'Mnangagwa primed to take over'

HARARE - War veterans have said Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is primed to take over from President Robert Mugabe no matter what the Generation 40 (G40) faction might do.

Addressing ex-liberation fighters in Masvingo on Saturday, war veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa, said that the Midlands godfather is in a firm position to be Mugabe’s successor.

“When you went to war (ex-combatants) you were very young but you remain resolute, but up to now you don’t have anything to show, all I see is poverty written on your faces.

“But we have seen the bad part of not rewarding ourselves, the G40 is doing whatever they want with us because they corruptly acquired wealth.

“They get that money from the whites, vari kunzi  imimi ndimi munofana kujumper queue, makamboona here baton inopihwa ari panumber three risati rapihwa ari panumber two. Mava kuda kujamba kunotora chigaro ichocho, monotora makanzwa chakabva kupi? Isu takanotora tisu tichakutaurirai mupinde pachigaro ichocho kana musina kutaurirwa nesu  kanganwai (they are being told that they must jump the queue and take over the throne, but have you ever seen a baton stick being passed on to someone in third place while the number two is still there? We are the ones who chose the leadership of the party and we know who is next in line).  

“The president acknowledged that we are the ones who gave him that position, we the war veterans and war collaborators, we campaigned for him to win elections in 1980.

“We the war veterans, are the compass of this country, isu toziva chinhu  ichi kwachinoenda ( we know who is going to take over).”

The confident Mutsvangwa claimed the G40 is now “dead and buried”.

“I am happy that the revolution is now back in the hands of its owners. Those who want to rule this country must respect war veterans not daydreaming like what the G40 is doing.”

The former War Veterans minister said they were going to engage the youth and the women’s league to mend their relationship.

“We are happy a certain youth leader accepted that they are our children, we need to forgive him, we are trying to work together with him,” Mutsvangwa said in a statement widely seen as directed at Zanu PF deputy youth chairperson Kudzanai Chipanga.

“And also the women’s league is an important organ, you must respect the wife of our leader not kutamba sinjonjo pamberi pavanhu hatizvidi.

“We are happy that (Zanu PF Mashonaland West central committee member Jimayi) Muduvuri has told us that amai (Grace Mugabe) has now seen the light. We are OK, we want to engage with her and the women’s league.”

The Norton legislator also mocked the G40 ministers saying they have “small brains”.

“I was once a Cabinet member. The G40 have no ideas on how to develop the nation. Some of them are professors but with small minds.

“They want power but they don’t have vision. They want money but they don’t want to work. Don’t lose sleep over those people.

“People are now starting to see that they were lying and they are now fighting each other. Manje vachazvimbirwa nepower ravaida kudaro.” (They will get drunk on power).

Speaking at the same occasion, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general Victor Matemadanda, also said the G40 is wasting time as they are out of the race in as far as the Zanu  PF succession race is concerned.

“Hee vaMnangagwa  vanoda kubvisa vaMugabe, mofunga vangaita havi nhasi, voita  pressure yokupinda mubus ivo varimo, vari shure ndivo vanoita pressure yekupinda (Mnangagwa doesn’t want to take over, he is already inside the bus, in a firm position to take over, so the ones who are under pressure are those who are outside),” Matemadanda said.

“Zviya zvamunofurirana muchiti G40 kunyangwe teacher takamuudza kuti 1 minus 2, it can’t (G40 is nothing don’t follow them).”

In a complete defiance of the politburo ruling, the ex-combatants secretary-general, said all expelled youths must be reinstated to their positions.

“They expelled some youths who were in the forefront in our fight against (former vice president) Joice Mujuru, they saw that these youths will not allow them to fulfil their ambitions but to us war veterans they are still chairpersons.

“Same as Ezra Chadzamira (Masvingo), Biggie Matiza (Mashonaland East) and Kizito Chivamba (Midlands) are still chairpersons for their respective provinces. We don’t want a person from Harare to come and impose their chairpersons so that they can drive their agendas, we are going to stop it as war veterans.”

Matemadanda also savaged Masvingo provincial political commissar Jappy Jaboon who allegedly belongs to the G40 camp, saying he is a “small boy” in Zanu PF politics.

“(Jaboon) worked well  with his father but he is now walking in a different direction.”

“What Jaboon is doing is very wrong because he is challenging the vice president who was appointed by the president, kutoshaya njere kwaari kuita (he has lost his marbles).”

Masvingo resident minister Shuvai Mahofa also savaged Jaboon and said their province is firmly behind Mugabe.

Recently, Mnangagwa’s allies in Midlands vowed that nothing will stop the Midlands godfather from succeeding Mugabe.

Some  sources  who spoke to the Daily News last month claimed that Zanu PF deputy secretary for administration July Moyo — said to be Mnangagwa’s foremost aide — had thrown down the gauntlet at a provincial meeting in April, openly declaring that the VP would succeed Mugabe, despite “the G40’s machinations”.

Midlands, said to be the citadel of Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF support, has witnessed some of the ugliest party battles over the past year, as the factional and succession wars devouring the former liberation movement continue to escalate.

Indeed, the province has experienced deadly and incessant infighting as the G40 has worked tirelessly to neutralise the VP “in his den”.

This has seen the regional party leadership being dissolved unceremoniously, and Joram Gumbo was appointed interim chairperson.

The G40 camp accuses Mnangagwa’s regional allies of steering the province towards “an alternative centre of power and seeking to stampede Mugabe from power”, while Team Lacoste members accuse the G40 of having “unbridled ambition and abusing the First Family” in that regard.


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The last man standing.Original zanla,commander.I tottaly agree newe Mutsvangwa.Dont be scared to declare the only hope for Zimbos.The only level head left in zanu.Has anyone ever heard ngwena saying obscenities n profenity ,in the vicinity of zimbos?no.A gentleman moulded for the top job.

viola gwena - 31 May 2016

Comrade Mutsvangwa, muri kuyeuka kuti ma war collaborators haasati a vettwa here? Mukati medu muzere madzakutsaku mamwe acho anotiva anezvigaro. Tibatsireiwo tizivane ma war collaborators chaiwo. Zvekare zita rokuti mujibha raiva rokushora raishandiswa ku South Africa richireva rovha kana kuti vechidiki vasingasevenze. Collaborator ndiro zita rataipiwa na Ian Smith nevamwe vake. Mukati vetter muchaona kuti hatina kumbowanda sezvazviri iko zvino. Nguva yareba nyaya iyi ichingiverengerwa. Kasikayi patiri pakashata sezvataiita muhondo.

edika - 31 May 2016

Comrade Mutsvangwa, muri kuyeuka kuti ma war collaborators haasati a vettwa here? Mukati medu muzere madzakutsaku mamwe acho anotiva anezvigaro. Tibatsireiwo tizivane ma war collaborators chaiwo. Zvekare zita rokuti mujibha raiva rokushora raishandiswa ku South Africa richireva rovha kana kuti vechidiki vasingasevenze. Collaborator ndiro zita rataipiwa na Ian Smith nevamwe vake. Mukati vetter muchaona kuti hatina kumbowanda sezvazviri iko zvino. Nguva yareba nyaya iyi ichingiverengerwa. Kasikayi patiri pakashata sezvataiita muhondo.

edika - 31 May 2016

If after 36yrs under your watch you still have nothing to show for it then who is the fool here? Then you brag that it was you who were pivotal in installing Mugabe to that position in 1980, the same man who year after year from one election cycle to the next he has revealed how incompetent and corrupt he is and you still want him in place. Your judgement (zanu and affiliated groups like these so called war-vets) is very poor to be entrusted with anything else of substance. You have long squandered your respect capital propping the visionless misleader and his praise singers.

Galore 123 - 31 May 2016

Galore, there some matters which stand as fact and will never change. I respect your opinion but to say " so called war veterans" is quite wide off the mark. A war veteran will remain one forever for that they fought in the liberation war. That will never change, like them or not.

edika - 31 May 2016

Rubbis EM killed my Aunt in Silobela 1985. He is a murderer and we havent forgotten mores bones on your table Gukurahundi killer nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thuthani - 31 May 2016

Mnangagwa may look like a gentleman simple because of the suit he wears and the fact of being so unpopular to the general population. Mnangagwa was instrument in the killing of Tongogara as he was chief advisor and body guard to Mugabe since he crossed into Mozambique, Tongogara was opposed to unilateral take over of ZANLA command by Mugabe on the bases of eloquence and education. He then played a part in Mujuru's death since the then general confided in him over the plight of Zimbabweans that the entire country is suffering because of one person who can no longer preside effectively but rather allows a wife to usurp power and abuse it. More still, he sold out that resulted in the death of the generals like Gunda etc. He sold out when he sanctioned the death of 20000 ndebeles ain the 1985/87. He also sanctioned the accident of Tsvangirai wife and the beating of MDC supporters in 2008 together with Prof Johnathan Moyo. Such people can never have m=our support. VIVA MDC

amina - 31 May 2016

Yeh yeh yeh bla bla bla ,maybe he also caused drought in matebeleland.maybe he gave Tsvangirai all those women.maybe he got Highlanders to win against Dynamos.winching like a blind baboon.bring better stuff to debate on.

viola gwena - 31 May 2016

@amina,my detest and antipathy towards cde ED is well known on this platform is well known,lets stick to credible allegations against ED not this hogwash

truth - 31 May 2016

Like him hate him ED is the ideal candidate to succeed His Excellency,the President as he can safeguard the ideals and legacy of the revolutionary struggle unlike the G40 Crew whose credentials are highly questionable as they want to destroy the Party from within. How can the country be ruled by those who despise the liberation fighters?

Chief Charumbira - 31 May 2016

it is imperative that, when we push for our leaders of choice, we must uphold the respect for institutional structures & fundamentals like the constitution, a fair & professional judiciary system, a functional central bank & revenue authority and diligent, non partisan and ethical unformed force,among others, that are vital in putting the kantry at a grand scale to be compared with kantries of like size, climate, mineral wealth & economic progress. constant reference to a history that was characterised by a bush war where 'sellouts' were murdered and violation of human rights as a basis for choosing a leader can spell doom for an already battered & bruised kantry. pple must think leadership that bring macro-economic dvpt through sound policy formulation & supervised implementation. leadership must address social & regional inequalities so that most if not all pples can have a fair standard of living without feelings & sentiments of being marginalised. what i see is egocentric and selfish wishes of who must rule & who must not to the extent of sacrifising one's own well-being through fanaticism as long as the said leader takes the reigns! is that the way to go? shld leadership be so pre-determined? Are there no democratic processes to follow? this hero worshiping, bootlicking & praise singing will create tyrants who will think they own thekantry they will be difficult to remove like rhobhati.

SaManyika Chaiye - 31 May 2016

Will this overt declaration of a likely take over from the great leader endear ED and his allies with the First Family and Corridors of State House?The powerless would wait and watch from the terraces as the game of succession unfolds.

Gen. Spinola - 31 May 2016

If the war vets have been the compass of the last 36 years and we are clearly lost then we need to change the compass!

Nomusa Garikai - 31 May 2016

What are these ideals that the veterans fought for? Freedom is for them and their party only, they want everyone to agree with them and if one doesn't. Kill them? Is that one man one vote? They are poor like the rest of us because of unworkable policies that have failed to uplift the majority. They worship a "leader" instead of critically examining his motives, ideas and implementation. You're a big disgrace.

Sagitarr - 1 June 2016

lets cut this country into two and mnangagwa will rule the mashonaland part and we the ndebeles we will choose our own leader , thats the only way forward

safa ngendlala - 1 June 2016

1-2=-1 zvinoita ndo kusafunda kwacho kwatino taura ikoko

CHATSVA - 1 June 2016

Only the Almighty God knows.

simba - 1 June 2016

who said the country must be ruled by only war veterans.this ironically shows the limited capacity of thinking,i wonder why zimbabweans remain poor and still remain same.is that one man one vote you are talking about thats hero worshipping,what will be the reason of helding the elections.they should line themselves in accordance of their ranks and make themselves a channel of who follows who.the person to be named thae president shld be democratically choosen and elected by people depending on his motives and strategies to relieve our long sufferring people,how can it be so ?no one can have the answer to this .because the so called zanu pf i still wonder have it got power through any democratic means mayybe in 1980 ,bt mugabe just put himself in position thats why he still insist not to go,as far as we are concerned noone stll loves that man unless you are corrupt as they are.

gabarinocheka - 2 June 2016

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