'Zim crises may force early polls'

HARARE - Political analyst Dewa Mavhinga says with the prevailing dire economic situation in the country, it is conceivable that Zimbabwe could go for its next national elections before 2018.

“It seems that people can see that major political changes are looming and that 2018 may be too far. It is possible that national elections will take place sooner than 2018 because of the economic implosion that could trigger unrest countrywide,” Mavhinga told the Daily News yesterday.

He spoke as other analysts said Zimbabwe was now in “full-blown election mode”, as political parties prepared for the eagerly-anticipated 2018 polls that some observers said could be marred by riots and violence, amid high chances that the opposition will work together to fight President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.

Only last week, former Vice President Joice Mujuru held her first public rally since she left the ruling Zanu PF in 2014, a gathering that was attended by thousands of her enthusiastic Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) followers.

This came after opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC held two massive demonstrations in Harare and Bulawayo, agitating for an end to Zanu PF’s 36 years of misrule.

“Look at how the Zanu PF government is failing to pay civil servants, look at the rampant corruption and put that together with the vicious succession fights over who takes over from . . . Mugabe who refuses to step down.

“All these factors are the gathering cumulonimbus clouds of an imminent political storm that will be upon us way before 2018,” Mavhinga added.

While support for Mugabe and Zanu PF is waning in the face of the current economic meltdown, the nonagenarian recently said he was going to start his 2018 campaign soon, and is expected to visit Chiredzi this week for his first rally.

Another political analyst, Shakespeare Hamauswa, said Mugabe would use the gatherings to test his popularity.

“The ruling party rallies are meant to achieve two things, reasserting the authority of the party leader in the face of continued factionalism and to counter the simmering revolutionary mood currently manifesting itself all over the country,” he said.

Hamauswa added that opposition political parties were also building up their 2018 momentum, banking on the social, economic and political crises that the country was currently experiencing.

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Here are locally produced items. Cooking oil,bread ,meat,flower,Salt,sugar,bathsoap,meali meal,masamba,milk. THESE GOODS ARE IN ABUNDANCE.If a family has these commodities chances of going hungry are slim,let alone rioting.Bt I do agree tat banning even luxuries is bad business,especially if reserve bank s not paying for them.Let those wth their cash buy what they want.just dont finance.And dont put up duty.let business flow.

viola gwena - 22 June 2016

I don't agree with your analyst Mavhinga that we can have an early election. Mugabe is Mugabe and would want to finish his term of office. He knows that things are against him and the last thing he will do is call for an election before 2018. James Chikerema told us kuti Mugabe is selfish and we are seeing it for ourself. Let the opposition come together and prepare for 2018.

Dunga - 22 June 2016

I don't agree with your analyst Mavhinga that we can have an early election. Mugabe is Mugabe and would want to finish his term of office. He knows that things are against him and the last thing he will do is call for an election before 2018. James Chikerema told us kuti Mugabe is selfish and we are seeing it for ourself. Let the opposition come together and prepare for 2018.

Dunga - 22 June 2016

Early elections? Mugabe doesn't crave legitimacy from the electorate. What do you think this is? Some democracy with an effective opposition and questioning & bold electorate? This is a police state where the mafia is in charge. As far as the ancestor is concerned he was given until 2018 & his party has endorsed him to contest those as well. He wont be calling for elections, for what purpose?

Galore - 22 June 2016

This is nonsense! Where will the government find money to pay for general elections when it can't even pay its employees.

Tau - 22 June 2016

Viola yu left tomatoes frm mutoko,onios,fruits oranges ,plenty food produced localy.dont halucinate

sidy - 22 June 2016

Cabbages are rotti g in mbare,$1 for 4.local.rape,mbambaira,potatoes mufushwa.Imi.I agree wth @Viola, dont ban things,.stone age mentality

ino - 22 June 2016

Takakuudzai kuti Mugabe wenyu uyu haabvire. Muchakwangwaya. Regai muone. KuZuda vari kurova makwerekwere. Muchaenda kupi? Tambai kongonya.Muchadya mhodzi gore rino kusvika madzidza.

Muchadya izvozvo - 22 June 2016

Dai mwari vakatibatsirawo vakomana mbwa inotitungamira yatiuraya nezhara kani maiwee hiii haiwaaa

muzvindapanyo - 22 June 2016

Prepare for any possibility. We are now encroaching into the unknown. One thing for sure is that when a peaceful people, once perceived to be week take to the streets, it will definitely be uncontrollable. I think the ZANU PF thugs have triggered what they will not be able to contain, bond-whatever or multicurrency, they are on a one way to grand and heroic falling. The sad thing though is that the endgame will be painful. At least we would have lost our chains. Those who live will learn something about how not to run a country.

Zvichapera - 22 June 2016

There was no riots in 2008,when there was realy nothing even nyimo was scace.no riots.What will bring them now when shops are full,mbare musika full.honestly?.Zesa has improved,water has, food import bill has declined.its just jobs n industry.dont be fooled.

viola gwena - 22 June 2016

Mazimbo akagutisa aya. Public toilets are overflowing with your waste. Zvinhu zviri kufaya!!

Murozvimukuru - 22 June 2016

Live in the stoneage mentality @ Viola, you will wake up when events have overtaken you. Mabasa edu aya anotipa kuti tione zvinhu zvakashata sezvakanaka akaoma varumewee.

Tahir Iqbal - 22 June 2016

Im not disputing theris problems here.corruption needs to be destroyed n allow the yuths to grow.But yu must deal wth realities,nt fake issues.Hunger is one thing Mugabe wont allow now.look at how much rice the chinese donated.Look at yo nearest shop.does that suggest hunger n rioting.?That area its too late for opposition to take advantage.They must take zanu on corruption,not easily managed issues like hunger.

viola gwena - 22 June 2016

state agent rese rinongoti zvazviri zvitori bhoo! sewage rikatushuka hanzi kuguta. zvinobatsireyi kuzaza stuff when money is losked in banks?

SaManyika Chaiye - 22 June 2016

Speaches,noise and supposition won't make us free but action answers everything guys.

Chemical Solution - 22 June 2016

Hunger in Zimbabwe. It is very true. I listened to Headman Marange of Marange village telling us that people are being fed left overs at local boarding schools. Can someone contact local NGOs for some urgent intervention. Zim government only left with money for foreign travel. The people are suffering today. Let us make a difference by sourcing food for the people of Marange, please!!!!!!!!!!

Tekere - 22 June 2016

Zhanu to call for early election? That will never happen, not on a thousand years!!!

Mudhiniwe - 22 June 2016

I agree wth viola,tho reluctantly.wil marange villagers riot?Lets get real plz.ask yoself rite nw will yu answer the call to come n riot for food.

bob - 22 June 2016

Wrong analysis! Mugabe will not go for elections zvinhu zvakadayi. Vacha delayer, delayer until things dza ne semblance of normality. But that strategy may back fire coz the more the situation worsens the more Zimbos will be tempted to go into the streets. Its a double edged sword. How he handles the situation determines where this country goes from here forward.

nyimo - 22 June 2016

mugabe should go come 2018 anenge akufudza mombe kwazvimba kasekuru kapi kasinganyari.at 92 he should be playing nevazukuru.nhai mbuya nehanda,sekuru kaguvi murikupiko ingoitai kuti zvibve pachigaro.itai zvamaiita nguva yehondo zvekuisa munhu muright place yake.kamugabe watovatateguru chaivo ndana chandagwinyira chandabata handisiye.nxa people ngationei zvokuita we must not be intimidated by these looters.

uth maitano - 22 June 2016

This can only happen in normal functional democracy,not in a country in which Bob is in charge.He believes that all economic problems do not emanate from his misrule, but from the Western Imperialists.

Gen. Spinola - 22 June 2016

This is wishful thinking. Mugabe will never think of that. As long as he fly to Singapore every month and his wife to Dubai then everything is okay. He is thinking of contesting in 2018 when 94 and doesn't care about the country or its economy. His personal economy is doing well.

Inyika - 22 June 2016

Look, Mavhunga is giving a barometric measurement of the indicators on the ground about reality. Mugabe can choose to ignore, and do his usual. But this time around he will do it at his own peril. It has been long, and it cannot be any longer. Patience has reached its breaking point. What Mavhunga has done is help the opposition know what to do, "Don't take long before you come together". Time is running out. They cannot take long considering what to do when they know what people are calling for and expecting. Mugabe can catch you unaware before you get together. It should not take longer after October (ZimPF's congress). Be wise.

Boterekwa - 22 June 2016

If I was Mugabe, I would call for elections tomorrow before the people are fully awake and the opposition is still in disarray!!!

Mazano Rewayi - 23 June 2016

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