VP Mnangagwa allies batter G40 in Masvingo

HARARE - War veterans and Zanu PF youths linked to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa clobbered their rival Generation 40 (G40) foes in Masvingo at the weekend, as the governing party wars to succeed President Robert Mugabe turn increasingly violent.

Zanu PF chairperson for Masvingo Amasi Nenjana told the Daily News yesterday that about 15 war veterans, working in cahoots with party youths who allegedly included Paul Zimaro of Masvingo Urban, attacked and seriously injured provincial youth chairperson Norbert Ngaarongwe, as well as secretary for legal affairs, Henry Chinovava.

Nenjana said Ngaarongwe and Chinovava were accused of “selling out the province to the G40” and refusing to back Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations.

“There were about 15 war veterans who were involved in the attack. We had to call them as a provincial executive to try and hear their story.

“We were also clear to them that we do not tolerate this language of saying we are not backing the vice president because to us he (Mnangagwa) was appointed by the president after we had resolved as a province that ... Mugabe remains our leader and candidate in the 2018 elections.

“Therefore, the question of us not supporting the vice president does not arise whatsoever,” Nenjana said.

He added that there was also no reason to back Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe “because when the time comes for someone to take over the reins of power the party will hold a congress where anyone, even me, can emerge the leader”.

Contacted for comment yesterday, spokesperson of the main faction of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), Douglas Mahiya, would neither deny nor confirm the attacks, saying his association had not received any information to that effect.

“I suppose that took place during the weekend. That information has not yet been communicated to the national executive,” he said.

Ngaarongwe told the Daily News that the situation in the politically volatile province was currently “very tense as Team Lacoste (Mnangagwa camp) is agitated following what the president said in Gutu last Friday”.

“They (VP’s allies) were dismissing what the president said at the rally as hogwash and when I told them that it was not good for them to start criticising the president when they had clapped their hands when he spoke, they got very angry with me.

“They also maintained that they would not respect the president and the First Lady if the president maintained his stance.

“When I told them that they were going rogue by saying that, they then started assaulting me with clenched fists and booted feet, saying I was too junior to give them political lessons.

“The same thing happened to Chinovava. He also told them the same thing and the war vets, with the help of some district chairpersons, attacked him after our Saturday meeting at Chimwemwe,” Ngaarongwe said.

Zanu PF officials in the province who were canvassed for comment expressed grave fear that the situation could turn even bloodier, with some of them claiming that Lacoste “war veterans are on the rampage”.

“Relations in the province are far from cordial and they have not been in a long time. The speech by the president  (last Friday) angered Ngwena’s (Mnangagwa’s) allies, especially war veterans who have since been harassing almost everyone they perceive to be G40, including senior party officials.

“They are targeting party youths in particular, who they are threatening with violence,” a provincial executive committee member seen as close to the G40 said.

Another official confirmed that tensions had been rising ahead of Mugabe’s Friday address at Chamisa Primary School in Gutu, and this had worsened after Mnangagwa’s supporters were barred from taking charge of the rally by Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere.

The situation was apparently made worse by Mugabe after the nonagenarian made it clear that it was now time for party stalwarts to hand the leadership baton to youths — a message that left Team Lacoste seething with anger as they interpreted it to mean that the nonagenarian was once again backing the G40.

The latest violence in Masvingo also came at a time that anti-riot police were called in after chaos also broke out in Gweru during the party’s youth league inter-district meeting on Saturday, when rival factional camps clashed as they sought to eject each other from the tense party get-together.

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@daily news; please give me visuals of how these jackals dismembered & decimated one another!

SaManyika Chaiye - 17 May 2016

Emmerson keep pushing. But do Zimbabweans a favour, come out in the open. Quite diplomacy coupled with cowardice is what has brought Zimbabwe to where we are. Now Mujuru is challenging Mugabe when it is too late. People cannot support someone who is hiding and not openly declaring their interests.

eyes - 17 May 2016

this kantry is burning,robhati leading the jackals,solution,let kantry be divided,we the manyika become a state with tsvangirai as president deputised by simba makoni and aurthur mutambara,makaranga azvitonge,mnangagwa president deputised by shuvai mahofa and viola gwena,mandevere led by mboko,or is it mpoko with jabulani sibanda and dabengwa as deputies,we will have peace,@masamba wont be called an intellectual dwarf,the kantries will be great

saManyika chaiye - 17 May 2016

Don't know why these fools keep on fighting each other for some reason they don't seem to see that the problem is Mugabe himself, it's quite clear that he's using divide and rule tactics as any other dictator would. They will keep on fighting and killing each other kkkk handisati ndamboona mazungairwa akadai.

misty - 17 May 2016

Yes its high time that Mnangagwa comes out and declares his interest openly. This is exactly what Sarah Mahoka was advising him when he mocked him in public. His supporters are being annihilated left, right and centre by G40. Today burying Nhari whom I now believe had more guts than Mnangagwa and the entire group members of his. She sacrified her life for Mnangagwa but what did he do, he kept quiet when she was attacked and later on dismissed from the party by G40 MEMBERS.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 17 May 2016

@SaManyika. You are making fun of the whole thing when infact its the grand plan from Mugabe. He could have resigned decades back to allow the system to function normally so that Zimbabweans could have elected their choice of his successor. Does he care what happens after he is gone ? NO ! After all Zimbabwe mugodi wake chete umo maanomora nemhuru yake vobhururuka kuenda Far East kwavo. Wakambozviona kupi mwana kuita gwirikwiti inotosimudzwa Air Zim kuenda kuchipatara Far East. They have now upped the tempo: vava kuzwarira ku Far East kuti nyaya yecitizenship yezvizukuru isazo netsa. Vana nyamukuta muZimbabwe jawi - even kupfanyeti variko vanogona chose.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 17 May 2016

VeMasvingo ngwarai. Kana mukavata kunge matahwa muchapondana pachenyu. Kuvata rudziyi kokuti iku muri kukungwa nenzara, pano nepano mavakusaidzigwa kuti vanhu vakange vakavakidzana zwakanyatsonaka kubva pasichigare mava kunzi nhasi pandukiranai. For what ! Vabereki venyu vakapedza matanga emombe nembudzi nematura enzungu kutengesa kuti muwane fundo kuti muchangamuke. You young people you are a total embarassment to your parents. Ndasvoda ini !

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 17 May 2016

This isn't good news and made worse by the fact that our leader is seemingly doing little or nothing to calm tempers and make people see sense? Knowing the man as I do and realizing his often violent and vindictive mood swings if he doesn't get his own way, I sometimes wonder, judging by his reactions or lack of, whether he now isn't engaged in a mindset determined to reduce this once progressive food exporting country to ruins and rubble. So, because he dreads seeing someone becoming a better and more popular leader, someone who genuinely cares about the sentiments and feelings of the people, someone who does not suffer from egotistic problems in the manner he does.

Mbewa - 17 May 2016

what shocks me most is the complicit of this paper's news editor (coz his reporters silently disagree with him on tribal reportage) to G40 dealers to reduce this country to hustle country rather than a productive country. if we had an intelligent media that cares abt pple that media shld hve interrogated what an ED Zim would look like policy wise, what a G40 Zim wld look like policy wise, what an MDC T Zim wld look like policy wise but alas ALL they think of is ED unsuitability that is not backed by a position of policy. Unwisely educated editor!

Daily Lies - 17 May 2016

@Masamba Akareyo; its no fun Masamba! I want them to wage a good intra-party war were heads will roll like what those Chitungwiza rascals did to each other! I wnat them to test their own concoction of violence! these ructions are avenging spirits of the maimed & murdered at the hands of these zanu barbarians. they must brew sound battles that must be heard from all corners of zimbabwe until none of the bullfrogs is breathing! then we will start afresh. did yu see the Undenge amphibian in the herald today?!

SaManyika Chaiye - 17 May 2016

These guys really disappoint me. Why don't they just decimate each other and get it over with?

Madhebhura - 17 May 2016

These guys really disappoint me. Why don't they just decimate each other and get it over with?

Madhebhura - 17 May 2016

oooh @Masamba Akareyo; I did not know its happenning in yo area!!!!!!! but dont worry its everywhere. i have dhidgimas' harsh puppies that are being shredded by mandi's boys. everywhere in the kantry zanu pple have no peace!

SaManyika Chaiye - 17 May 2016

Looking at events taking place people are going to kill each other for them to be seen they like Mugabe and the First Lady. Masvingo people please wake up and start thinking of what brinks food to your huts not killing each other for Mugabe. For the next 100 years Mugabe family up to the fourth generation will be enjoying from what Robert has been accumulating. Ngwaraiwo hama dzangu open up your brains.

nenjana - 17 May 2016

@masamba the intellectual dwarf,this is the dailynews not kwayedza,write in a langauge we were everyone can read your idiotic shallow views,this paper is not written in the language yu commenting in,know yo space,yu the sort of guy who would fone into a radio 2 fone in program and speak in english and fone into a radio 3 program and contribute in shona,stick to kwayedza,or ask dailynews to have an online shona publication

jojo - 17 May 2016

@jojo. Vanenjere vanodzidza ndimi dzakawanda dzemunyika yavo. Dofo rakaita sewe ndiro richakarara. Uri muZimbabwe uchitaura nezvizwarwa zwemuZimbabwe wava kuti English is an international language. Chiri international pakati pematribes emuZimbabwe ndechipi ?

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 17 May 2016

@masamba,face facts,this country was destroyed by shonas speaking shona,shona must be banned if we are to regain our intergrity as a nation,shonas are looters and destroyers,its in their DNA,every company that has collapsed is led by them

hmmmm - 17 May 2016

@Masamba Akareyo; can yu c how poking this farmers' boy is? he is a diversionist charlatan who picks issues on a personal rather than ideological basis. they chased whites but remained with the whitemen language; they dont want anythong to do with white pple yet they are stuck with whitemen's language! he was persecuted by zanu and boarder-jumped into SA where he started nagging enyone who does not support zanu. infact he relates beta to farm animals of his baas than pple. ignore the ignorant and spare yoself the hussle! @jojo is just a hypocrite; a plaster saint with a derelitic, slipshod and so worn out brain! he doesn't fit in any class that's why he is lost in his SA hideout where he earn pittance(rands) that is rejected & valueless at home!

SaManyika Chaiye - 17 May 2016

@samanyika,what idealogy do yu have?one of looting as per your upbringing,this is not a shona publication,go to online shona publications and contribute there without annoying us on a platform for all zimbos,yu want to shonalise this platform like yu shonalised the police force?

jojo - 17 May 2016

Tribal tribal so you claim to be a nation of educatated .to hell with this idiotic debate .

Jairosi - 17 May 2016

@masamba akareyo,@samanyika,the quality of debate is fast sinking due to your halfbaked analysis,please stick to issues and do away with your tribal undertones,when a story about tribalism comes up then we can all comment but as of now lets debate without insuniations

truth - 18 May 2016

yo zika infected bratha took the war to @Masamba ova his use of his native Karanga language without being provoked. @ jojo think that he is the moderator on this platform! he complain about how i write eng & he complain about how @Masamba speaks in karanga; does that contribute anything to the debate? @truth yu are also biased in yo comments and when yu lose traction yu a kwik to throw the 'its becoz of sanctions' jingle! both of yu have zika related deformities up there! @Masamba; i think if someone is lost ideologically and politically like yo brathaz firghting in Masvingo, tell them plainly that they are lost! dont side with pple like ED simply because they are your kinsmen. otherwise uchadya huroyi nekunyara hama. do like i DO, dhidhimasi is a maggot, chinamasa is a demagouge, oppah is a bush wag! mandi is a drunken turkey(toki)! it doesn't matter yu come from Manyikaland, if yu a hot head, yu are a hot head and yu must go(togather with rhobhati) give those fighting in Masvingo well sharpened blades so that their death is swift! for my brathaz in Matebele, if yu want yo agenda to be pushed up, u must do away with the likes of tshinga, umhama masuku, etc who are just boot licking at every shoe & sandal that rhobhati wears! hold yo leaders accountable and demand rsults for your quest fo equality. demand answers for gukura(i hate this word) without reservation so that this case can be closed and just is delivered. if yu cant push for that first, there is nothing yu can do beyond, because that is the heavy lid eclipsing yo breakthrough!

SaManyika Chaiye - 18 May 2016

It beats me that people actually write in to indicate that they support and are members of a party which is centred around violence - how long do you think you gonna last in a lion's den? Wake up and flee!

Sagitarr - 18 May 2016

@jojo is that a fact that the police is shonalised?i guess not.if so the n death is also shonalised since more shonas die everyday than mandex.what iam simply saying is WE out number YOU

just saying - 18 May 2016

I enjoyed this platform without realy contributing.Bt for now i just may chip in ,becoz the quality of debate has gone gabbage,tribal gabbage.No wonder Viola s absence.I enjoy her comments bt im sure she is off now becoz of this crap on tribe now.So plz be a pple,nor monkies.

buckster - 18 May 2016

Where is Mugabe's (and for that matter, Mnangagwa's) condemnation of this violence!

david taylor - 18 May 2016

Please do not use these terms if you do not understand them. Zezuru and Shona are not one and the same. The Zezurus are the most corrupt thieves. Shona is a combination of several tribes most of them just as innocent as any other.

Mfowethu - 18 May 2016

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