Pray for Zim, minister pleads with Pope Francis

HARARE - One of President Robert Mugabe’s Cabinet ministers recently pleaded with Pope Francis to pray for Zimbabwe as the economic turmoil takes its toll yet again on long-suffering Zimbabweans.

Health minister David Parirenyatwa, who last month attended a meeting on ending paediatric Aids, in the holy city of Vatican said he pleaded with the Pope to include Zimbabwe in his prayers.

“It was brief, just shaking hands and saying what I said. I said to the Pope please can you pray for my country and my president and the people of Zimbabwe, and he smiled very broadly and said I will do this and I passed on,” Parirenyatwa told journalists last week.

“I liked that it was very warm; he is a very warm person, extremely warm person. I wished I was a Catholic.”

According to religious authorities the Papacy, which is the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church headed by Pope Francis, has been a powerful player in European and world politics for almost 2000 years.

By reason of his office as Vicar of Christ and as pastor of the entire Christian Church, the Pope has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church, a power which he can always exercise unhindered.

Parirenyatwa’s plea to the Pope is by no means a new phenomenon as Zimbabweans are now in the habit of holding mass prayers to solicit divine intervention apparently, after losing faith in the politicians.

Zimbabwe is presently experiencing an acute cash crisis and there are fears that the country could plunge into the pre-inclusive government era when hyperinflation was the order of the day.

The Aids meeting that was attended by Parirenyatwa, resolved to fast track the end of paediatric Aids to the year 2020 from the previous target by year 2030.

Among the options to scale up effective treatment for children living with HIV, the meeting, according to Parirenyatwa, also advocated for countries to increase funding towards health services.

As it is, the country’s health sector is heavily dependent on donor funding, as Treasury is failing to support and meet Zimbabwe’s health needs.

Meanwhile, the ambitious FastTrack Strategy to scale up effective treatment for children living with HIV will be launched at the High Level Meeting in New York this month.

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'mutadzi ngaaregererwe' leonard dembo

SaManyika Chaiye - 7 June 2016

Dai akakumbira kuti vatadzi vemuhurumende vareurure zvitadzo zvavo,kwete kukumbira kuti mumwe munhu anamatirwe.

simboti - 7 June 2016

Dai akakumbira kuti vatadzi vemuhurumende vareurure zvitadzo zvavo,kwete kukumbira kuti mumwe munhu anamatirwe.

simboti - 7 June 2016

Let none of us ever forget that the Roman Catholic Church has always backed and supported the Mugabe regime, even after the Gukurahundi massacre and many other human rights abuse issues committed by this regime. As a direct consequence they lack integrity in my eyes and have let down many poor suffering and committed Christians in this country.

Mbewa - 7 June 2016

Our country is heading to disaster.the conti uation of these political wars,in zanu n mdc is not helping at all.The politicians are failing to do their job ,that of leading the country to posperity.Selfishness is glaring reasn.Money,self enrichment ,self uncontroled umbitions.We are lacking leaders in the mould of Ian Smith,who stood for his pple.In comparison ,looking at pple representation ,for whites,n us for blacks,Smith could give our politicians a lecture on the purpose of politics.Why have we failed to improve the twnfolks lives?Whats our plan on that'?continously depending on rural farmers as our vote is segmenting our citizens as we tend to treat town folks as enermies,yet they not.These fights in politics is hurti g our country.citizens.I say Ian Smith was a reliable leader for his pple than us bcoz even wth a strong economy he knew when to give up.He handed over to us ,according to him,to improve the black lives he had neglected.Have we?Its time we become loyal to the country n act for the country,nothing else.

viola gwena - 7 June 2016

Take Note: * Vicar of Christ? * supreme power over the entire Christian Church? * power exercised - unhindered? * infallible? i'm sure the minister failed to realize that the Pope can resolve our problems by himself without even praying. Can he?

Sinyob - 7 June 2016

@viola gwena, spare me the rhetoric if yu are not prepared to bite the bullet! there is a messege that needs to be delivered to rhobhati and the sooner pple in yo ranks & the rest of the so called 'wovetz' deliver that messege the sooner we a gonna get out of this quagmire. try it and letz see the result(s); everyone is waiting on yu! stop playing the proverbial 'well mannered prostitute' and repent!

SaManyika Chaiye - 7 June 2016

@SaManyika,we can all debate without resorting to insults

truth - 7 June 2016

whats wrong kuti papa anamatire vatungamiri nenyika, catholics vakasupporter chii pahurumende, ,Mbewa unonyadzisa mafungiro ako do not hate other churches its diabolic

ftaonezvi - 7 June 2016

i get yu @truth but i really mean it my frend! yu cant come here and pretend to ask for solutions when you are part & parcel of the bandwagon that is raveging us. yu are on record of not responding to qns that i put across to you. yu are a hypocrite by all stds. so neva get in the way and let @viola respond on her own behalf! go to the herald if yu cant hang around here!

SaManyika Chaiye - 7 June 2016

666 chenjera chikara

christian - 7 June 2016

now this habit of punching in 1 comment several times is a bit annoying! why cant one punch once and check if its updated? beta still find genuine gadgets that work properly!

SaManyika Chaiye - 7 June 2016

Samanyika calls me a prostitute bcoz of saying what I feel.and he wants me to respond as to whether I agree that im a prostitute.Some pple I realy try not be sink myself to their mind levels.its unproductive.we used to have one called Diibu,who was extremely rude ,like samanyika and he purpoted to be representing mdc,bt it turned out not.This man or woman supposedly from manicaland ,I hope he can distance himself from real manyikas ,who most of them r normal pple.anyway thank yu samaz .im not a prostitute.

viola gwena - 7 June 2016

KKKKKKKKKKK. Unfortunately he asked the wrong person. The Pope is the devil incarnate. Its like drinking poison to heal an aching tummy.

chris - 7 June 2016

@Samanyika. Yu r out of line.this platform does nt belong to yu.its editors choice.why call auntie vee that?yu r a disgrace n stop using the samanyika thing.idiot.

tracy - 7 June 2016

Yes I was respecting this samanyika n luff bt not not zanu bt I thot viola said very lodgical issues here.she attacked both zanu n mdc,so why is samanyik taki g offence.editor plz bar this idiot.

gire - 7 June 2016

@samaz buda.yu go to herald wr thr is rude pple.buda.hazvisekese zvimamokes zvako.buda uyende.kumusha kusina vanhu.

lodza - 7 June 2016

i heard yu ladies, but i thot i put 'proverbial' as a prefix! anyway i meant that you walk in the counsel of the wicked zanu yet yu pretend to seek for solutions in earnest. yu duck questions here & i poke yu out of silence with insults! reel until yu've lost balance! & for the record, i hev no kind words for anything associated with zanu thats why i directed some of yu to the likspittle herald.

SaManyika Chaiye - 7 June 2016

@samanyika,what makes yu think yu own the dailynews telling people to go to the herald,just because yu can insult others and the editor does not block yu should not be a licence to continue with your insults,we can easily blow your cover and ask yu to account for yo rants,the dailynews is not legally obliged to withhold yo identity,i hope as an adult yu keep that in mind and avoid getting carried away,yu will know who rules this country

truth - 7 June 2016

i asked yu questions that yu failed to answer & yu try to threaten me! get a lyf porcher! thats y pple lyk diibula disappeared nhay?

SaManyika Chaiye - 7 June 2016

I think this samanyika is diibu.or they brothers,nyika brothers.he is now boring.

hunda - 7 June 2016

God helps those who help themselves first. With a 92 year old at the helm, Zimbabwe is beyond redemption!

Doug Wezhira - 7 June 2016

Viola had started a very Interesting subject to debate on,Smith vs Mugabe bt this Chigamhira padenga samanyika disrupted it.

jembe - 8 June 2016

It is unfair to attack viola ngwena for her views. Its better to oppose views than to attack her character. You might differ politically but you remain Zimboz

Viona Ngwena - 8 June 2016

Zimbabwe needs people who walk the talk. Right now we have the over excited Kasukuweres and Mafikizolo Moyos who did not even read about the war of liberation of Zimbabwe but the have taken their G40 DESTRUCTIVE mentality even to town house. How can we have progress when they play with people 's minds like that. You reinstate the mayor and after 2 hours you suspend him. Zimbabwe needs prayers to exorcise demons that have besieged us. How can we have service delivery with all this meddling? When these G40 guys had their previous cases, they chased away the anticorruption police like small kids, and yet they claim / pretend to bring sanity to Harare when it is them who are insane. God help Zimbabwe.

Ishe Nehoreka - 8 June 2016

titambire Mambo NeHoreka!!

SaManyika Chaiye - 8 June 2016

Tambirai Chigamhi.

arafat - 9 June 2016

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