Mujuru lays into Mugabe

HARARE - Former Vice President and now Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) leader, Joice Mujuru, yesterday launched a blistering attack on President Robert Mugabe — describing the Zanu PF strongman’s recent rant against war veterans, that invoked ugly memories of Gukurahundi, as “reckless”.

The popular widow of the late liberation struggle icon, General Solomon Mujuru, also bluntly told the increasingly frail nonagenarian that his injudicious tirade risked threatening the country’s relative peace and stability.

Speaking through her spokesperson, Gift Nyandoro, Mujuru also said the ill-thought utterances were testimony that Mugabe was not remorseful about the killing of an estimated 20 000 innocent civilians by the army, mainly in Matabeleland and the Midlands, in the early 1980s.

“We note with grave concern as the Zimbabwe People First family the reckless utterances by Mugabe when he threatened war veterans with the use of violence in the manner he did during the ‘alleged dissidents’ era.

“Such utterances have no place in today’s global village that seeks to establish love, peace and harmony, as the ever-lasting foundation of humanity’s togetherness. We believe that a leader who trusts the use of force and violence in crushing opposing views is a hallmark of intolerance to say the least.

“It is on public record that people who were Zimbabwean citizens and civilians for that matter, were killed, raped, tortured and had their homes and properties destroyed by the notorious and infamous Fifth Brigade mainly in and around Midlands and Matabeleland,” Mujuru chided Mugabe.

She added that she was “disturbed” that her former boss was keen to “evoke memories of the Gukurahundi era in a manner typical of a president boasting of a genocidal record, wherein documented evidence suggests that over 20 000 civilians were killed on unfounded allegations of supporting dissidents”.

Mujuru also pointed out that there were many citizens who were still “traumatised” by the Gukurahundi atrocities and that many children had grown up without parents “because of the heinous act of political barbarism”.

She vowed that when she was elected into power in 2018, she would work to close “the sad chapter”, by ensuring that all perpetrators of the massacre were made to account in their individual capacities, while victims were compensated.

She said real closure of the matter could only be achieved through “honest engagement” of victims and affected communities — in apparent reference to Mugabe’s previous description of Gukurahundi as “a moment of madness”.

“Each and every one of those who were involved should be able to explain the role they played in those atrocities if we are to put closure to the Gukurahundi chapter and move forward as one country.

“If anyone is to be found on the wrong side of the law, then as a law-abiding nation we should let the law take its own course,” Mujuru said, adding that there was need to set up “a genuine and non-partisan” commission of inquiry to look into the Gukurahundi atrocities.

She said such commission would ideally involve all stakeholders, including churches, civil society bodies and political actors among others, because Zimbabweans had “fought for people power and not one-man power”.

Mujuru also said political atrocities that had been committed since 2000 against opposition MDC supporters, including the abduction of journalist-cum human rights activist Itai Dzamara, would also be investigated under the ZPF government.

“The painful disappearance of people like Dzamara, a democracy activist among others, should not be taken lightly. Wrong doers need to be held accountable. That also goes to the victims of illegal operations like Murambatsvina, wherein people were displaced and traumatised.

“Only then, if we genuinely come together as Zimbabweans, the dream to have another prosperous Zimbabwe should be possible — a Zimbabwe that does not live in fear of its leadership and a Zimbabwe that is driven by wishes of the people,” she said.

Mujuru also expressed sadness that the 1987 Unity Accord between Zapu and Zanu had up to now failed to address the Gukurahundi atrocities.

“It has failed to bring closure to the sad Gukurahundi chapter but it is simply a decoy of political supremacy by one man over the rest. Our heart bleeds when the president of a country threatens sons and daughters who went to war to liberate our country from the yoke of oppression and suppression with violence.

“May our well-meaning war veterans know that we are together in making Zimbabwe prosperous again. Genuine war veterans know that in whatever we do, we put ‘People First’ and not ‘fight first’.

“Genuine war veterans know that we fought for freedom of association, assembly and expression. We never fought for the creation of a family dynasty. I therefore urge genuine war veterans to remain steadfast in safeguarding the gains of our independence,” she said.

During his Zanu PF central committee rant a fortnight ago, Mugabe launched one of his fiercest attacks on members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, who are agitating for embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed him.

Mugabe described the war veterans’ remarks as tantamount to a rebellion, threatening to deal with them severely if they continued on their stubborn path.

“The dissidents tried it. They were war veterans, and you know what happened. Lots of trouble, lots of fighting, lots of suffering of course, to our people and these dissident activities cannot be allowed,” he thundered ominously.

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And people are supposed to eat this nonsense....and no metion of the armed bandits

Tengenenge - 17 June 2016

STOP IT! Runaida. You were part and parcel of the Gukurahundi terror. You worked overtime to prevent Econet from acquiring its operating licence. You were part of the war victims compensation fund looting. You were part of diamond looting. You were part of Operation Murambatsvina etc. You are the co-architect of the suffering of many Zimbabweans. Just because you were booted out of ZANU (PF) in 2014 you now want to appear like a saint. You are ZANU (PF) to the core. And Zimbabwe would be doomed to have you for President.

Ray Phiri - 17 June 2016

@Tengenenge What armed bandits? You mean Gukurahundi Mugabe's men posing as dissidents to justify the wiping out of PF ZAPU in order to pave the way for Mugabe's one-party State? How many were they? Nobody will ever by that "dissidents" rubbish. Most of us, unlike you bottlicking tribalists are normal upstairs - we will never be hoodwinked. If you and your Mugabe as so confident about your dissident excuses; then why are you so scared of the issue being brought up? Just put the evidence across to shut your opponents up rather than sweep things under the carpet. What does a villager's inability to speak Shona have to do with dissidents; if its true that the onslaught was about dissidents? Take your "dissidents" nonsense to the mountains. Not here!!

Kwakubus'uMambo no Mzilikazi - 17 June 2016

Its also on record that in that period when ANC and other front line states were fighting for SA emancipation, Zanu through Mnangagwa worked with South African intelligence organisations to frustrate that process by creating these dissidents and allowing them to car and house bomb properties occupied by ANC cadres. Unarmed civilians in Matebeleland and Midlands were raped and murdered in cold blood and property and livelihoods destroyed during this period by Mugabe's militia. The apartheid government didn't want ANC having access to another border frontier in addition to Moza of which large chunks were covered by Kruger national park anywhere. Zanu wanted a one party state and others in addition wanted to exert revenge for their ancestors (albeit misdirected anger). Chiwengwa was the Brigadier in charge of 1 Brigade in Bulawayo and Shiri was the Colonel in charge of the North Korean trained 5th Brigade zanu militia reporting outside the command structure of the British trained ZNA. Solomon was General in charge of ZNA so he would have known that something is up, as a ZIPRA trained cadre who defected to ZANLA in 1973 what did he do about it? Mrs Mujuru what did you do about it, when collegues in cabinet were gloating about the massacre of civilians?

Lt General - 17 June 2016

@Ray Phiri That line of argument applies to just about every Shona person in Zimbabwe, with very few exceptions; except for those born after 1990 and those who were not of voting age in the 1980s. So, just quit that argument. Otherwise you have to equally go for Tswangirayi, who was a ZANU PF senior cadre then; Makoni, Biti, Mutambara, Maduku etc. Ask most people from Mthwakazi who were at UZ in the 1980s about those guys. Yes they turned against Mugabe later but they were all ZANU PF supporters and generally spread tribalism at UZ calling Ndebele people dissidents. Go to YouTube and see the Shona arrogance of those days. Nobody is innocent regarding ZANU PF's sustenance and growth in the early 1980s except those from Matebeleland. We now all have to start from a clean slate, with clean consciences and united as progressive Zimbabweans who have learnt a bitter lesson - the lesson that playing tribal politics doesn't work!!

Kwakubus'uMambo no Mzilikazi - 17 June 2016

Hoo but cde pamaiveko maiti zvakanaka wani, matandwa makuona kushata kwazvo!!! Would rather support RG Mugabe than mumwewo hake akadzingwa akuona kushata kweparty.

Waonekwa - 17 June 2016

paragraph 6 of that so-called Unity Accord reads: "6. That ZANU PF shall seek to establish a one-party State in Zimbabwe." Now, judging by this paragraph alone - no right thinking person would have expected Mugabe to tolerate the continued existence of PF ZAPU. So naturally it had to be crushed by all means. This "dissidents" thing is all nonsense. They created them, first by frustrating them out of the army so they could rebel. They only stopped shot of a fully fledged one party State owing to the fall of the Soviet Union. They were overtaken by events, since even their friend Julius Nyerere was also dismantling his own one-party State in Tanzania after bitter lessons learnt.

Kwakubus'uMambo no Mzilikazi - 17 June 2016

@kwakubus uMambo no Mzilikazi : You should shut up. You wanted to establish your Ndebele government hallucinating on your cruel assegai based killing . You learned a lesson that the modern Shona is different from the time your cruel forefathers savaged Shonas , and looted cattle and young women from Mashonaland before the advent of white settlers. No Mtwakhazi State in unitary free Zimbabwe. You can go back to Zululand. I was at the wedding party of Zuma`s daughter to Ncube son. This was Zuma`s joke, ``This gives me the opportunity to recover the cattle looted by Mzilkazi from Zululand!`` That spoke volumes about the criminal mind of settler Ndebeles from Zululand then. Today we must live peacefully as one people . Any dissidents attempt will not be tolerated by the majority Shona in our motherland.

Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) - 17 June 2016

Why dont yu direct that tribal hatred to hating corruption,tdays corruption nt that of mzilikazi or nehoreka.?its a better feeli g than heeping anger on corpses of mzilikazi n chaminuka.

viola gwena - 17 June 2016

@Cde Mazwinavhu (Prof) What are you shouting about kanti wena? Which post of mine are you responding to since nothing of what you are saying talks to any of my posts? Are you imagining things? Sorry my friend. I love you a lot. We are all one black people united by Mambo and Mzilikazi. Nothing will change that despite your misdirected angry outbursts. Yehlis'ulaka!!

Kwakubus'uMambo no Mzilikazi - 17 June 2016

varume/madoda the worst of all is this bob and zanu pf never shall you ever prosper or move forward as nation let puteverything down take this men and zanu pf out first murume uyu ashata avekuda kuita zvedzinza /dynasity...gushungo ....this is the worst of all... kkk munotamba kana mukarega bob achipinza mukadzi wake mepera madhodha/varume vhurai maziso mapera..maparara...kkkkkkk

dofo - 17 June 2016

Foolish Prof Mazwinafu, neither do you have historical ownership of this country. Ndebeles and so called Shonas arrived in this country at different times of history.Therefore, naked truth is that the country belongs to Abathwa derogatorily called Bushmen by the white man.This current Zimbabwe state is a creation of the whitemen who forced amalgamation of Mashonaland, acquired through the raising of the union jack in 12 september 1890 in what is now called Harare without any resistance, and conquest of Matabeleland in 1893 which resulted in the demise of the Ndebele Kingdom.The consequence of this sad historical development produced what was called Rhodesia later to be Zimbabwe in 1980.Needles,s to emphasise that the current political boundaries of African states were drawn without consultation or consent of the local inhabitants of these modern territories, as if this wasn't enough African nationalists resolved that the colonial boundaries were to be legitimate boundaries of newly found nation states.Therefore, is there any need for people to exchange that nasty and indecent language yet they are looking at persons who are the legitimate causers of the current social,economic and political unhappiness?Please guys try to identify who the problem causers are, and deal with them once and for all.If there is any strong feeling that there should be territorial divorce, it should be debated like what Scots did with their union with the English partners in the United Kingdom and come up with a solution that would be acceptable to all inhabitants of this country.The difference with our situation is that the union of England and Scotland was achieved through consensus,unlike what happened with the so called independent sovereign states of Africa.

Gen. Spinola - 17 June 2016

You were also actively involved in those atrocities Mrs Mujuru and your late husband was the first to suggest expleling all ZIPRA fcombatants who were being assimilated into the ZNA IN 1982 So pliz dont try to cleanse yourself pliz cause you are actually insulting those who were massacred during Gukurahundi. You should also be tried for your involvement together with your late husband.

josphat - 18 June 2016

Headlines, "Mujuru Lays Into Mugabe" is a gesture trying to make it look as if Mujuru and Mugabe are now enemies - much the same as the glorified rift between Zuma and Malema? All bulldust and designed to confuse the innocent and gullible public? Meantime, if the truth be known Joice is still very much part of Mugabe's camp just the same as Juju baby is still very much part of the ANC and doing their dirty work for them by poking whitey in the eye, hey? Not everyone is stupid.

White Colonial Boy - 18 June 2016

Joice is nothing but a total con artist hoping to convince the public that she is anti Mugabe and on the other side. Nothing could be further from the truth and anyone who sides with her or believes in her party is nothing but a stupid fool.

Mbewa - 18 June 2016

It is sad to note that Shona people are trying to vindicate themselves from the attrocities that be albeit Gukuragundi. Who asked them to do what they did. Only fear of their own shadows made them do that. Today they are forcing Ndebele people to speak their language, just like the Boers of 1976 in RSA. Didnt the boers fail. As for Mujuru, sorry lady you are just like Mugabe. As I said before, when Kayisa Ndiweni advised the Ndebele people to form a Federation, they laughed at him. The wise man new the Shonas very well. Shonas do not know what Economy is. They can have doctracts of any education but whats left is that the only economy they will ever know is to grab as much for themselves. Zimbabwe is in shambles today . PLEASE NDEBELE PEOPLE UNITE AND HAVE YOUR OWN COUNTRY. IT IS NOT TOO LATE AND LEAVE THOSE SHONAS ALONE. They are doomed like Zimbabwe Ruins. They will never have any economy in place come what may. In other words they have been cursed by what they did to you.

Bongani Khumalo - 19 June 2016

Zimbabweans hamusati makwata zvenyu, why do you keep oppose the opposition parties. zanupf has been in power for 36yrs and you are still doing their dirty work by opposing the opposition parties. hamusati maibva zvenyu.

Anywhere Anytime - 20 June 2016

Bongani khumalo you are wrong, only a few pple did those bad things, stop seperating pple like that.

Brian Tagu - 20 June 2016

Oh for god's make a sock in your mouth and smoke were part of that travesty so shut up !!!

SUZI - 20 June 2016

mai mujuru does not deserve vote by the people because she was vice president when 200 members of the mdc were killed . she is responsible for the death of many people .threre is blood in her hands

adhalanyimbo - 21 June 2016

mapossilble ministers a joice mujuru have blood in their hands killing people for votes

adhalanyimbo - 21 June 2016

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