Mujuru is senior to Mugabe — Mavhaire

HARARE - Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) elder Dzikamai Mavhaire has said Joice Mujuru joined the liberation struggle against minority white rule at least four years earlier than President Robert Mugabe.

Addressing thousands of people at a rally held at Mawungwa Business Centre near Mpandawana in Gutu, Mavhaire blasted Mugabe for surreptitiously anointing himself life president.

“VaMugabe 1976 ndokuenda paMozambique asi vana Mai Mujuru vanga vatovapo 1972, saka mukuru wehondo ndiyani ipapa? (Mugabe went war in 1976 yet Mrs Mujuru was already there in 1972, who is the lord of the war between the two?) he asked rhetorically.

He said Zimbabweans must resist attempts to let Mugabe continue ruling even after he was bedridden.

“Takapa munhu nyika kusvika aita sekuru, ikozvino ava tateguru, mukadzi wototi kunyange apinda muguva achatonga arimo, ndingataurirwe izvozvo nanaMarujata ini (We gave him the mantle to rule and now he is old, he is now an ancestor, and his wife now tells us that he will rule even from the grave, can we take that nonsense from Marujata?)”  he said referring to an unstable, loose, sharp-tongued and divisive village woman in a famous Shona novel Gara Ndichauya.

Mavhaire, who has been in and out of government since 1980 due to his sharp tongue, also admonished traditional chiefs to stop being agents of coercion for Mugabe’s Zanu PF, contrary to their much-vaunted role as custodians of national culture and traditional values.

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Mujuru is senior to Mugabe, ------- who proved it? When? How?. Why telling us today?

Viona Ngwena - 17 June 2016

Mavhaire Mavhaire, you are not serious. These sort of untruths mean you either take the people you want to lead for fools or you are not genuine in your quest to wrestle power from Mugabe and zanu or are doing an inside job destruction. You know very well what you are saying is untrue about seniority in even Mujuru is on record stating the same anycase its neither here nor there so why spend political capital lying about inconsequentials? Bob did not fight in the war, he doesn't even know how to strip and assemble a gun.

Galore - 17 June 2016

Greetings to all who will comment on this is or any other publications. May you please STOP commenting on others people´s comments. Though I agree that some comments are idiotic but lets all have freedom to express our views on the main publication and not on other´s views(comments). Thank you in advance !!!

White Horse. - 17 June 2016

saka mukuru WEHONDO ndiyani ipapa? well, Mugabe never touched a gun and was restricted in Maputo by Samora who didnt even trust him. They guy was quiete girlie. he wouldnt even runa km! svichiti pegwa pegwa vukumbo kudaro?


War credentials cannot be the necessary and sufficient conditions for leadership in our once beautiful country. It is for that same reason why some people think they are entitled to our country and everything in it simply because they went to war. Zimbabwe is for us all - whether we are ex-combatants or not!

Ray Phiri - 17 June 2016

ana mavhaire makutaura izvozvo ikozvino..maidii kuzvitaura pese tasting sour grapes..this is politics

paidamoyo chirandu - 17 June 2016

These ***** ain't loyal....Ukunyepa hama.

Wonekwa zvekare - 17 June 2016

Joshua Nkomo was Senior to all of you fools!!

Kwakubus'uMambo no Mzilikazi - 17 June 2016

36 years on and you are still banging on about the "struggle". Get over it. Your problems are all self-created.

Paul - 17 June 2016

Mavhaire is crazy. Kushaya zvekutaura pa rally.

Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) - 17 June 2016

We are not interested in who is a senior and who is a junior but how to get rid of this regime. Pakubata pfuti amai Mujuru is senior but Robert was in politics long before 1972. Instead of dwelling on how best we as Zimbabweans can get rid of Mugabe and his regime we spent time on trivial issues.

Dunga - 17 June 2016

this politics of personalities is what meks zanu a directionless loose cannon that fires aimlessly! this masimuka tiwenzane nonsense does not yield anything! what was it they really do in the war that meks one big or small; is it the number of helicopters that one shot down or it is when(time) one joined the so called 'struggle.'

SaManyika Chaiye - 17 June 2016

People, Mavhaire is simply laying the facts on the table. Mumwe aswika na6 kuseni, mumwe aswika na6 manheru - atanga kuswika ndiyani apa? Very simply! Facts are stubborn!

nyimo - 17 June 2016

Hezvoo ka Marujata Grace Marufu-Mugabe!

Dingiswayo - 17 June 2016

Zanu pf people had a chance to deal with mugabe, during that famous year when Mavhaire called for mugabe to step down, at a zanu pf gathering meeting. No one within zanu pf supported his call.

X-MAN IV - 17 June 2016

Reading this you would think the war finished four years ago but no more than 36 years ago. Lets go over this war and look at what matters now. It doesn't matter so much now who joined the war when or how, what matters now is solve the problems that beset Zimbabwe now. I don't think war credentials matter so much to solve these problems but people who are willing and not corrupt. Let's move on guys.

Inyika - 17 June 2016

we fade up hearing your war stories, despite both of you betrayed us. what you jus thinking is feeding your children and keep on stealing from "fuck Mugabe fuck mujuru"

thomas - 18 June 2016

Mavhaire you lack wisdom. You sing a tune from your circumstancial master's book. Grow up and learn to lead. Do not just be lead.

Kakale - 21 June 2016

Mavhaire has been an opoen minded person since independent. he just failed to find people in his side. He joined a bunch of bootlickers who pressured to have him expelled since independence. it was no coincidence that he was expelled because he was born an opposition member. Remeber he once asked the question of retirement of the president long back

MAsola - 23 June 2016

ZANU was formed 1963 by nationalists who had been in politics long before. Vana Teurai Ropa kuenda kuhondo zvarongwa nevatungamiriri.

Liberty Shungu - 24 June 2016

Kana muchiaddresa vanhu(povo) musavatora sevanhu pasina. chamurikuda kupinda panyanga chete. I believe kuti if you can lie to win our vote, u will never be a cedible leader. personally I don't believe in recycling leadership. ko wakafa usina kutonga hazviiite here? neruzivo rwepamuromo rwamunarwo, u can be a back bencher anobatsira kugadzirisa gwara remusangano. Ko ivo mai Mujuru sei vakatora mbeu dzakawira muminzwa nepamatombo??

joseph jembere - 24 June 2016

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