Makandiwa launches brand

HARARE - Popular Zimbabwean prosperity gospel preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa, on Saturday night launched his ministry brand under his name, a move meant to transform the church’s influence in the marketplace.

Makandiwa and his wife, Ruth, founded the United Family International Church (UFIC) — a church which commands a strong following in the country.

The “Emmanuel Makandiwa” official brand launch was graced by the cleric’s spiritual father Victor Kusi Boateng who described Makandiwa as a “man who is the totality of perfection”. 

“In this generation it is difficult to find a man like Makandiwa...but the reason why Makandiwa is more than a brand but a movement is because he is a totality of perfection. 

“I challenge you Zimbabweans ...let us arise and shine, and preserve what is ours, what belongs to us...conscientise yourself that it is starting as a brand but in its totality, it is a movement... a movement that government needs...” 

Ghana-based entrepreneur Randy Osae Bediako, said the brand’s icon which has an angelic icon on top of three stripes two of which are in gold, on top a purple base  — represents the global mission that God has sent the UFIC leader to carry out. 

In the past, Makandiwa has given accurate prophecies on other countries more recently when he predicted xenophobic attacks that rocked Zambia in April, exactly nine days before they began.

Already, under the Emmanuel Makandiwa brand, a book — Spiritual Fatherhood — authored by the cleric has been published and four more — How to Avoid Expiration, The Billionaire’s Mindset, God Wants You To Prosper — are expected to be published in the near future.

Makandiwa who has also been co-authoring monthly devotional books with his wife also owns a free-to-air television channel ChristTv and as a businessman he is into mining and owns a company which trades on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

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That was long overdue ,a brand and a movement you are Prophet E Makandiwa .Congratulations

Anesu - 6 June 2016

How do you own a company on the ZSE?

bvunzo - 6 June 2016

All the best for the brand Man of God. Pray that it put the country of Zimbabwe on the global map in transforming the spiritual and business requirements of the nation at large.

Tafadzwa - 6 June 2016

Congratulation baba you are really a true leader

mwanawababa - 6 June 2016

Long live Baba. I am proud to have you as my father.

Evelyn Masenyama - 6 June 2016

Congratulations my spiritual father...Wish you the best.

Thomson Manasi - 6 June 2016

Congratulations baba, am happy and inspired by you. You are more than a blessing to the Nation. - 6 June 2016

I am confused what brand of man do we need or we need the brand Jesus Christ. further more the bill boards along Borrow dale road are also confusing its a picture of makandiwa first then following he heals , he delivers and he saves the Jesus Christ at the end. Ah Inga I need some one to shed light on these maybe ndakarasika?????? And spiritual Papa no man is perfect.

critic - 6 June 2016

I understand the new brand name but what was the previous brand name? What is being re-branded here, the church or what?? I am confused and need help?

Vekusaziva - 6 June 2016

wonderful news, it is a new season! congratulations "go deeper papa"!

albert ncube - 6 June 2016

A great brand indeed. Prophet Makandiwa a great inspiration to many preachers. May God continue to bless you and expand your territory.

middie - 6 June 2016

This is hot air. This glaringly shows that there is utter confusion on what perfection means. If a human being is perfect, then there is a different meaning of perfection for Makandiwa. I am sure people are more discerning to be misled in broad daylight like this. Time will tell and we will know in our lifetime what is the meaning of perfection as used for Makandiwa.

Zvichapera - 6 June 2016

What is a brand please educate us in the dark

Moyo - 6 June 2016

its a business thats why its getting branded

truth - 6 June 2016

Calling a sinful man "totality of perfection" is against the teaching of scripture (check Romans 3:23, 6:23) The same with calling any other man FATHER in spiritual circles, its also against a plain "Thus saith the Lord" (check Matthew 23:9) As fro branding or rebranding... I dont know....

BaMuno - 6 June 2016

truly inspired by this launch wonderful.

mufaro ziyambi - 6 June 2016

You live according to what u teach, thats why I follow u and your teachings prophet from God. We welcome your brand it was long overdue.

FM - 6 June 2016

thanks man man of God

duzumaning - 7 June 2016

Long live My father, you are indeed a brand and a movement, i love you Baba and Mama. Surely God is with us.

Munhu waMwari - 7 June 2016

Uku ndokupenga chaiko. Mwari vanoona, vachapa mutongo wavo nenguva yakakwana. Vamwe vakabvunza vakati inga takaita minana muzita renyu, vakanzi ibvai pano handikuzivei.

Slim Shad - 7 June 2016

Thank you for the brand my father. When we see you we have seen the Father in Heaven. You contain the totality of divinity and the fullness of God is in you. I wish you long life and your brand is truly a business, the business of winning souls to Christ. LONG LIVE HIS MAJESTY EMMANUEL MAKANDIWA AND HER HIGHNESS PROPHETESS RUTH MAKANDIWA!!!

Son of UFIC - 7 June 2016

This is utter madness, A Brand for what?, are people in their senses in these charismatic cults or they are empty heads who believe anything and everything from these make matters worse, Boateng, the supposed "spiritual father" claims "perfection" of this man who has been at the centre of scandals involving money ...what a shame!!!

Zvokwadi - 7 June 2016

surely with this stiff competition by other abracadabra you need to rebrand because vamwe venyu vakumberi like raising people from the dead .

jairosi - 7 June 2016

surely with this stiff competition by other abracadabraS you need to rebrand because vamwe venyu vakumberi like raising people from the dead .

jairosi - 7 June 2016

Congratulations. Do not envy.

Grace Sakupwanya - 7 June 2016

hameno Mwari.

buja365 - 7 June 2016

How can you know and understand a true man of God when you do not know or understand God himself? Its not Emmanuel Makandiwa you do not know, its God you do not understand. Forever live Brand Emmanuel Makandiwa - 'Inspiring People. Sharing Life'

Nyasha M - 7 June 2016

Son of UFIC waakutambira kunonyudza...unofa uchisemwa nembwa nemashoko ayo. Hautyi Mwari wakaita sei.Wakadyisweiko naMakandiwa zvekusvika pakumuti ndiye Mwari.Wafarisa manje...!

BaMuno - 7 June 2016

KKKKKKK. '' a man who is the totality of perfection'' blah blah blah. Blasphemy wooo

chris - 7 June 2016

This fake pastor has turned church into a multi-million dollar business. These Zimbabwean prosperity gospel preachers are linked to a Ghanaian traditional healer - Kwaku Bonsam

Mentalist - 7 June 2016

thank you Prophet for showing us that we can do it nomatter wat it takes u ar give us the strength and u show us that surely the God that we save can make us get there.Surely through christ all things are possible.

mwana wapapa - 7 June 2016

Day light robbery,help us Lord.

panaz - 7 June 2016

honestily guys i just don`t understand what makandiwa is up to.

sharks - 7 June 2016

honestily guys i just don`t understand what makandiwa is up to.

sharks - 7 June 2016

well done my parents prophets Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa

emmanuel dhamba - 7 June 2016

Only Christ The Only Perfect Master knows what is happening in the Zimbabwean pulpits, the power being used. Re-branding ? The God Generals munorega vanhu vachiita publish such a storry

JOHN FARAH - 8 June 2016

Congradulations my Spiritual Father and Mother. The greatest Prophet that ever was. Branding is simple if u did marketing u would understand. A person of influence like Prophet Makandiwa can have his name as a brand. His name carries goodwill. What he stands for is you were not aware is marketing the greatest man that ever lived JESUS. Dont get your facts mixed up. Be informed!

teamProphetMakandiwa - 8 June 2016

One of the few Zimbabweans we have who can fly of national flag high internationally through excellence. I salute you Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Ben Peter - 8 June 2016

An inspiration to ALL.

garfield - 14 June 2016

kkkkk @BaMuno. Ndakadyiswa shoko naProphet Makandiwa. Jesus said, "Don't you know that you are gods?" [John 10:34]. You don't understand my statement because you know not the Scriptures. You err because you not the Scriptures (Matthew 22:29). The bible says, "he that is joined to the Lord (the Father) is one spirit with Him." [1 Corinthians 6:17]. You can be so joined to the Lord and follow His Word to a point were there's now no difference between you and God. We can easily see the Father through the life of someone who's joined to the Father. Prophet Makandiwa is the voice of God to me, he talks like God, he thinks like God because his thoughts are based on the Word of God. You need to cogitate more on God's Word my brother for you to comprehend these divine verities.

Son of UFIC - 15 June 2016

solomon the sonof david also branded hisname to the extent that people were praying in such a brand called , " solomon's porch"

fortuna - 25 July 2016

"Do not call anyone on earth Father; for you have one Father, He is in heaven" {Mat 23:10}. God says; "They {the prophets} will bear their guilt - the prophet will be as guilty as the one who consults him". God also says; "I did not send these prophets, ...; I did not speak to them, yet they have prophesied in my name" {Jer 23:21}. "For I have not sent them" {Jer 27:15}.

Jack - 27 February 2018

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