I'll fight back: Mujuru warns

HARARE - Former Vice President and now leader of the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF), Joice Mujuru, has warned Zanu PF bigwigs with a penchant for throwing unprovoked brickbats at her that they must not mistake her dignified silence as a sign of cowardice.

Responding to the thuggish behaviour of her erstwhile Zanu PF colleagues via a statement that she released through her recently appointed spokesperson Gift Nyandoro, Mujuru — whose liberation struggle nom de guerre was Teurai Ropa — also promised to fight back with interest if the provocations continued.

Her protestations and threats to fight back follow her ongoing vilification by senior Zanu PF officials, including President Robert Mugabe, as well as the worsening harassment and intimidation of her supporters by ruling party apparatchiks around the country.

So bad have some of the insults and claims that have been directed at her, that in addition to being called a witch, she has also been accused of gross corruption while in high office and plotting to assassinate Mugabe — charges that are yet to be tested in court more than two years after they were first made.

Until yesterday, Mujuru had stoically resisted the temptation to respond to the litany of insults and serious charges that have been thrown her way.

In the statement, Nyandoro — who referred to Mujuru as Mother Zimbabwe — came out swinging, taking particular aim at war veterans’ chairperson Christopher Mutsvangwa.

“Is it that Mutsvangwa and others in the party think that Mother Zimbabwe is a soft landing and who one can bully as he pleases? With respect, that is not the case. The humility and quietness that she exhibits is not cowardice, but a manifestation of her wisdom and resilience,” he said.

Nyandoro added that Mujuru was wondering why ruling party officials continued to attack her even after she had moved on and was now “leading a progressive political party that is clearly giving the regime sleepless nights”.

“On all the occasions of the attacks on Mother Zimbabwe they (Zanu PF officials) were never provoked nor did she reply in the hope that they would keep quiet. This she did as a sign of decency and reasonableness, but Mutsvangwa and others continue to be reckless canons.

“They should just leave Mujuru alone so that she can peacefully deliver Zimbabwe to the promised land of Canaan. Mother Zimbabwe is not responsible for the failure by Mugabe to account for the stolen $15 billion.

“She is not responsible for the reading of a wrong speech by Mugabe in Parliament. She is not responsible for the pronouncement by Mugabe that the MDC leader (Morgan Tsvangirai) won the 2008 elections by 75 percent.

“Mujuru is not responsible for the unconstitutional pronouncements by Mugabe that the army assisted Zanu PF during its election campaigns,” Nyandoro thundered.

He also warned all the Zanu PF factions that attacking Mujuru would not “guarantee” their respective preferred candidates in the ruling party’s brutal succession battle the right to take over from Mugabe.

And Mujuru, through Nyandoro, reminded Mutsvangwa that she was his senior and commander during the war, further pooh-poohing his recent claims that she had failed to protect women during the liberation struggle.

“We hope as ZPF that he has verifiable and independent evidence to support his malicious claim. This is the same Hatikure (Mutsvangwa’s middle name) who made promiscuous utterances to the effect that Mujuru did not down a helicopter on the 17th of February 1974.

“Surprisingly, the heroic act by Mujuru occurred before he joined the liberation struggle in 1975 and here is a person who sounds highly verbose and presents himself the ‘Rambo’ of the struggle,” Nyandoro said.

Mutsvangwa was also reminded that when Mujuru joined the liberation struggle as a young girl aged 18 years, he was “making frantic efforts to finish his education which he only abandoned at University level to join the liberation struggle in 1975, not out of the zeal to prosecute the war but because of the situation that had become difficult back home.

“By the time Mutsvangwa joined the liberation struggle, and by his own admission, Mujuru was the first woman he witnessed to have been trained and was his commander”.

Meanwhile, ZPF deputy spokesperson Kudzai Mbudzi says any leader within the new opposition party who thinks Mujuru is another “Mugabe in the making is hallucinating”.

In a broadside that appears to target ZPF founding fathers such as former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, Mbudzi said those who were of that inclination should go back to the warring ruling party.

He said some of his comrades did “not seem to fully understand the actual objectives of this new revolution, which is to create a just and democratic environment in which all can prosper”.

“Some want to transplant and transpose the old Zanu PF ethos onto the new party for personal glory and pleasurable plunder,” he charged.

“There are some people who are trying by all means to hold Mujuru hostage so that she glorifies their appointments into certain positions. If she resists those attempts on constitutional grounds, sometimes they overreact and become slow to visualise and internalise her long-term objectives.

“If some individuals would not circumstantially see reason to take a much deserved rest, we urge them to go through the mill at the national elective congress,” Mbudzi said.

Over the past few weeks, ZPF has been caught in a confusing vortex of infighting — with some of the party's founding members said to be so disgruntled that they were now mulling forming their own party.

However, others have pointed to Zanu PF as being at the centre of the chaos, ostensibly to neutralise ZPF before it properly takes off.

“We are different from Mugabe in word, deed and thought and can’t be seen trying to promote the same values of despotic individualism for which we are running away from Mugabeism in Zimbabwe People First party.

“Mujuru is not the one centre of power, but simply a brand. Our centre of power is the people,” Mbudzi said.

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i have to say. well said mujuru if that is what you are following that is brilliant . mark my words they will never ever again be another rmugabe. that is falling and Zimbabwe will never allow anyone a chance like that again . the mutasas of this world that still want to act like they are in zanu it wont work. Mugabe is going this year no matter what

petros - 10 June 2016

How can Joice Mujuru ever be Mother Zimbabwe when she never lifted a finger for 34 years whilst the nation's wealth was being looted and plundered, except that is in joining in the looting. Of course Mujuru is corrupt; how else did she a amass all the wealth she has now? Over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans were murdered to establish the de facto one-party (Zanu PF) dictatorship; what mother would preside over the murder of so many of her own children for selfish political gain. Now the tyrannical dictatorship she helped to build has turned on her and kicked her out of the party. Saves her right!

Patrick Guramatunhu - 10 June 2016

Hats off to Turayi for standing her ground. Vanyanya kuda kutyisa vanhu veZanu pf ava. It's time to hit back - blow for blow. But Mbudzi when you're convassing for support you dont need to insult potential voters for seeing you as Zanu PF - you're just coming from there. You are already being like RGM who called those who didn't vote for him totemless. He didn't know they are the majority and life has never been the same for him & his party since then.

Sagitarr - 10 June 2016

thug against thug; who shall moderate? let them go head-on hopefully joyce meant it!

SaManyika Chaiye - 10 June 2016

Thank you mother Zimbabwe, you gave the old man chances to make things right and he failed. we need a mother with a heart who understands our suffering, we need to re build Zimbabwe. musha mukadzi, wedu musha waparara zvotoda imi amai. some whores move around making noise taking advantage of grandpa who is tired but cant let go to avoid seeing the pain of zim flourishing again and his family going back to where they belong in Malaysia. rebuild pakawondomoka amai, we need your expertise, zvanamutsvangwa vanongo gwauta siyanai naye, anende ane bullet mu brain saka hadzichadhonza mushe. vakai Zimbabwe mother Zimbabwe

sekuru murerwa - 10 June 2016

well, i think this will bring a paradigm shift in Zimbabwe's economic, political and even social spectrum. in as much as we subscribe to that notion, we should not be like an anti-mugabe campaigners only but should come up with lucrative policies even to lure the general populace and the peasants on the farms which could possibly be the blunder which was committed by Tsvangirai. however, mother we thank you for bringing hope to the majority who had lost hope in their own country as it seem to be disintegrating day and night as a result of unpopular policies followed by the ruling party in pursuit of their personal drives.

Gwedla Samson - 11 June 2016

Hats off to you amai Zimbabwe.

Amai Zimbabwe - 11 June 2016

Thank you very much for being courageous by telling the nation that you will fight back. ZANU PF big guns think they lead by threatening people, all the hidden issues shall come out. This is the only way of correcting things. For those still thinking of Mugabeism type rule of threatening people go to hell we want democracy in Zimbabwe. People have the right of which party, which leaders and which people to associate with. a new Zimbabwe is on the way even in ZANU PF people want democracy.

Cholechole - 11 June 2016

We are happy that ZPF abhors the idea of one center of power.ZPF now needs to spell out how we can all work towards creating a paradise for for all not just the few varungu vatema who have grabbed farms, mines and industries

Phinny - 11 June 2016

if Tsvangi join force with Mother Zim whatever,,,... iwoyo muchato wembudzi nebere... Once Zanu Pf always Zanu PF... THESE VIPERS WONT CHANGE. Tsvang tungamira tiende kwatabva kure

matindingima - 11 June 2016

i will never vote for ZANUPF 2

Mudhidhi Mutasa - 11 June 2016

Tell them zim ple1st. Mugabe is not dying now & will be removed from state house come 2018

Benito - 12 June 2016

Unfortunately life is about perception and how do we perceive our leaders not in the smallest of lights. unemployment is at an all time high people are hungry and yet our leader keep on coming with policies that are not conducive for the people. Only a few people benefit. Mwari ndiye anoziva veduwee. kudakwake ndakuitwe

critic - 14 June 2016

she left the kitchen burning, she was part of the regime that squandered the jewel of afrika, all of them are guilty, vaidiridza garden imba ichitsva. we are not fed by insults and accusations, we want sound policies not ccheap politics.

chihuta - 15 June 2016

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