G40 war vets vow to resist Mnangagwa

HARARE - Generation 40 (G40)-aligned war veterans have said Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s allies are “daydreaming” about the Midlands godfather succeeding President Robert Mugabe.

Addressing a news conference in Harare yesterday, Manicaland Provincial minister Mandi Chimene said war veterans throughout the country together with other Zimbabweans would strongly resist any attempts to impose Mnangagwa as Mugabe’s successor.

“Don’t threaten Zimbabweans with bloodshed because we already shed our blood for this country and no other blood will be spilled unless it is your own blood,” Chimene said referring to statements recently attributed to chairperson of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), Christopher Mutsvangwa.

The Mutsvangwa-led war veterans have endorsed Mnangagwa as their preferred choice to take over from 92-year-old Mugabe.

But Chimene and her faction of former freedom fighters distanced themselves from the endorsement saying Mugabe was only in his “first” presidential term under the new Constitution and that they expected him to complete his two terms.

She blamed Mnangagwa for keeping quiet while “rogue” elements were campaigning for him.

“That is a cause for concern because we are beginning to doubt if he is not the one sending them to say such rubbish.

“If he is not involved, why doesn’t he come out in the open to refute the claims that he wants to stampede the president from power? He should be clear so that we know who the enemy really is.

“That is subversion and it is treasonous. The rest of the war veterans disassociate themselves from such statements and we are prepared to die in defence of the president.  I am particularly ready to put my head on the block for that cause,” she said.

Another war veteran George Mlala said those who say Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko deserted the war had played “peripheral roles that they were not visible and must therefore let those who were visible and commanded the war speak.”

“There are some among us who go about saying we have endorsed so and so. Those who are calling for school treasonous moves are lunatics or if they are not, they need their sobriety checked, that is if they are genuine war veterans in the first place,” Mlala said.

He accused Mnangagwa and his allies of harbouring “misguided ambitions” which led them to forgetting the liberation war principle that “politics leads the gun”.

“They think they are super war veterans who have the misguided thinking that they  can decide everything for Zimbabweans and one wonders whether during the war they were using seven guns each.

“The people who really fought the war are quiet and you will never hear them make noise because they respect the will of the people.”

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Please spare us these shenanigans,the country is groping in the darkness while decision makers preoccupy themselves with squabbles,the entire population awaits with anxiety to hear how the country is to be delivered from this economic mess which is now characterised by among other crisis, cash shortages,factory closures the list is endless.

Gen. Spinola - 5 June 2016

There is no problem in mnangagwa replacing the old & tired mugabe. Mnangagwa is much more reasonable than the selfish mugabe who does not want to give others a chance.

Benito - 5 June 2016

@benito its only that what makes us trust the one who was part of the system since for more than 36 years. One of the chief architects of Gukurahundi. The unpopular murderous faggot must also go and retire in his "home" province where he lost to the MDC.

Landau - 5 June 2016

@benito its only that what makes us trust the one who was part of the system since for more than 36 years. One of the chief architects of Gukurahundi. The unpopular murderous faggot must also go and retire in his "home" province where he lost to the MDC.

Landau - 5 June 2016

So anyone opposed to Mugabe is an enemy now. so unbelievable how Zimbabwe has deteriorated under Mugabe's leadership..Nxx

Sandile - 5 June 2016

Tsvangirai has never won an election ,ever since.he ran away from kangai ,running s cared.he failed to be member of parliamen more than twice.mnangagwa lost once only n he acceptd.bt since then he has been winning.he is in parliament.Tsvangi failed to win a sit,opting never to contest again on parliament.Thats an unelectable person.a very good examble.

viola gwena - 5 June 2016

It is true ngwena lost in kwekwe once then retired to his roots. Tsvangirai lost as an MP twice because he is a national leader that is why he managed to beat R .G MUGABE the one who rules from heroes acre

Alban Tapemhera - 6 June 2016

@ Viola, i am sure you don't believe the lies that you are spewing. If you are suffering from dementia, let others remind you of the election results.When you say he lost once you are just being economic with the truth.Check also the reason why he moved constituencies.Afterall who has brought in Morgan in Zanu's fights?The two are not very different afterall..

Tahir Iqbal - 6 June 2016

Leave Tsvangi out of zanu pf politics. He beat Mugabe in 2008 even afater more than 35 days of doctoring results! The limping donkey said it at congress that he was beaten hands down..and profusely thanked the security mnafia for bringing him back from his polical grave....through violence.

George Charamba - 6 June 2016

Well Tsva gi has never won anything.Yo Madhuku confirmed he was beaten fare n square.no rigging.He has never been in parliament.On his own wthout the collective mdc he is nobody.

viola gwena - 6 June 2016

Leave ED alone. When you say he lost elections you are being economical with the truth because no ZANU (PF) cadre won in urban constituencies as they were trounced by Tsvangirai. ED has seen it all & if the truth be told he is the only one in the party who can succeed His Excellency at the appropriate time, i.e. when the President decides to call it quits.

Chief Charumbira - 7 June 2016

Mandi Chimene should remember that when people talk about Mnangagwa, it is their views they would be expressing, not Mnangagwa's. The same with Mugabe, there are people who publicly praise Mugabe and others who publicly bash him. It doesn't always follow, then, that one should always offer a response. Some people prefer to concentrate on their work as delegated by their supervisors. Mnangagwa is busy doing his work as delegated by his boss RG. It is not a sin for him not to interfere with those who love him and also those who hate him. The problem with people like Chimene is that they only want Mnangangwa to stop people from praising him, but they do not want him to stop those who are bashing him. Why did Mandi not ask Mnangagwa to stop Mahoka from badmouthing him?

machakachaka - 7 June 2016

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