Mugabe will rule from grave: Wife

HARARE - Powerful First Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday stunned Zanu PF supporters — mainly those loyal to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa — who gathered in Harare yesterday when she told them that President Robert Mugabe would rule Zimbabwe from the grave.

Grace’s zinger, together with the unexpected move by Zanu PF youth league deputy leader Kudzai Chipanga to tell a few home truths to Mugabe about Zimbabwe’s worsening rot and the shameful corruption of his minions and other senior government officials, turned what was supposed to be a boring charade into a political thriller of sorts.

To add to the drama, thousands of supporters bussed from around the country walked out of the so-called million-man march while the nonagenarian — in whose honour the show of force had been organised — was giving what was supposed to be the day’s main speech.

President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace salute the crowd as they arrive.

But as has become the norm in the world of Zimbabwean politics over the past two years, the star of the show was once again Grace, even though she only spoke for a few minutes.

In what was widely interpreted as a thinly-disguised dig at Team Lacoste — as the Zanu PF faction rallying behind Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations is known — she said bluntly that those angling to take over from her increasingly frail husband should not bother as he would rule the country even after he was interred at the National Heroes Acre.

“… you are irreplaceable president. Tichatokuitai mutungamiri muri muguva paHeroes Acre nekuti tirikuona kuti ndimi munotibatanidza (You will rule from your grave at the Heroes Acre because you are a uniting force for us),” Grace said.

Quoting Jeremiah 1 verse 5 from the Bible, the influential first lady suggested that Mugabe had been chosen by God to lead Zimbabwe.

“... makasarudzwa baba mukaiswa paside nekuti Mwari akanga asingadi kuti musangane sangane nezvakashata (you were chosen by God because He did not want you to be tainted by bad elements),” she added.

Zanu PF supporters scramble for mineral water.

But political analyst, Pedzisai Ruhanya, said the fact that bussed party supporters had walked out on Mugabe was “a clear sign” that the nonagenarian’s popularity was waning.

“Despite the presence of the coercive apparatus of the State, the whole charade was a monumental flop.

“Now people can see that Mugabe’s future is in the past. People are concerned about what they eat and not listening to the same man who has presided over the ongoing decomposition.

“One million people is roughly half the population of Harare and that space is too small for such a number.

“Zimbabweans are not fools, they are aware of the withdrawal limits at banks and the suffering they are going through and therefore they could not celebrate the life of a man who authored their suffering,” Ruhanya said as he explained why nowhere near one million people had attended the demonstration.

“This is the end of an era. Zanu PF supporters and Zimbabweans at large know that they cannot continue to invest their future in a person whose future is now closer to the cemetery,” he added.

A war veteran who spoke to the Daily News said thousands of party supporters had walked out while Mugabe was addressing the gathering because they were “rushing back home after being frog-marched to the demo”.

There were widespread reports that school buses had been commandeered to transport people, as ruling party apparatchiks also moved to shut down market places to coerce the public into attending the march.

Music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi entertains the crowd.

A Daily News crew also witnessed scores of motorists being forced to head towards the so-called Robert Mugabe Square, near the Harare Magistrates’ Courts, while many street vendors hid in the few shops that dared open their doors yesterday to escape being forced to participate in the march.

Meanwhile, speaker after speaker painted a rosy picture of Mugabe and his 36 years in power at the event, even as the facts on the ground are the opposite — with Chipanga the only one to highlight the country’s ubiquitous rot.

“Vari kuchinja motokari kunge hembe (bigwigs are changing cars like clothes). That must be put to a stop,” he said, adding that Mugabe never changed his cars like what his “corrupt” ministers do.

Chipanga also pointed out to corruption at the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority saying officials there were buying cars and houses soon after getting employment, something he said was not in tandem with their salaries.

All pictures by Freedom Mashava.

Comments (26)

Yes we agree as warvets.Cde Mugabe will forever be respected in Zanu,even beyond this generation.Future Zanu leaders will remember him,like Mwalimu,Samora.Nyerere lives forever in Chama.Tanzania has changed now,big economy.After Cde Mugabe thr will be other Zanu leaders,thats forsure.Central commettee as President correctly said,Congress.Pamberi na baba,pambili ubaba.

viola gwena - 26 May 2016

As in the Bible ,it took the nation of Esrael 40 yrs to reach the pro ised land.Moses died inbetween.It was Joshua who lead the final push to destiny.From 1980 to 2018 will be 18yrs,gues who will be our Joshua to 2020?Only the one,the lastman standing.The only one who took orders from Chitepo,Tongogara,Mugabe.Its his turn now,deliverence.

viola gwena - 26 May 2016

i would rather die than be ruled by anybody except his excellency,cde president we will ensure that your legacy lives and future generations will be guided by your philosophy,long live cde president

truth - 26 May 2016

We respect the First Family very much but this respect is not resprocated. To the First Family we are a whole nation of fools. This is arrogance of the highest order. This declaration of being ruled by the President's ghost is a show of no respect to the people of Zimbabwe. It is an insult to all of us except the First Family. Is it true that there are no other people human beings that can be better than this family?

Gandanga - 26 May 2016

We from the last family say go to the grave and don't come back, hatidi zvipoko

Ziggy Zigawo - 26 May 2016

After marching for Mugabe we will hear the same people complaining life is tough in Zimbabwe. They kindle blocks of charcoal under their feet ; when they get burnt they they cry. One lesson I have learnt about Zimbabwe: its embeded in our culture as a nation, literacy or education will in no way help us to know what we deserve. We have a terrible lack of national pride. Anybody with a gun in his hands can command us to feast on his excreta to his amusement and we cowardly oblige. This is where the problem is. Mugabe has read us very well. He has tutored his wife Grace on the subject and Grace has clearly seen it. I doubt very much if anything will come out of Zimbabweans. I am now even doubting if we worn the war of liberation against Ian Smith, or he simply gave in due to outside pressure from other European coutntries which felt the time to free Zimbabweans was up.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 26 May 2016

Bleating for your supper will not change the facts that Mugabe destroyed our once beautiful country. You have been around this forum for some time and your mission is now well-known. That you are a well-fed dog to keep guard of Mugabe (as if he is worth anything if we were to loose him) should not give you the right to drown the suffering to Zimbabweans brought about by your master.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 26 May 2016

@truth. my is directed to you.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 26 May 2016

Ladies and gentlemen let me air out my disappointment on the million march. Well this really shows the madness in the youths of Zimbabwe. Instead of them positioning for government posts and ministerial positions they marched for the old guys to keep on enjoying life while the youths are struggling. My last embarasment comes on the comment by Grace that Mugabe's corpse will be more intelligent than all the living Professors, Drs and all other living people in Zimbabwe. Vana veZimbabwe hapana kutukwa kunodarika apa. Zvinongoreva kuti muZimbabwe hakuna mumwe munhu or rudzi runogona kutonga Zimbabwe kuzhe kweMugabe family.I am very sorry and sympathetic for the youth. - 26 May 2016

Agree naMasamba. ZANU apologists, The Herald and Sunday Mail can kiss tsoka dzaMugabe. Then embalm him paachafa like a Pharaoh but THIS WILL CHANGE NOTHING. He is a failed despot whose claim to fame is bashing the West and anyone else who sees him as the fool he is. MUGABE DESTROYED ZIMBABWE. Whatever good he did before, not much btw, was undone nekuroora Grace and bribing restive War Vets with printed money. THE SELF-SERVING TWAT.

Partson - 26 May 2016

When people get drunk in their own power and start to act this crazy then we know that their end is nigh. And it nigh for this woman and her husband, the funny part of it is instead of her focusing on how best to take care of her children and their welfare when the father is gone she it bleating in public with powers she has borrowed from an ailing man. many have gone down this road very few have come out unscathed. Zanu will survive after the old man is gone the issue is with the enemies she seems to be making will she survive ??

B Moyo - 27 May 2016

Viola Ngwena utinyarevo, this is not herald wanzwa, taura mukapepa kenyu kenhema. chii chichashandura nyika chinoitwa neZANU yenyu. Mugabe iguva kudhara and the nation is as economically old as he is, difficulties in breathing, walking and even talking. Nonsense

JOHN FARAH - 27 May 2016

@JOHN FARAH,hands off tete,and respect our president,make your own contributions without seeking relavance by attacking@viola,a liberation icon who risked life and limb for this country whilst your mother was probably in the avenues

truth - 27 May 2016

asikanaaaaa, took got roped in to perfom? just like makandiwa was force marched to give an opening prayer that other time pamillion signatures!

SaManyika Chaiye - 27 May 2016

kkkkkkkk 'took.' I meany Tuku!

SaManyika Chaiye - 27 May 2016

If you look at the state of our economy, the massive unemployment something in the region of 90%and literally millions crossing our border to seek opportunities elsewhere, the shocking state of our roads and most of our basic infrastructures so vital for the development of this country then I cannot but help thinking that President Mugabe has been ruling from the grave for the past 30 or more years? And with each passing year it seems to get worse with the same old propaganda being voiced by sycophants who stubbornly refuse to see reality. This country is in one hell of a mess right now and it is going to take more than a good leader to turn this country around and steer it back in the right direction.

Mbewa - 27 May 2016

Yu did yo walk in twn n yu had yo pple in red.we congratulated yu.nhasi ndezveduwo mogumbuka.aika.if yu feeli g too bad just pretend the crowd was all red n yu can feel good.Try to keep anger n enmviouse out of it.feel .dnt stres on us,we still got a mountain to climb,economy.

viola gwena - 27 May 2016

Ngwena (Mnangagwa and not Viola) thought by crocodile style; attacking and eliminating Mujuru; the G40 boys were pushing his agenda. In equal fashion, Grace thinks the G40 is pushing her agenda. The sad reality is that Grace will be the most disgraced First Lady in the world post RGM. Forget about what happened to Emmelda Marcos and her ilk! Grace's problem is that she is haunted by mere thought of RGM departure and then starts hallucinating. Oh poor woman, may God restore her sanity!

Save - 27 May 2016

'rule' from the grave, wrong, Amai. but 'haunt' from grave true. R.G. is a demon and must be thrown in to the abyss - 27 May 2016

You see auntie viola gwena, Afrika and its pipo are njanjastic into a gigotism of slambability. This is inorder to sikwenjula, to poponjai and to confaburate. When I was walking indogally and not inhemally, I met a man with a Riobiobio and a mbombostoity asking: " if 2 018 roasted zvihuta are given to 1 980 cdes, one each, whts the remainder? "18 someone said". Mbombostic Man: "Hark!, u f#%&#$n thief!! This is the kwenzi kwenzi of your riobiobio-ukushotesa 20 sei? Fasta -fasta kudzosa".

Teacher Fainos Kamunda - 27 May 2016


MUDIRO - 27 May 2016

We are into this situation because of our collective stupidity. We are so timid that we think we are going to be on this earth forever. This Mugabe thing has since noticed that Zimbabweans are the easiest human beings to rule. He will never let this go and will keep on ruling the readily submissive and timid Zimbabweans. This can only happen in Zimbabwe and nowhere else. That is why even the wife, who has no clue of what she is saying has decided to go public and insult all of us. We deserve this.

Zvichapera - 27 May 2016

@ truth, we are tired of those warvets things, we are fighting for a new Zimbabwe and its our desire to come back home and we cant do it until a satanic party and the responsible satanists are purged off. we need a new true independence that benefits the majority, mind you i am the son of a true warvet not what you are doing in town

JOHN FARAH - 27 May 2016

It would not be a world first to have a ruler from the grave. Kim Il-Sung had a cult of personality similar to Mugabe, despite the great poverty his rule caused. Since his death, he is considered the 'Eternal President of the Republic' in North Korea. I hope that Mugabe does not follow this example and try to make Zimbabwe into the North Korea of Africa.

Doctor Peace - 1 June 2016

Mutukudzi holding the candle for the Devil, lest we forget.

Yeoman Thomas - 2 June 2016

Now he is ruling from his grave

prophet of doom - 5 April 2018

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