Harare braces for Zanu PF toyi-toyi

HARARE - All eyes will be on President Robert Mugabe’s warring Zanu PF, as the party mounts its so-called million-man march in Harare on Wednesday — which supporters of embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa see as targeted at the Midlands godfather.

After the MDC’s massive show of force last month, when former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his supporters painted the capital city red, the ruling party will be keen to demonstrate that it can do even better ahead of the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections — in a contest in which numbers mean everything.

Zanu PF youth league deputy secretary, Kudzanai Chipanga, told the Daily News yesterday that all was set for the march in support of Mugabe, which he had no doubt would be a “resounding success”.

“It’s all systems go now because we have done what was supposed to be the most difficult part, that is mobilisation. Our provincial assembly points have been secured, with the National Sports Stadium reserved for all Matabeleland provinces as well as Midlands.

“Mashonaland West will assemble at Kensington Shopping Centre, and East 24 will host Manicaland and Mashonaland East. The host province (Harare) will assemble at Raylton Sports Club, with Rufaro Stadium hosting Masvingo. Mashonaland Central will be near the South African Embassy.

“The provinces will march from these points simultaneously to Robert Mugabe Square (which opposition parties refer to as Freedom Square), beginning at 9am and they will then be addressed by the president,” Chipanga said.

However, and in line with the debilitating divisions that are ravaging the former liberation movement, he made it clear that ousted Zanu PF national youth league secretary, Pupurai Togarepi — one of the alleged key Mnangagwa allies — was not, and would not be involved in organising the march.

On his part, Togarepi pooh-poohed claims that he and other supposed Mnangagwa loyalists were working around the clock to block the march, adding ominously that there were youths who were posting on social media that they would not be part of the march if Togarepi was barred from participating in the demonstration.

“I am fully behind the million-man march. Remember, I am actually the author of the first million-man march in 2007. Then, I invited Jabulani Sibanda, not the other way round.

“I am happy therefore if my youths have that zeal to use their energy to mobilise for the president. These activities create awareness and galvanise youths. I am therefore calling upon all Zanu PF youths and those affiliated to the party to participate.

“There is no misunderstanding or misgivings about what the march seeks to achieve, hence I am actually hiring buses using my personal resources,” Togarepi said.

But Chipanga countered saying he was not aware “which youths” his former boss wanted “to ferry with his buses”.

“It is sad Togarepi has some youths he refers to as his. He has no youths as they all belong to the party and he has no constitutional mandate to interact with the party structures until his case is finalised.

“We are therefore not working with him in preparing for this march and if he is going to be part of it, he is only doing it in his capacity as an ordinary member of Zanu PF. In fact, we as the youth league have not seen him since his suspension,” Chipanga charged.

Togarepi acknowledged that with Zanu PF divided along seemingly intractable factional lines, there were bound to be divisions as well in the ranks of the youth league.

“It must also be realised that these are people who have not developed that much politically and they tend to irritate each other and sometimes they are misdirected by other people with their own agendas.

“I know very well that people are saying they do not know which of the four or five factions in the party I belong to, but I am happy because I am in Zanu PF as a compact organisation led by one person (Mugabe) and directed by its constitution.

“I will remain focused behind the person who appointed me (Mugabe). I will not follow anybody else or be part of a faction,” he said further.

Togarepi was recently ousted from the youth league in a vote of no confidence related to his suspected links to Team Lacoste, which is allegedly fighting to get Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe before the 2018 polls.

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This is nothing but a plot to counter MDC march - the newspapers will definitely claim that the Zanu-Pf youth numbers were by far bigger than the paltry MDC march. Watch Herald headlines

D Moyo - 23 May 2016

A million Man match does this mean there will be no women

Innocent - 23 May 2016

No matter how many millions or even billions march, Bond paper money is coming!!

JohnO - 23 May 2016

Nationa sports inozara ne 60000. Nenguva yaFabish wayi konewa kufamba kana muchibuda mustadium ko ava vanu 1000000 vanenge vachifamba kupi. Saka hapana mota dzinofamba ka musi iwoyo

hope - 23 May 2016

i totally agree with Hope. From simple calculations using the National Stadium as reference 1million people can be accomodated by close to 17 Stadia of the size of the National Stadium. Twenty thousand 65 seater buses are needed to transport million people. The question is how Stadia of the size of National Stadium can be built on that space between the Sheraton and Interpol offices? 76 buses are very very few to transport 1million people. We have 10 provinces each needs 2000 seater buses. These are wishful thinking. Let's wait and see.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 23 May 2016

"which of the four or five factions I belong to" chakanyanya ichi go on Togarepi bt beware this statement could be used against you

Isaac Jnr - 23 May 2016

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dr - 24 May 2016

@jonathiel moyowawonda & @hope,so the two of yu are dull as not to understand figurative langauge?

truth - 24 May 2016

These grade two drop-outs cannot calculate at all. Let them display their ignorance for all to see.

Sagitarr - 24 May 2016

This, if they attempt it, will be a logistical nightmare. Apart from the fact that its a massive waste of time. There are a million other ways to spend ones time productively.

Leo - 24 May 2016

national stadium seats 65 000 people on the taraces.and on the pitch it can accommodate an equal number.i thot zimboz were learned enough to figure this out

gustavoz - 24 May 2016

according to bbc,yes bbc, there were 2000 people at mdc so called mother of all demonstrations,whilst others put the figure at 800.again elections has always been a game of figures and it is only now that mdc seems to realize this.in all elections when zanu pf was busy encouraging its supporters to go and register mdc was busy shouting Mugabe must go and chasing after women.zanu pf just need Harare south constituency to surpase the 2000 people or is it 800? that took chematama to mobilise

gustavoz - 24 May 2016

i always talk of wise use of resources. of chanelling our energies towrds issues that develop us as a nation. of reviving doomed industries. of revamping smes etc. everyone knows the president is greatly loved by all besides him belonging to zanu pf. people love him so why waste energy and resources mobilising support for one who is already loved. ko mapurisa anocontroller vanhu vese ava anobvepi kana eku controller vashoma ve mdc ainzi haako. ngativake nyika vakomana. ndapedza

ngirozi mikairi - 24 May 2016

national stadium seats 65 000 people on the taraces.and on the pitch it can accommodate an equal number.i thot zimboz were learned enough to figure this out

gustavoz - 24 May 2016

gustavoz get it doubling 650000 does not result into a million, you greenbomber dropout TSK.

Gandanga - 24 May 2016

@gustavoz dont talk as if you are not in this country zanu is contradicting its self by saying 1million man march. another important aspect one should consider is how many people are still supporting it maybe less than the number it is saying meaning to say it is lying on its own and it is trying to manipulate aged people not young generation

father d - 24 May 2016

@truth cannot even spell the word language yet he labels others ''dull''

chimuti - 24 May 2016

@chimata,feast on the spelling mistake

truth - 24 May 2016

Even if Zanu Pf forces people to attend the so-called million man march to re-affirm their support for the clueless old man that does not help to solve the harsh economic conditions prevailing now. I am of the opinion that this is the stylish way of Zanu Pf and Mugabe to say good bye to the masses as a failed government, because this coming general elections this regime is definitely going to be denied by the peace loving citizens. Therefore, this is the platform they are setting for the last days as a failed party and government.

sukaihari nyamasvisva - 24 May 2016

This truth guy is surely either an embecile or he was born prematurely or his mother dropped him on the floor when he was an infant

Madhebhura - 24 May 2016

@truth you are trully an idiot ,you can not even spell chimuti.Kutadza nechiperengo chose chinogonekwa ne mugrade zero.

chimuti - 24 May 2016

kana tapedza kumarcha so what nhai vana gushutovoz iyo nyika ichiti hatina mari. following day tozowanei kudzimba dzedu apa maprice atokwira mummashops. kune nzara futi people hav nothing to eat ndoanonzi mapriorities here aya. have mercy on us god

kaya mophokoyo - 24 May 2016

i don think people with right minds will march in support of a 92 year old year asi hakuna vamwe vechidiki vanogona kutungamirira shame on you Zanu Pf youth, please tell him to resign now, he played his roll and we salute that but its time to pass on the button,kuhwandisa humbavha yet you pretend to support the president,please tell him the truth that you are just after money not to protect his legacy,,shame shame Zanu yaparara

tiiiii nematanda - 24 May 2016

its all systems go,we are ready for the big march,our only problem is that indications werte that we would get a million people to march but it would appear we are expecting 2 million people,this is presenting us with logistical nightmares,however if the people love their president,who are we to stop them from celebrating him

truth - 24 May 2016

@Truth.do yu have police clearence.munoda kurovesa President ne riot imi.teargas will be toomuch for him.get clearence 1st.

viola gwena - 24 May 2016

@viola gwena,wecome back tete,we missed yu

truth - 24 May 2016

@thank yu mwana.I had been banned.so maybe I shuld behave now.macha mushe mangwana and zvuva samanyika achida asingade.

viola gwena - 24 May 2016

izvoka izvo @viola zvekuzvuwa wanhu muchiwakanda mumabhazi kuenda kundomarcha! then yu brag n say we drew 'masses'. yu still belive in politiks of solidarity mass mobilisation. what does that produce in the face of these hardships nhay @viola?? yu claim to have bin voted by the pple, what are yu doing fo the pple otha than dragging & force-marching them??

SaManyika Chaiye - 24 May 2016

Regai vakafa vavige vakafa vavo !

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 24 May 2016

The amount of time, energy and money spend on this march is a joke - we have some really teething problems and instead of attending to those we are attending to organizing a one-million men march will no end purpose other than to praise a failed leader. We are becoming more and more like North Korea; the greater our suffering the louder we praise the great leader!

Patrick Guramatunhu - 24 May 2016

am just wondering, why do these zanupf guys still use 1980 potrait on their banners? what are they ashamed of? be real

jedinya - 25 May 2016

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