Mugabe set for campaign trail

HARARE - Despite growing calls for him to step down in the wake of an unprecedented economic crisis characterised by cash shortages and his now visible frailties, President Robert Mugabe told his backers last week that he will soon launch his campaign for the 2018 presidential elections anytime from now.

Addressing the Zanu PF central committee meeting last week, Mugabe challenged the party members to warm-up for the 2018 election saying the current problems which include the cash crisis are “temporary”.

“…as we drift closer and closer to elections, we must take full stock of our structures ensuring that our people stay ready and mobilised.

“Above all, the party must be in the lead in addressing the needs of our people. The youth recently made known their expectations, the war veterans whose families must be supported.

“Cash shortages are being faced across the board by our people who cannot easily access their savings or earnings. You might have deposited money in the bank, you have savings in the bank, but there is no money. But this is a temporary problem which should be behind us soon, sooner rather than later,” the frail looking Mugabe said.

Many of Mugabe’s former party cadres have in the past described him as a man obsessed with power, adding that he is creating his own dynasty.

Being the only leader that Zimbabwe has known for the past 36 years, Mugabe is even bracing to contest the 2018 elections at 94 years old, despite having been accused of running down the economy, through policy inconsistency and the controversial land reform programme, which observers said was meant to prolong his hold on power.

However, during the central committee meeting, Mugabe promised that he will soon visit all the country’s provinces to make sure that the party is ready for the 2018 elections.

“Now we, at the headquarters, would want to see that achievement of so many people registered, so many people with membership cards also making their subscriptions.

“So, VaMphoko (Vice President Phelekezela) vanenge vakagaririra kuno. You can’t say you have a hundred thousand members when you registered two each one having a membership card.

“Where is the proof of subscription? So, we will have to have an auditing system. So, when I visit the provinces as I said I shall, that is also one aspect I will look at. At the province we should be sufficiently computerised.”

Mugabe dismissed the opposition parties grand coalition saying it will be just a grouping of failures.

“So, let us have parties which are genuinely in existence and not just mere assumptions.  Let us not be put into sixes and sevens by the opposition which is writing nonsense all the time of my wife or People First.

“The likes of  (People’s Democratic Party president Tendai ) Biti are claiming coalitions which are coalitions still in the air and never concretised…, but it doesn’t matter — all can come together, all of them bundled together.

“Zanu PF is saying group, in a matter in which we desire, we give you just one of these (showing clenched fist).

“I hope we are building that one huge fist which will settle firmly once again all the little party organisations. I hope our preparations will be a success today.”

For the past 36 years, Mugabe has been blamed for putting more energy into consolidating his grip on political power, leaving the economy burning.

He has been accused of being selfish at the expense of the general populace.

Despite a visibly-waning popularity, Mugabe maintains he is still loved by the people and that he will govern until “God says come”.

And if there is anything that he has managed to achieve since he took over power; it is to instil fear in citizens and the use of violence to cow and crush every pocket of resistance, opponents contend.

Amid these governing principles, Mugabe has been accused of stomping on people’s constitutional rights. However, as the growing injustices continue taking toll on the hapless citizens who        have seen it all over the past years, they are now taking to the streets to register their disgruntlement.

Only recently, church leaders took to the streets to demonstrate against government’s national pledge, which compels children to salute the national flag and recite a pledge of patriotism.

The church leaders argued that the pledge is against their Christian beliefs and must be dropped immediately.

On the other hand, the National Railways of Zimbabwe workers, who have been going for months without salaries, have been demonstrating.

Many are resorting to social media to campaign against Mugabe and his government over its failures to bring meaningful change to people’s lives.

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and many amongst us will forever be beholden to the visionary leadership the president has demonstrated,demonised by the west for empowering us and freeing us forom the last bastion of colonialism in zim which was land ownership,the president has gone a step further in ensuring that black people participate meaningfully in the economy,having been away the previous week in europe to watch the opening game of euro 2016,the african diaspora i had conversations with in france all had high regard for our president,they hold him in high sesteem and long for other leaders to be unpologetically pro poor and uplift the africans,yu then get surprised when yu come back home and yu are greeted by a media that is hostile the the icon and his policies of uplifting the poor

truth - 13 June 2016

Admittedly President Mugabe has removed whites from the land and made it virtually impossible for any white, he they citizen, 3rd generation or not, to run any successful commercial business. Do such measures empower or liberate blacks, create investment and stimulate employment all things so desperately needed in this country? Perhaps those earning fat Government salaries might think differently but in my book President Mugabe has literally destroyed this country simply because of his loathing and hatred towards foreigners and whites. Time to get real I think.

Mbewa - 13 June 2016

All along i have been responding to truth's trash hoping that i was dealing with a normal human being,but alas!I I was responding to a thickheaded,unreasonable,brainwashed,selfish and stupid idiot and i must say that this is my last response to this mad person.You are one of those Chivayos who after they are given an opportunity to steal,you go around preaching how good this current regime is and at the same time parading your ill gotten wealth to the same people whom you steal from.Enjoy your ill gotten wealth in silence rather than keeping on vomiting your stinking drivel.keep it to yourself mother fu....

Janana Bikaldo - 13 June 2016


Janana Bikaldo - 13 June 2016

I like the way @Truth dreams.In a country where almost everybody is suffering it sort of helps to have dreams like going to France ,owning a farm and a hunting licence.

chimuti - 13 June 2016

same to you mbolton.cocksucker

mafirarakureva - 13 June 2016

Daitanzwa viola

gidza - 13 June 2016

@Gidza.We can all live peacefully n enjoy our country,if corruption is gotten rid off.we have enuff wealth to empower all our pple.Thats what the liberation was about.It wasnt to take care of zanu pple only bt zimbabweans .Theris a solution to this crisis.It only requires men n women to sit dwn regardles of political in GNU.Why cant we all swallow our pride n do it for the pple we say we love so much.Didnt life change for the better during GNU.Cant we just do it ourselves wthout being forced by Mbeki?

viola gwena - 13 June 2016

Some say it was a monster bt unfortunately it gave life to pple.Elections that dont bring good dispensation n good life to citizens is useless ,even if we win.why are twn pple crying?

viola gwena - 13 June 2016

@chimuti,the truth is some amongst us dispite the hardships can afford such opulence the same way black market fuel dealers and moneychangers built mansions when the majority was suffering

masimba - 13 June 2016

'i hope we are building that one huge fist which will settle firmly once again all the little party organisations.i hope our preparations will be a success today"in honour of muhammed ali the president meant zanu will deliver an uppercut that will knockout all oposition parties,so mdc,mavambo and whatever party this election will not go out the rounds but yu will be knocked out with one sucker punch by the fist of fury with cheering half naked of your mothers dancing kongonya by ring side,pamberi ne zanu,pasi na tsvangirai

BOXER - 14 June 2016

The situation in which Zimbabwe finds itself today is so precarious. It no longer needs a bigger fist to punch this or that person. We have reached a stage where poverty is knocking at everyone's door, whether Zanu Pf, MDC, PDF , Mavambo or NCA. We might demonstrate our mighty to opponents. @ Truths might testify having heard some people in France glorifying our Icon, but our situation is now more than that. We need to come together as Zimbabweans and make a big fist that : fights corruption, ghost workers, laziness by government ministers, hatred amongst us Zimbabweans yet we are one people, violence amongst us Zimbabweans yet we are one people. We need to turn that big fist and punch de-industrialisation, over reliance on imports, low agriculture productivity. We need to support and empower women and youths with income generating projects. We have no time to punch each other with fists but to work hard and build a better and prosperous Zimbabwe. Let's all love our country and think about the future generations.

Viona Ngwena - 14 June 2016

welcome back@truth,will yu return to watch the final?how do yu guys do it?give us notes please

jojo - 14 June 2016

Plse pple,im not viona ngwena.yu must take note of the hiden tired of the confusion.sme friends who have my number r quiring me on this person s contributions

viola gwena - 14 June 2016

Plse pple,im not viona ngwena.yu must take note of the hiden tired of the confusion.sme friends who have my number r quiring me on this person s contributions

viola gwena - 14 June 2016

Zimbabwe, in the hands of the Lord we commit you!

mai keisha - 14 June 2016

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