Mnangagwa blames Chinamasa, Mangudya for cash shortages

HARARE - Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has blamed Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and Reserve Bank governor John Mangudya for failing to improve cash distribution to banks.

This comes as depositors have struggled to access money from banks while daily withdrawals have been limited to as low as $200.

“These guys (Chinamasa and Mangudya ) are too theoretical in the way they operate. Their usual excuses are monotonous,” Mnangagwa said at the official opening of the new Masvingo High Court on Tuesday.

“If you go to Chinamasa, he will tell I do not have money and if you ask Mangudya he will tell you the economy is about to take off. I have confronted the two over these issues. If you are in such a position you have to justify why you are there. The two guys must immediately resolve the crisis. We expect them to deal with the chaos.”

Mnangagwa denied that the Mugabe government has failed in economic stewardship, saying he would ensure the situation is addressed amid long bank queues in the city.

“So you cannot say the government has failed the people of Zimbabwe. Of course we are experiencing economic challenges but as I earlier said, we will make sure that those responsible deliver the results,” Mnangagwa added. 


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Yes sir.I agree 100pc.Mangudya is not showing consistency on this issue.Economic principles are being ignored for political expediency.He must get seriouse n bite the bullet,do what an economist wuld do.Dont try to solve everything in a short time.

viola gwena - 1 June 2016

@viola gwena,i thought cabinet worked as a collective,by singling out chinamasa wont cde ED be accused of propping himself up?

truth - 1 June 2016

Was mnangagwa misquoted? Did he actually say those things? Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. We have endured his and matibiri's sanctions mantra they have been parroting, we have endured their 36yrs of incompetency and corruption. Now he has the temerity to lay the blame at China-masa and the new RBZ tea boy. His government & president are a failure, if he concedes this then there might be merit in him criticising the other 2 Mugabe appointees.

Galore 123 - 1 June 2016

The best and most understandable thing for Mnangagwa, Mangudya and Mugabe to do was to apologise to the long suffering people of Zimbabwe and resign as government to allow others a chance to try their own antidotes. What is wrong with Tsvangirai using his ideas of carrying on from where the white men left in 1980? We all know that Mugabe and company have not added any positive development to this country, nothing at all. Instead, they have ruined the public infrastructure, have murdered innocent people, they have stolen from ordinary citizens. This group has no idea how to correct the dysfunctional state of the economy they created. Unfortunately, they have ignored the important resignation advice for too long it is unlikely they will resign anytime soon. We know that no election will be enough to set the Zimbabwean family free from this gang of heartless, parasitic, thieving, murderous, lying monsters. It makes me wonder if indeed there is God somewhere, (heaven?) or if he or she is there, does not care what happens on earth, meaning, all that is said about him/her is untrue or complete rubbish. How can god with a the powers ascribed to her allow human beings to inflict so much suffering on other humans? If indeed there is god she/he is on the side of Mugabe by giving him ideas to successfully rig elections and to live long enough to savage Zimbabweans.

Yeoman Thomas - 1 June 2016

God answers prayers. We have to be consistent and resolute in our prayers and come election day tell our cousins in the rural areas to choose between the future and the past. This regime is driving in reverse gear and they know no better.

Zum - 1 June 2016

the thing is god never gave us love for each other.when white folk age they start to plan so that they leave a legas,a legas that will go all the way even to the thid generation,unlike us africans.The moment we know that we are aging and dying we begin to destroy all that we have build so that no one ever enyoys.That is axactly what these old,aged,about to kick the bucket self imposed war veterans are doing.they want to go down with everything,They enyoy oppressing us.just wait you will see.soon there wont be cash,no items in shops and they will start to fight for the little that will be left.

crd muchadura - 1 June 2016

Lacoste Mnangagwa has exposed his lack of understanding of how both the economy and government work. Chinamasa & Mangudya are just victims of a mismanaged economy. A thriving economy only comes about when there is an enabling environment for private businesses, Cde Lacoste. Just put in place rule of law, property rights....... and things will turn out well on their own.

Feldman Bandura - 1 June 2016

If Mugabe brings back the $15 billion which he is spending in Singapore, then the cash shortage will be a thing of the past. Even Air Zimbabwe planes are now his personal assets. How come this old man doesn't send his deputies to some of these international conferences?????

Dick Ngwenya - 1 June 2016

Bring back the Zim $, bring back black market tirarame zvedu isu. Ndaseka..a black kettle telling a black pot that you are black and dirty. This is the beginning of the blame game. Soon mwana waBona will blame everyone except himself. F%$#ng politicians. For how long will you smile when people are suffering??????????????

gamuchirayi - 1 June 2016

Zimbabwe needs to stop corruption, work hard, revive local manufacturing, stop blaming west on everything, revive agriculture, support the local SMEs, attract more FDI, incease exports , reduce unnecessary imports, ban cash flight by local and mostly Asian dealers, chase away ghost workers in pubblic sector, revamp the public healthsector, privatise loss making parastatals, have culture of accountability, stop political intimidation and respect human rights. Love one another and acknowledge that Zimbabwe is a God Given country that is beautiful and belongs to us all.

Viona Ngwena - 1 June 2016

the amphibians are turning against one another! just wait until patrek hits back. these frogs hayaa!!!

SaManyika Chaiye - 1 June 2016

Offside VP,the country is in serious crisis not because of one individual ministry or institution,instead the government is collectively responsible.Shifting blame to an individual ministry is being unrealistic,simple and straight.

Gen. Spinola - 1 June 2016

Your advice is excellent Viola but to give it to Zanu PF is a waste of advice. Zanu PF has long lost interest in the welfare of ordinary people of this great country. They know already what you have said but they don't give a damn about good governance. They are concerned only with their personal wellbeing. The best they can do is vacate office and give way to patriotic gentlemen and ladies in the MDC, for example.

Yeoman Thomas - 1 June 2016

Its unfair for a leader to blame the subordinate of failure when he superintends over a broken society with policies that do not allow for the growth of the nation. no matter how he tries to potray himself as a presidential candidate we see thru his acts. murderer..zanuoid...looter...multiple farm owner..unlikeable..unfit for presidency..cruel

Dadza - 1 June 2016

@truth.economic maters are dealt wth at RBZ in conjunction wth finance ministry.Cabinet is only briefed on performances .VP is right bcoz the numerouse times Chinamasa n Mangudya have mised their own targets on the cash crisis.if they cant come up wth a solution,they are allowed to resign.let others try.n theris plenty waiting.The 2 have misled vp many a tyme on this.

viola gwena - 1 June 2016

tichingo kudza Ishe kuti zvakuita zvichisvika kumagumo. Tatenda

Kumagumo - 1 June 2016

mnangagwa, the trained killer you are not aware that the buck rests with you, mugabe and mphoko. But of course how would you know when you are busy polishing your killing profession

Jackson - 1 June 2016

Did the writer want to say ED or Mugabe has demanded the two guys resolve the cash crisis? Who is in charge here and why are they quiet while the country burns?

Nyimo - 2 June 2016

The lack of basic management, supervision, checks and balances, problem resolution and simple performance & review processes is glaring in this cabaret which masquerades as a govt. We have one of the largest cabinets in the world compared to population size and their collective IQ is inversely proportional to that. We hear that failure is managed by expecting madofo to resign. Why is it difficult to fire them? What is the use of this huge monster that prides itself in ruling more than using common sense?

Sagitarr - 2 June 2016

who is in charge of the economy

ishmael Pompi - 2 June 2016

who is in charge

ishmael Pompi - 2 June 2016

The VP is making the right noises.Can he press harder even more so that the glaring structural governance gaps are addressed.

Membathisi - 2 June 2016

I think is some way the VP is very correct. It is the responsibility of RBZ and Finance Ministry to advise cabinet correctly on the issue affecting our economy. As indicated that china-masa always says there is no money without elaborating is very disturbing. On the other hand mangundya is misleading the cabinet when he says the economy is about to take off. This is treacherous and sabotage at its worst. These two guys have no single clue on what to do let alone know what is happening. They are taking the people for granted. China-masa is supposed to be a boxer and not a finance minister. To say these guys have the basic education for their position would be a mockery to the education system. Please VP fire these guys and bring in competent guys. China-masa is hopeless. And this mangundya guy has not done anything worth talking about. By the way, what are these guys' salaries like? God knows. And for what????

nhamo - 2 June 2016

Zero leadership qualities here for all to see.

Inyika - 2 June 2016

Blame the country's Chief Executive for all this mess period.Remember he was quoted several times saying "bookish economics doesn't work". Then we now see that your bush economics is just but a fallacy.

Tahir Iqbal - 2 June 2016

vamwe vaiti Biti ndiye ari kutadza kutipa mari during GNU. mawar vets zvikanzi handei tindoratidzira paoofice yaBiti. ko nhasi vari kutadzirei kuenda kuoffice yachinamasa. this country has been reduced to a animal farm ANIMAL FARM

lito - 2 June 2016

its simple maths. 2-1 =1 and 1 - 2 = it cant...You need to export twice and import once not what is happening where were are importing twice and exporting once

Janhi - 3 June 2016

VP ED is exposing his short comings in understanding the country's financial and economic mess that we are stuck in, with him ED and all zanu pf lot at the helm. Mangudya and Chinamasa are doing their work zanu pf style, and if they do otherwise they will be labelled sell outs. Zanu pf Gvt policies does not encourage growth and prosperity but failure and doom. I dont know why Ed is complaining and pointing fingers, when failure and doom have been achieved. Mangudya and Chinamasa have excelled very well because their principal zanu pf have set the environment for failure. Zanu pf should be happy because its exactly what they wanted. 16 years straight , not even a single positive policy, and expect success.

X-MAN IV - 3 June 2016

CDE Mangudya and CDE Chinamasa are now the government's scapegoats and they will be forced to do the impossible. They are part of government and the VP is mistaken to deny the government is failing and then saying his two subordinates are not performing. The failure of CDEs Chinamasa and Mangundya are the failures of government of which the VP is leader. It is better to accept failure than to deny it.

CDE Sinjonjo - 5 June 2016

The entire cabinet is dead and burried.remove all the ministers & magabe

Benito - 5 June 2016

kana waichemera international functions on Zimbabwe thinking it will affect Mugabe and munangagwa uchanja izvozvo . you oks do not think . Zambia Malawi Mozambique democratical change their leaders every time . why is there no civalazation let alone development. once blacks start to think in an abstract manor like Mugabe well admired by the rest of Africa and diaspora , development come . look his reception at forthare university .applous clapping of hands . in the mean you will mour and suffer svika madhongi camera nyanga . Mugabe will go nowhere

mwana wevhu - 6 June 2016

@mwana wevhu, chimbodzokera kugrade 2 kunodzidza chirungu iwe. ndizvo zvinokupa kusupporter zanu, hudofo hwako

mai keisha - 6 June 2016

ED should first justify Zanu;s continued mismanagement and justify his appointment before China-masa and Mangudya does. The school of thought within Zanu is that you can just utter words anyhow and no one should question.As long as you are the leader you are not answerable to anyone. Now on one hand if you lie to people and keep repeating those lies to anyone,you end up believing your own lies. Zanu have lied ,they are still lying and will always lie and so they believe in their own lies.Forgive them they know not what they are doing.

nyongolo - 6 June 2016

kana waichemera international functions on Zimbabwe thinking it will affect Mugabe and munangagwa uchanja izvozvo . you oks do not think . Zambia Malawi Mozambique democratical change their leaders every time . why is there no civalazation let alone development. once blacks start to think in an abstract manor like Mugabe well admired by the rest of Africa and diaspora , development come . look his reception at forthare university .applous clapping of hands . in the mean you will mour and suffer svika madhongi camera nyanga . Mugabe will go nowhere

mwana wevhu - 7 June 2016

zvakaoma hazvo tingaita sei hedu venyama

mike mags - 7 June 2016

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