'Mnangagwa is unelectable'

HARARE - The boycott by workers of the government-organised Workers’ Day rally in Harare on Monday, at which embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa was the guest of honour, has opened the Midlands godfather to fresh attacks from his Zanu PF enemies.

Ruling party officials linked to Zanu PF’s ambitious Young Turks, the Generation 40 (G40) — who are rabidly opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding President Robert Mugabe — told the Daily News yesterday that the fact that even Zanu PF supporters had shunned the May Day commemorations “confirmed that Ngwena (Mnangagwa) is unelectable, as he has no social base”.

At the same time, the beleaguered Midlands godfather’s supporters claimed that the shunning of the event by workers was “an act of sabotage by the G40 who are hellbent on embarrassing Ngwena”.

The renewed onslaught on Mnangagwa, who is nicknamed “The Crocodile” on account of his alleged ruthlessness, came after the VP suffered the indignity of addressing a virtually empty Rufaro Stadium, after government ill-advisedly sought to hijack this year’s May Day commemorations for its own ends.

“While it is a fact that the country’s workforce has dwindled over the years, it is shocking that the stadium was empty even after State media worked hard to publicise the fact that the VP would be the guest speaker.

“Where were his supporters? Where was Mbare? I think (Mbare MP Tendai ) Savanhu would have pulled a bigger crowd than what we saw and that is why some of us are worried at the prospect of having someone like him, who clearly has no grassroots support, dreaming to be our presidential candidate for 2018.

“That is also the reason why some of us are opposed to the machinations of Team Lacoste (Mnangagwa faction) who do not appear to appreciate the obvious fact that no one, not even Zanu PF members want their godfather,” a Zanu PF central committee member linked to the G40 said.

However, war veterans loyal to the VP, who spoke to the Daily News yesterday accused the G40, and the “Zanu PF commissariat in particular” of sabotaging Mnangagwa.

The spokesperson of a faction of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) that is loyal to Mnangagwa, Douglas Mahiya, said given that this year’s Workers’ Day activities had been hosted by government, it should have been incumbent upon Zanu PF to mobilise its supporters for Monday’s event.

“That is the role of the party commissariat, but they slept on duty as they went AWOL (absent without official leave) instead of mobilising people to come to Rufaro.

“We know that they always bus people from far afield to hoodwink the president into thinking that all is well and that people are happy even when it is clear that they are not. We have said it again and again that something is terribly wrong with the Zanu PF commissariat,” Mahiya said.

He also said another reason for the low turnout at Rufaro Stadium was because war veterans were “being side-lined both in the party (Zanu PF) and in government”.

“We have not been given space to participate in the activities of the party. For a long time now, we have been relegated to the periphery of both Zanu PF and the government, and that is why you see things are going awfully wrong in government as well,” he said.

But the G40-aligned Zanu PF officials refuted this “with utter contempt”, saying that the reality was that Mnangagwa was not only “just disliked generally, but also feared all round”.

“This dislike and fear began when he headed the CIO in the early 1980s, a period during which thousands of innocent civilians were killed in Matabeleland and the Midlands. This continued even in 2008 when the MDC was a major political force,” one of them countered.

Afghanistan-based political analyst, Maxwell Saungweme, said the boycott of Mnangagwa’s event was “a manifestation of Zanu PF’s factional and succession wars that have divided the party to the point of nearly destroying it”.

“It is difficult to rule out sabotage of the event because there are so many people in top positions who are being propped up by patronage and not their social base.

“Zanu PF is known for forcing people to attend rallies ... so if this rally had the blessing of the First Family and the party, people would have been frog-marched to the event. This is another clear manifestation of divisions within the party,” he said.

Recently, Mugabe’s former trusted aide, Didymus Mutasa, dismissed the chances of Mnangagwa succeeding the nonagenarian, also saying he was “simply unelectable”.

When asked then who he thought could succeed Mugabe, Mutasa said only Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) leader, Joice Mujuru, had “the right qualities to lead Zimbabwe”.


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Unless Mnangagwa forms a coalition with a popular party he stands more chance of landing on Mars then being elected to high office. He knows it too. The man has stacks of political experience and other positive attributes but unfortunately belongs to the wrong tribe.

Phukit - 4 May 2016

at the moment there is no one in zanu and zimpf that is electable. even if you pit a baboon against zanu and zimpf it will win. carpenter muzenda zvachinja madhongi amera nyanga zvino. the only electable person is morgan Richard save tsvingairai.

josphat mugadzaweta - 4 May 2016

But common zanu pf. do you think people must just simply forget about the past massacres of thi sman and pretend to like him? if that is the expectation then we r now gripped by a down syndrome

jomo - 4 May 2016

It more of policy approach, that makes the entire zanu pf as an organisation unelectable in this modern day era. With the current environment it does not matter or bother a zanu pf figure wether he is liked or what because they are in possession of future election results. What is needed is an ultimate heist and steal those results. The playing field is not level and it favours any one from zanu pf.

X-MAN IV - 4 May 2016

mnangagwa can count on one vote from @masamba akareyo coz the only quantity he looks for in a candidate is ethnicity,ED being a karanga is all @ masamba needs,good luck my VP

jojo - 4 May 2016

Your Reporter's bias against ED is glaring. Noone in ZANU (PF) is electable and Zimbabweans prefer Morgan Tsvangirai. So please do not report as if others in the Party are electable. Your rabid hatred for ED is guastly as you fail to consider his sterling contribution to the liberation struggle.

Chief Charumbira - 4 May 2016

@jojo. If you see people (news reporters and those who pass comments on fora) forgetting about the the president, HIS EXCELLENCY R.G.MUGABE, and launch an onslaught on a quiet man who who is busy talking about the vices of corruption in our country, then anybody can conclude that in their minds they have no other person to succeed Mugabe apart from that man. So jojo its not me masamba who is crowning Ngwena president: its you and those who are panicking that Ngwena`s time is drawing nearer and nearer. Where in all my posts have you ever heard me talk of Ngwena succeding Mugabe ? Wave kurota uchifamba. Chenjera manje manje tinokuona muHarare muna First St. uchifamaba wakashama mabhora akaremberera seebhuru - that is kana uinawo. Waita mushoma machewe. Namata kuti mwari akupe njere kuti ukwanise kutenderera around me. Unless you tell me you intend to please zvitototo, zvipashumaranga zveku village kwako zviri brainwashed to anybody worth talking to you are a mere nuisance. I cannot even talk of trolling because on that sphere you are just pathetic.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 4 May 2016

I now dnt care,electable or not he must deal wth coruption.Even if a donkey promises to deal wth corruption I will vote for it.I think warvets are rite,put in ngwena.he knows the corupt lot.

kays - 4 May 2016

Im tired of Tsvangirai stories.maybe Ngwena is man enuf as viola says.

nomsa - 4 May 2016

@masamba akareyo,shut up,i dont speak to second grade shonas,i only speak to the zezuru,the pure breed

jojo - 5 May 2016

is it because munangagwa is unelectable or its becasue there are no workers in the country - those who are working have attended, let them do unemployment day and see how many will attend #wereisthe2millionjobs

rhys - 5 May 2016

inga Moyo uri muover drive after beaten thoughroly KuMidlands ukati kutiza ndiende Dailynews yandakajaira.. G40 naGrace are trying to change the tune because were sabotaged and shown reality ..Kujaira ferrying people presenting wrong picture to the masses... Hakuna chakadaro Bravo Ngwena ramba uchifumura BOBB azive zvinhu hazvina kumira mushe nhasi ave kuprinter mari fake fake fake.Kutisemesa pano...saka workers day yave campaign platform Madofo, if at

Nemiwo - 5 May 2016

I strongly agree with Masamba Akareyo that leave Ngwena alone. He is quite and has said nothing. What i read is a mood of panic by those who hate him that he is the most preferred successor by even his excellency R.G Mugabe. In 1980 I chose to vote for Muagbe because he was the most hated person with a lot of attempts to his life, a lot of propaganda about his religious stand and I said I will vote for the most hated one. Now I am applying the same. Out of all Ngwena is the most vilified one and I go for him. A lot actually are supporting him secretly including the first family.

naome - 5 May 2016

workers day is for workers...nyika haina mabasa thats a sign yekuti hakuna ma workers kunze kwe police ne ma soja anga akazara mu ground

CDE irwaihondo - 5 May 2016

Dumb writers !!! The workers day 'has nothing to do with VP Mnangagwa . After all most workers unions are affiliated to MDC . The government was only testing the worker's day waters . That attendance has nothing to do with the VP so please give the VP a break . If you have no news you would better reduce the size of your news paper . If you want the paper big with out news , you better include blank pages .

Hayibo ! - 5 May 2016

Quite agree with you Hayibo! The party closest to the workers is MDC (T) which was born from ZCTU led by MT. How many ZPF supporters work for a living? ZPF's policies create lazy people who just want to "get", "grab", "steal" or kill. Very few hard workers belong to this group.

Sagitarr - 5 May 2016

G40 and Daily News pple are the most rabidly tribalist creatures ever. Their hatred for karangas is epitomised on their relentless on ED. Chokwadi chichabuda hacho one day

Chikonaz - 5 May 2016

All those castigating the Daily News are terribly lost. Don't they understand that the paper is just telling us what happened? I don't understand where the bias is. Why do people want to read about what they enjoy reading? If there is a report on a bus accident that claimed the life of your loved ones, do you blame the reporter for letting you know about it? Some of these readers need to grow up.

Yeoman Thomas - 6 May 2016

Well it is known by everyone that Munangagwa chituta and pple do not want zvituta to lead them anymore after another educated chituta destroyed their once lovely country . In Midlands Kwekwe he Munangagwa had to go into exile where he settled at little Zivangwe after being thrashed by Chebundo in every election . Now only those sick in their heads can follow this guy .

Diibulaanyika - 6 May 2016

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