The hellhole that Zim has become

HARARE - As Zanu PF bigwigs continue to bludgeon each other politically, while the stampede to succeed President Robert Mugabe gets ever uglier, the lot of the majority of Zimbabweans is getting worse by the day — with many living in squalor and abject poverty.

So bad has the situation become, that many Zimbabweans say the country has reached the debilitating depths of despair and suffering that were experienced in 2007/2008 when shops were empty and the attendant hyperinflation levels at the time made it into the Guiness Book of Records, with some people in rural areas surviving on wild fruits.

The only difference, if there is any, between then and now, even as the end result is the same — economic Armageddon — is that this time around shops are bursting with goods, and one doesn’t need wheelbarrows of useless Zimbabwe dollars to buy a loaf of bread.

But now not only is money scarce generally, because there are no jobs, there is increasingly literally no money, as the currency of the “hated, imperialistic” Americans that our “liberated and proud” politicians surprisingly adopted and love so much is facing extinction in the country.

And so, Zimbabwe’s precipitous decline — from once being seen as the regional breadbasket and “Jewel of Africa” 36 years ago, to a much derided basket case where university graduates can only aspire to become street vendors — continues unabated.

A visit to many high density areas in the capital Harare leaves one sad beyond words. Dry taps, rivers of sewage and heaps of uncollected garbage are a common sight that many people under the age of 30 take as the “norm”.

Many ordinary Zimbabweans who remember how different and relatively bearable life used to be in Rhodesia (despite the oppression of blacks then) as well as in the early years of the country’s independence, put the blame for the rot squarely on President Robert Mugabe’s shoulders and his ruling Zanu PF.

Economic and political analysts who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said the country’s dying economy, as well as the on-going cash crisis was a symptom of deep-seated problems emanating from Zanu PF’s failed rule of the past three and half decades.

“What we are going through is largely a political process and unless and until we sort out our politics, there will be no economic recovery. To project what the future holds for Zimbabwe, there is need to take a look at the political dynamics in the governing party.

“It is clear we are in the last stages of the Mugabe era and if one takes a microscopic view of the political dynamics as amplified by the media, you will see it’s is all coming to an end,” prominent academic Ibbo Mandaza said.

Other analysts said it was “typical of Zanu PF to blame everyone else, except themselves” when the otherwise prudent Finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa, blamed depositors last week for fuelling the country’s biting cash crisis, by allegedly keeping money outside the formal banking system.

“The liquidity crisis is a problem that we have to look squarely in the face and address.  We have to understand that we don’t print the US dollar. We are a unique country — one of three countries in the world — that pays wages and buy small goods like mazhanje (wild fruit) in United States dollars and that comes with its own challenges,” he said.

Chinamasa added that the “temporary cash shortages” were being accelerated by Zimbabweans refusing to embrace the use of plastic money.

But Harare-based analyst Issis Mwale predicted that the cash shortages would worsen given Zimbabwe’s political climate and the country’s lack of significant exports.

“From where I am standing, something has to give. If the prevailing economic and political conditions prevail, then the situation will get worse.

“Some companies are now even failing to perform the most basic of functions and defaulting on supplier obligations, which could even culminate in food shortages, seeing that Zimbabwe is experiencing a drought this year. So, the worst may not even have come yet,” she said.

An analyst with Greeyps Risk Efficiency and Development Consultants, Cade Zvavanjanja, said the lack of a local currency was also working against the country.

“It is due to the fact that we are not using our own currency that we can manipulate and print to meet our circulation and economic demands. For us to access the hard cash we need to import it.

“Also, we need to have the money to buy the money, but currently our nostro balance is not satisfactory to make some of these payment, hence the challenges,” he said.

MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said the cash shortages were an indication that the Zanu-PF government was continuing to fail dismally to deliver on its mandate.

“The Zanu PF regime is at sixes and sevens. They have too much negative energy. Most of their time is spent fighting puerile and purposeless factional and succession wars.

“President Mugabe himself is now too old and decidedly out of touch with the grim reality on the ground,” Gutu said.

Economist Vince Musewe said the country needed to resort to plastic money to mitigate its cash challenges, or generate adequate export revenues.

“The main problem with our economy is that we are not generating enough export revenue. We are exporting a few things outside the country like platinum, chrome and tobacco, of which tobacco exports are yet to gain momentum,” he said, adding that the high levels of Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) were also contributing to the cash shortages.

African Development Bank statistics on Zimbabwe suggest that in the past decade alone, Zimbabwe lost $12 billion in IFFs, which made a few individuals and corporations richer at the expense of society.

“People know that you can come to Zimbabwe, a country using the United State dollar, an obviously superior currency to most, and then leave the country with the money undetected. In the same manner Zimbabweans themselves are externalising money. So, naturally this creates a deficit,” Musewe said.

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Try and imagine the consequences to our current leaders if we were to follow China's good example and execute or punish officials for accepting bribes and mismanaging the economy? I don't think that there would be anyone left as they would either have been hanged or languishing behind prison bars? Our Lords and masters in Government are professionals not at finding solutions for all the many problems and woes that we face like a ruined economy that has led to massive unemployment, but at blaming others like the whites and Western Imperialists who have imposed very limited sanctions upon a few select individuals? Not until every last stain of this ZANU PF culture has been removed from our Government and politics can things improve here. How much more suffering, pain and hardships do we have to endure to realize that what I am telling you is true. Maybe we need to study a bit closer what is happening in our neighbouring country, Mozambique?

Mbewa - 29 April 2016

for how long now, something needs to be done,Mugabe and his Government must resign,or else Zimbabwe will be for sale,, they liberate this country yes but its high time for them to pass the batton,they failed i mean failing even to provide basic needs for citizens

tiiiii nematanda - 29 April 2016

The problem we are facing with corruption and having thieves in control of governance is that once the First thieving goes unpunished, the subsequent ones become normal. Its part of what is called; the Normalising of the Abnormal. This is why even the quasi religious organisations mushrooming everywhere have joined the orgy are thriving with impunity. One asks why since Independence not a single corrupt thieving MINISTER has ever been prosecuted. A child who grows up in a house where both parents are thieves will find it very difficult not to steal. That child will defend stealing at all costs Its so sad.

Sekuru Ndoronga - 29 April 2016

we need to adress the real problem in this country.oh let me say problems 1) governance 2)productivity 3)corruption office holders today(many of them) are having o`level certificates as their highest qualification oh what a shame to our beloved country when we have the elite its your call people, lets fight for change. lets change the way we think, see ourself as a country and we will be ready to compete with our brothers and sisters in the gglobal bazaar

Student E640 - 29 April 2016

a lagacy ofsanctions

truth - 29 April 2016

those office holder with o' levels are just as corrupt as any other educated person in gvt. we also have phd holders who are parading there fraudulent doctorates even on this forum. corruption has infected everyone & i once said from parking an x-jap to getting the highest tender its corruption throughout. there is need for serious cleansing & detoxification of the gvt by flushing out the zanu elements and introduce fresh & progressive minds.

SaManyika Chaiye - 29 April 2016

Shame.the english language is being corrupted by sme tribesmen.its realy then leads into financial corruption,frm language corruption.

oliver - 29 April 2016


yuba - 29 April 2016

@truth you are one funny guy! Zim is unrecognizable from the 2000 country it was, today. All courtesy of ZANU. Such a short time to destroy what the white man left us?!! You cannot loot your way out of unpopularity. Coming back home with glittering trinkets might appeal to the villager or ZANU moron but it was never going to cut it with savvy Zimbo.

Dunlop Munjanja - 30 April 2016

@Dunlop. Please name the welknown villager,on this platform.

oliver - 30 April 2016

@Truth, you belong to that ZANU PF propaganda machine that constantly spews out atrocious lies all the time. Either you are part of the corrupt elite or else you are totally blind to what is going on by failing to see and acknowledge the shockingly poor state of this once highly productive and efficient country. Do you really think that anyone in their right mind genuinely believes your assertion that sanctions are to blame for the mess we find ourselves in when in fact the sanctions to talk about are aimed at a few selected individuals NOT the whole country? This whole ZANU PF culture is based on injecting fear into the population and gross lies but the time is fast approaching where people are going to say: ENOUGH. Hope that your bags are packed?

White Colonial Boy - 30 April 2016

pliz mugabe feel for us your cousins (malawians and zimbabweans are cousins ) we let you rule our country even if you were an alien according to your fathers id card, little did we know that you would run the country down refuse to giveup power, unleash violence on ordinary citizens destroy a once vibrant agricultural sector , close down companies, destroy hospitals, i remeber harare hospital ( pagomo ) and parirenyatwa used to be world class but now alas there are rubbish, we used to have clean water ,, the list is endless pliz resign give others a chance

Harare - 30 April 2016

@dunlop,my brother you rightly point out that the country is now different from pre 2000,the reason being simple,MDC came on board and lost elections and after losing vigorously lobbied for sanctions which had a devastating effect on the economy,umdala wethu joshua nkomo 'lost' the 1985 election but did he call for sanctions?edgar tekere lost the 1990 elections but didnt call for sanctions,so whats special about the MDC,sanctions have ravaged the economy and as with any inward looking economy accelerated corruption,my question to yu is what would the country be without the sanctions that hurt the key sectors of the economy,the NRZ,etc

truth - 30 April 2016

zim is becoming a long forgotten carcass of a sick beast! sanctions have played a part but their effect is negligible! the ruling elite seem to take sanctions as a scapegoat for their maladmin and the rogue ones guise the effects of their corruption as effects of sanctions. some of our homegrown policies such as indigenisation are not well thought out. zimasset remain a mythical animal just like a dinasour or a tsuro ba gudo folktales. there was esap and sterp and the likes of bacossi which were never meaningful policies. we had a maiden monetory policy in 2004 and series of other publications such as mechanisation programmes from the rbz that did not yield anything tangible! sanctions are never good but to stand-up and heap it all on them may not be correct. a closer look at zidera & our local policies and the conduct (moral&ethical) really paint a clear pic of why zim has become this hellhole!

SaManyika Chaiye - 30 April 2016

***conduct (moral&ethical) of the rulers***

SaManyika Chaiye - 30 April 2016

like the policy devoid gideon gono sought to mask his defiencies by speaking english with his jawbreakers instead of just simple economics,another empty vessel @saManyika thinks his half backed oxford english will give weight to his hollow comments,cde @saManyika,just stick to simple english or make your comments in your native manyika

jojo - 30 April 2016

when hotel kitchens are yo playground and yu get exposed to the queens langauge,its not surprising when its overdone

jojo - 30 April 2016

the incoherent english by @samanyika is a result of education through a bribed presidential scholarship

taurai - 30 April 2016

yu got it @jojo; gideon was actually rude to those who quizzed the soundness of his rhetoric! he was callous and self-centered in his approach as he took advice from the appointer only! all other voices of reason met the wrath of gideon's wanton responses. just like what dambudzo did to matongorere @ zitf when asked why he did not comment on corruption. instead of coiling himself and respond sensibly, he rather reminded matongorere how zimra is alleged to be corrupt; and the following day the corruption scandals of zimra's car imports were exposed! that is how cunning dambudzo & co are; poke them & they will cut yo tail and no one will dare question them! kereke tried it and the rest is history! joice tried it & could only managed to launch something like a burial society. muchechetere dared and his scam was exposed. so yu right; zanu, all its appointees & their paralysed policies written in good english have succeeded in digging a huge HELLHOLE where we have all fitted squarely!

SaManyika Chaiye - 30 April 2016

yes @taurai its because of sanctions!

SaManyika Chaiye - 30 April 2016

diibulaanyika where are you?

jojo - 30 April 2016

you chastised @diibu for being mdc and yu want to do the same with me?! yu scandalised morgan by labelling him an open zip/shut mind person! yu labelled joyce a cabal leader and now she's wallowing in the density of political wilderness. at one point yu even bombarded the daily news premises and we went for years without candid news. why are you so determined at extending this HELLHOLE in an abyss? hatred has devoured your conscience to the extent of eating your own kind. you have traded your souls for cold hearts & hot heads! you have indeed preferred mud to the fish just to prove that indegenous zimbos are in power. but what is power without people? what is parenthood when the kids are malnourished? what is farming when arable prime lands are growing grass unsuitable even for pastures? what is governance when $15b vanishes in thick (not even thin) air? what is head-of-state when the kantry is a HELLHOLE? swallow you pride and reign your ego for the betterment of the kantry.

SaManyika Chaiye - 30 April 2016

remember cambodia and namibia may zimbabwe also be "blessed" by UNITED NATIONS TRANSITIONAL AUTHORITY! jmk

john melvin klotz - 30 April 2016

@saManyika,are yu employed?yu seem to spend a considerable amount of time whining on the dailynews platform,get a LIFE!

oliver - 30 April 2016

...all this while the President cannot fire the likes of Zhuwawos who are chasing away investors by "misinterpreting" the law. CRY MY MOTHERLAND

what to do now - 30 April 2016

I thought the only clown on this board was @truth. We got @oliver and @jojo. I am sorry to say that @diibulaanyika is way too classy for you guys. And what has @SaManyika done except to state the obvious, Zim is a hell hole because of these incompetent corrupt clowns running our country. Even a minister has today admitted that corruption is having a more devastating effect on our economy than these so called sanctions. What have you guys got between your ears?

Dunlop Munjanja - 30 April 2016

@dunlop,yu should not engage in debates if yu are emotional,am sorry to me zimbabwe is different to your zimbabwe,where yu see chao i have seen business opportunities,i have fully participated in govt initiatives to empower locals and as such i have my farm and my business fully levers on the indeginisation act,corruption exists in all societies and its a two way thing just as your favourate idiot tsvangirayi admits there is corruption in MDC run councils,corruption is not restricted to zanu,the obvious difference between me and yu is that yu place too much emphasis on your ears,what yu hear from the british and its local lapdogs yu take as gospel people whilst am a doer,pragmatic and am guided by the founding principles of my party,yu lobbied for sanctions and whart result did yu expect,sanctions have no effect on yu coz the play at the lowest level,looking for a job whilst i create employment,i have no time for yu and yo lot who are children of ex black rhodesian soldiers and policemen who have nolstagia for the baas days

truth - 1 May 2016

One cannot look at our Zimbabwe, see whats going on and not become overwhelmed emotionally. A clueless government led by a confused geriatric. A governing party embroiled in a bitter succession battle completely ignoring the needs of country. Crumbling infrastructures with no rule of law. Erratic power supply with virtually non existent water delivery, some areas have had no running water for 3 yrs. Vendors galore with every street corner now engaged in this commerce. Of course corruption is every where now in Zim with no one immune courtesy of ZANU. Where is the 15 billion. How about the obscene looting exposed in 2014 at virtually every government institution? The hospitals are crying for refurbishment and support to avoid further deterioration but who cares? Not ZANU who gets its treatment abroad. Abroad!! Where are the 2 million jobs promised? Ah, sanctions. When you have every one in government living in the expensive part of town, with the Kasukuweres building palaces in town. Where is the money coming from? Couldn't it be better used on roads, water, power, schools, roads, etc,etc? Nah, that would help the povo and who gives a toss about them? Every time you guys are criticised you bring in the British and the colonial mentality. I am sorry, you have had 35 yrs you can make Zim work but all you have done is taken over some farms, driven them into the ground creating unemployment and hunger. Looted all the national treasures and sold them for a song to the Chinese and shown yourselves to be completely clueless and grossly inept at attempt to govern.

Dunlop Munjanja - 1 May 2016

zanu want the status quo to remain as they depend on ripping the state instituitions that they control. the effects of their corrupt activities is blamed on sanctions. ask them about corruption and they become evasive. just cant have a candid discussion with these guys because their cupboards are laden with skulls. always have some reservations for all areas of concern. you cant run a kantry like that!

SaManyika Chaiye - 1 May 2016

@dunlop,if am a clown then yu are an asshole who has fallen into the hellhole

jojo - 1 May 2016

Lets have your views on the above accusations against the corrupt lot governing our country. Asshole or not, I think I am entitled to that.

Dunlop Munjanja - 1 May 2016

@Viola.are yu busy kuGwanzura tete.

blaz - 2 May 2016

Diibu is now Dunlop .Diibu was banned for vulgar n tribal postings.

unandi - 2 May 2016

@DUNLOP,which views do u want,a comment has already been posted to the effect that some are enjoying the fruits of zanu policies whilst others are not,am no zanu supporter,am domicilled in south africa where am working,i could not get a job in zimbabwe becoz my surname was not long enough,i dont belong to the system but yu cannot critisize zanu pf for all the wrongs in zim thats what africans understand by being in power,it means u employ yo tribesmen,give yo relatives tenders and yo girlfriends jobs,and yo mdc is strikingly similar,they just want to remove zanu and continue,the anc here is the same,so is any party in africa,yu were quiet when a certain section of the population was butchered in the eighties,yu were quiet when the people of matebeland could no longer get jobs when white managers where replaced with black ones,yu were quiet when the children of matebeleland where denied vacancies at byo poly,UCE and hillside teachers colleges,then the zanu machine that yu supported went national with its destructive policies and yu cry foul,you are the ones enjoying the fruits of independence as every police officer,teacher,soldier and govt worker is now one of your own,we are treated like second class citizens in our of country,i just wish zanu pf rules forever so that all of yu can experience its nepotism,racism,tribalism and divide and rule,viva zanu ndeye ropa,zimbabwe will never be a colony

jojo - 2 May 2016

finally @jojo have said it!! the poor boy is working as a hotel kitchen boy emzanzi and he tries to give the job to me so that i can fall to his class. thank you @dunlop for letting this poor boy expose himself. zanu played all the cards on the poor lad and he sounds bitter to be stuck on foreign soil. what a scarecrow who dumps his kantry in the face of adversity? mavhitori anoti kurumwa netsikidzi rambira mumba nekuti mumwe akazorumwa nebere; wanga rorwadza nderipi rebere kana retsikidzi? come back lets fight zanu togather for a better zim! spend yo effort to overhaul zanu than to enrich za. i feel pity that yu hate zanu & like it at the same time. your soul seems to neither enjoy no suffer much because you live in the zanu twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat (roosevelt) !! anyway good luck @jojo yu seem to have a plight of yo own!

SaManyika Chaiye - 2 May 2016

@samanyika,yo people the manyika are famed fo working in hotel kitchens,dont drag me to yo level

jojo - 2 May 2016

sorry boy; i got you now !!! but we need pple like you to revolutionise the kantry! every zimbo has, one way or another, suffered at the hands of zanu though at varying degrees. but for you to pack & go, leaving the burning house, only to say pamberi nezanu(hail the inferno) from across limpopo; i find it as cowardice on your part. if zanu did you wrong, why cant yu face it head-on?

SaManyika Chaiye - 2 May 2016

We must all thank Daily news for this platform.I personly apreciate,even tho we differ politically.Dailynews has maintained profesionalism by allowing diverce views,un edited,unlike Herald n Newsday.I buy Dailynews everyday.The other 2 I smetimes skip days.

viola gwena - 2 May 2016

Zhuwao now wants tobkill lumumba......kkkkkk thz fools will never learn from their mistakes

Benito - 3 May 2016

Zhuwao now wants tobkill lumumba......kkkkkk thz fools will never learn from their mistakes

Benito - 3 May 2016

Zhuwao now wants tobkill lumumba......kkkkkk thz fools will never learn from their mistakes

Benito - 3 May 2016

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