Plot to oust Grace ally

HARARE - Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s allies in Mashonaland West Province are pushing for the ouster of Zanu PF women’s league finance secretary, Sarah Mahoka, from the party, it has emerged.

Regional sources told the Daily News yesterday that Team Lacoste — as Mnangagwa’s backers in the Zanu PF succession matrix are popularly referred to — were planning a blitzkrieg on the forthright Mahoka, who has been on the forefront attacking the Midlands godfather.

The sources alleged that the plot, which saw a group of youths gather outside the Zanu PF provincial offices in Chinhoyi chanting anti-Mahoka slogans during a provincial coordinating committee meeting (PCC) at the weekend, involved party bigwigs, secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo and central committee member Joseph Chirongoma.

“They (Team Lacoste) wanted to influence the PCC into passing a vote of no confidence against Mahoka as they hired youths to sing outside while we were having our meeting but they lacked the numbers and in the end, they did not achieve anything.

“Without numbers, they are chasing a wild goose because they have nothing in the province,” a provincial executive member linked to the Generation 40 (G40) said yesterday.

The G40 is a faction led by Young Turks in the governing party that is opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding President Robert Mugabe.

Contacted for comment, Mahoka laughed off the attempt to oust her, saying she was unfazed by their attempts.

“I was busy enjoying myself with other women during the meeting so I did not take notice of that. But are they not wasting their precious time by trying the impossible?

“Remember, last week war veterans were also dreaming saying they had passed a vote of no confidence in me but I have since asked if it’s possible for (founder of the African Apostolic church Paul) Mwazha to fire the Pope (who leads the Catholic Church). That is not possible, isn’t it? I am not a war veteran, so I cannot be fired by them,” Mahoka said.

Mahoka has been vocal about Mnangagwa’s supposed ambitions to take over from Mugabe, to the point of even publicly challenging him to state his succession ambitions.

In February, Mahoka got a blacklash from the Mnangagwa camp after she compared the vice president to a duck, which would keep quite while her ducklings are under attack.

This was seen as a blow below the belt for the Midlands godfather who reportedly demanded that Mahoka apologises.

After the fracas, there were also claims that a hit-man had been sent out to kill the outspoken Hurungwe East Member of Parliament.

This comes amid reports of ongoing harassment of women in the provinces pushing for the elevation of a woman into the presidium.

The women’s league, supported by the G40, have been calling for the return of the women’s quota system in the party, which will see Mugabe appointing a woman as one of his two deputies — a move that is said to be targeted at demoting Mnangagwa.

Mahoka is also famous for coining the slogan “pasi nevanoti Eve haatongi (down with those who say, women cannot rule)”— which was interpreted by the VP’s allies as an attempt to prop up Grace’s alleged presidential ambitions.

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Mahoka's stay in the structures,both in Parliament and Party is over due.She is a hopeless rabble rouser whose appropriate place is the Mbare Chimurenga Choir even though, she does not deserve any post that carries with it any measure of responsibility.In fact, the current positions she holds are beyond her comprehension and capabilities.

Gen. Spinola - 23 May 2016

@Gen.Spinola,ukuthatha nga ukuthi u mahoka kayenelisi umsebenzi akhethelwa wona?mina ngibona angathi unyoko nguwe omele eyecula ku leyo choir

jojo - 24 May 2016

The analogue of 'Mwazha and Pope' is misplaced. In the spiritual realm it does not work like the ZANU PF way. Next time, Mahoka, think or be well advised before you belittle other people unnecessarily, to some of us Mwazha is mightier than Pope, and don't you start that debate lest it costs you more than you will gain. You owe our man of God an apology, and we demand it now rather than later, or you face the wrath.

fireman - 24 May 2016

@fireman,to hell with your mwazha,yu worship him yourself

taurai - 24 May 2016


ngirozi mikairi - 24 May 2016


ngirozi mikairi - 24 May 2016

@ Fireman, you lost it man. mahoka is trying to say, no one from another denomination can fire a leader from another denomination. Read carefully before you comment or expose your lack of comprehension, if I am to say.

Mutoko - 24 May 2016

@ fire, ziva zvekutaura on these public platforms not jus to say Mwazha Mwazha, to hell w yo Mwazha

Conquering - 24 May 2016

@samanyika,are yu now going by the moniker @fireman

truth - 24 May 2016

mahoka is going no where just like your mahofa .

jairos - 24 May 2016

@truth; i think yu kno mi beta my bratha! my message is quite simple to all; good old rhobhati must vacate and take a deserved rest after a long 36 years of maladministration. all this g40chingoromalacoste thing & the mindless bloodletting; i care not about and yu know that. so be polite for once and take your scorn @fireman without mentioning my name! by the way i heard some poachers were gunned down near the ZAM boarder, what happened?

SaManyika Chaiye - 24 May 2016

@samanyika,kkkkkk,yu heard?please read,dont rely on hearsay,howeva,yu and i could put our differences aside just for tomorrow and yu join me at the million man march,yu know i have had to postpone a hunt for a big five tonite and tomorrow just to show solidarity to my mentor,africas greatest,join us,get in touch with@masamba also,@viola is no longer boycotting

truth - 24 May 2016

i heard it!! i, howeva, strongly fear to put my differences aside coz anogona kubatwa huruwek nemadifferences ako kkkkkkk!! so i will not partake in the aimless exaltation of rhobhati. in the mdc we dont exalt individuals, but we believe in institutions of democracy and their functionality of service to the citizens. this million fools parade is a shamefull display showing that a lot of zimbabweans are being waylaid into barren & impotent activities that brew more trouble than benefit for the little kantry. i would rather benefit from folly rather than participate in it! @viola must be spreading her hogwash in the @newsday these days but i dont kno where @Masamba Akareyo is; he could be watching from a distance! thus, million fools march, count me not!

SaManyika Chaiye - 24 May 2016

@Samanyika.this is a man s march.however a 2 million womens mach is very near.This will involve all women,zanu,zanla,zipra,zapu,mdcs n other apolitical women.This will be to demonstrate for China to return our money n respect Africans by honouring the deals their president promised.Also against corruption.So if yu have a wife or sister,tgether we make our demands.

viola gwena - 24 May 2016

And by the way,we will be addressed by Mama Tongogara n Mama Fay Chung, n jestina mukoko.n ME.

viola gwena - 24 May 2016

@viola; i think you and your fellow women need to come out of the cage that restrict you from standing shoulder to shoulder with men! do away with institutions like women's ligi, women's forum etc that tend to restrict your equal participation in political & economic matters. yu are equal beings for Christ's sake! why then do yu play second fiddle to males? why do yu group yourselves as women's ligi where there is no platform to challange for the top jobs? scriptures say submit to husbands not politicians or any men out there who think women must always play housewife even at work, industry or in politics! break that barrier and give us worthwhile contributions that will imancipate our little kantry. who knows maybe our destiny lies with one woman who is playing second fiddle to these frogs yu marvel at! i need ideologically sound women like dilma reuseff, margarete thatcher, ellen sirlief or angela merkel who believe they are human beings first before they are called women. articulate yoselves without bootlicking ED or rhobhati's smelly wellingtons and yu become women of substance. yu are just giving undue credence to zanu and its doing nothing in return for your allegiance. yo fellows are covering themselves in second hand lingerie and what yu do is pamberi narhobhati; wakapfeka nhumbi yemubhero mukati ere hanzvadzi?? uchimarcha kuti rhobhati ndizvo while clad in flea infested 2nd hand undies?? shuwa shuwa @viola????

SaManyika Chaiye - 24 May 2016

@samanyika,so its only ok if they march for tsvangison?where is the difference

truth - 24 May 2016 too busy making pancakes for my brothers mach tmorow.yu know a million pancakes n samoosas ,chilly my brother Truth will respond for me effectively.chao baby.kumakomoyo.

viola gwena - 24 May 2016

there has neva been an episode wher zimbabweans(both men & women) have marched for morgan! even afta he got battered by police that otha time, no one marched for that! the pple of zimbabwe marched demanding for answers to the US$15b that rhobhati confessed to have vanished! they demanded answers about the 2.2m jobs promised by the populist propangadists of the so so called '''patriotic front''' (there is nothing patriotic about zanu thats why i dont put pf afta that fateful name). they demanded solutions for the impending and already ravaging scourge of famine! morgan simply arleted zimbabweans that its their constitutional right to ask & demand for that. they did not march for morgan! that why i always say, i dont go for politics of persons but institutions! and this is where yu & i differ. yu guys pray and kneel before rhobhati for the sake of yo illicit & nefarious dealings and i don't do that. even when poverty & hardship come face to face with yu; yu remain blinkered and caged into youth ligi, women's ligi,wo vetz etc with poor old rhobhati as the purpoted ''centa of pawa'' for the lootes club; this is what i am trying to show that sista @viola of yoz. can yu see the difference??????????

SaManyika Chaiye - 24 May 2016

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk @viola thats a gud one and i think the fairest of solidarity yu can sho rhobhati is to ask him to rest and fid him those pancakes from the softest couch at the blu roof or kwaZvimba chaiko. & i lyk the chilli part of it! but can yu see how thiz boys restrict yu to the kitchen to play the proverbial housewife while they go politiking?? ndazvitura ini! ndeendiine chumuti mukanwa.

SaManyika Chaiye - 24 May 2016

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