Chaos at Zanu PF million-man march

HARARE - Chaotic scenes characterised yesterday’s Zanu PF youth league’s so-called one million-man march as party supporters fought for T-shirts, bottled water and national flags, interrupting President Robert Mugabe during his speech.

At one point, Zanu PF national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere had to take to the podium to silence the seemingly disinterested supporters who could be heard shouting while Mugabe was ploughing through his long speech.

“There is too much noise on that side, security please make sure the people over there sit down so that the president can be heard,” shouted Kasukuwere.

Earlier, party supporters from Masvingo province exchanged blows over T-shirts at Rufaro Stadium.

Zanu PF Supporters wrestle for a party t-shirt at the Million Man March. Pic: Freedom Mashava

Masvingo provincial chairperson Amasi Nenjana had to intervene.

“These people do not understand. We told them we wanted to distribute the T-shirts in an orderly manner now they are coming to you (the press)…,” Nenjana said as he gave his own T-shirt to one of the party members who had sought audience with the Daily News. 

As the chaos ensued, Mugabe warned factional elements in his warring party that they were committing an act of treason.

“You met discouraging remarks from even within the party along the way with some saying you cannot mobilise, what are you trying to do but you were determined until they even realised that you were doing the right thing and they decided to support you,” Mugabe said.

The nonagenarian also slammed the former freedom fighters for having their own political discourse outside the party.

“Those elders who must be listened to are only those that follow the party not those that say you must only listen to me. Those who say they belong to such and such a faction are deceiving themselves.

“War veterans must work within the party, they cannot have their political voice outside the party, they must follow the party and if they have any complaints, they are better dealt within the party.

“There are people who are creating little groups and those little groups are treasonous,” Mugabe said.

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DailyNews plz give us yo estimate crowd attendence.Maybe to yu havaverengeki.thanx to warvets n oliver mtukudzi.Let me give yu the breakdwn, 150 000 in attendence. Of which 70p.c pple above 40 yrs,mujibas n warvets,20pc yuths of which half of them came for food n free Oliver Mtukudzi,the other half Zanu yuths.5pc vendors.the remaining 5pc security.But all in all it was beyond expectations.Warvets did a good job ,also the yuths.But we expected to see majority yuths,not us older pple .bt bravo to cde mugabe,bravo cde mnangagwa,bravo cde khaya moyo.bravo to all supporters.zanu woye!!!.pamberi na cde mugabe,pamberi na cde mnangagwa.pasi nemhandu dzechimurenga.

viola gwena - 26 May 2016

obviously an mdc tshirt is not worth fighting for

truth - 26 May 2016

@samanika,i arrived safely on airzim in vicfalls at the majestic zanu built airport and immediately embarked on a 200km drive to my concession in gwayi,am safe and ready fo my hunt tonite,we thank yu hararians fo the hospitality

truth - 26 May 2016

In this country,a crime of treason has been trivialised in such way that it is lost its seriousness,even genuine dissent within the Zanu pf structures amounts to treason, especially that touches the hierarchy of the party and the first family.

Gen. Spinola - 26 May 2016

@ truth you are right. The MDC Tshirt is not worthy fighting for because the supporters and the leaders have better battles to fight than mere Tshirt. The MDC are not identified through Tshirts but through their enduring hope for a better Zimbabwe. That is why you cannot fathom how and why Tsvangirai is the most popular politician by public preference in Zimbabwe because you want to measure his support from the number of Tshirts marauding the streets. They are a crop of a disciplined movement which walks the talk of the cause for which they are championing (peace, freedom of participation and democracy). They an discern the difference between a political rally and their everyday lives, so they just dont put on party regalia for no cause. Yet we all kno the reasons why a Zanu pf Tshirt is worth fighting for: 1. It is gimmick to imply a popularity hat is non existent. 2. It is an attempt to be identified by the party patrons as loyal, so that one can have a bite of the partisanly distributed national wealth. 3. It is a strategy to acquire immunity from state sponsored terrorism against perceived supporters of the anti patriotic movements.

mish - 26 May 2016

@truth. So in your right senses you honestly they were fighting to wear Mugabe`s head ? You are indoctrinated by zanu-PF beyond retrieval. They were fighting for something to put on. Because of poverty brought about in Zimbabwe by Mugabe´s misrule these people will fall on anything that comes their way. I am making an effort to find how I can get to send these people T-Shirts to put on because it makes me sad to see people this much desperate. @truth. Ah-h, you can also fly ? I thought, since you are Mugabe`s parrot, you would rather go nechireyi wakapfeka mugwada (joko sayimani) exactly makuriro akaita shasha yaurikuyemura iyi. Ko unoti kusafisa mhuri yeZimbabwe asingatirimuki zwakangouya zwega here ? Zwine nhoroondo, background mumakuriro ake. Wakambonzwa achitaura nezwa baba vake here kana one day ? Dai asiri mamissionary zwaidai zwakafa nenzara - zwaitozopona nokuenda kwana sekuru kwakabarwa amai.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 26 May 2016

a few intelligent zimbabweans took advantage of the impounded xoolbuses to come to the city to do a little shopping, see relatives and more importantly, visiting their sick relatives who are are admitted in city hospitals! they wisely dropped off and went about their meaningful business without setting a foot on the hi-jacked freedom square. i had to discourage my nephews from rushing back on time to catch the equally hijacked buses fearing for their safety as such mindless gatherings are often stalked by angels of death through drunken driving and uncheckered frenzy.

SaManyika Chaiye - 27 May 2016

@masamba akareyo,yu spoiling my morning man,just take stock and see how we have uplifted the blackman in this country,our rural electrification program etc,any i had a succesful hunt last nite on my zanu given hunting concession,if i send yu & @samanyika some chamukuyu,is it enough to make peace with yu?

truth - 27 May 2016

what a crowd.this is what we call chazunguza.mdc were praying that the million man march will be a failure.we shall stand by gushungo till kingdom for the number of people who attended I leave that to fair minded people to judge,but certainly it was more than the 2000 that the bbc,yes the bbc said attended machinjas rally.

gustavoz - 27 May 2016

what a crowd.this is what we call chazunguza.mdc were praying that the million man march will be a failure.we shall stand by gushungo till kingdom for the number of people who attended I leave that to fair minded people to judge,but certainly it was more than the 2000 that the bbc,yes the bbc said attended machinjas rally.

gustavoz - 27 May 2016

what a crowd.this is what we call chazunguza.mdc were praying that the million man march will be a failure.we shall stand by gushungo till kingdom for the number of people who attended I leave that to fair minded people to judge,but certainly it was more than the 2000 that the bbc,yes the bbc said attended machinjas rally.

gustavoz - 27 May 2016

what a crowd.this is what we call chazunguza.mdc were praying that the million man march will be a failure.we shall stand by gushungo till kingdom for the number of people who attended I leave that to fair minded people to judge,but certainly it was more than the 2000 that the bbc,yes the bbc said attended machinjas rally.

gustavoz - 27 May 2016

@truth; you seem to be succeeding in diverting the attention of the platformists here! i will be grateful is yu cross the floor to the herald and spew yo hogwash rhetoric there. what does yo porching & service to the asians hev to do with me? the hardships being experienced on the ground by average zimbabweans is not a matter to take lightly as yu do. yu borrow & plagiarise rhobhati's rhetoric word-for-word down to panctuation but that does not help pple which the rulers are supposed to be helping. kids are being run ova by unlicenced drivers while policemen are busy marshalling drunkads holding pilgrimage over unfound achievements. are yu not ashamed?! are yu a sane adult or i am conversing with some theatric student trying to reaseach & gather plc opinion for a fake phd?

SaManyika Chaiye - 27 May 2016

No question about it, the size of the crowd was impressive and so G40 might have scored points for organising such a big turn out. But what few observers fail to realize is that in this poverty stricken nation it is easy to rent a crowd - people will do anything for money or even the promise of a free meal? Exact same reality now applies to our election process - people are literally bought as they know no better due to their desperate state? We are in a mess.

Mbewa - 27 May 2016

@samanyika,diverting whose attention?i just speak truth to power,if zimbabwe has failed to give opportunity then tough luck,every dog has its day,maybe one day it will be yu creaming it but i doubt given yo mentality of seing a whiteman as your saviour,admit the problems afflicting the nation are a result of sanctions placed on us at the instigation of the MDC,the day yu remove those tribal blinkers that mmake yu call yourself sa manyika chaiye is the day yu will see the broader picture,as for now,yu are just a 'wasu' who revels in the queens language,get yo self resettled and contribute to the growth of our country,not kantry yu idiot

truth - 27 May 2016


viola gwena - 27 May 2016

yeah yu are in the exact square i wanted yu to be; where yu admit that yu are a dog relishing on rhobhati's spoil heap; its yo day pal! there are hundreds of questions that i have asked yu here and yu dodge them by going silent or spewing yo rhetoric sewer-sanctions rant. giv me a response on the corruption at plc institutions for starters then we can start debating! is that bcoz of sanctions?

SaManyika Chaiye - 27 May 2016

million man march? kusinceda ngani khonokhu

safa ngendlala - 27 May 2016

@viola; are yu also not ashamed of feeding these rascals with hashish laced pancakes that yu kukd on the eve of that evil pilgrimage? yu jump in to lough like the usual brothel gatekeeper that yu are while the debachaury & licentious thugs are busy molesting the bused-in rural girls next to the black-spot where an innocent xool girl and a poor pedestrian had just lost their lives. are yu not ashamed? can yu also respond by saying its sanctions?

SaManyika Chaiye - 27 May 2016

@ samanyika,start with corruption at mdc councils by the MDC councillors in stand allocation,procurement,zanu pf is a people centred party with a clear idealogy and agenda,just because we have a few bad apples in our basket does not mean yu throw away the whole basket,as a party we haVE INSPIRED the birth of institutions like anti corruption commission,@samanyika,sonosora upazamure tione

truth - 27 May 2016

@safa ngedlala,uqansthile yini?

jojo - 27 May 2016

if the mdc-run councils are corrupt, why is zrp or the so-called anti-corruption thing not taking action against them? is the anti-corruption thing not so corrupt itself that it fired its own staffers for corrupt activities? lets go apple-by-apple and see what will remain in that 'bascket'

SaManyika Chaiye - 27 May 2016

@samanyika,despite the little tregard i have 4 u,i also believe that yu are educated enough to understand the justice system,in court its not emotions that decide but facts,how many people has this govt arrested only for the cases to collapse in court,talk to me about capacity building,lets capacitate our institutions so that we have water tight cases,eg,how does fraud committed by a first degree accountant get investigated by a detective who scrapped 5 olevels,such cases can never be won in court,the system needs to be strenthned,we must prosecute people without violating their rights,accusations must be backed by evidence,the habit of just going arround saying truth is corrupt coz he has bought a brand new hilux must cease

truth - 27 May 2016

@truth; police are educated enough to deal with a crime committed by an actuary despite the wide dichotomy btwin their educational backgrounds! there are support divisions like forencics & cid squads to take up from where neighbourhood police cannot manage. accountants are investigated by auditors if yu think police are not educated enough to investigate them. lets not lose track here; who is responsible for bringing to book an mdc coucillor who have conned HRE/CHITUNGWIZA prospective stand owners? like yu said mdc councillors are corrupt, bring up the evidence in order to prosecute! how can yu lampoon such an utterance only to say 'you need evidence' ***thats hypocricy*** respond & dont digress, like i said lets not lose track here, we are on corrupt mdc councillors!

SaManyika Chaiye - 27 May 2016

i knew if the 'its sanctions' rant fail to divert attention you will soon coil & go into some carven n hide! sanctions hypocrite!!

SaManyika Chaiye - 27 May 2016

@truth. Sorry for spoiling your day . i did not mean to attack you but, instead, I meant to make you see the truth. Rural erekitirifikeshioni yauri kutaura ndeipi zviya ? General Mujuru (mukuru mukuru wamauto eRepublic of Zimbabwe vakafa nokupiswa nemoto wekenduru. Ko elekitirisiti yacho yamakaisa yakanga yaendepi mukuru kuzoshandisa kenduru ?. Kudhonza waya kubva kuKariba kana Wange hazvirevi kuti mava ne zesa. Izwozwi manheru ano unenge uchivheneka nechikuni asi waya dzezesa dzakaremberera mumba mako. Ndiko kukoniwa kwandiri kureva iku. Handina mwana weZimbabwe wandinovenga. Even Mugabe chaiye akatipondera nyika handimuvengi. Asi chandisingatyi kana kuneta kutaura nezwekusagona kwake. Chimukuyu, ya-a tumira ndinochifarira chaizvo. Asi kwete chemadhongi akafa nedrought chauri kutengesera vahu uchiti iwild life uchivavhara kumeso nechitambi chehunting chawakapiwa naMugabe.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 27 May 2016

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