Tsvangirai roars back

HARARE - Fit-again opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is back with a bang and will lead from the front in the planned Mutare MDC demonstration next week — the party’s third major such mass action in as many months — against President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF’s misrule.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, confirmed to the Daily News yesterday that the former prime minister in the government of national unity was now in “excellent health” and champing at the bit to lead Zimbabwe’s democratic quests, after undergoing an emergency operation in South Africa last month at the recommendation of his local doctors.

“President Tsvangirai will definitely be in Mutare. He is in high spirits, and as he himself has said, he is actually more worried about the country’s political economy, which is in a dire state, rather than his health,” he said.

Tsvangirai and the MDC, who are credited with steadying the country’s dying economy between 2009 and 2013 when they shared executive responsibilities with Zanu PF then, have mounted two mega demonstrations in Harare and Bulawayo over the past two months.

Despite loud denials by the governing party in public, insiders have said the demonstrations shook Zanu PF to its core, after the main opposition brought both Harare and Bulawayo’s central business district to a halt during the marches.

MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said the Mutare mass action would target Zanu PF’s continuing misrule, the party’s failure to fulfil its 2013 election promises to create 2,2 million new jobs, as well as agitate for answers following Mugabe’s recent claim that $15 billion had been stolen from the Chiadzwa diamond mining fields among other things.

“Preparations for the Manicaland demo are going on very smoothly and we expect a crowd of not less than 10 000. We expect to see our president, the charismatic and indefatigable freedom fighter, Tsvangirai, leading the demo in Mutare,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gutu also announced yesterday that the MDC Youth Assembly in Mashonaland Central would hold a demonstration in Bindura tomorrow, to commemorate the Day of the African Child.

“This is basically an event for the youths, and we expect no less than 2 000 youths to take part in that march. They will be articulating issues that are pertinent to the lives of young Zimbabweans, such as the scarcity of jobs, business opportunities and the payment of college fees,” he said.

Since Mugabe and Zanu PF won the hotly-disputed 2013 elections, the economy has been on a downward spiral, with thousands of companies shutting down, and hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs — worsening poverty levels in the troubled country.

In recent months, economists have said Zimbabwe has once again hit the depths of humanitarian and economic despair that were last experienced in 2008, when the country’s seemingly unending political crisis precipitated an economic meltdown of monumental proportions — which culminated in the death of the Zimbabwe dollar and mass emigrations out of the country.

There were ample signs when Tsvangirai led the Harare demo that the MDC is getting its mojo back, when thousands of people — most of them party supporters clad in trademark red regalia — brought the capital’s central business district to a temporary halt, as they marched in the peaceful demo that culminated in Tsvangirai calling on Mugabe to leave office now or face the wrath of the people.

Observers told the Daily News then that the demonstration had shown that contrary to Zanu PF propaganda that Tsvangirai and the MDC were now spent forces, the main opposition was very much alive and still the major threat to the ruling party’s thuggish hegemony.

Addressing the crowd, Tsvangirai — who was mercilessly bludgeoned by police and left for dead when he dared participate in a prayer meeting organised by churches in 2007 — said Zimbabweans should ratchet up their demands for their constitutional rights.

“Because of what happened in previous years, I know it’s not easy for Zimbabweans to demonstrate . . . We therefore as opposition parties demand, that Mugabe must go and have an early retirement in Zvimba (Mugabe’s rural home),” he said.

“This is the first demonstration . . . we are going to other provinces and we are also going to have a national demonstration here in Harare. As the MDC, we are not afraid. We are prepared to lead the struggle even at its worst time,” Tsvangirai added.

“We are here to tell Mugabe and his regime that they have failed to provide leadership to the national crisis. The two million jobs which were promised to us have turned to be two million vendors.

“Mugabe has no solution to the crisis we are facing because he is tired. We are not demanding an overthrow of the government, we are demanding a dignified exit for the tired Mugabe.

“We are saying to Mugabe this is time for him to listen to the voice of the people. The people shall rule, the people shall liberate themselves,” Tsvangirai also said to thunderous applause.

Ahead of the march, all eyes had been on the MDC president as he plotted the first serious mass action that the opposition was to embark on in a decade — with both friends and foes keen to see the impact, or lack of the protest march as the 2018 national elections beckon.

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Thanks daily News for the story..Its good he is back we been reading falls and inaccurate stories on places like zimu eyes many others who been telling people that MT is seriosly ill and may net be able to lead..even small sites like http://zimnews.net had the audacity to lie that MDC will now be under Chamisa.

Wesewese - 16 June 2016

If as a party you guys are fighting for democracy then surely be seen ,at least, to be doing something to raise the bail money for the AUSQ guys. otherwise it would appear we are fighting on pararrel grounds

musombodiya - 16 June 2016

The former Prime Minister, right now, has much more pressing personal issues to deal with, chief among which is his health. For one to purport to champion the cause of others requires that they have no lingering baggage that could perpetually drag them down. In any case, a healthy body is a healthy mind. Having been recently under the knife for an ailment I hope is not life-threatening (the country needs Mr Tsvangirai if not for qualifying democracy, at least for the amusement he constantly churns out), everyone knows that he is not getting any younger (just like President Mugabe) and it gets awfully awkward sometimes especially at night when it chills to the bone.The word mega is a grossly abused term, kind of like a mopping cloth. A handful of people in Byo could surely not be construed as a mega crowd, not even by the wildest imagination. The only "standstill" whatever that is being alluded to may be the chaos that visited that peace-loving city when the measly crowd turned rowdy as it tried to compensate paltriness for noise. Having learnt a lesson in Byo, this might explain why he will not be leading from the front in the ill-fated Mutare demos but instead from the rear like a coward using a few gullible individuals as fodder. More interestingly, if gold rusts, what will iron do? Richie (Tsvangirai) is much younger than Bob but some papers celebrate his supposedly "excellent" health and describe him as "charismatic and indefatigable freedom fighter". However, he has found the going tougher and if a movie was to be produced about his participation, it would definitely not be titled "Taming of the shrew" for Tsvangirai has long been as domesticated as that ass in the triumphal entry. I would love to hear him proffer pragmatic and practical solution for him to be taken as a serious alternative rather than demos, boycotts and the tired ZANU PF should-leave office-mantra.

Sambulo Vuma - 16 June 2016

M T was a prime minister in unity Govt what changes did he brings in the state affairs? some of his members where ministers in various portofolio what changes or improvement did the leave behind

EDWARD - 16 June 2016

Welcome bak sir.bt mmmm munenge murikurwara shuwa mmmm.anyway good to see yu Save.Yu must roar wthout the aid of a walking stick sir.

viola gwena - 16 June 2016

This strategy is not effective, to me these are publicity exercise. The government require sustained pressure from all front, not a few hours demo. Havana basa nazvo, apply pressure without backing off demanding results!

Augustine Zingwe - 16 June 2016

Is Tsvangirai the best there is? Or he is best available option. Given the time that he's been on the scene can anyone name any one positive change that has occurred for the people of Zimbabwe? All I read about is the mansion that he got from ZanuPF which he wont give up. This is not a put down on Tsvangirai nor an endorsement of Mugabe. It just feels like we seem to be suckers for these imposters who claim to fight for us when what they are really doing is using us to line their pockets!

Themba - 16 June 2016

@Themba. Not many believe this bt that is very correct.To li e up their pockets.its a career.job discription _oppostion leader.Bt it seems they are lucky fellows, no perfomance results audit frm their followers.They are too busy checking on mugabe s perfomance.

viola gwena - 17 June 2016

@EDWARD, Tsvangirai is a force to recorn in Zimbabwean politics. The only person to shake the mighty Zanu PF. He is the only person who makes up Zanu pf slogans, "Pasi na Tsvangirayi". Though you castigate him he is making Zanu PF act on most policies. Recently after the MDC DEMOs in Harare and Bulawayo respectively , Zanu Pf has set enquiry commisions to investigate corruption nationwide. Like President Mugabe, Tsvangirai is a grass root mobiliser, believe me or not. Given the chance he has the power to transform the economy just the way he did during the GNU. Not becasue he is intelligent, but because he instil confidence within the business community. In Zimbabwe there are only 3 soccer giants, Dynamos , Highlanders and CAPS united. In politics, we have President Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai. If the 2 could just bury their differences and work together, i tell you Zimbabwe will become a regional economic powerhouse overnight.

Viona Ngwena - 17 June 2016

Uyo anoti Tsvanirai haana zvaakaita nguva ye GNU haazi muZimbabwean. vanhu vakawanda varikutochemera kuti dai kwaitwa imwe GNU ta mborya futi zvinonaka

ISHE NEHOREKA - 17 June 2016

Uyo anoti Tsvanirai haana zvaakaita nguva ye GNU haazi muZimbabwean. vanhu vakawanda varikutochemera kuti dai kwaitwa imwe GNU ta mborya futi zvinonaka

ISHE NEHOREKA - 17 June 2016

Anyone who thinks government is nw acting on corruption is definately a chinyau,dancies to ugly tunes.Government has done absolutely nothing on corruption.Sme chinese who came here wth good intentions are now so corrupt they may not be allowed back into china,because of our government.Diamonds were stollen in broad day.aeroplanes landing in mutare taking off wth diamonds unaccounted,no zimra no reserve bank.And that num scull Biti was finance minister.he has no clue at all what happened to our diamonds.Look at zesa tenders.And some rascal thinks government has been pushed to act on corruption.wake up.

viola gwena - 17 June 2016

Tsvangirai as a national leader,former prime minister,has every rite to walk into centra police station n challenge police why Undenge has not been arrested.why Chivayo is still dishing out stollen money,which is evidence.Tsvangirai must learn to press the rite buttons,not just walking.Vendors walk every damn day.

viola gwena - 17 June 2016

I am not a great fan of MT but why do people expect MT to do RGM's job? Let's direct all our venom & frustrations exactly where they belong. People talk of RGM being principled, learned, articulate etc - what has that to improve our lives? He even stole elections, that's why ALL of them so-called leaders have NOTHING to offer the working class. I'm embarassed to be a Zimbabwean at the moment, it's like we don't think at all!

Sagitarr - 17 June 2016

Only Welshman Ncube can lead Zimbabwe to National cohesion, National Unity, Nation building and prosperity. Nobody from the majority tribe in Zimbabwe will succeed in this task. They are all power hungry, undemocratic, tribalistic, some are racists, and above all nepotism and corruption are their hallmarks, driven by a culture of Mwanawekumusha. This is a culture that has killed Zim and its economy. It is foreign to most minority cultures in Zimbabwe. Only a leader from the minorities will rescue Zimbabwe. Numbers bring arrogance, hence the failure of the country as a result of majoritarianism. Minorities tend to be humble and are always willing to listen as their positions are not as secure owing to their minority status. Most countries that have succeeded in the developing world have done so under the leaders from minority communities. Look at the disaster that has befallen SA under Zuma? But watch the space when Cyril Ramaphosa takes over. People can get as excited as they want about Tswangirayi, but as sure as day follows night, like in the case of Mugabe, they will indeed live to regret it. Tswangirayi long showed his true Colours when in a position of power. Forewarned is forearmed!!

Truth - 17 June 2016

imboitai.some of us just coming from the auction floors..ummm gore rino mari ye fodya irinani.on my way back to my farm to continue winter ploughing

gustavoz - 17 June 2016

Weshman is the one who prolonged the suffering because of greedy and disrespect. Now chipaty chake chafa now he wants go get back to the masses with back door. How can he be a uniting force when he had caused teared the party and failed to unite his small paty. kkkkkkkkk

kays 1 - 17 June 2016

imboitai.some of us just coming from the auction floors..ummm gore rino mari ye fodya irinani.on my way back to my farm to continue winter ploughing

gustavoz - 17 June 2016

imboitai.some of us just coming from the auction floors..ummm gore rino mari ye fodya irinani.on my way back to my farm to continue winter ploughing

gustavoz - 17 June 2016

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