Army deny involvement in Dzamara abduction

HARARE - Zimbabwe’s army, implicated in the abduction of  journalist-turned-democracy activist Itai Dzamara, yesterday denied involvement in the social justice campaigner’s disappearance.

Patson Dzamara, a medical doctor and the younger brother of Itai, demanded that the military intelligence produces the prominent dissident of President Robert Mugabe who was kidnapped from a barber shop over a year ago and has been missing since.

Army spokesperson Alphios Makotore denied the Zimbabwe military intelligence’s involvement in Dzamara’s disappearance, saying it was a publicity stunt by the family.

This came after the Dzamara family released a sickening image of what it said was the missing social justice campaigner held in captivity by authorities.

The lieutenant colonel told the Daily News that claims by Patson were totally false and a figment of his own imaginations.

“The army intelligence does not take orders from any political party. Patson’s claims are just meant to seek media attention and mislead members of the public,” Makotore said.

Dzamara told a news conference on Tuesday: “I cannot at this juncture state my brother’s fate in the hands of these gangsters but I can categorically inform you that Itai Dzamara was abducted by the military intelligence under the direct instruction and supervision of Zanu PF.”

Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi was not available for comment as his mobile phone went unanswered all day and National Security minister Kembo Mohadi declined to comment, saying he was not in charge of military intelligence.


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whilst we feel for the dzamara family as a disappearance or abduction of a loved one is painful,we urge the family to desist putting a professional army like ours under disrepute with such reckless statements,it is worth noting that a lot of people have disappeared in this country staring from the liberation and any attempt to elavate itai above those cdes will be resisted

truth - 1 June 2016

Kana mwana waamai vako akadanzwo , would you maintain such a stance? But why would you reduce yourself to that level. God help Zim's heartless and murderous individuals and those whose minds dream, breathe and desire evil on others!

Save - 1 June 2016

@truth..professional army? the same guys who have been beating and killing opposition supporters every year of elections, since 1985? tikwanire iwe.

Donato Matibili - 1 June 2016

@truth- I feel sorry for you. You have become a slave of idiotism, insanity and dellusions. How can your unkinking rotten brains mislead you that Dzamara's family is trying to elevate him above others who were also abducted? You need to be accompanied to specialised mental physician so that they better replace the stinky brain looking like paste in your hollow skull with a borrowed baboon proper brain. You are mentally shut, and dead. Satanic, Sadistic and evil.

Viona Ngwena - 1 June 2016

I think he is joking. Just to steer debate and more talking. kkkkkkkkkkk. Nothing more. Truth is not telling the truth at all to himself and us all.

ROB - 1 June 2016

If it had happened to you "truth" i do not think you would be saying the same words. Open you mind and reason well. If you do not know its better not to comment. Ndai zvamboitikawo kwenyu

kays 1 - 1 June 2016

If it had happened to you "truth" i do not think you would be saying the same words. Open you mind and reason well. If you do not know its better not to comment. Ndai zvamboitikawo kwenyu

kays 1 - 1 June 2016

It is a disturbing thing to learn that we have zombies who still do not see the evils we have in this country in the name of these named abductors. I think 'truth' is one of them and want to protect his territory.

kays 1 - 1 June 2016

there is nothing amazing about dzamaras disappearance,how many people disapeared in the midlands and matebeleland region in the 1980s,maybe dzamara eloped

jojo - 1 June 2016

Truth speaks and writes ZANU PF English, and in ZANU PF English, professional army convenes a press conference and threaten that the army will not salute anyone, other than ZANU PF mafia. Professional army, according to truth is an army which kills the same people they are supposed to protect, simply because the people have decided to exercise their democratic right. To truth, we fought white domination for just Mugabe and his ZANU PF thugs to live large and get protection from the so called "professional army". Time will tell. The oppressed have only their chains to loose. It is those who have amassed dirty wealth who stand to loose when all hell breaks loose.

Zvichapera - 1 June 2016

Someone somewhere is going to fall big time. This bold move by Dzamara family clearly shows they are in possession of a treasure trove information and when they unpack it, it will blow in the army face. The army spokesperson must be high on something. Army the straight jacket boys are a branch of zanu pf under the current environment. As for the poor MI officers get ready you are about to be disowned by your principals. Chabvondoka!! Chamakadya chamuka. There is nothing that is done by two or more people that will remain secret.

X-MAN IV - 1 June 2016

If you doubt that abductors dont exist ask Jestina Mukoko. Abductors are a threat to humanity . Their hearts are like the dreaded Boko Haram who abducted over 200 school girls from Chibok. God is against abductors.

Tete Va Viola Ngwena - 1 June 2016

@trueth & Jojo Do not insult the people of Zimbabwe, today you might appear to be smart and clever, but remember there is someone above us who is Just and Fair in all his doings, the prayers of Zimbabweans have reached the ears of heaven and change is now, you might kill one but God will raise ten, until such a time when there will be no time to confess and ask for forgiveness. If you think that God is blind in your own thoughts then its high time you confess your evil deeds while time permits you. Kaddaffi Thought he was god but he lied to himself, he was killed by a small boy.

MOyoJ - 1 June 2016

Its not strategic nor inteligent to sugest its the army wthout facts based on congrete evidence.yes the family maybe acting thru emotions bt accusations wthout evidence is criminal in military,any military of any country will not take that lightly.its better to seek their help before publicly accusing the military.They can help yu know.

viola gwena - 1 June 2016

And what is MDC intelligent unit saying? A party that old must have an intellence branch of its own.To this day nothing of good help has come from mdc ,regarding dzamara.If their intelligent unit has no clue at all,then maybe bigger issues will be a mamoth task

viola gwena - 1 June 2016

@Viola, that army of Zimbabwe is not worth it calling an army, yes there could be some who are professional but by judging from their two bosses Chiwenga and Mugabe it then leaves a lot to be desired. Was it not the same army that killed the innocent civilians during Gukurahundi, was it not the same army that killed innocent MDC supporters during 2008 re run, is this not the same army that says Zimbabwe will not be ruled by Tsvangirai except Mugabe, and this guy Itai wanted Mugabe to go, hence the Army is the one which is behind this, Mugabe himself knows that for a fact, that army that you are talking matuzvi e army

jonzomusorobhangu - 1 June 2016

Ndivo vanhu vanofadzwa necabage pamisangano yezanu ivava.Zvimbwasungata zvisingaone kushupika kwevamwe Asian chabuda hapana.Kutozviti save zvenhando,,tibvirei apo

matsotsi - 1 June 2016

the only reason dzamara has not been found is that the MDC stage managed his abduction to revive its waning fortunes with western donors since funding had dried up,we the people of zim will not be fooled by people seeking to cash in,now they come up with picture to fool us,mdc try another trick

truth - 1 June 2016

no matter how hard they are going to try and whether or not they are involved, its going to be very difficult for state agents to absolve themselves of involvement in the dzamara case. this man was a forthright opponent of the illegal regime who could not reserve his displeasure especially in the face of the culprits of our suffering. where ever & when ever there is a case like this,law enforcement agents look for motive and the persons likey to be intrested in harming the victim and in this case rhobhati is the prime suspect. this image needs corroborative evidence and must be handled & published within the confines of law or within the circles of those qualified to exercise impartial & professional judgement in such matters. at this stage it is premature to unveil it for plc consumption as laymen will come up with insincere, warped & grating comments & opinions indicative of perforated & moribund brains.

SaManyika Chaiye - 1 June 2016

A hunch tels me MDC themselves are suspect,including zanu maybe.but top suspect is mdc thugs that beat up mangoma n biti.I heard Dzamara was told by mdc not to perform by himself n outshine all,bt he did not listern.There was wars in mdc,divisions based on characters.wuld yu say biti n mangoma wr beaten by army or zanu?I dont think so.I see reluctance to perform by mdc here.lipservice.Even mujuru blames zanu for her yuths troubles.Anyway mdc plse give us an intelligent explanation on Dzamara.its yo duty.

viola gwena - 1 June 2016

@viola mwanawe hanzvadzi, I tend to differ with you on the issue of Itai. I am convienced MDC is out of the equation hear. We all know what has been happening if you try to challenge those on top here in Zimbabwe. The recent example being that of a defenseless lady Mukoko who was only brought back after public andinternational outcry. We all know the message of Dzamara was too unpalatable, insulting and offensive in some way to some of the elite, as has happened to some who just went without trace. Its a fact that they boast of doing anything to anyone withthout anyone daring to question them, its a fact that today noone dares open a mouth criticising them fearing that you will disappear. They have made people discus politics only in private places , even in private toilets, in darkest places, or under secret bridges for fear of abductions. I tell you as Zimbabweans if we do away with the culture of making other people disappear from their society , we will begin to see light. We need to do away with this archaic, stone age practice where everyone is living in constant fear of disapearing and being killed without anyone to bury them. Let us be honest here, there is no way MDC would kill him because he was OUTSHINING THEM. This is a far far far fetched theory anyway which doesnt in anyway even convience a stranger to our politics. Lets all pray for this culture to end amongst our peace loving people. I know and believe one day we will win. God is for us all.

Tete Va Viola Ngwena - 2 June 2016

Mdc must open up.A big political party in this country has a security or intelligent branch.Hiding behind mukoko n joining unconnected facts to draw a point is not intelligent at all.Do yu have yo intelligence branch report.if so then why is the Dzamara sibling doing the in estigations by himself.?Why is yo branch mum on this?Or maybe when yu drew up yo shadow ministries yu forgot about the intelligence branch.I think so.This accounts to yo seemingly like croc tears on Dzamara.Yu slept on the wheel.Even if its zanu or gorvenment ,yo intelligence report shuld come out,bt non.Mdc does not even know whr to start from.The youngster is way ahead maybe,than mdc.parthetic.waiting for opportunity to march in twn?

viola gwena - 2 June 2016

There are 3 retards that spew devilish venom daily. They probably are cannibals or dracula's offspring or terrorists. They are viola gwena, truth & jojo. They have a combined IQ of less than 1 and need to be castrated,

Sagitarr - 2 June 2016

it is going to require a very strong detergent for zanu & rhobhati to rinse their blood dripping hands! nomatter how hard they are going to sweep this one under the blood spattered carpet at munhumutapa blding, the unmistaken odour of rotten human flesh at this haunted building is so prevalent even to a remote passerby. the human bones are strewn all ova the state house grounds thats why the boy fled to borrowdale & the place is now forbidden. bob marley once asked.'is there a place for the hopeless sinner who has hurt all mankind just to save his belief...?!' and i see unfazed maggots who kneel before this altar of death paying tribute with proceeds of murder, corruption, fraud and debauchery, all in praise & exhaltation of the crown prince of famine & hardship. who shall suplicate on behalf of itayi when those supposed to do so are at the forefront of playing down & trivialising his and family's tragedy? do these pple have children; or are they potent & fertile for starters?! even if they conceive, do they tend to their offspring or they eat them in the first minute of conception?

SaManyika Chaiye - 2 June 2016

It's evident that Patson at this time has better information which he is not releasing to assist in investigations. Patson ngaabatwe omamiswa nema CID kuti atiudze kuti akamupa ma photos ndiani. Whoever gave Patson the photos will tell the whereabouts of Itai.

Love King - 2 June 2016

@love king.I agree.he has more infor than the party.why?

viola gwena - 2 June 2016

And more interest than the party.

viola gwena - 2 June 2016

Zim ..... why imi muchinetsana pachenyu muchisiya Junta.Toti ngatidemonstrate against Junta kwoita vanhu 10.... mhani yamuinayo haisi motivation pane vanoida forced kumillion March. Ikozvino Patson anoita neZanu asi ini ndangokomenta abandoning motuka..... imi meanwhile kani. Tine vanhu vakaitwa rendition

view from the gazebo - 2 June 2016

@ viola- I tend to differ with you mwana we hanzvadzi. Dzamara was not an MDC member. The fact that one challenges Zanu Pf dooes not make him or her MDC. Remember Mukoko was is not MDC, Pastor Mawarire, Temba Mliswa etc. As a result its not MDC but the state that must look around for him.

Tete Va Viola Ngwena - 2 June 2016

Nhai Love king, why are you so demonic like that? UkUDA kurova Patson why? Some people are just cruel

Memory Siziba - 2 June 2016

Those mentioning MDC in Dzamara issue wants to hide their heads in the sand. Pashaikwa Mwana bere roti wadyiwa ne mbudzi

iSHE NEHOREKA - 2 June 2016

@loveking,i second yo wise proposal

truth - 2 June 2016

@tete waviola; muzukuru makamutadza kare uyu. kwandinobva zvinonzi muti unotewiwa munyoro ( you can't teach an old dog new tricks). weMasvingo wanotiwo,'hakuna bura rinotasamukira mufimbi iro rabva mudutu rakaminama, (catch them young)' ndizvo zvinechizukuru chenyu vhai nhasi chiri kurara mujinga regomo nemhondi (chichidzibikira mafete ane unye) nekufanba chakasusukidza dundundu sezvinonzi mazamhu acho inyanga dzinotunga. @tete makakoniwa basa kare dai marega zvaenda kwakaenda zvimwe. mukadzi wepi?!

SaManyika Chaiye - 2 June 2016

titambire @ISHE NEHOREKA!

SaManyika Chaiye - 2 June 2016

Something is not right here. Why is Patson not disclosing the identity of the people who gave him this useless picture which can not in any way be recognised as that of Itai Dzamara ? If he knows where the army is holding brother why not proffer the information ? Of what use is this useless picture ? I find it strange that he can not divulge the whereabouts his brother yet he has been told about it. Everything he has said so far about this picture and involvement of army is at law hearsay unless backed by proof of the whereabouts of Itai or at least him proffering the identities of the people who gave him the picture.

Be Real - 3 June 2016

mwanangu truth ndinodemba kubvaruka kwakaita condom, tarisa manje kundinyadzisa kwawunoita muvanhu nekushayawo kana 1 pfungwa

Baba va truth - 4 June 2016

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