War veterans hunt Mphoko

HARARE - War veterans aligned to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa have rekindled their fight with Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, bluntly accusing him of abusing his office and persecuting all perceived supporters of the Midlands godfather.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, the spokesperson of the main faction of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA), Douglas Mahiya, claimed that Mphoko was hounding members of his lobby group because they had exposed his links to Zanu PF’s ambitious Young Turks — the Generation 40 (G40) group — which is rabidly opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding President Robert Mugabe.

In March this year, the disaffected former liberation struggle fighters also passed a damaging vote of no confidence against Mphoko, accusing him of fanning factionalism and tribalism within Zanu PF — after the gaffe-prone VP suggested at a rally in Chiweshe that it did not follow that since Mugabe was a Zezuru, a Karanga would succeed him.

Mnangagwa is Karanga, the biggest ethnic group among Zimbabwe’s indigenous communities.

An angry Mahiya accused Mphoko yesterday of ordering the eviction of the son of ZNLWVA’s secretary-general Victor Matemadanda, Tafireyi, from his Pavlova Farm in Midlands, to settle political scores and to punish war veterans for backing Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations.

He also claimed that Mphoko was persecuting Matemadanda, one of the most vocal supporters of Mnangagwa in Zanu PF’s vicious factional and succession wars, because Matemadanda had allegedly mobilised the ZNLWVA to pass the March vote of no confidence against Mphoko.

“We are being persecuted by the VP because we exposed him as being behind the people who are working to destroy Zanu PF and the legacy of war veterans. He is not happy that we exposed him for being behind G40 and he is now using his office to frustrate us,” Mahiya charged.

He also savaged Mphoko for “stooping so low, to the extent of fighting a war veteran’s son to settle a political score”.

“How does a whole vice president come down to deal with an issue that should be resolved by the Lands minister? Why is the minister himself not raising the same questions that he (Mphoko) is raising?

“It is clear that he (Mphoko) is fighting this war on behalf of (Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour) Kasukuwere.

“He is also not happy that we passed a vote of no confidence in him after he said statements that we viewed as tribal while he was addressing a rally in Chiweshe.

“That proved to us that he is G40 and we will stop at nothing to ensure that we destroy such people. We are going to continue telling the people what he is doing to destroy Zanu PF and our legacy,” Mahiya vowed.

The Daily News later learnt separately that the farm in dispute is protected under a Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (Bippa) with Australia — meaning that if the government takes it over, it must pay for both the land and the infrastructure on it.

For other farms not protected by such agreements, the government is only obliged to pay for equipment and not the land itself.

But Mahiya was adamant that Tafireyi deserved to be on the farm “because his father sacrificed his life for this country”.

“We are aware that the VP is in touch with our former colonisers and urging them to come back because the G40 wants to reverse the gains of our liberation struggle.

“If Matemadanda’s son is being denied an opportunity to own land, it being the reason why his father sacrificed his life for, then I do not think the VP even wants him to continue to be a citizen of this country.

“The minister responsible has allowed the farm to be given to him since he has an offer letter, and one wonders why VP Mphoko is so much concerned. Why is the other VP (Mnangagwa) not raising the same issue?

“Why did the pervious VP (Joice Mujuru) not raise the Bippa issue? You can therefore see that this is all political,” Mahiya charged.

The war veterans’ unrelenting assaults on Mphoko come at a time that Zanu PF is still reeling from the damaging breakaway from within its ranks of former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her supporters.

They also come at a time that both analysts and Zanu PF insiders have raised concern that the former liberation movement could suffer another split, this time involving Mnangagwa’s camp.

Zanu PF insiders who recently spoke to the Daily News said the pending “divorce proceedings” involving Team Lacoste — which they said were evident in the troubled provinces of Midlands and Mashonaland East — would deliver a knock out punch to the fast-unraveling party.

One of the Zanu PF bigwigs said never in his “wildest imagination” had he ever contemplated that the former liberation movement would suffer more splits than the MDC.

“I’m embarrassed that after Zanu PF Gamatox (Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First), we are now going to have Zanu PF Lacoste, all within the space of a few months. Before that, we had the likes of (Edgar) Tekere, Margaret (Dongo) and Simba (Makoni) splitting from the party as you know.

“At least in the case of the MDC, when they were splitting this was largely due to the work of our boys (infiltration and destabilisation by spooks). What excuses do we have for this anarchy?

“And the chaos is worsening, what with some war veterans passing votes of no confidence against national leaders such as VP (Phelekezela) Mphoko and Tyson (Kasukuwere),” the politburo member who has always claimed that he is “non-aligned” said ruefully.

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Mugabe`s mechanisations at work. Mugabe intends to die clean of Gukura so that his wife whom he intends to take over will be viewed as Miss Angelika the angel. He has chosen Mphoko so that he can set him on Garwe and heap all issues of Gukura on him. If this deal fails I see a catastroph on the part of Grace, Kasuku and Mphoko himself. But , as I have always mainteined , they will go to any length to make sure it works - even if it means setting brother against brother to see it through. So far they have made one misculculation: Ngwena is not responding to any of their moves and hence they are at a loss as to what next. I have never known Ngwena to be such a docile reptile which anybody in the likes of Grace can easily romp. Maybe they know him better than me and have it all correct when it comes to the timing.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 12 May 2016

This is now frustrating. Team lacoste, G40 war vets... where is this country going. Right now has gone out to Uganda. His daughter and family are in Singapore...

eye - 12 May 2016

"At least in the case of the MDC, when they were splitting it was largely due the work of our boys........." Oh My God. What a confession. Zvidzidzo zviya zvatanga futi. THE WORK OF OUR BOYS

Tozvireva - 12 May 2016

@eye; tiritega mdhara! they are bickering in one end and the kids are looting in the other end. and in all this; as a kantry we are heading were the wind is going without restraint or direction and the next thing is to crash & burn!

SaManyika Chaiye - 12 May 2016

@eye and and SaManyika. Have you ever of the biblical story that says when you se such things happening the end is nigh ( nigh, which I take to mean is near). I don´t know if this also exist on the new kid-on-the-block Islam in Zimbabwe. I have heard all activities to do with Christianity ( e.g. Scripture Unions) at schools are scrapped and replaced with Islamic teachings because the Chritian missionary is no longer capable of paying the piper. The super rich oily Islam man is filling the gap. Anybody wanting confirmation to my assertion please kindly contct our very learne minister of Edestruction Dr. Dog- yakaora.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 12 May 2016

@Masamba Akareyo; the biblical proposition is true as it is the Voice of the Maker! but looking at the zim question we are bringing forth our own end/demise. the end is coming becoz of the mindless bloodletting, squabling, and cannibalistic tendencies that are being displayed without a single ounce of shame by those who are supposed to be steering the ship.everyone is clammering to steal, from the so called wo vetz down to the children of wo vetz! sadly in all this' our poor fellows, the young & old who depend on the active population are at the bitter receiving end of the gall being produced by the feasting & fighting bullfrogs. such kind of hardship is the distinctive result of a combination of stealing & fighting happening at the same time.

SaManyika Chaiye - 12 May 2016

Karanga is a dialect not an ethnic group!!!

Shoko - 12 May 2016

@SaManyika . Ther is good news for peole like you, Dibula and me I have just received. Our president, his excellency R.G.Mugabe is considering honouring us for outspokeness. Its rumoured that he has embrassed our keen interest in issues affecting our country and therefoer he is going to confer on us what they call First Citizen Status to the three of us. This is designed to bring in all the thousands of graduates from our universities to discussing issues affecting our motherland. He has finally acknowledged that patriotism is not what our learned Dog- yakaora sees, but is what we do by way of critism of the administration and the system to bring a positive change for all.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 12 May 2016

so what positions and which powerful parastatals are we going to be allocated and neppointed to nhay @Masamba so that we can start fraud, stealing, externalising, laundering, over/under pricing and counterfeiting?! i however dont consider myself outspoken; i am bitter at the sight of yutz in all their energy and (often poor) health, aspiring only to be touts and shebeen queens. the bitterness is engraved in the avoidable deaths, suffered at the hands of unruly drivers moving unroadworthy vehicles in potholed yesteryear roads that have been reduced into somethings like cattle pathways to the makeshift dip tanks in the arid colonial tribal trust lands! its sorrowful to bury friends & relatives because there is no medicine or equipment in the biggest hospitals of the kantry; to bury pple whose deaths could have been avoided. it pains to the bitterest end & core of the nerve that after all this and other avoidable ills & infirmities, certain buffons are playing casino brawling, bickering or hiring hitmen with the same funds that were meant to equip & service health instituitions. the gvt say they dont have money but just read the obscene figures involved in the scandals by gvt executives! what they dont have is money for service delivery yet they have money to give pambuka & psychology for doing nothing! call it outspokeness but its bitterness to the core! and the system & its rectum chewers are relishing at the bitterness! sad!

SaManyika Chaiye - 12 May 2016

You can say that again. and again SaManyika. Right away many are are viewing us as the crazy ones to which no hid has to be taken. True to youself as saManyika to whom I relate to the late HERO Edgar Tekere ( the only man to come out and say his mind) you beat no chest of yours but say it as it is for the sake of Zimbabwe. Many are saying we crazy because the cool thing in Zimbabwe today is to align oneself with the looters in order to scrap what falls from their tables. This is what we are fighting against. Victory is ascertained.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 12 May 2016

@samanyika,ahh,yu are bitter,then yu havent started,yu will get mo bitter after the intervention by the RBZchief starts bearing fruit,you will be mo bitter the day i take yu to my farm and yu fail to count my cattle ,yu will be mo bitter after the hunting season which is keeping me busy has ended and i have racked in the profits,yu will be mo bitter when we romp to victory in the 2018 poll,my advice to yu is leave us alone,whilst your fathers were busy taking orders from the rhodesians police and harrassing fellow citizens,our fathers were in the liberation struggle to free not only themselves but your fathers also who were lackeys of the rhodies,so @samanyika,yu stick to demonising our country and protest politics and leave us to enjoy our independence,to assist yu in blowing my cover,the govt has recently awarded us a coal concession in hwange

truth - 13 May 2016

@truth enjoy your thieving fruits for now. Nothing lasts forever. What you call "your" farm today will be taken away by your fellow thieves at some point. In this issue Mphoko has "taken" what Tafireyi called "his" farm. If you have functional grey matter between your ears, you'll realise there is NO security or future at all in what you Zanuoids do.

Sagitarr - 13 May 2016

@truth; yu sound good to the ears but you know the reality on the dry, hard & cracked ground! I thot I toold you before that you are playing the cheap vendor that feels comfort & pride by being called an SME while the bullfrogs use u to bum-shake & ullulate at the airport everytime rhobhati flies or land at HIA! a few vending tables emblazoned with zanu emblems across the city's run down bus termini make yo angular head grow disproportionately bigger to make yu think that lying about business ventures on this forum will earn yu envy from me! i take yo comments but there is nothing to heed because yu are eclipsed by zanu jik that has brainwashed you to label every problem to be a result of sanctions. yu debate archaic theories like gresham's & thiers that belong to the 15th century! even if they applied then, is there anything to be proud of by associating with or simulating to such negative indicators? infact yu succeed so much at re-telling fake history at the expense of looking at present causes of problems and how our little kantry can get out of the doll-drums. yu need a strong vaccine to wake up! yu are mentally handcapped and zanu is yo rogue attendant who feed yu chaff and carry the corn home; wake up boy!

SaManyika Chaiye - 13 May 2016

...and i said yu relish at bitterness; i was right because yu confirmed by yo response from the sewer, so yu are a rectum chewer becoz everytime yu open yo mouth yo spew watery fecal matter! yu filthy buoy! yu need a strong sanitiser!

SaManyika Chaiye - 13 May 2016

@truth I'm so embarassed by your likes,your tone is filled with selfish rhetoric.Check here and I caught "my farm","my cattle","my profits"."my father" . Do you realise how self centered you sound and what I get from this is that it's in your family DNA.I guess your father went to fight for his freedom to loot not for the love of the nation.

nyongolo - 13 May 2016

@nyongolo,my father did not join the struggle to be poor

truth - 13 May 2016

@samanyika,yu wait for the second recolonisation of zim by whiteys whilst we roll out the empowerment of the people,yu can call us vendors,renkini what what but that wont stop us from delivering for the people,my advice to yu is go to your nearest lands officer and get resettled

truth - 13 May 2016

@truth; yu are chronically ill my frend and yo flawed cio tactics will not get me to showcase who i am! I am settled already, why must i be resettled? resettled by who? I settled myself. what make me wail is to see the yutz ditching xool to become 'mamonya ezanu', touts, vendors etc in exchange for bond coins that can buy supa chibuku or bronclear syrup! i feel pity at the sight of the so called 'girl child' resorting to subsistant menial work like hair dressing in makeshift 'beauty palours, lining the city avenues to parade their anatomy & nudity in desperate search of 'catchers'!!! there is no kantry without red light districts of gangster life, but that should be a choice of those who likes that kind of life, in our case its the last resort for those who are being pushed to the wired edge by poverty. yu play frontman for the whites who are poaching our wildlife and yu call yoself a hunter?? yu are lacing waterholes with pottassium cyanide to kill for ivory and yu call yoself a hunter?? yu are a poacher @truth and yu being used unawares? yu are selling the kantry to the asians i beg! yu the one who is colonised and in need of independence.i once said yu must learn to kip yo mouth shut becoz by opening it yu display yo hollowness. yo thinking is very shallow to conceal yo idiocy & folly. i measured the size of yo brain and yu play puppet dances at the pleasure of the asians who give yu an unloaded or jammed rifle for yu to think yu are a hunter. my herdboy is a beta hunter than yu and is well fended for than yo yuthfull 11 employees! dont talk to mi again, yu disturbing me!

SaManyika Chaiye - 13 May 2016

Actualy I don't blame the present but rather blame the past.What I've learnt over time is that many of the liberation fighters are angry of not getting what they were promised.You here war vets saying they are wallowing in abject poverty while ,they are not getting party or gvt positions they deserve,they dont have land/farms.they are not getting school fees for their kids.Now my question is why only crying about their own welfare and not the welfare of the entire nation.Remember these are liberators who should be worried more about the macro issues and not micro concerns.The only reason why their cry is getting louder is that as we get more poorer as a nation the national cake size reduces and so the tougher gets going(the mightier and politically blessed)only have access and so renders the weaker poorer hence more angrier.

NYONGOLO - 13 May 2016

@truth thank you for being so open.It's through narrow and shallow minded people like you that we see the true picture of the motives behind all this fuss about joining the liberation struggle. You are very correct .Your father went to war not for the bigger picture but for self enrichment.Most guys fought for their stomachs and not for mental emancipation nor for equal access but rather for material intents.The educated fought with the intention of wanting total power knowing very well that with their knowledge people will put them first.The lesser educated fought as their only way to gain access to the bigger share of what the economy offered.Some was a way of being reborn after spending years behind bars or after escaping prison .A few were genuine fighters with their nation at heart.Wanting whats best for the segregated blacks even without expecting any personal gain in return or any political position but rather fighting the system and not whites.Not settling personal vendators but for the good of everyone, whites included.Because most were greedy the system still exists but to them its victory because the whites are out.What a shame.

nyongolo - 13 May 2016

war vets are becoming too much and i understand they are the ones causing confusion. How can they expect to be paid such huge amounts in this bleeding economy. I think they should understand that it was no point to go kuhondo tese and they should not use that as a guarantee to be looked after by the gvt. The war over, lets lookm into the future.

Mahlamvana Jubilee - 13 May 2016

zanoids one thing they unite when it comes to fighting mdc.look at Viola n Truth,comrades in arms ,even tho from difrent camps.This we must watchout 2018,they unite.Mdc we fail to do that.And see the education in viola n truth.

KAYS - 13 May 2016

@kays .That yu have a strong point.i read Viola in Newsday online,talking of bond note.she took on all and seemed to win eventualy as noone had a better opinion.Yes these zanoids went to scuul bt why economy is like this.

GIRE - 13 May 2016

@GIRE. The Nyika brothers seem to lack quality in their debates.thats why Viola nTruth look like super intelects.They concentrate on hatred n emotions plus passiveness all in the 2 of them.One hates shonas n the other hates everyone not manyika.2 boubous

WIRI - 13 May 2016

the difference btwin myself & zanu pple is that they view issues from a ruling perspective and they try hard to conceal the obvious by shifting the blame over zim problems. its obvious i have a strong dislike of zanu and her pple becoz they are gullible to rhobhati and everything he does at the expense of poor men & women! if anyone lacks emotion with the current state of affairs, then they are as good as a foreigner commenting from Berverly Hills in Carlifonia. as for quality of contributions, there is nothing to expect when real issues to discuss are just heaps of uncollected gabbage at street corners, smell of urine in the streets, illegal vendors at every sq inch of the city pavements, unroadworthy & obsolate pirate taxi rejects illegally imported from japan, pot holes and abandoned water gulleys and the obvious unsanctioned roadblocks at every mile of the pot holed roads etc! if anyone wants quality of transcription; go to the library n grab a novel or a well scripted epic movie! dont give us excuses of dander-heads who pleases in watching pictures in a book rather than gleaning at the text!

SaManyika Chaiye - 13 May 2016

mboko imboko chete no matter inogara muhotera

tongoona - 13 May 2016

Having read the article, I see no evidence of the VP being hunted by anyone. What I hear is a lot of noise by some disgruntled war-vets...that's about it. Therefore, the headline is quite misleading...as usual.

Doug Mushawasha - 14 May 2016

Journalism has gone to the dogs , now Zimbabwean politics is being played by media , they just write what they think , that is why Zanuoids think they are winning on commenting because the are corrupting the journalists .I always read Viola & Truth's comments , they are biased I am sure they are Charamba or Jonso's students the speak falsehood as truth but the that is not the reality on the ground , I heard a say that , expect shit or good in life and always live in faith than destination .

Mudhara - 16 May 2016

they can rig the elections but cant rig the economy!

SaManyika Chaiye - 16 May 2016

Idiot mphako mphoko is g40,dull like mahoka & kasukuwere

Benito - 16 May 2016

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