Moyo defends Mugabe

HARARE - Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo lept to the defence of President Robert Mugabe, who has been under criticism for threatening to crush war veterans loyal to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Writing on his twitter account, Moyo said Mugabe’s stance is not bad considering that they threatened bloodshed if their preferred candidate did not become the party’s next president.

“It’s illegal for groups that are armed or are linked to arms to threaten bloodshed to achieve a political end,” Moyo twitted.

While some have been saying Mugabe’s threats to crush war veterans in similar manner to the way he dealt with dissidents in the 1980s invoke Gukurahundi memories, the former government spin-doctor thinks otherwise.

“Did ... Mugabe threaten a 2nd Gukurahundi as alleged by political arsonists? No! No!

“... Mugabe warned dissident war vets on bloodshed threats but didn’t warn their supporters or any civilian. The tendency by political arsonists to abuse Gukurahundi for opportunistic political purposes is very hurtful to Gukurahundi victims.

“The evil of Gukurahundi was the brutalisation of the civilian population seen as supporters (of) armed dissidents. What’s sad here is the failure by self-righteous do-gooders to condemn threats by some war vets to spill blood.”

Addressing a Zanu PF central committee meeting last week, Mugabe described the move by Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) as tantamount to a rebellion.

“The ZNLWVA was formed to cater for the welfare of our veterans and not to champion the struggle for political change, not to be the boss of the party and never to be the bully of the party, nor the entity to make the choices of who should be and who should not, never ever!

“Expect that within the party, always within the party and not outside the party. The dissidents tried it, they were war veterans, and you know what happened. Lots of trouble, lots of fighting, lots of suffering of course to our people, and these dissent activities cannot be allowed.

“Do we see another rise of dissident activity? The leadership with our experience says no to the war veterans association. It’s not your function; it’s not your business to talk a lot on who shall succeed the president.

“Dissident activities cannot be allowed. It ended in December 1987 when Joshua Nkomo and I put our hands together and our hearts together to say never again shall we allow this to happen,” the visibly agitated Mugabe said.

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@samanyika &@masamba,yo silence on condemning the warvets who threatened to spill blood if thir preferred candidate does not get appointed is deafening

truth - 13 June 2016


aluta continua - 13 June 2016

Jonathan Moyo is not in a position to defend anyone as his background clearly shows that he is a man of many flags and will readily jump ship for any reason. Even though I do acknowledge that he is good with words never will I trust or believe in him. Admittedly there are a few who adore him but most cadres in ZANU PF loathe him because of his sycophantic behaviour towards President Mugabe.

Mbewa - 13 June 2016

i heard yu threatening to blow my hide-out the other time and thot i shld kip to myself. i admitted that my sentiments are unpopular with the majority as i appear to be the only character affected by the situation in the kantry. so yeah; let zimbos do as they please with the little kantry! if someone wants to rule it 4eva, let him be. if so called wovets want to spill blood; i dont have anything to do if thats what they wish! if anyone wants my opinion, check old articles and there is nothing new to say!

SaManyika Chaiye - 13 June 2016

Zvaiwana ngwarati....Bob and war vets now on opposit camps. The drama is becoming a bit messy. Nhasi mapenzi azoona kuti rombe rinozni Bob idictator...after almost 40 years. If it takes these dudes that long to come to a realisation of truth then this tells a bit of a story about them. We want jobs, rule of law!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gamuchirayi - 13 June 2016

BUT wait Jonathan Moyo, here is a simple question: What is a dissident? Anyone who opposes or talks about succession of Mugabe? That is myopic in thinking? It is not treasonous to talk about succession? It is treasonous for somebody to say Mugabe will rule from the grave?

Dingiswayo - 13 June 2016

Is thr any fool tht listerns to this economic terrorist.Whr is yo zimasset?vision 2020?he bluffs gullible fools only.he leads gullible fools .Economy needs attention bt he is busy cooking stories for fun.

viola gwena - 13 June 2016

Jonathan jonathan. Sometimes its best to keep quiet. You know exactly what your boss meant. He didn't mince his words, he was merely saying all those agitating for his removal he will make sure all their kids or those deemed to be their kids wont grow. Their pregnant women, sisters and daughters anyone associated with them will be raped and then bayoneted to remove the foetus. He meant they will be made to dig their own graves and buried alive, he meant whatever and whoever is left will be locked in a grass thatched house and set alight and whoever tried to escape the fire would be shot point blank by the goons guarding outside.

Galore - 13 June 2016

What else could Moyo do? He is serving at the pleasure of the dear leader.

Gen. Spinola - 13 June 2016

Jona, Jona! Give us a break! There has to be succession. RG Mugabe, the mafia god father will not live for ever. Besides, why should people be stopped from discussing leadership change? What these war vets are actually saying is that they want renewal of leadership. Is that a crime? Jona you should be ashamed of singing for your supper in a crude manner.

Mbareboy - 13 June 2016

@truth. I doubt your sincerity in calling upon me to condemn your fellow comrades. Wasn`t it you and them who made Mugabe a demi god ? So where does Masamba fit in your issues ? I told you long back you are stupid because you are totally incapable of reasoning. This is why you label me a tribalist when I say in the Midlands we don`t what the nonsense going on in Zanu-PF because it damages our region - a region which has a culture of good neighbourliness. Any attempt by Mugabe or his wife or their tools like Kasu or Jona to devide us will be fiercely repelled. We know their came plan. If you are such a fool to interpret this otherwise then its not my fail. You can only blame your father and mother that they wasted their energies to produce a dundahead like you.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 13 June 2016

I think Mugabe meant both war veterans and the Matabeleland Mtwakazi voices. So to think he implied Ovets alone is not being reasonable enough. Can't you hear the dissenting voice from that side these days. Hence the Gukurahundi utterance must mean a lot to every Zimbabwean. Kiyaliboha!!

Aron Donha - 13 June 2016

I wonder how this Jonso guy will live in Zim after the aftermath - too much political bitching......just thinking

Jonso Guy - 13 June 2016

Jonso Guy, Jonathan Moyo is our hero, befitting our praises as one of the most courageous and patriotic sons of the nation whose sole agenda is to liberate this country's citizenry from the Zanu PF's murderous and parasitic clutches. He is fighting a lone war and that is why it is taking him long but some of the fruits of his gallant efforts are beginning to show. Need I direct your attention to his latest efforts? Of course you may not realise but the disintegration of Zanu PF is one of his first steps towards emancipation of long suffering Zimbabweans. You will thank him when the time comes.

Yeoman Thomas - 26 June 2016

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