Shut up: Youths tell war veterans

HARARE - The bad blood between war veterans aligned to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF youths linked to the Midlands godfather’s ruling party enemies, the Generation 40 (G40) group, is getting worse by the day.

Consumed by factional interests and miffed by what they see as a condescending view towards them by the country’s former freedom fighters, Zanu PF youths associated with the influential G40 faction bluntly told the war veterans leadership yesterday to “shut up” as the former liberation movement’s succession wars continue to escalate.

This came after a faction of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) linked to Mnangagwa suggested earlier this week that the youths’ planned one million-man march next month was threatening to become a monumental disaster because they allegedly lacked the stamina to organise such a massive event.

In addition, there had also been earlier claims by the youths that some war veterans and senior Zanu PF officials were working frantically to scuttle the march, fearing that this would be used to ratchet up the current pressure that is being exerted inside the party on Mnangagwa and his close allies.

Party deputy secretary for the youth, Kudzai Chipanga — while at pains not to appear disrespectful of the war veterans yesterday — told the Daily News that the former freedom fighters should “shut up” if they had nothing constructive to contribute to the march, which the youths claim is to show solidarity with President Robert Mugabe.

“We will not wait for the so-called ideological lessons (from war veterans) while the party, the president and the country are under threat.

“We cannot afford to disengage from the battle-field so that we go to school because by the time we are back from school the country will be gone yet it is in the interest of Zanu PF youths and the country at large to see the president rule until death do us part,” he said.

Chipanga added that their planned May demonstration was part of their “war in defence” of Mugabe and the party “against foreign and internal enemies, seeing that we now have more opposition parties than ever before”.

“Moreover, we have seen some of us selling out the revolution. We also saw what happened with the likes of (former Vice President Joice) Mujuru, Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa.

“We cannot afford to fold our arms under those circumstances saying we are waiting for (Victor) Matemadanda’s lectures.

“If war veterans have anything new to teach us that is not enshrined in our Constitution, then they are welcome because they brought the freedom we have now, including the freedom to march, but they should use the proper channels, so that the Zanu PF central committee can consider including them in the Constitution,” he said.

Chipanga’s stinging rebuke came after suggestions by Matemadanda that the youth league’s planned march was being organised secretly and that the G40-aligned youths had allegedly failed to mobilise effectively for the event.

“That is why some people think that this is a factional thing because if it is supposed to be a State occasion, it must be told to people who should help in time through proper communication channels and not to tell a person what they must do at a rally or try to character assassinate,” Matemadanda told State media on Monday.

But Chipanga scoffed at the suggestion, saying Matemadanda should “shut up unless he has just been blessed with the gift of prophecy to predict that we have failed to mobilise even before the event”.

“We have since directed our provinces to report any problems they may face to us so that we can engage those involved in sabotaging the event because we want all stakeholders including the women’s league and even the war veterans to be part and parcel of the march.

“We are well on course in terms of our mobilisation and I think Matemadanda should be someone who has just received a new (prophetic) blessing,” Chipanga added sarcastically.

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Chipanga is a Pycho, kana isquint eye or whatever , which in makes this idiot hear voices , the Pres and Country are under threat from who, actually the country is under threat from your confusion, focusing on rubbish activites instead of coming up with ideas on how to resolve economic crisis,

Nhai - 27 April 2016

What will happen to these when the Boss dies. Very short sighted idiots

katu moloi - 27 April 2016

Chipanga ndiro Gwara remunhu, he never uttered a word when the the ZANU PF youths realesed 2 videos, but he is so fixated on the WVs, Pick Pple of your own age ukasakwaturwa squint eye ikaita mushe..Benzi..I am sure your parents are so proud of you for failing to instal discipline and failing dismally and an asshole....Just like Grace wakakura chembere dzaenda kumunda

Dude - 27 April 2016

chipanga go and vendorprenuer as that is what your party has brought us,yu are all morons chartalans

saManyika chaiye - 27 April 2016

Ko nhai mwana iwe unonzi Chipanga wapindwa neiko. Washaya here zvimwe zvinhu zvinebasa zvaungataure. Kuita basa rekutuka vanhu vakuru itiska dzekupiko idzoko. Unofanira kunyara mhani mfanha iwewe.

Jabu - 27 April 2016

Chipanga is just responding to Matemadanda who attacked those organizing the march. Mahiya also thinks he can intimidate the youths. Some war vets opposed to the Mutsvangwa faction support Chipanga. ZNLWVA is divided.

Cde Mgagao - 27 April 2016

this will be the mother of all marches eclipsing the 1980 rally by the youthfull RG at zimbabwe grounds where over one hndred thousand people attended,this should actually be called the ten million men march,unlike the recent MDC march which could only garner 800 participants,the bulk being vendors coerced into marching by the MDC which had threatened to unleash the municipal police on vendors refusing to take part and who only joined the march to avoid their wares from being confiscated as mdc controls council,this march will see us pledge our loyalty to HE,we are fully behind our president

truth - 27 April 2016

Chipanga unongovawo chipanga sezita rako.Pauchazoita zibanga unenge wavamurume. don't be used by political prostitutes they will dump you very very soon

Uncle Joe - 27 April 2016

The trouble with Zanu PF operatives is the they are both brain dead, both are regularly used for selfish gain by the ruling elite electrical only to be discarded when they work is done.

Nomusa Garikai - 27 April 2016

KARANGA SUPREMACIST @masamba akareyo the defender of the midlands,chief tribal officer,give us your tribal blinkered view,apart from grace,who else do yu intend to ban from setting foot in the midlands?

jojo - 27 April 2016

@truth dzakatamba nepwere

Chen Chikezha - 27 April 2016

Nezuro kwakaitika drama kustate house. Gushungo vakadaidza Jona ndokuti," Jona, imbonditaurira kuti ngenyi wakafunga zvekureketa pa Internet. Tarisa zvino vana vave kundidzikisira sheche yangu Gire vachitaura zwavanoda." Jona akati:"imhosva yenyu shefu . Ndimwi makati education for all pedzezwo motadza kuvapa mabasa kuti vave occupied." Izvi zvakatsamwisa Gushungo ndokuti:"Dai dura raMangunda richine mari maChina aisvika pano mangwana chaiwo." Jona, achigutsirira musoro ndokutt: "Shefu, ndinofunga tasvika panguva yokuti muchivhundunyura 15 bil.USD iya tivagadzirise vana ava." Gushas vakati ivo hazvigoni; kana ndikati pesvu kwamupfiganebwe nhasi sheche yangu nevana vobata papi. Zikanzi naJona vanorarama mararamiro anoita vamwe. Zvikanzi na Gushas vachivira nehasha: "YOU ARE FIRED !"

Bobby Sadza reZwiyo - 27 April 2016

Many people have tried over the years to get money and benefits by praising RGM. Most are dead now - minus the benefits and money. Only idiots remain and follow suit.

Sagitarr - 28 April 2016

Kakazvarwa chembere dzaenda kundari.

Madhebhura - 28 April 2016

I think this Chinga is a Mole...which Warveterans is telling to "SHUT UP" whilst they are embracing their Million Men march on Cde Robert Mugabe a Warveteran as well....i see a discord in the mouth of this Chipanga...he must come to sense and show whose enemy is....Chipanga you can't separate Cde Robert Mugabe from the Warveterans.....

silungsani ndlovu - 28 April 2016

Does that bring food to more than two million people facing starvation in the country this year?

JSC - 28 April 2016

With all due respect, this misguided Chipanga is a real security threat. Can the service chiefs stop him immediately from giving these utterances? He should not mock our liberators at all. He should not antagonise structures in ZanuPf. He should not shout our fathers at all. They took a risk to fight the whites and they dont deserve this. You are going to pay a heavy price. Idiot

pasipemuswe - 28 April 2016

When are we going to have a president who will round up all these good-for-nothing youths, send them to Binga and force them to do some work in the fields for a living ? I am sickened by their warped minds - allways thinking worshipping the president is the only thing they can do on earth to survive. Same like the Woman`s League.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 28 April 2016

@masamba akareyo,why are you so prejudiced you tribal bigot,why bsend the youths to binga?what wrong has binga done that idle youths must be sent to it instead of your rural home?is it that binga is in matebeland?show the people of binga some respect,binga only crosses your mind when thiinking about idle youths but when the goodie come you distribute them amongst yourselves,detox that dirty mind of yoursthats full of stereotyping people,why should youths from mashonaland be forced to work in the fields of binga?are yu implying that our youths are lazy?if so how did yu come up with that conclusion,is it because they speak a different language from yu,yu stick to banning people from your beloved midlands

jojo - 28 April 2016

Tese tiri mawar vets guys taramba kushishidzirwa whats so special or what exactly differentiates you from other ordinary citizens? we have been to DRC here we are. Stop intimidating us. munozviwanza you the so called war vets. Shut up. No reversal of words and what we mean!

chipanga wacho - 28 April 2016

This Chipanga i mhata

king - 29 April 2016

Mupfanha uyu akafa ziso zvese nepfungwa. Zimbabweans let us join the march and bring down this shit govt. Lets not wear our party regalia but go out there and protest against Robert Mgodoyi and his cabal.

Madhebhura - 29 April 2016

1 million kkkk ndoma fanizi ka aya it wont happen cz pamuno rigger ne 1 million paye makufunga kuti in real life varipo shame ds pipo vanonyepera vanhu zvekusvika pa extend yekuti naivo vanotozokanganwa kuti vainyepa ma youths we must raise up now rambayi kushandiswa ne zanu iyi tofanenzara akomana

mukanya - 30 April 2016

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