To hell with West: Mugabe thunders

HARARE - A bellicose President Robert Mugabe yesterday appeared determined to scuttle his broke government’s tentative re-engagement efforts with Western powers, saying bizarrely that Zimbabweans would rather suffer than accept conditional assistance from the international community.

The remarks flew in the face of Mugabe’s own recent statements that he wanted better relations with the West, as well as the untiring and laudable work in that regard of pragmatic Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and the hard-working governor of the Reserve Bank, John Mangudya.

Mugabe told mourners at the burial of former Health minister, Felix Muchemwa, at the National Heroes Acre that he would not accept Western aid that came with strings attached — utterances that observers said were ill-advised and could scuttle ongoing re-engagement negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“Some say your policies are blocking the British and Americans who would want to pour lots of funds if we do not have our indigenisation and empowerment laws.

“Nonsense! Let’s suffer if we are going to suffer because we have been denied assistance by outsiders demanding that they should do what they want in our country. We say no.

“Our land which we have died for and suffered for is greater, much greater than your resources. Your resources will come and go, my land will always be there, and it shall always be Zimbabwe.

“We shall always have Zimbabwe and the land shall always be in the hands of the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe,” Mugabe thundered.

In his re-engagement efforts with multilateral institutions, Chinamasa has reached the stage where the IMF is now supposed to clear the country’s accumulated debt amounting to $1,7 billion.

But Mugabe will seemingly have none of this, saying yesterday that he and his ruling Zanu PF would continue to fight the West.

“So, today our revolution must continue. We have got to be united behind the party that defends what we fought for, the party that tells us that the land on which we now till, where our schools are built, was fought for, suffered for, and died for,” he said.

Mugabe has long been treated as a pariah in the West, and is widely blamed by critics for turning Zimbabwe from once being regarded as the bread basket of southern Africa into a poverty-ridden basket case, through mismanagement and corruption.

On his part, he has accused the West of ruining the country’s economy through its targeted sanctions, even as evidence on the ground repudiates these politically expedient claims.

The increasingly frail nonagenarian also took a dig at the country’s health personnel yesterday for being “selfish”.

He spoke as doctors were vowing that they would no longer accept patients with medical insurance from July 1, due to insurers owing them $220 million.

“Today, when we read about the standoff between doctors and medical insurers we never cease to wonder what has become of these fields of care. Have they lost their values that used to define them to life and its sustenance?

“True, we expect everyone, doctors included, to be rewarded evenly for work done. But is it not important for us all in the medical field to appreciate the social context within which we execute our duties?

“Our country is going through a temporary phase of challenges, most traceable to hostile sanctions imposed on us by the West.

“But in the meantime, we need to serve our people, often for modest returns. Government is aware of your cries, and is doing its utmost to address them,” Mugabe said.

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This is not gorvenment policy.we need all .policy is formulated in cabinet ,not at party levels bcoz of lack of capacity at party structures.vp mnangagwa is talking to EU,China US,SADC on business.Anyway president ones hi ted that what he says in publick could just be for politics,nt reality.

viola gwena - 20 June 2016

This Mugabe guy is taking some of us for granted. He is getting all he needs and his children including his grandson are getting all they need and he wants the rest of us to continue suffering. He is eating for us and drinking for us and he thinks we should just die for him. He is just a joke. Time is up. We do not take this 92 years old great grandfather seriously. I can see he becomes emotionally whenever he is at the heroes acre, as he knows that by all probability, his days are almost over.

Zvichapera - 20 June 2016

pamakuwa panopopotwa ere nhay?!

SaManyika Chaiye - 20 June 2016

VaMugabe nyararai if we have to suffer kudii, isu tanzwa ne nhamo imi hamuizive do u know how it feels to sleep without eating or kumira mu line ku bank for your hard earned cash.

Ali Saidi - 20 June 2016

It would make sense if he were running the country properly and taking care of Zimbabweans. As far as I know this old goat he has been begging and leaning on other nations for the survival of Zimbabwe. He has a lot of empty pride with no plan whatsoever how to steer the country. He is a mere empty can making lots of noises to hungry Zimbabweans whilst he and his cronies skimming the country of its riches. He has been bleating about sanctions for decades as an excuse for his lack of his incompetence and unaccountability .

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 20 June 2016

Does this old Dictator even know the meaning of suffering?Stop mocking the suffering povo because you have been living in luxury since the day you assumed power,so to say 'Lets rather suffer than to accept conditions for credit from IMF IS totally out of line especially if it is coming from someone who has single handedly ruined peoples lives through his devilsh economic policies.No matter how much people are suffering his old fool and his hangers on have never stopped plundering the national resources for their own selfish gain.The word suffering does not exist in their vocabulary.

janana wa bikaz - 20 June 2016

Does this old Dictator even know the meaning of suffering?Stop mocking the suffering povo because you have been living in luxury since the day you assumed power,so to say 'Lets rather suffer than to accept conditions for credit from IMF IS totally out of line especially if it is coming from someone who has single handedly ruined peoples lives through his devilsh economic policies.No matter how much people are suffering his old fool and his hangers on have never stopped plundering the national resources for their own selfish gain.The word suffering does not exist in their vocabulary.

janana wa bikaz - 20 June 2016

i think this old man is crazy now. His whole life he's been fighting the west, for what reason I don't know. A wise man is that who in spite of differences with others, takes very good care of his family but this old silly childish man you call president is always blasting the people that are always helping us. This guy is a real fool!!

misty - 20 June 2016

People of Zimbabwe never be fooled by your President. His family and all the ministers from ZANU PF will never suffer. To them suffering and standing in the ques for money are just stories. Please stop the old man before it is too late. Enough is enough ZANU PF has failed us for 36 years. We are tired of the lies you do not eat land. Resources for using on the land are only used by senior ZANU PF members. If you get out of ZANU PF the land is taken from you is that fair.

jinkgiks - 20 June 2016

The President does not appreciate our predicament as a people. The depth of our suffering, our hopelessness and despair. He is well looked after. His vazukuru and tezvaras are getting the cream of the country's wealth. The best farms, ZESA contracts etc. So forgive him for he does not know what suffering is. He looks after himself and his own. One day we will be truly free. The right to self determination that Tongogara and Chitepo fought for.

Tekere - 20 June 2016

He does not know what suffering is because he has never experienced it. He has no idea what it is we are going through because everyone around him is well fed. those who are supposed to be presenting our cases are not doing their job, he himself as a president is not doing his job. we need the west, deep down you know it but you have that flicker of hope that indigenisation will work and that the black masses will come up with a plan, how are we supposed to come up with a plan when are minds are constantly thinking of ways to feed our own? Policy makers are killing us, there is a gap between the government and the people, the government consists of selfish people who look out for their own. The government has no money but how can an employee of government owned net one, who recently graduated receive a four figure salary and boast that his/her boss is earning a 5 figure salary. You convince yourselves that you earned it but the economy says otherwise. God is watching, He is not mocked, He is not ignored.

speaker 2.0 - 20 June 2016

President Mugabe did not die in the Struggle, President Mugabe IS not suffering, in fact his standard of living is now well above that of any racist or mudzwinyiriri who ever lived in Rhodesia or Zimbabwe. Presodent Mugabe jets monthly for medical treatment overseas. President Mugabe has a full overly well paid job President Mugabe possesses several luxurious homes serviced by MANY servants. President Mugabe is not really affected by Sanctions. President Mugabe is not affected even by the disappearance of 15 Bn US dollars. President Mugabe is not concerned that the Chinese businesses are now disadvantaging the Zimbabwean entrepreneurs. President Mugabe and his ZANUPF supporters wrongly think that their Way is the ONLY way. ( In life, there are many ways of solving a problem) President Mugabe: Before Ian Smith fell, he believed that ALL Rhodesia's problems were caused by the Media. President Mugabe thinks all Zimbabwe's problems are caused by Sanctions. WRONG.

Sekuru Ndoronga - 20 June 2016

Eeeh ok tazvinzwa mdara! ko 15 bhidza how far?????

Samanyemba - 21 June 2016

Exactly why this guy is the worst president Zimbabwe will ever have. Which aid is unconditional? We see aid from China coming of loads of Chinese people, the externalisation of the US$, the looting of diamonds. Woe to you Mugabe! You have caused untold suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans...corruption taking centre stage whilst you watch. Just GO and Zimbabwe will never be Gushungo colony again

Timothy - 21 June 2016

What part of f*** off does the old donkey not understand?

Barbara Mitchell - 21 June 2016

we poor Zimbabweans first of all we are being ruled by an ancestor in the 21st century really? who still believes in MADZINZA today,we need to come up with a solid plan fellow Zimbabweans this is totally rubbish.

GAMBA - 21 June 2016

Uncle Robbie you time is up.....m the new incoming president, 2018 hausvike.......dont worry zimbabwe i promise to restore this nation, the law will tak its course on thieves like obert mpofu,patrick zhuwao, iro remagirazi rekunyeba iri joseph made, emmerson mnangagwa etc all are just a bunch of thieves....your judgement time is the space

His Excellency - 21 June 2016

He does not suffer he goes to Asia for treatment and his daughter travel to Asia to give . Does he real know the meaning of suffering

Slim Cat - 21 June 2016

Mugabe shld continue barking. Investor will simply stay-away.

Kakale - 21 June 2016

Mugabe is a day dreamer , he has made us suffer for his well being that is why I always say he is a Satanist the more the people are hurt and suffer the more he enjoy , he must not speak of suffering because he doesn't know what it means , can he just resign and get out of our way , he is too old , he speaks of looking East while the East is looking both direction , he is evil and my zip up.

Mudhara - 21 June 2016

To hell with you, you miserable old gagool

Mudhiniwe - 21 June 2016

Continue to Look East comrades - perhaps we will see a star soon

nelson moyo - 21 June 2016

Our army and police are prepared to suffer by foregoing their pay for next month. May we ask the govt ministers to do the same, to save on fuel and fuel allowances.

bexilford - 21 June 2016

This old Madhala has become a Monster how can he say "We suffering' ,as if he is stays in Mabvuku or Budiriro . people are living without tape water and the sewage system has be a huge problem becoz of water shortages the dranage has be broking.only god knows one day is one day no one live for ever.You have coz more damages in our on country Economy, Poverty and healthy has been come our country top priority.We have suffered enough us as Zimbabweans not you,I wonder if you are a zimbabwean

god is watchintg - 22 June 2016

Sekuru just from reading the comments if this was an election you would have lost 100% why coz of the actual hungry Zimbas. Hanzi hungry men are angry men hezvo

critic - 22 June 2016

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