'Zim roadblocks scare tourists'

HARARE - Police roadblocks in Zimbabwe are scaring away tourists as they feel their presence is an indication that there is something wrong in the country, a top tourism official has revealed.

Zimbabwe Council for Tourism (ZCT) executive director Paul Matamisa told the Daily News, tourists and even ordinary motorists are now in the habit of counting police roadblocks between towns .

“There are too many police roadblocks on our roads and tourists feel it is not safe to be here as the police presence scares them because in their countries police details are usually visible when there is an emergency.

“We have constantly raised the issue of roadblocks because it is not doing us any favour — it is not working at all and is sending the wrong vibes. Most times the fines are overcharged and illegal.

“We are not saying roadblocks should be abandoned altogether, no, they should not disappear but we are saying they should not be so overwhelming.”

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Mr Matamisa has very good points.Police roadblocks are scaring away tourists because in their own countries roadblocks are only mounted when there is an emergency.They are only used to Highway patrols and these patrols are to assist motorists who will have had car breakdowns, making sure that they are safe unlike ZRP who are there to milk motorists . From HRE to BYO I once counted 14 road blocks!!!!They will be looking for flimsy faults.

Motorist - 27 April 2016

the other day i was stopped and told my car is dirty and can i pay ten dollars i told him the owner of this country puts all the dirt on the road so tourist can regunice that this is a pothole country and he agreed with me and let me go.

jack - 27 April 2016

Its not only tourism affected.our ubuntu too.my grand son says he doesnt want to be a doctor bt a traffic cop,like baba va peter vonouya nemari homwe everyday.our children r wishing to be less,to be corrupt.this has to be changed,smehow.There maybe a valid reasn for ZRP defying courts on this bt its damaging our way of life.

viola gwena - 27 April 2016

Imagine 6 road blocks along Bulawayo Road from Kuwadzana to City. Especially those just after Warren Park traffic lights are so daring. I don't even know what they will be looking for causing congestion in the early morning hours when we will be taking our children to school and going to work. Nxaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Jabu - 27 April 2016

The massive police presence on the road simply confirms the country is virtually a police state. The problem lies with the zanu pf government. It will be such a nice and good start to wake up have see police helping pedestrians, mainly school kids in crossing roads, controlling intersections were no lights working or not there at all. There is lot police can do on the roads, to make it safe, smooth, and help the citizens of this country and definately be loved by the people. The current scenario is just bad as police is hunting the citizens in which it is constitutionally supposed to look after. This mess has to stop.

X-MAN IV - 27 April 2016

Its very true that our police and roadblocks are very disturbing and scaring to our tourist, recently went to SA driving , for the five days I was driving in SA I don't recall being stopped at the road block, SA registered vehicles could be checked but they would wave me to pass with a smile,. Recently was in Swaziland met someone who complained and said all the fines demanded for my stay in Zimbabwe was in excess of R2000, The minister of Tourism should do something to protect the legacy of our country , I would propose that for all foreign registered vehicles if there is security check I think it would be better for the driver to be delayed at the point of entry than a situation of that at every 15 road blocks along major highway eg Beitbridge you wont pass without being quizzed by the police

Truth - 27 April 2016

30 road blocks between Harare Byo Victoria Falls over easter

gus - 27 April 2016

The road blocks are an indication of the falling standards of living (or existing). Some of the cops reek of sweat as they try desperately to steal money from the public. Zanu police.

Sagitarr - 28 April 2016

In Sanyati(Kadoma rural) they just put on uniforms and set up roadblocks to get cash.A distance of 90km there will be five roadblocks.Woman Constable Nyabadza

Tapiwa Nyika - 28 April 2016

Its Chinamasa's fault. He included traffic fines as part of income in his budget statement! How bizarre

John Moyo - 28 April 2016

mbavha dzakapfeka uniform

chitsiga - 28 April 2016

Mr Matamisa is right. Police in Zimbabwe target cars with foreign registration numbers. Drivers of these cars are not fully aware of all the road signs and road status. They catch hem unaware most of the time and they make them pay spot fines. This scares tourists away.

Justin Chikoto - 28 April 2016

The truth is these roadblocks are fundraising ventures by ZRP.The gvt has messed up the economy but they are surprised about the source of money being used by people to buy cars or even to live so what better way to get a piece than mount roadblocks.None of that money goes to treasury saka muchinzwa vachiti if any party isiri zanu pf ikahwina kunotofa vanhu

Gamatox Mutasa - 28 April 2016

Dont just stop pamablocks avo.....ini handitomiri ini

codza - 28 April 2016

The road blocks are also scaring the local tourists away, as i am myself not going to go to nyanga or vic falls as the hassle of having to get stopped at each road block.

jack dawson - 28 April 2016

It is not enough just to complain on the internet. Do something about it. Zimbabweans should not feel powerless, but should realise Zimbabwe is not the first country to suffer such insensitive Government. We should ask ourselves how did other countries solve these challenges. I really believe people should hold parliamentarians accountable. How do you allow police to get away with such nonsense ? People need to demand that Chinamasa stop the police robbery of drivers. Yes, government has allowed police to rob drivers with the excuse of raising revenue. Worse still, Chinamasa's ministry is not receiving the police revenue. Imagine someone visiting Zimbabwe from Canada. Been driving in canada for 11 years and never met a police roadblock, yet in Zim it is an everyday experience ! Zimbabweans are tolerating the roadblocks.

Tafadzwa - 28 April 2016

its no longer road blocks its now fraudraising

Tapiwa Ratidzo - 28 April 2016

They are just raising funds for government and operations. Imagine erecting Stop Signs all over the CBD just to catch motorists and fining them. Hiding in the grass at robots just to catch motorist who go thru amber. Its a shame

vanessa nyamwanza - 28 April 2016

They are just raising funds for government and operations. Imagine erecting Stop Signs all over the CBD just to catch motorists and fining them. Hiding in the grass at robots just to catch motorist who go thru amber. Its a shame

vanessa nyamwanza - 28 April 2016

They are just raising funds for government and operations. Imagine erecting Stop Signs all over the CBD just to catch motorists and fining them. Hiding in the grass at robots just to catch motorist who go thru amber. Its a shame

vanessa nyamwanza - 28 April 2016

While driving from Harare to Zongoro village in Mutasa South district, Manicaland in late November last year I counted 15 roadblocks including 2 man ones. Its ridiculous, to say the least. The surprising thing is that there seemed to be loads of VISIBLY defective vehicles on the roads in spite of the numerous check points. If I was a foreign tourist I would certainly take money and myself somewhere else.

samujokochera - 28 April 2016

Maybe the state of emergency that was there during the dissident era is still in force. Have you asked government on the issue because police cannot mount so many roadblocks without govt sanction.

J MOYO - 28 April 2016


J MOYO - 28 April 2016

Twice in the last year I have gotten lost while trying to visit places around Harare, both times I came across roadblocks and asked for directions, both times I was fined and not given any assistance. Our police force is not here to protect, serve or assist, simply another way for us to lose our hard earned money.

deedee - 29 April 2016

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