Fire all Cabinet ministers, Lumumba urges Mugabe

HARARE - Outspoken Zanu PF political activist Acie Lumumba has urged President Robert Mugabe to dissolve his “corrupt” Cabinet which he says has “no idea of running a business” and is dragging the country into economic oblivion.

In an interview with an online television station Lumumba, who had a public fallout with Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao, said for economic reform, Mugabe will have to get rid of the whole Cabinet.

“You have a Cabinet full of people who have never studied economics, who have never worked one day in their lives, they know nothing about business, they don’t run any business to talk about,” he said.

“You have people who have never studied business.

“It’s like you have 10 men responsible for dealing with women rights issues, listen to the madness of that. The Cabinet has to go.”

The former Zanu PF parliamentary aspirant for Hatfield said government cannot raise taxes when businesses are shutting down.

“You don’t give tax breaks to foreigners yet you are not going to give a young person the same tax breaks.

“Before you worry about paying back to IMF, why don’t you start with debt owed to local companies . . . so, until government is serious about economics . . . then we are headed nowhere.

“So, the solution, totally get rid of Cabinet, bring in people who know what they’re doing. Do not introduce bond notes; this will be the single most economic disaster for this country.”

Lumumba said bond notes will only spiral inflation out of control, scare foreign investors and bring Zimbabwe’s already collapsing economy to its knees.

He attacked the country’s banking laws, equating them to “dinosaurs” for requiring title deeds to acquire loans.

“You are a 25-year-old, where do you get title deeds from? So, you are telling me a young girl who wants to start a business in this country, who has no title deeds has no chance of starting a business in this country?”

The axed Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Strategy for Investment (ZYES) chairman said it is high time Zimbabweans rise and demand their rights.

“Let’s free ourselves from mental slavery,” the Zanu PF youth executive member said.

“We think someone is going to come help us. This generation of young people, no one is coming to help us . . . we are out here on our own . . . the couple of things Zimbabweans should do is to give a deal to the Diaspora for them to come back.”

Lumumba said there was no reason why tycoons such as Strive Masiiwa, Mutumwa Mawere and James Makamba should be superstars in foreign countries yet Zimbabwe is failing to create superstars.

He called for Zimbabweans to start demanding answers from people in public office.

“It’s not funny that $10 million was given to the youth fund and no one knows where it went... the best thing Zimbabweans must do is to start holding their government accountable.”

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Pastor Ivan nekuku, Lumumba nekoko. Gore rino iri. Iro rino gore iri kani

Lumumba - 18 May 2016

You are talking sense Lumunda . Its only a fool who cannot understand your language.

Zvazoita - 18 May 2016

Dissolution of the entire cabinet is the way to go. Hope matibili will see the sense. but knowing him, he will not fall for such ideas. they are all used to looting.

mallory - 18 May 2016

Mugabe should be the one who MUST be fired by the peacefull for nothing Zimbabweans. Even if you higher the most intelligent Economists they will have no choice but to print the Bond notes. The problem z entirely political not Economic Sir Lumumba.

Shaik Gupta Wicknell Yusuf - 18 May 2016

The opposition parties have been saying this Mr Lumumba but you were saying its rubbish. Its the youth who build their lives and its the elders who build their lives. So its hapana chingoma chinorira chimwe. Ava vasharukwa vakatogadzira pavo sare imiwo vadiki kuzvigadzira penyu.Its like generation after generation for own.

Chemical Solution - 18 May 2016

this yutman is making these pronouncements becoz he was elbowed by rasta patrek!! his sentiments are correct but why say so becoz yu are estranged?! same with wo vetz & pple first. becoz yu have been chased from the feeding trough yu start granting & panting like a harsh puppy! who, in their right senses, shall listen to these hypocrites. rhobhati is not an immortal and i pity on those whose chances grow thinner becoz when the man comes there will be no place to hide.

SaManyika Chaiye - 18 May 2016

Mr Lumumba elsewhere you will see where I highlighted the issue of accountability. If our leadership could be made accountable for their errors Zimbabwe would become one the best in the world. $15Bill goes missing and no one is arrested,ministries overspend (but nothing to show for the expenditure), John Mangudya prints bond notes, Patrick threatens banks etc etc but nothing gets done as a deterrent to the others. Top Chefs have more than one farm, some have more than 10 properties in each town in Zim but what can be done to them -NOTHING- They simply continue to steal some more because as long as they patronize some people nothing will be done to them, Cry my Beloved Zimbabwe

Dhara John - 18 May 2016

Fool Lumumba zuro ndimi maiti zvakanaka

Jairos - 18 May 2016

Fool Lumumba zuro ndimi maiti zvakanaka

Jairos - 18 May 2016

Fool Lumumba zuro ndimi maiti zvakanaka

Jairos - 18 May 2016

The opposition has been saying this since 1999 and many people were killed for saying ZANU PF had failed running the country. The first person t be fired is the President for he is the CEO of the country.

magwegwe - 18 May 2016

With the way ZANU PF government has been looting they will never ever want to hear of the the words accountability and transparency. The only way is for all opposition political parties to join hands and march for resignation of ZANU PF government not individuals

mangachena - 18 May 2016

It is great to talk but we need action. I am not sure what Lumumba is advocating. Are you scared to spell it out? You are brave so spell out what the youth should do and help them to do it. Otherwise your talk will just be mere talk as usual. What has Zimbabwe to offer the Diasporans at the moment? If you are not Zanupf and you return to Zimbabwe at the moment the Diasporans will starve to death.


Lumumba is fake when he was globe trotting with those cabinet ministers not long ago he should have raised that.... Not so long again he attacked Mayor Wadyajena after he was the chairmn of the parliament portfolio which demanded answers on Community trust funds from he is raising the same questions whom is he fooling now, akadii kuzvitaura paakabuda na Kasukuwere wari newyork wachiita shopping ...than to make noise, we will not sympathise with you

jek - 18 May 2016

Everyone elbowed out of the gravy train start talking sense. Proof that every thief in the Zanu-PF government what is good and bad for the Zimbabwe. They choose the bad because its the only way they can have it all to themselves and their families. Anybody else apart from them matters not. The only new thing in this dude`s sermon is that its being said by a member of Zanu-PF. For decades the opposition and some of us have been saying the same thing only to be labelled all sorts of names in the least, otherwise you disappear.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 18 May 2016

From the way l see it Zimbabweans are prisoners to Mugabe by choice. year in year out with their empty stomachs go in number to vopte for Mugabe and some of them are even prepared to kill for him.

Danger - 19 May 2016

The symptoms of the end of zanu pf are manifesting. Woe to kasukuwere & zhuwao for being unscrupulus

Benito - 19 May 2016

If you, Acie, have studied economics, you wouldn't be waffling about the basic requirement of collateral when borrowing funds from any institution. It's part of risk management, specifically the risk of defaulting in payment. I do agree with you that most of the current "ministers" have ever worked in their lives or run a business etc in fact they are some of the defaulters making life difficult for everyone else. But, tell me, were you blind, deaf & dumb all along Acie? You've said nothing new.

Sagitarr - 20 May 2016

Why ask Mgabe to fire the cabinet? he has hard 36yrs of being in charge, appointing dead wood after dead wood. What makes you think he will get it round this time? He is the one that needs to leave together will all his wives, hangers on & praise singers.

Black Diamond - 23 May 2016

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