Mugabe shuts door on Mnangagwa

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s game plan for the million-man march was to shut the door on his deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa and present a picture of invincibility — a review paper by the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI) says.

In the paper titled “Zanu PF million-man march: Mugabe’s game plan” ZDI, a respected political and economic think tank, said it was clear that faced with internal revolt, the nonagenarian leader would choreography his most ardent supporters to hold a march similar to the year 2007 when the party was also going through almost similar internal upheavals.

Zanu PF between 2007 and 2008 can be likened to the attendant situation characterised by fissures in all organs of the party,” notes the paper.

In 2007 just like now, Mugabe was facing revolt from a faction that was led by the late Solomon Mujuru, and now the 92-year-old strongman is facing dissent from supporters of Mnangagwa — who want him to pass on the baton before 2018 elections.

“The 2016 march has occurred in almost mirror circumstances to that of 2007 where there is growing discontent within Zanu PF.

“The latest march is not about the youth or Zanu PF it is more about . . . Mugabe himself that those who seek to succeed him should not underestimate his popularity within the party,”  

A purge of the Mujuru faction in 2014 that is now led by the wife Joice, failed to cleanse the party of the factionalism ailment — something that Mugabe is still battling with even today.

On Wednesday, Mugabe’s increasingly powerful wife Grace told party loyalists that her husband would rule from the grave, and the nonagenarian went on to describe those fanning factionalism that their actions are tantamount to “treason”.

After a nasty fallout with war veterans, his usual shock-troopers, Mugabe this time turned to the party’s youths — who embody the governing party’s ambitious generation 40 (G40) faction that is opposed to Mnangagwa’s rise.

“These marches also serve to show that despite his advanced age . . . Mugabe is still the only game in town. It is about Mugabe stamping and cementing his authority in Zanu PF.”

Under Mugabe’s watch Zimbabwe is groaning as the economy tumbles, cash is in short supply and millions are faced with starvation.

Analysts say conditions in the country are ripe for disaster — and ZDI said the solidarity march in support of Mugabe was a timely boast to the 92-year-old ego.

“The May 25 march comes as fundamentally a reactionary agenda to both internal and external challenges bedevilling the party and its leader.”

According to the report, the march was about showing rival factions that despite his advanced age, he is still popular in Zanu PF”.

“It also sought to react to opposition protests amid a regressing economy being presided over by Zanu PF.

“As Zanu PF is already in the 2018 election mode, this march served to show that despite growing discontent between war veterans and . . . Mugabe, the party can do without them and rely on the youth to deliver victory.”

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its unfortunate that some people donot see where they are heading to despite what they are seeing in front of them

josephat sithole - 27 May 2016

Personally, I have no problem with President Mugabe giving the presidency to his wife to complete to complete the term. It is Mugabe who has the final say on this issue. What is wrong for him is to continuously keep the nation speculating, while the economy is completely collapsed.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 27 May 2016

Ratova daily mnangagwa,,, everyday here shuwa your obsession sucks

njodo - 27 May 2016

dambudzo has neva bin able to exhibit an aura befitting a prospective president, much to the chagrin of some 'ngwena' loyalists that i find here and out there. this has bin the case thanks to the thieving zealots who prefer the less knowledgable, out of touch and now old & senile rhobhati to this perennial election loser. rhobhati cld not be motivated to rig-in dambudzo for fear of giving him a grand stand where he cld offer rhobhati some challenge. rhobhati prefers dambudzo as an accomplice in his shenanigans rather than an equal partiner in crime. rhobhati does not work like that! on the other hand dambudzo knows this, the boy is no fool! he will go with the wave becoz rex was set as an e.g. so he knows if he raise his head, or ride against the wave, rhobhati wont hesitate to chop his head off. rhobhati organises these meaningless events to seek an undeserved & coerced audience becoz he knows no one listens to him. imagine gathering pple to say,'every1 hesisted until tekere got the guts to accompany me to tanganyika via moza, got assisted passage by tawangwena, invited chitepo to chair dare rechimurenga, heeee wana dambudzo awa takazowadana tikawapa zvigaro......'!! aaagh!! all this scripted rhetoric to fan off everyone including the salivating dambudzo! what legacy is this despot creating?

SaManyika Chaiye - 27 May 2016

MuZimbabwe mune maMirioni evanhu. PamaMirioni aya hapana arikugwisa umwe. MuZanu-PF ( party yakadzwanya nyika, kutsika nyika konzi) mune vanhu vatatu kana kuti vashanu vanozviti ndivo vakabata matomu varikugwisana. Isu povho toshupika kudya nhoko dzezvironda nemhaka yedaka riri pakati peva shanu ava. Tinovataurira kuti aa-a handizvo zvatakamugadzai pazvigaro. Hatidyi daka renyu asi sadza nemufuswa zvawo kana nyama yashaikwa asi hapana wavo anoteerera. Asika chandinoziva ndechokuti kuti mumwe chete wavo anemasimba ekuita zvatinovakumbira - the power to eradicate all the nonsenses of corruption, nepotism, looting and theft , the evils which are alien to our culture. What I do not understand is why this man, clever as he is, is not keen to address these issues, but instead even recruited his wife to join their game of hunt lest you be hunted. I am saying we are not interested in their game. If none of them can not score then , like they do it in football, go penalt shoot-out. The sooner you eliminate each other the better for us Zimbabweans.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 27 May 2016

@Jonathiel Moyowaonda. Ya-a, waperegwa ndazviona. Ukanzwa murume mukuru avakutaura kuti he does not mind Mugabe giving presidency to his wife to wet on him and us Zimbabweans it can only show yield point on this man is surpassed. Mazuva edu isu vana Masamba tichafudza mombe iwe Janathiel waiswera zuva rose uchimanya kunodzora mombe kuti dzisainda kuminda yavaridzi wega wega isu takabhara four nokuti uri dera ramakoko.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 27 May 2016

Mugabe has never wanted competition. He has never wanted an ambitious deputy. His preferred deputy would be someone like Mzenda who was happy to just be VP. There is nothing wrong with EDM and other people expressing interesting in becoming a future president but the truth is that Mugabe will have none of it hence statements like "there is no vacancy at state house". The question is what causes Mugabe to be so insecure? A good leader grooms other leaders but no so for Mugabe, any ambition is treated as treason.

Inyika - 28 May 2016

Is it Ngwena or Dzvinyu? Donga said it all when she said everyone in zanu pf is Mugabe wife, how true. This lizard has been screwed by disgrace without a word that's a real lizard. It appears to enjoy the sun then hide when cloud.

Christ In Me - 30 May 2016

The Zimbabwe we want continues to tumble downhill but that does not mean we should heard that way. We must rise up and stand up for ourself. Its time and we are the game changers. Check this video and prove me wrong?

Celebrity Academy - 3 June 2016

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