Grace allies facing arrest

HARARE - Politicians and businesspeople targeted by a current government anti-corruption blitz say it is nothing more than “a sham and factional hatchet job” targeted at perceived political opponents of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

This comes in the wake of a hotly-disputed campaign by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) to track down individuals, businesses, local authorities, parastatals and housing co-operatives accused of engaging in underhand deals involving millions of dollars.

But targeted individuals who spoke to the Daily News yesterday — many of them linked to Zanu PF’s ambitious Young Turks known as the Generation 40 (G40) group, which is rabidly opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding President Robert Mugabe — said they were innocent victims of the ruling party’s brutal factional and succession wars.

A businessman and Zanu PF official who is said to be a key G40 funder and who requested not to be named — asserted angrily that the anti-corruption campaign was “blighted by political interests”.

“This is just nonsense from Team Lacoste (Mnangagwa faction) which is persecuting us for supporting ... Mugabe and the First Lady (Grace Mugabe).

“Why is it a crime to support the president when we made such a resolution at the 2014 Zanu PF congress? Is it a crime to insist that he should finish his term of office? Why are we being abused for standing by the Zanu PF constitution?

“Team Lacoste have tried to lure people in their evil and criminal intentions of forcing ...Mugabe out of power before 2018 but we have said no.

“... Mugabe is still in power and things will stay like that as he is the Zanu PF candidate for 2018,” he charged.

He added that he would not be intimidated in his political activism by the Mnangagwa faction, vowing further to “stand by the president and the first lady to the bitter end”.

“I also want to warn successionists that they will fail in their endeavours. Those who want to succeed the president while he is still alive can go hang. Some of us will continue to support him and he remains our leader because we elected him.

“Are people now so desperate for power that they would want to decimate the president’s supporters using such means? In my case, is it a crime to be a successful businessman in Zimbabwe?” he asked.

His sentiments were echoed by Zanu PF legislator, Shadreck Mashayamombe.

“While we welcome the anti-corruption drive, we are worried by the factional turn it is taking. We believe this has more to do with the factional fights in Zanu PF because if the blitz was genuine, we should see it investigating the issue of $15 billion that went missing.

“They should also be investigating those ministers and MPs who have more than three farms each. But because the list of names targeted for prosecution is being supplied by a known Team Lacoste bootlicker, we know it’s factional politics at play.

“We know we are being persecuted for supporting the first lady and the president but that will not deter us... we are involved with legitimate co-operatives that gave people stands and I don’t know why that is a crime,” Mashayamombe thundered.

Another top Zanu PF official said: “It’s a naked, unrestrained and illegal Lacoste inspired succession blitz against real and imagined enemies of Mnangagwa’s faltering presidential ambitions based on unprecedented abuse of Zaac. Neither Zaac nor Mnangagwa will survive this rank madness.”

The director of anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International Zimbabwe, Mary-Jane Ncube, also expressed “worry that this will end up like other charades”.

Ncube told the Daily News that Zimbabwe was “so confusing owing to its fractious politics that it is usually hard to locate the legality of government’s actions”.

“You need to think about who has given the commission that list of people to be investigated. It seems very unlikely that it’s coming from the commission itself,” she surmised.

Ncube also observed that there had been similar such blitzes in the past that did not result in any arrests, leading Zimbabweans to conclude that the authorities were merely playing politics.

“The people want to see a situation whereby investigations are made, people are arrested and convicted and whatever was stolen returned. And the system that made them steal should also be reformed,” she said.

Another senior Zanu PF official who is linked to the G40 told the Daily News that Team Lacoste was on “a serious, but dangerous crusade to defuse efforts by the party to make sure that ... Mugabe stands for elections in 2018”.

“You can see from this crusade that it’s targeted at people who they believe assisted the first lady during her Meet the People tour. But it will not work. The cases being pursued are premised on thin grounds and the evidence is hearsay. It is all political and we will not allow Zacc to abuse their office in this way,” the bigwig said.

Other Zanu PF insiders have also previously told the Daily News that it is in the light of the ruling party’s ugly succession brawls that salacious claims to the effect that several Cabinet ministers and some of Mugabe’s relatives are pillaging the fiscus and parastatals have been played big by Team Lacoste-controlled State media over the past few weeks.

According to weekend reports in State newspapers, the government has obtained warrants against permanent secretaries Grace Mutandiri (Lands), Munesu Munodawafa (Transport), George Mlilo (Local Government), Willard Manungo (Finance), Evelyn Ndlovu (Small and Medium Enterprises) and Sam Kundishora (Information Communication Technology).

Then there is also Zimbabwe Tourism Authority chief executive Karikoga Kaseke, Zimbabwe National Roads Administration acting CEO Engineer Moses Juma, and Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation acting CEO Patrick Mavhura who are also facing the gun.

In addition, NetOne acting managing director Brian Mutandiro, Premier Service Medical Aid Society MD Tendai Kapumha and his Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe counterpart, David Chawota are also being investigated in a probe that is also targeted at companies owned by businessmen Wicknell Chivayo (Intratrek), Philip Chiyangwa (Pinnacle Holdings), Farai Jere (Helcraw Electrical), Moses Chingwena (Croco Motors), Agrippa Masiyakurima (Bopela), Paddy Zhanda (Veracity) and Mashayamombe (Solomon Mujuru Housing Trust) — virtually all of whom are said to have financed Grace and the G40.

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This is just smoke. No one will be arrested. They want to raise a lot of dust for nothing. At the end, no one will be arrested. A corrupt ZANU PF government can not arrest anyone unless you have attempted to kill their Ayatollah, that is when treason charges will be on you very fast. ZANU PF government is so corrupt that it can not arrest anyone on corruption charges. Corruption is ZANU PF's new norm. Our own Thomas Mapfumo said it a long time ago, that the system is utter corrupt and leading us nowhere.

Zvichapera - 6 June 2016

Continue supporting the wizard but the probe into your corrupt activities should also go ahead. Square, square. Ngu six lo nine.

Madhebhura - 6 June 2016

Zwnzi we are sacred cows we cannot be touched nokuti takazendama pana amai. Zwanzi kana yava nyaya yecorruption it only applies to those not sapping with the devil. Saka kana iye Gushungo wenyu uyu achitaura nezwe corruption anenge achireva yeavo vaanofungidzira kuti vanoda kuita frustrate machances of his wife succeeding him. Zwakanaka chose, tavakuziva. Vaya vanozviti vana truth navana jojo manyangira yaona. Isu vana Masamba takazwiona nechakare ndiko saka mavakuti nanga nanga neni nokuti mavakuona kuti ndavakuzongwadza vazhinji vasingaoni gure racho. Chimboitai tione kwamuchasvika.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 6 June 2016

@truth,are yu safe or yu facing the gun

jojo - 6 June 2016

there is need for this exercise to flush out all illicit tycoons. However this process need to be done in a professional non-partisan way so that it wont breed further corruption as the named sharks will attempt to bribe the authorities & 'apologise' to their foes. every business must be scrutinised to ensure that there is compliace & the rules must be applied without discrimination. its high time zimbabwe have its own sarbanes-oxely(2002), its own securities commission equivalent and such regulatory responses to the current economic mess. pple need to know that business, like religion, has its canons that must be adhered to in order to protect the consumers, the economy, the environment, the gvt, the workers, the disabled, the children etc not just engaging into unethical pctces & profiteering like they own this country. i can hear the gnashing of teeth of one 'hunter' & vendorprenuer here! hopefully this will come to pass & the doomsday & ammargedon prophets will be vindicated.

SaManyika Chaiye - 6 June 2016

A handful of criminals wormed their way in the Zanu pf structures.It is an open secret that once somebody gets money through corrupt activities,the next thing he does is to manoeuvre him/her self up to the top echelons of the government and rub shoulders with the first family and other party gurus. Wicknell a former convict who served jail time for fraud is a good example.He was so boastful at the time he appeared in social media in the company of the first family in Dubai.He was insinuating that he is untouchable because of his closeness with the first family.

Gen. Spinola - 6 June 2016

Only in Zimbabwe can a sitting president can get away his own acknowledged incompetence (aka admitting to the disappearance of $15bn under his watch), admit to rampant corruption within his rank and file, and also to being ignorant of how economics works (aka promising and giving money to cronies and supporters without proper accounting). This nonsense about investigations, is just that: investigations. Yesterday it was a slew of those believed to be aligned to mai Mujuru who were being investigated but where did that lead? nowhere as this investigation will also lead to no where except wasting the little resources left.

gudo - 6 June 2016

I have no time to write long comments. 1. If Team G40 stole and are being targeted -so be it. ZveSelective prosection zvitsva here muZANU? As long as vakaba ngavasungwe. Team G40 are now seeking for our sympathies. When they were looting and in the driving seat they made all the noise! Nhasi zvinenge zvavawana zvino voti mavara edu azara vhu!

Dingiswayo - 6 June 2016

what arrests?nonsense,is answering the call to indigenise the economy corruption?

truth - 6 June 2016

Amai vani! Zera ramashaya mombe nderekuti Amai kuna grace! zimwe muchiti munotamba mhani. unezera na bona iwe. thus why these guys behave like kids they forget how old they are!

sekuru murerwa - 6 June 2016

What am I missing from these chaps complaining of being targetted ? 1. President is clearly on record for being alarmed by the level of corruption in the country. He demands action now. 2. The ant- corruption team is taking action to examine the suspects. Then there is an outcry before any finding is published . Why ? 3. Without shame many of them are already confessing: they are saying they can not be targetted for their corrupt acts because they passed on part of it to support the first lady. So you were looting and killing the companies and then use your ill-gotten loot to fund the first lady in the hope that when you got caught she will intervene to save your skin ? Did she authorise you to steal so that you can fund her ? This is a lame excuse if not a smear on the first lady. 4. The companies affected by what you call targetting are all what remains in Zimbabwe. May you chaps tell which other companies should the ant-graft team target ? You should be happy that you are the bosses , the favoured bosses, in Zimbabwe who are still in employement and giving yourselves the pay checks as you please to the detriment of suffering Zimbabweans. 5. Finally, if you have nothing to hide then why are you panicking and making frantic efforts to politicise the exercise to cleanse our ministries/parastatals of corruption ? How would you know if the president has finally committed to tackle corruption after getting convinced that there is noway we can continue like this ? It may well be our day us poor Zimbabweans that AT LAST HIS EXCELLENCY R.G.MUGABE IS LISTENING TO WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TELLING HIM ALL ALONG. And for that reason for all of you its now pay back time. No amount of effort to deflect the arrow by politicising the issue will help. CHAMAKADYA CHAMUKA !

Bobby Sadza reZwiyo - 6 June 2016

This explains how the 15Billions $ dissepered from Zimbabwe to the ministers off-shore accounts. Se this hiddencamera interview.

Obert Kingston - 6 June 2016

kkkkkkkkkkkk@truth, gnashing of teeth indeed. I see fire , brimstone & quake for answering to the 'call to indeginise the economy!' and guess who is checking fro your safety; @jojoooooooooooo the tribalist who fled to SA. yu beta track his footsteps b4 the heavy arm of timu locust squashes u!

SaManyika Chaiye - 7 June 2016

If a person is suspected of being involved in corrupt activities he or she must face the music.There should be no hiding behind so called factional politics.Saka mukuda here kuti vanhu vasasungwe just because they belong to a certain perceived faction? If you know you are clean then there is no need to worry.Its only those that have skeletons in their cupboards who are already crying wolf. Corruption haina factionalism.let the perpetrators face the music.

gustavoz - 7 June 2016

We don't care if the blitz was initiated by G40 or Lacoste. We don't care if those who will be caught are from G40, Lacoste, MDC, ZPF or any other party. There mega-crooks should simply go to Chikurubi, and thereafter we should recover whatever they stole from us, including the $15billion.

machakachaka - 7 June 2016

If we had to follow China's good example and imprison or even execute corrupt officials, I don't think that there would be anyone left in Government to run the country and this includes the MDC too. Even though our President might have ordered a full and proper investigation into corruption, know with absolute certainty that there are still those whom he will never ever touch. Zimbabwe faces the worst ever economic crisis - we have extremely hard times right at our doorstep the seriousness of which few actually realize.

Mbewa - 7 June 2016

if you guys are not corrupt why are you afraid to be investigated?

Dewa - 7 June 2016

if you guys are not corrupt why are you afraid to be investigated?

Dewa - 7 June 2016

There is just too much rot in our country. please do something

Dewa - 7 June 2016

Inokavei seinoyamwisa, tinotoda kuti ma audits aitwe, zimbabwe is not just for top government officials, it is for mevery zimbabwean citizen

Chibababababa - 8 June 2016

Kuvhunduka chati kwatara hunge une katurike

Taniko Watanabe - 8 June 2016

A REVOLUTION EATS ITS OWN CHILDREN........Zanu PF has run out of enemies and is doing the next logical thing to do (sic!) Let them go ahead as they self destruct. ACCOUNTABILITY, CHARACTER AND INTERGRITY is what we are demanding from our leaders and those intending to lead. TIC TOC TIC TOC.....

"Sinners in the hands of an angry God" - 8 June 2016

Thank you Obert Kingston for that video. I now have an idea of how we are ripped of our resources. Show us more please.

Misitadete - 9 June 2016

Kasukuwere & zhuwao shld be included in the list

Benito - 9 June 2016


sekuru murerwa - 10 June 2016

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