Tsvangirai slams Kasukuwere

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has slammed Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere for wielding undue influence over MDC-run councils elected by the people.

Kasukuwere has defended his crackdown on MDC councils saying as the “superintendent of local authorities” it is his responsibility to protect residents from abuse of funds by council officials.

But the former premier is prepared to go toe-to-toe with the Zanu PF political commissar.

“These local authorities have the constitutional mandate to run the affairs of their authorities without interference, this is where the struggle comes with Kasukuwere,” Tsvangirai said during a meeting with informal traders on Friday.

“Kasukuwere thinks he can come and try and run the cities. I don’t believe that should be the case, cities should be run by councils elected by the residents and by the people.”

The Local Government minister has made the most of his government position, capitalising on the opposition’s shortcomings in running local authorities under their dominion.

“He has rattled the Harare administration where he has suspended the mayor and blocked the appointment of a new town clerk, and plans to go to Chitungwiza, Bulawayo and Zvishavane where he plans to probe the MDC-run councils.

The MDC-run councils have been faulted for corruption, failed service delivery, uncollected refuse, water woes and harassment of informal traders in several audit reports instituted by Kasukuwere.

Tsvangirai said Kasukuwere must stop his continued interference with autonomous MDC councils saying that is no longer permissible under the Constitution.

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Reading and listening to news of what is happening in Zimbabwe you would think there is a war between the indigenous Zimbabweans and some foreigners. But when you look at the people squabbling they all look Zimbabweans (except for one, or is it two). It reminds me of my days as a young boy hearding cattle. We used to enjoy it watching baboons fighting for wild fruits. Baboons are, however, smarter: they fend for their children, neither do they uproot nor burn the trees which provide food for them.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 8 May 2016

@masamba but this govt has been fending for yu shonas,nothing tribalistic @masamba,just an observation,yu the shonas have everything in zim,its yo kingdom,yu get all the jobs in the police,army,zimra,registry and all govt jobs ahead of others yu treat as sub humans,everything in zim is about shona shona shona,other tribes now long for colonialism as the colonial govt gave them jobs and vacancies at higher learning institutions,actually it beggars belief why yu shonas even complain,this is because everyone says peoplpe voted on tribal lines in 1980 and everyone agrees,so accept this is your heritage as yu accept that yu are a shona,reading your posts,i do however get the impression that yu believe its zanu pf that is resposible for the rot,but trust me without hating my facts,tswangirayi is a shona and shonas are obsessed with tribalism,corruption and obscene wealth accumulation,yu would be naive to expect a change as long as shonas are ruling,even yourself yu admire the legacy the whitemen left in this country,an impressive road network,good rail infrastructure,well planned cities,a good education system and a work ethic,my advice to yo is preach diversity,inclusivity,let everyone enjoy the fruits of independence regardless of which village they come from,look at me as yo brother and together we will turn this country around,accept a tonga as president if he has the skills,if yu cant accept that,give us independence,let matebeland secede and yu will see how succesful a country matebeland will be with all its natural resources ,yu shonas will overwhelm us emigrating to our lands coz yu just cant govern

hmmmm - 9 May 2016

if kasukuwere is up for business could he come and clear the beitbridge town council that is run by politicians outside local government for personal gains and on tribal lines

tapera - 9 May 2016

@hmmmm. I like the way you straight -talk. Unfortunately your complaints will be viewed as directed to me Masamba when actually they are meant to those who perpetuate such discreminatory tendencies. When I complained on this forum of people bent on deviding my tribe I was undully labelled a tribalist by some who can not read and understand simple prose. Others interpreted it to suit their Zanu-PF wars against my tribe. Expressing my revulsion to somebody bent on deviding us under disguise of being the mother of the nation can not be construed to mean I am tribalist by any right or fair-minde person. A spade is a spade, that is what I call it, no matter what somebody holds against my throat.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 9 May 2016

the best way to break the tribal barrier is to tolerate and learn to co-exist with the majority! if we continue to draw bold line across tribes we risk running into the rwandan ethinic wars or the infamous gukura( i dont like this word)! we need to consider merit above all issues and thats why i say, this gvt needs overhauling. we are zimbabweans first before we start reclassifying ethinic groups. the world over, kantries are moving with morden dynamics and issues of race/tribe is only left for purposes of identity with partcular societies or creed. as for professional appoinyment, the use of tribe as a basis is as good as nepotism. its beta to co-exist than to dwell into tribal differences. we wont mek progress.

SaManyika Chaiye - 9 May 2016

@SaManyika. Uder the heat of being politically correctly you run the risk of failing to understand the gist of argument put forward by participants like me on this forum. By the way, do not forget, like corruption the plan to devide and rule emanates from the very top (I hope you understand what I mean by the very top) of our country. The grand plan to keep oneself or a self-preffered successor at the very top seat. They stop at nothing to achieve that goal. If it means the poor people have to exterminate each other for their goal they say let it be. Here lies my argument. We can not accept to be devided so that an individual fulfills her ulterior motives. Instead we should not be afraid of exposing her hidden agenda but , without fear, tackle her head-on and give her an unforgettable lesson that she can not win that way. We existed as different tribes side by side for generations with settlers on the top seat - and there was no problem. Why ? Because there were none of these tendencies by the man at the top to manipulate other tribes for his own ends. Beware of the man at the top: he preaches unity during the day but sows seeds of division in his tracks all to keep himself and next of kin in power. Exposing his character should not make us afraid of mere mentioning the word tribe. The worst I would like to see happening in Zimbabwe is a tribe being set on another tribe - moereso my tribe being devided and people fooled into fighting each other. I will fight against that to the bitter end.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 9 May 2016

Agreed to the comma & dot! but if you look at the zanu make-up , all tribes are well represented in these corrupt games. at the same time we have ethically upright and morally straight-forward people from all the tribal groupings. i think our major challenge is corruption at the top; without looking at tribe. if you hear certain sections praising rhobhati, you will think they belong to his tribe but alas, they just do it to loot & protect that loot. look at dhidhimas, he used to grace and bless this corrupt machine but he comes from Manyikaland. muzenda used to defend rhobhati with poetry to the extent of saying even if you put a baboon, he will second that baboon; he was from Masvingo. jabu used to rant like a roaster in defence of mugabe and he comes from Matebe! there was landa & steven from Byo! we cant run away from tribal issues because we all belong to one or another,but i think what is corrupt are certain families or groups/cults and not tribes. there are zezurus who are suffering zvekuti unoshaya kuti handiwo wari kutonga ere?! isu takanonga svosve nemuromo with dhidhimasi, oppah, etc at the helm. hameno!

SaManyika Chaiye - 9 May 2016

@masamba,i hope thats an honest opinion,i really hope so,lets unite

jojo - 9 May 2016

I believe scientists the world over, are agreed that the first humans were in Africa, (forget the bible). Therefore the world human population is a result of reproductive actions by our early ancestors who were much fewer than us, all coming from the same root. This puts all human beings on earth in one large family. The position of the parent of the Shonas and Ndebeles is not far back in history, making these two much closer relatives than they would be with Tamils or with the Inca, whose connecting ancestor is undoubtedly several hundred thousand years back. To understand and agree to the concept of a universal brotherhood of man is key to living well with any one anywhere on earth. Otherwise to hell with these tribal identities, they have caused death and sorrow among people. If you really need to preserve the purity of your tribe, you've got to authenticate your lineage through DNA sampling of all your kinsfolk, including the dead ones, and that is when you will appreciate the truth about what they mean when they say only the mother knows the father of the child. The man you think is your father may be a total stranger. Your grandfather may have been a Korekore or a Tanzanian man.

Yeoman - 11 May 2016

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