Mnangagwa allies vow to block demo

HARARE - There are growing fears within the warring Zanu PF that deadly violence could break out on Africa Day when party youths opposed to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa hold what they say will be a pro-President Robert Mugabe “solidarity” march.

The serious concerns mounted yesterday after party youths aligned to the beleaguered VP came out in the open to say that they would start mobilising Zanu PF structures and supporters to block the much-hyped “million-man march” that is slated for May 25.

“I’m concerned that things are deteriorating rapidly again within the party, after a few weeks of relative peace. What is very clear is that the youths who plan to block the march have the support of some war veterans who have already been disagreeing openly themselves with the march organisers.

“It’s not looking good, and many of us fear that violence could erupt as witnessed in Harare last time when the war veterans were accosted by riot police,” a senior party official told the Daily News.

The bigwig’s comments came after the Zanu PF youths linked to Mnangagwa contemptuously described the planned march as a “waste of resources”, adding that as Mugabe was not “under any threat” there was therefore no need for the demonstration.

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Team Lacoste, as the Mnangagwa faction is known, has long said it fears that the march is targeted at embarrassing the Midlands godfather and “neutralising” his mooted presidential ambitions.

Lacoste youths, led by former youth league chairpersons for Mashonaland Central and Mashonaland West — Godfrey Tsenengamu and Vengai Musengi respectively -— confirmed to the Daily News yesterday that they would mobilise people to block the planned march.

“The march is a waste of resources that should be channelled towards income-generating projects for jobless youths countrywide who are struggling to make ends meet.

“Is there really anyone who wants to depose the president? Why the march then and what is the intention after all is done? Youths must refuse to be used by people pursuing a sinister agenda.

“The resources they (Zanu PF marchers) wish to waste on this day must be turned into a revolving youth fund . . . it should be used to either start or develop their businesses,” Musengi said pointedly.

“I appeal to my fellow comrades that we collectively launch the ‘Boycott the March Campaign’ as the 2018 polls are around the corner. Does our president need this march or he needs more supporters to be mobilised into the party to add to the million plus votes he got in 2013?

“Personally, and in my individual capacity as a patriotic youth of both Zanu PF and Zimbabwe, I am going to mobilise youths against this march and I mean it. Someone has to stop this madness or we will stop it by ourselves.

“What do we intend to achieve through this march really if I may ask? In 2007, we had a similar initiative of a million-man march by Jabulani Sibanda and what happened in the March 2008 elections?” Tsenengamu chipped in, asking rhetorically.

In 2007, Sibanda led war veterans in the original so-called million-man march and a year later, Mugabe spectacularly went on to lose that year’s presidential elections to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

A faction of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWA) led by former Cabinet minister Christopher Mutsvangwa is also continuing to threaten to boycott the march, saying they are still not aware of its “terms of reference”.

The faction’s spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya told the Daily News yesterday that they would not be part of the march, as “the protest is all meant to divide the party”.

“The march is not going to bring food on the table. It is not going to mobilise people to support the party. It is not going to make contributions in as far as the resuscitation of industries is concerned.

“Isu takatoneta nekufamba tichibva kuMozambique tisu takauya napresident netsoka saka regai vanoda kuonekwa vaite (War veterans are tired having walked all the way from Mozambique on foot together with Mugabe. Let those who want to be seen to be doing something go for it). So, we are not going to attend their march,” Mahiya said.

He added that the purported solidarity with Mugabe that the marchers had articulated was a fig leaf as the majority of Zimbabweans were wallowing in abject poverty.

Mahiya called on the youths to rather “look for methods to take the economy forward, not marching. It is not going to benefit anyone but those who are in top positions”. And as has become the norm, Mahiya — whose association has picked quarrels with Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere over allegations that the Local Government minister has failed in his mandate to organise the party, also accused the youthful minister of being “a failure”.

“They (Local Government ministry) are busy giving land to people who don’t have families whilst freedom fighters are still living under trees,” he complained of Kasukuwere’s plans to give urban stands to youths.

Tsenengamu also suggested that by seeking to mobilise one million youths “in a country of over 13 million” the Zanu PF youth league was admitting that it had failed to mobilise enough support for Mugabe.

“Interestingly, Zimbabwe has got no less than 13 million people and my leadership sees it fit to showcase support for the leader through these one million marchers. Where are the other 12 million people?” he asked derisively.

“It is estimated that youths constitute around 60 percent of the population and so out of about seven million of the 13 million people my leaders are saying the youth league of Zanu PF has just a million people. Is that not failure?” Tsenengamu added.

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.....yet we are begging money for drought relief.

JSC - 10 May 2016

In the first place the reason for this march is vague and has no benefit to this nation bcoz no sane person can stand up and say he is marching in support of Mugabe for doing what ? This is total nonsense and these youngsters are just doing this so that they can have something to do for just that day bcoz they do not have anything to do . Lunatics yes can support some one who for 40 years has brought shiit every way in zim including forcing pple to drink sewage water of which 4000 died bcoz of water born sickness. City people fetch water from the boreholes eg in the capital city just same same like pple in muzarabani . How do some one who is mentally sound march for a moving grave for doing nothing .That is totally absurd . But sure what can one do with pple who can be easily crooked as we saw when a minister told the world that in zim diesel was shooting from the belly of the earth and even now still some fools are talking of a bird call sihuta medicine for healing aids sure that is stone age thinking and a 92 year old is capitalising on such foolishness to stay in power heeesh bastard

Diibulaanyika - 10 May 2016

@Diibulaanyika, You said it man. ZANU supporters belong in the stone age and there is no reasoning with such. They rejoice in the evil that's been visited on our Zim by their leader believing him to be the Messiah.

Dunlop Munjanja - 10 May 2016

Why are the Lacoste lot scared of the march? They can organise their`s also and prover their support.

Cde Mgagao - 10 May 2016

I don't know how anyone in their right mind can march for Robert Mugabe. What has he done for the generality of Zimbabweans esp. for the last 20 years? The guy in an impediment to progress in Zimbabwe and after all he is now too old.

Inyika - 10 May 2016


ndonga - 11 May 2016

@ndonga - go and march on your own. People don't eat slogans. You must be very bored & desperate to leave the warmth of your house in this cold weather for nothing....and pay $25 for it. dununu.

Sagitarr - 11 May 2016

i dont see anything wrong with Cde. Kasukuwere giving land to the youth unless you are saying war veterans are superclass citizens. i think its wrong for some war veterans to mistaken our respect for them as FEAR. the youth are the vanguard of Zimbabwe and even hondo yacho makaenda muri ma youth and besides where was he(Mahiya) when others were building and musakangamwe kuti kuhondo kwaisawa kubasa

ghetto general - 11 May 2016

the challenge that i observe with a lot of us is, we tend to miss the bigger picture and concentrate of trivial things like marching in solidarity with a 92-year old pensioner! all this foolishness is akin to dancing at the drum beat of the robber's boy & ullulating at the gate while the house(zim) is being robbed & the mother(zim) is being raped inside. while the idiotic yutz are marching 'in solidarity' with rhobhati, rhobhati & his kinsfolk are busy in thievery & debauchery! wake-up madhodha & march against rhobhati!

SaManyika Chaiye - 11 May 2016

Zanu leadership is good at divide and conquer and well as well as distracting people form focusing on the important things in Zim. I am very happy that we are beginning to see a youth that understands that we are trading our futures just so a few can prosper and live well in this country. I am all for 1 million marches , as long as the agenda is the right one and here the agenda is the wrong one. the right one is to remind the president that we did vote for him so that he could do a job and he is failing us. Partly because as youth we have not given him the incentive to do his job instead we have joined in with his plans to distract the nation with petty feuds and succession issues that can be solved in one day from the real problem that is the economy of the country. let us force the government as the youth whose futures are at stake to take a look at themselves, their policies, their actions and bring them to account. Mugabe will sleep through a march to support him. But they will not sleep through a march demanding answers and actions, because we the youth we are the majority let us focus on the economy and not in factions or petty drama. Let us demand our futures so that they don't have the power to bribe us with plots of land where we cannot afford to build on, that they will take away tomorrow, so that instead of them being the rule of law, we hold them accountable to the law, we force them to come to the table and build this nation, to fulfill their promises. Noone but the youth can change this country, the thing to remember is that 36 years ago youths (war vets) of that day changed this country. Now its our turn

B Moyo - 12 May 2016

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