Mnangagwa embarrassed

HARARE - Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday suffered the indignity of addressing a virtually empty Rufaro Stadium in Harare, after the government ill-advisedly sought to hijack and use for its own ends this year’s Workers’ Day commemorations.

Despite committed efforts by lapdog State media to drum up support for the event ahead of yesterday, the commemorations flopped spectacularly after the country’s main workers’ representative body, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) boycotted what ultimately manifested itself as a Zanu PF rally.

The Daily News has been told that Labour minister, Prisca Mupfumira acted against advice from fellow Zanu PF officials and invited Mnangagwa to be the guest of honour at the event despite indications on the ground that the VP is hugely unpopular.

Barely a thousand people, most of them huddled in the middle of the stadium’s western stand, attended the commemorations, as the embattled VP — facing serious Zanu PF resistance to his mooted ambitions to succeed President Robert Mugabe — officiated at the event.

“Mupfumira blundered by inviting Mnangagwa against wise advice not to. We believe that the move was meant to prop up the VP and sell him as a suitable person to replace ...Mugabe but as soon as Zanu PF people leant that the VP had been roped in, they decided against attending.

“It was a huge embarrassment and exposed the VP and yesterday he was the subject of serious ridicule on the Zanu PF social media platforms with most saying the humiliation at Rufaro was enough testimony that Mnangagwa was unelectable. Buses were sent throughout Harare to pick up people but they still snubbed,” said a top Zanu PF official yesterday evening.

Another official said it was a blunder for Mnangagwa to try and use such an event to raise his profile because the people were already angry with joblessness and poverty coupled with the fact that the VP was not a popular politician.

Not even the presence of high-profile musicians such as Jah Prayzah and Suluman Chimbetu managed to woo disinterested residents of the nearby high density township of Mbare to the do, that had been billed as the “centrepiece” of national events marking Workers’ Day.

Meanwhile, a joint statement released by the African Democratic Party, Mavambo Kusile Dawn, Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment, Movement for Democratic Change, People’s Democratic Party, Zimbabwe African People’s Union, Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe, Zimbabweans United for Democracy and the National Constitutional Assembly, said the economic climate meant that hope was in short supply in the country.

“About 98 percent of working age people, especially the youths, are in the informal sector, 60 percent of the industries which were operating in 2010 have shut down and 83 percent of our people live on less than $1 a day.

“Generally, the people feel hopeless, and they are in despair, dejected and demoralised. More critically, in many enterprises in all sectors of the economy country-wide, in both the public and private sectors, working people have gone for long periods without being paid for wok already done.

“In the last month, the spectre of cash shortages has haunted even the few who are still employed, as they fail to access their hard-earned money,” the parties observed.

Other people who spoke to the Daily News yesterday also said given the level of economic pain that was currently being experienced in Zimbabwe, there was little point in celebrating May Day.

Some of the people went to the extent of saying Workers’ Day should be renamed “Unemployment Day” locally, to better reflect the dire economic reality in the country.

Speaking at the Rufaro Stadium commemorations, Mnangagwa said the government was concerned about the worsening cash crisis ravaging Zimbabwe, adding that both Treasury and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe were working hard to mitigate the situation.

He also bemoaned the fact that many workers had lost their jobs, while some were going for months without their salaries.

Turning to the high levels of corruption in the country, he said culprits would face the music regardless of their social status.

Speaking earlier, Apex Council chairperson, Cecilia Alexander, said she was disappointed with government regarding its implementation of the hotly-disputed civil service audit.

She added that because the government had not consulted workers when it embarked on the exercise, the resultant audit report had many irregularities — further savaging the continued harassment of civil servants that was akin to what used to happen during the colonial days.

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Nonsense.Herald was saying the same about ZCTU,empty its yo turn,ZFTU empty stadium,only that yu Daily love to hate VP.Yu love to embaras him.Vp was only asked to come n represent gorvenment,thats was not his rally.If yu want to see how popular Ngwena is,come to midlands,masvingo,mash east.yu will swallow yu pride.Ngwena is the real deal,the only man wth stately stature in government after President mugabe.its unfortunate yu are demonising yo very future head of state,and not too distant.

viola gwena - 3 May 2016

This picture yu have ,yu took it very early in the morning,8.00.what do yu expect?it wzsnt a pungwe,pple came from homes around 10.both zftu n zctu had poor turnout.simple.

viola gwena - 3 May 2016

It's not all about Mnangagwa either being popular or not, the fact of the matter is that there are no more workers to talk about.Industries are being closed down and continue to be closed.The ZIMASSET programme had flopped miserably.

gen spinola - 3 May 2016

is he only gona be elected by midlands??????

jomo - 3 May 2016

is he only gona be elected by midlands??????

jomo - 3 May 2016

@Gen.thank yu.good point.It wasnt Munangagwa who turned away ZCTU workers.

viola gwena - 3 May 2016

Did I not mention masvingo,mas east.?cmon jomo.dont just read what yu like,read everything.

viola gwena - 3 May 2016

@viola,dont yu think we should just continue with the styatus quo and mnangagwa continues to b appointed VP,at the pleasure of the great RG,coz its obvious he has no appeal,lets utilise his strengths of great ability to run govt business and leave the presidency to electable leaders

truth - 3 May 2016

Daily News now believes in the Zezuru hegemony. Imboitai

Dick mboko - 3 May 2016

The last time I checked who the president of Zimbabwe is it was Robert Gabriel Mugabe. The last time I checked who presided over the country Zimbabwe from 18 April,1980 to the subject event purpported to be workers day, it was Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Simply logic tells me who lack of interest by workers( if there are still any) is directed to who prides himself of being president of Zimbabwe today. I have never heard Mnangagwa calling himself president. Instead, history is tells me the man has been used by Robert Gabriel Mugabe his whole life for his own ends. The only question I have is he so dumb to be used for so long without it getting to his nerves ? Its not normal of a person to be used that much without squarely facing his manipulater and tell him to fu.. off. This is tantamount to being used to prop up the crumbing Zimbabwe ruins. If that is the aim he can only do it after Mugabe vacate his seat. Only then can he be judged. Its nonsesical to judge Ngwena as a president when everyone knows who the president is - the president of Zimbabwe ruins.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 3 May 2016

a tribal leaning observation by the idiotic@ masamba who dreams of karanga hegemony

jojo - 3 May 2016

Our country with unemployment rate hovering +90% , this is not a surprise at all. The current zanu pf government policies does not promote an environment that produces a growth in workers numbers across all sectors. As it stands this May day has become irrelevent, useless and invalid. Our situation in reality requires a National vendor's day. The majority has fallen into this category. Zanu pf government will never be embarrassed by anything, they have gone into an overdrive mode. They cant think and ask themselves why there is no workers....

X-MAN IV - 3 May 2016

EDM does not inspire anyone and has no power to do anything and therefore nobody really bothered to turn up. This picture may have been taken earlier in the day but even during his address they were very few people in the stadium. EDM is only popular in his family and not in the Midlands as some may purport.

Inyika - 3 May 2016

Its not about Ngwenya its about the party itself vanhu vanenzara veduwee how can they come to celebrate workers when they are not working? Plus hapana akatinhwa so no show.

critic - 4 May 2016

Anyone suggesting Ngwena is unielectable is just an enermy of ngwena,becoz facts on the ground dnt suggest that.he may nt be electable in yo personal family bcoz of yu.To begin with we have always advocated congress to elect a new leader,period.even now ,lets do it so that one leader emerges in zanu n we all rally behind that leader.G40 always buckles,chickens out opting to fight in newspapers.moyo was minister of information,he has his pals in the media,bt we prefer the real deal,congress.President mugabe is now old.we cant even talk about him 2018, its madness.a whole profesor like to fool pple into believing that a 94yr old wuld be sharper mentaly in 2 yrs time.arrogance personified.

viola gwena - 4 May 2016

Even if the president himself had officiated, he was bound to face the same embarrassment because first, there no workers in this country and the few who remain are seriously disgruntled

mukanya - 4 May 2016

Now to the economy.I have always been encouraged by the turnarounds of countries like Tanzania,Mozambique,Zambia.These countries emerged from the errors of their founding fathers,thru their liberation parties,except zambia.Tanzania was going down wth Nyerere,bt chama came up wth strong party policy to rejuvinate leadership.Chama is stil in power and Tanzania is rising.The road infrustructure that was dead is a marvel to watch now.they r into perhaps their 5th leader now.Same as Mozambique,the day frelimo changed leadership ,when Samora died,is the day Moza started rising n all our local moskens went back to their country.Its all in leadership renewal,stupids.These 2 exambles is enuf reason to look forward to zanu s renewal.its plain truth.

viola gwena - 4 May 2016

@Viola the honest truth is the stadium was empty from opening to closure. I personally attended but ndakabuda ndichinyara. Jah prayza or no jah prayza the truth is people are tired of the same old tactics.

mukanya - 4 May 2016

Lastly bt not even least, our country needs strong leadership now,to convince the global village of economics ,that we are now seriouse n ready to do business.International community are the pple we worked wth from 1980 to 2000.Nothing has changed wth them bt us.we changed,from an expected good examble of African politics ,we became defiant on ruinouse policy of command economics,based on quazi socialist policies.we need to reforcus zanu and that can only be done by clean pple in zanu,warvets.Our 1st enermy is corrupt characters ,to be jailed.Thats is what scares g40, made up of corrupt chamelions,cheats.a group that grabes povo s money,povo s land to built mansions.characters that destroyed kondozi for personal benefit.So when we warvets challenged the last man standing ,ngwena,on corruption he obliged .The glare he promised is what g40 is aware of n thus try to remove him n replace wth their choice.they want to be in charge of resourses wthout being questioned.

viola gwena - 4 May 2016

We are nt mad ,when we insist on leadership renewal.and we are nt mad when we suggest Ngwena,the last man standing.we know what it takes to lead a revolution.if it was about money we wuld have all jumped to g40 s gravy train.becoz they have the money n resourses,wht wth kasukuwere promising vast land to yuths of his no ,we dont do that,we dont think like that.Smith tried money on us bt we stood resolute to the rtuggle,sme dying.he had real cash.we want resourses for all citizens.we want change.and we are of the view that Ngwena will clean up zanu n country of corruption,its only for a term znyway,5yrs.Then again elections.if he fails out.

viola gwena - 4 May 2016

politically it was a blander for Cde Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to accept an invitation and fail to give it the political psychoanalytic treatment it so deserved given the current perplexing Zanu-PF political playfield. I believe as a potential Presidential replacement, Cde VP is surrounded by a team of personal political Think Tanks, Advisors, Strategists, and counter intelligence which is determined to ensure the political institution built around their boss. How on earth could a high ranking nationalist and party official of the VP's stature feature at "an empty" venue given all the details around him that could have advised him otherwise. Some might say he was heeding to duty calls, Hey!!!!!!! move out of the frustration and face the truth a political blunder by a potential leader who i believe is neither ignorant of the nature of his Zanu-PF Leader nor unknowledged on the unfracturable SYSTEM they together set up. TEAM LACOSTE should have set down in analytical mode and counter the attack they were under from G40. Tell me who can explain or acquire so much energy to be employed in trying to campaign for the VP when the G40 successfully stage their million men march. Politics is a game of numbers. VaMnangagwa vamwe vanhu vangavada zvavo but the whole TEAM LACOSTE including its leader should establish a watchdog against covert operations and programmes, and also have an aggressive team of counter strategists otherwise zvishoma nezvishoam chitanda chirikuramba chichitochererwa pasi sehoko yechiZezuru OUT

StanBoy - 4 May 2016

i suspect g40 antics were at play. they did not bused in pple to spite timu locust. but timu locust could still have bused in their 'masses'? zanu dynamics are a real conundrum these days!

SaManyika Chaiye - 4 May 2016

mnangagwa was illadvised,politicians have no business on workers day celebrations,especially for a business friendly politician like mnangagwa,the damage has been done but @viola please dont stress,cde ED is always recieving blows in the dailynews

truth - 4 May 2016

Daily news your reporting seems to be very biased it seems you are fighting ANything done by EDM

botsa - 4 May 2016

@Viola ,I wil now vote for Ngwena .I think yu gave good reasns.give him a term to burn all corrupt locusts.

kero - 4 May 2016

When viola speaks,no dog barks.diibu whr r u.ppf?

bob - 4 May 2016

If ngwena is going to do that then thats the man.dont care about grassroots.let him do that.problem is maybe ngwena doesnt believe wht viola is saying.

ino - 4 May 2016

Kondozi was destroyed by johnathan moyo.he killed it bcoz he hated the kondozi owners.15000 workers went out of employment.@Viola,yu damn right on this.Didymus mutasa was part of it full tyme.

blaz - 4 May 2016

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