Zanu PF thugs besiege Mujuru

HARARE - Hordes of rowdy Zanu PF supporters stormed the Highlands, Harare home of former vice president and Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader, Joice Mujuru, on Friday night — only dispersing after anti-riot police intervened.

The Zanu PF activists, some of whom were positively identified by Mujuru’s aides, had apparently “carried over their thuggish fervour” from last Wednesday’s so-called million-man march that the former liberation movement held in the capital in honour of President Robert Mugabe.

A news crew from the Daily News on Sunday witnessed the brouhaha on Friday night which culminated in police being called to deal with the unruly Zanu PF supporters — who flatly refused to say what their mission was when questioned by authorities.

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba and Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo were not available for comment yesterday.

But an unfazed Mujuru, who has come under increasing scrutiny from her erstwhile Zanu PF comrades, told the Daily News on Sunday that the wanton act of intimidation would not slow her down.

She also said that she was “familiar with the choreographed evil tactics” of her former colleagues in the warring and divided Zanu PF, and as such would “remain resolute” in her task of challenging Mugabe and the ruling party come the much-awaited 2018 national elections.

“They (Zanu PF apparatchiks) have been tasked to infiltrate ZimPF party structures but have failed and decided to resort to unconstitutional and thuggish methods, which is a clear violation of our rights,” she said.

Among the alleged active Zanu PF supporters who were identified by Mujuru’s security details during Friday night’s invasion were Simbarashe Mandeya, Ellington Nhanga, a Majere, Justin Kambiro, Wellington Masawi and Tendai Mushando.

“All these people are currently in existing Zanu PF structures across the country but pretending to be in People First,” part of a ZimPF statement read.

The widow of liberation struggle icon General Solomon Mujuru — whose August 2011 death in an inferno at the family’s Beatrice farm remains an unresolved mystery — has been forced to upgrade her personal security in recent months amid fears that some of her political enemies are “plotting against her day and night”.

The Daily News on Sunday has also previously reported that Mujuru and her allies had come under increasing State surveillance since the launch of their party early this year.

As a result, Mujuru has had to put in place more security measures and cameras at her home, in addition to doubling the number of guards looking after her and her family.

With suspicions still surrounding her husband’s death, her family and allies say they are very concerned about her safety and security, particularly after a number of intruders were caught at the Beatrice farm in March last year.

Well-placed sources have also claimed that the State “has files that will be used against Mujuru and other top leaders of her party” if she goes ahead with her plans to challenge Mugabe in 2018.

“The behaviour of this renegade Zanu PF group is a continuation of Zanu PF’s onslaught on the veteran liberation icon and widow of the late Mujuru.

“Ellington Nhanga has been extorting money from Zimbabwe People First supporters claiming to be able to organise their security through the CIO system.

“He claims to be an operative attached to the Counter Intelligence Unit. The group claims to be well-funded from the top of the security set-up of the country, and are seemingly desperate to derail the growth of ZimPF.

“All these negative efforts and attacks against ZimPF are against a backdrop of a nation failing to feed its people and pay its civil service,” the party said yesterday.

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this was afta @viola fed them with samoosas & pancakes laced with some intoxicating illicit substances. as if molesting bused-in unwashed rural girls at the million fools march was not enough, they proceeded to harassing their erstwhile vp & cde in an attempt to remove the hangover. this must be a bita pill to swallow for joyce as she tastes her own concoction at the hands of former backers.

SaManyika Chaiye - 29 May 2016

seeking relevance with an unprovoked attack on @viola,some idiots are best banished to the eastern highlands,where they can continue with their primitive tribal profiling

truth - 29 May 2016

I knew a poacher would sniff the air and poke its nose in business unrelated to it! can yu explain how you flew into hwange and drove to gwayi by night for a 'hunt' & less than 72hrs later reports emerge that 5 carcasses of elephants have bin discovered, laced with cyanide with the ivory missing?! from the day yu confessed to have a 'hunting' license i knew without doubt that yu were up to no good. i neva had an ounce of trust in you frequenting the kantry's game parks. yu tried to get an alibi by attending the million fools march and dash afterwards to carry out an assignment for the asians not knowing that yo big mouth under the guise of the unfit moniker @truth was going to sell yu out. no amount of rehabilitation will cure this level of idiocy and very soon the law will catch up with yu. yu'll pay a price for poaching!

SaManyika Chaiye - 29 May 2016

it will be entertaining to play the prosecutor in yo case of poaching! hee; driving into gway and elephants are poisoned and de-horned in the very same forest! this is conspicuous and intresting! is anyone following out there? kry my beloved kantry!

SaManyika Chaiye - 29 May 2016

Mwana waaniko abatwa neDembare remadhora paboader

Ndugu - 29 May 2016

Don't these so called youths have anything to do . It's a shame ,politics is a choice.

Slim Cat - 29 May 2016

The good news is we have names. Let's name and shame them thugs. They should also have houses, family & relatives. They must also be made aware that they can also be visited and thrashed.

Sagitarr - 30 May 2016

i think its a waste of courtesy and compassion to sympathise with a thug attacked by thugs. it is peace to the sheep when hyenas brawl! the attacked & the attackers are lucky to be still roaming the streets becoz they incarceration for maiming & killing is overdue.

SaManyika Chaiye - 30 May 2016

This violence by gullible and misguided youth is the predictable logical step after the million man march of last week. Smart and enlightened youth will however see through such manipulation and machinations. For example some children of some of the bigwigs are beginning to question or challenge the status quo. This is primarily as a result of the exposure and experiences they acquire when they go abroad to study. When they come home a lot of them are also unemployed or underemployed leading them to become further critical of the conditions in which they are living . Wake up ZANU people you are even doing a disservice to everyone including your own children. Stop unleashing these marauding and unintelligent youth on the citizens

Jaikolu Maison - 30 May 2016

just because it is alleged zanu youths does not mean mean it was party youths,reminds me around 2001 when mdc claimed their member of parliament fo lupane had died from injuries sustained in an alleged beating from party youths only for an independent post morten to point to an aids related ailment

truth - 30 May 2016

@Daily News; please upload fresh news?

SaManyika Chaiye - 30 May 2016

Is it not confusing how in the face of inevitably visible decay all around us, someone behind nom deplume truth should have us regard dirt as cake?

Mr Dete - 2 June 2016

Mujuru will beat these imbeciles come 2018.

Benito - 5 June 2016

maI chaiwo Inga zvakaoma

Norman - 9 June 2016

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