the West helps us but only under a new government and without you in sight

inini - 6 July 2016

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