Pressure mounts on Mugabe, govt

HARARE - Pressure is mounting on President Robert Mugabe and his governing Zanu PF, as new data suggests that Zimbabwe’s economy is teetering on the brink of total collapse — prompting analysts and the opposition to observe that the increasingly frail nonagenarian was failing to “rig the economy”.

In its latest damning report on Zimbabwe, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that the country’s long-experienced economic difficulties are set to continue and deepen — amid a grinding recession, a worsening cash crisis, mounting company closures and job losses, and a political legitimacy crisis that refuses to go away.

“Unless the country takes bold reforms, the economic difficulties will continue in the medium-term,” the fund said in a statement, after consultations with Zimbabwean officials.

Observers say not much has gone right for Mugabe and Zanu PF since they won the hotly-disputed elections in 2013, with the ruling party ravaged by its seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars.

Overall, the economy has not posted any growth since those contested polls, with most Zimbabweans now fearful that the debilitating socio-economic disaster experienced eight years ago is on the verge of visiting the nation again.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said it was clear that the local economy was “dead and buried” and that Mugabe and Zanu PF were “failing to rig the economy”.

“No rocket science is needed to appreciate that the Zimbabwean economy is no longer not even on life support. It’s actually now dead and in the mortuary.

“With imports far-outstripping our net exports, it’s simply not possible to resuscitate the ... economy without fixing the socio-economic and political fundamentals.

“We have a rogue and thoroughly derelict government in the form of the Zanu PF regime. No amount of spin can disguise the glaring fact that 85 percent of our people are living in grinding poverty. We have a debilitating paralysis of governance,” he thundered.

Gutu also warned that the recent introduction of bond notes by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe would not improve the prevailing liquidity and cash crisis, but would further affect confidence levels in the country.

“If anything, Zimbabwe is now jumping from the frying pan into the fire. It’s not possible to rig the economy. Not even all the prophets in the world put together can successfully rig a national economy.

“We have to go back to basics. The illegitimate Zanu PF regime is utterly clueless and it shouldn’t stay in office a day longer if we are to turn around our collapsed economy.

“Mugabe and his entire Cabinet should proceed to do the honourable thing and resign en masse. Anything other than this will not help anyone. Armageddon is beckoning,” he added.

The spokesperson of the People’s Democratic Part (PDP), Jacob Mafume, concurred with Gutu saying the country’s mounting economic hardships were the result of the “stolen” 2013 vote.

“The government is learning the hard way that you cannot rig the economy. No amount of rhetoric from Mugabe’s spin doctors or bum-shaking from Mbare Chimurenga Choir singers will mask the obvious fact that every person and family in Zimbabwe is in trouble because of their voodoo economics.

“The people of Zimbabwe need to rescue the present government from this misery of governing the country and allow Mugabe to rest,” he said.

Meanwhile, economic and political analysts also told the Daily News that a change in leadership was necessary as Mugabe and Zanu PF had failed to steer the economy to calm waters.

Veteran economist John Robertson was among those who said the “only solution” was a change in leadership, adding that any delays in doing so would plunge the country into “unimaginable economic catastrophe”.

“At the moment, the situation has discouraged investors and encouraged people to move money as fast as they can in all these panic withdrawals, and the country is losing a lot of money through this.

“All this is destroying confidence in the country’s banking sector, which as far as I am concerned, was the only remaining functional sector in the economy. Clearly, Nikuv did not show them how to trick the economy,” he said.

“Look, the country needs to change its policies as the present policies are the cause of all these problems the economy is facing so that we boost confidence levels. But the people applying the policies also need to change.

“The selection of a new leadership needs to be very carefully implemented because another ride with this leadership will be nothing short of unfortunate,” Robertson added.

Economist Issis Mwale also said there was need for the current leadership to do the “honourable thing” and step down for the sake of the economy.

“Yes, they allegedly managed to rig the elections and force themselves into power. But, economics is a matter of fundamentals that have to be met.

“If government is really a government of the people, they just need to step down and hand the baton over to a different administration that can fix the economy,” Mwale said, pointing to the country’s unemployment figures and worsening company closures as some of the indications that the government had failed.

“There is nothing new here really; it even happens in private companies. When a CEO fails to deliver, they are fired. In 2013, Zanu PF presented a manifesto, which they have utterly failed to honour.

“So, just like any functioning organisation, the CEO must be taken to task and be fired. It is not rocket science. Failure to deliver or honour your contract, you lose your job,” Mwale added.

Afghanistan-based analyst Maxwell Saungweme said Zanu PF’s economic policies were “shambolic and contradictory”, adding that the party had failed to run the economy and other essential service sectors.

“They have no new economic ideas. There is a difference between having political power and delivering sound economic policies ... And, seeing as we are doing that the government is working overtime to erode the very little confidence that is left in the country, the free-fall will continue,” he said.

This comes as the United Nations has said that the average Zimbabwean is now living on less than a dollar a day, with many people going for days without food.

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This aint no "govt of the people", no. This is govt of RGM or RGM's war vets, or of those war vets who still support or worship him.

Sagitarr - 9 May 2016

Once again I proffer a recommendation. Zanu PF must as a matter or urgency hold closed door, high level discussions ( to ensure serious outcomes) on leadership change. The President must be respectfully given necessary assurances. There is no need to delay things any further, it's now getting very very late and impossible to recoup the President's legacy economically. I hope this humble advice falls on some listening ear somewhere in the corridors of power. Ndatenda.

Bluetooth - 9 May 2016

Whose report shall we believe? The prophets say they shall be a bumper in the economy on the other hand the economists predict disaster!

Meso meso - 9 May 2016

@Bluetooth. TRUTH.

viola gwena - 9 May 2016

i don't think rhobhati has any stress! the boy cares not about a single thing and his mind is at rest. the bootlickers are the ones who dont know what the future holds in case rhobhati leaves for whereever.

SaManyika Chaiye - 9 May 2016

Those who did not vote for ZANU PF must wait for 2018. Any premature barking is is vain.

Cde Mgagao - 9 May 2016

we shall not listen to these selfstyled analsyts,people have been predicting the collapse of our country from the moment the MDC came on board,this economy has been sabotaged,every wellmeaning intervention the zanu pf govt has made has been sabotaged so that mugabe is embarrased by the west,but all that hardship befalls the people,mugabe and some of us are insulated from this suffering,its our profits,our bottomline that takes a beating and the people suffer so that morgan can occupy statehouse and the west can set the agenda and zim remains their sphere of influence,thats all they want and the barbaric european will stop at nothing to see thru his plan,scholars of history will appreciate what am talking about,two world wars killing millions,a war in iraq,syria,all for the whitemens ego,the liviliwoods of zimbos have been destroyed,pensions wiped out,people in abject poverty,suffering continua,all so that the whitemen has his blue eyed boy tsvangison at statehouse

truth - 9 May 2016

& thou shall neva rig the economy!

SaManyika Chaiye - 9 May 2016

Some people are dump&they don't think.What's so special about Zimbabwe that these ZANU people continue spreading nonsense saying western countries are using Tsvangirai to remove Mugabe.Those western people are living in luxury they have all&u are running away from yr problems &go there again"instead of solving yr problems.Mugabe failed to manage the country &u blaming western countries.Akadzinga varungu vakaenda basin a chinhu.Ikozvino akabatwa nani kuti agadzirise nyika.Mari dzirikudyiwa dzirikudyiwa nevarungu here.Mazanu chidofo chenyu chariots kuti tushupike.please svinurai muite zvinoda nyika kwete kuda kutinyepera.

matsotsi - 9 May 2016

Vakamboti china ndizvo,,ikozvino vavakuchema futi.Mwari dai matibatsira tanzwa.

matsotsi - 9 May 2016

@masotsi,zimbabwe is very special that is why it is amongst the last countries to gain independence becoz the whiteman could not let go,it seems yu have never been to western europe thats y yu say they are living in luxury when most citizens are in debt and govts have debts the size of their GDP,yu are obviously not worth a response if yu cannot understand that europe was built by pillaging the resources of africa,asia and the middle east,after reciepts from colonies have dried up,not a single western power can balance their budgets and use debt to fund their budgets that is why we have neo colonialism,idiots like yourself must stick to pub talk as yu only expose your ignorance,if this country was in this state without sanctions then i would say zanu has failed but as things are,every sane person

truth - 9 May 2016

every sane person knows what precipitated the collapse of this country

truth - 9 May 2016

One of the 10 reasons give by Mashakada for the current cash crisis is the recent allocation of $6 million to pay school fees for children of the so-called warvets, money which the government didn't have. As usual, the government quietly raided individual accounts at banks and advanced the money to the warvets minister. So warvets are indeed part of the problem.

Doug Mushawasha - 9 May 2016

One of the 10 reasons give by Mashakada for the current cash crisis is the recent allocation of $6 million to pay school fees for children of the so-called warvets, money which the government didn't have. As usual, the government quietly raided individual accounts at banks and advanced the money to the warvets minister. So warvets are indeed part of the problem.

Doug Mushawasha - 9 May 2016

Yes sanctions are for real.Zimbank was supposed to fund new farmers bt it is now under sanctions,the only bank money is allowed into zimbank from anywhr outside zim.whats that?zimbank fina ced companies like zimforce that makes fertilizer for our since the sanctions ,zimbank cannot do that.what do yu call that?is zimbank an individual?I culd samanyika needs to chip in.

viola gwena - 9 May 2016

" ..... bum-shaking from Mbare Chimurenga Choir singers...." Ndanakwa ini ! Wandipedza. Kana Gire chaiye akakompurena paAirport apo svimwe svi tansa svaitsetsemura tanzi kungo igo pamberi paGushungo.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 9 May 2016

Dear jojo,SaManyika and Dibula. Ndava kutora mwedzi sick leave nokuti mbabvu dzangu dzava kugwadza nokuseka nyaya yebum-shaking.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 9 May 2016

@viola; what must I chip in antie? is ZB the only bank? why cant the farmers go to other banks for money. zimphos for your own infor, has got its own rot and mismgt of the dorowa open cast. sanctions indeed have an effect but its insignificant because they are targeted! the major problem is corruption & maladministration in plc organisations which should be carrying part of the economy. tell me why gershom pasi's land cruiser was registered as a toyota raum in gvt books?

SaManyika Chaiye - 10 May 2016

@masamba; ndeip yauri kutaura iyi, ndarasika?!

SaManyika Chaiye - 10 May 2016

The depressed state of this country is the fault of one person only: Robert Gabriel Mugabe, a leader who has refused to let go and clung on to power for over 30 years rigging elections and denying the voters their choice of party and leadership. Making excuses such as blaming the whites or any foreign power for our failures just does not resonate well with anyone anymore. Mugabe holds the reins and only he is in full control - he is to blame for the misery, poverty and massive unemployment and the deeply ingrained fear of the rural masses. I am not at all optimistic about our future - I fear that much worse is to come as I witness with horror this growing factionalism and deep resentment and bitterness within our ranks, something else I blame on the Mugabe family.

Mbewa - 10 May 2016

Let the bum shaking continue baze bakhithize izihlama.

Madhebhura - 10 May 2016

@Mbewa, Apo, you have nailed it. The targeted sanctions might have played a part, though even some ministers doubt that one, blaming massive corruption for our woes. We cannot, as a people, keep on looking for excuses. We have let ourselves down very badly and the government of the day is to blame. If only it were a legit government, having rigged and cheated its way to power, now its hell bent on destroying everything.

Dunlop Munjanja - 10 May 2016

We have a govt that does not know its duties but only good at planing how to rig elections . Worse still the RBZ is being run by any idiot who rushes to announce the returning of bearer cheque cum bond notes bcoz according to him he wants to easy the cash crisis in the country . Money is plenty in this country and that is why money changers never run short of cash bcoz they are smarter than those running RBZ . The moment these bearers cum bond notes are released money changers will have millions already the following morning clever chaps neh or the corrupt govt is supplying them . Anyone can go check what i am saying if they are in harare for example go to road port and see thousands of USd being sold so that means money is here in the country and only dander heads like those in zanu can not see it or are creating all this chaos so that they consolidate their ill gotten gains hey hoza Morgan hamba Mugabe .

Diibulaanyika - 10 May 2016

I have been reading comments on all subjects for ages but why are the Editor's criteria for these comments ignored. Stick to the subject of discussion. Will everyone recognise the facts of who are the subject of ''sanctions''. Definetively not Zimbabwe as a country. "Truth"&"Voila" seem to believe if you repeat an untruth enough times, it becomes a fact. We, all races & tribes are in trouble & all vitriol being said will not solve it. We need a change, it doesn't matter who, but the system must be allowed to work & not fixed, so all Zimbabweans can try to achieve their personal aspirations.

docbob - 10 May 2016

if a rabbit were to run past a road, there is a certain professor who can argue forever that its not a rabbit its a baboon! he will insist that its a baboon until all gets quiet and agree that hoo yes its a baboon; even if they have seen that its a rabbit! such are the diversioist tendencies that are rife & abundent in the likes of these commentetors when they insist that its the santions, they will say so until all grandpas & grangmas agree that hoo yes its sanctions! what malformed brains?!

SaManyika Chaiye - 10 May 2016

Viola & this untrue @ truth are just tryn to protect the looting that they & their g40 allies are engaged in at the expense of the suffering masses. They even know it from the bottom of their hearts that what they are writing in this platform is green lies.thus why they are praising the introduction of bond notes. They are often told what to say & what not to say to please their exle of power. These are the kinds of stories they tell the rural folk who are mostly not educated. I dont think a sane person can go around preaching that zim is in this crisis coz of sanctions & the west zim being ruled by whites at the moment. Its funny bcoz there is not a single white in zim,they were all chased away. All they say imply tht zim gvt is controlled by whites,then it is a colonial gvt,hence zimbos need to be emancipated from such a gvt. Why wld zanu pf have 10% influence when the west have 90% influence. One wonders really who is rulling,black or white. Please dont fool zimbos.

Benito - 11 May 2016


munhu - 11 May 2016

@TRUTH it seems as if you are not in zim or else you are benefiting from the embattled gvt. Zanu proved itself as proffessional failures and i cant worship hero failure. those guys have failed zimbabwe. Its now high to for someone to put on the shoulder. How can those guys will manage to overcome financial crises yet they are failing to respect their own constitution. we are in French revolution now the gvt and louis xvi they are the same and i think the president is inhariting those ideas. however lets support Napoleon [tsvangirai] to overcome the situation. these guys are enjoying and there is no a way they can put on some solution coz they are safe

shepard maraire - 16 May 2016

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