Team Lacoste stalks Mugabe

HARARE - Buoyed by recent events in the warring Zanu PF, the party faction rallying behind embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations are said to be resuscitating their plans to either persuade or cause President Robert Mugabe (pictured) to retire before the country’s eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

Well-placed Zanu PF sources told the Daily News yesterday that the mood within Team Lacoste (Mnangagwa faction) was ebullient, as the camp felt that it had finally weathered the relentless onslaught that it had experienced from its avowed party foes, the Generation 40 (G40) group, over the past year.

Among their recent causes of optimism, Mnangagwa’s close allies say restless war veterans aligned to the beleaguered VP have “beaten back the G40” over the past few weeks, forcing Mugabe to compromise on a number of issues — including those related to the suspension and purging of key members of their camp.

A Team Lacoste insider told the Daily News — which has written accurately and consistently on Zanu PF’s mindless bloodletting of the past few years — that, as a result, many in the faction felt that the time was ripe to revisit their plans “to persuade Gushungo (Mugabe)” to retire now, and ostensibly hand over power to Mnangagwa.

“The problem we have is time and the mounting challenges all round. But many comrades firmly believe that now is the time to persuade Gushungo to consider not completing his current term (which ends in 2018) in the country’s interest and that of the party and his family,” the senior Zanu PF official said.

Another supposed Lacoste insider claimed that the faction had in the past few weeks been involved in “around the clock meetings” that were aimed at showing both the G40 and the First Family that Zimbawe and the ruling party would “thrive and not die” if Mugabe retired from office.

“This is not about a coup or forcing the president out of power, no. This is about what is in the best interest of the country, the party, the president himself whom we love very much and his family.

“The reality is that things are not going well in the party and the country, and the time has come for all to realise that the president has tried his best and that it may be time for others to put shoulders to the wheel as well.

“The issue for everybody, of course, will be how to achieve this as smoothly as possible politically and constitutionally” the bigwig said, adding nonchalantly that “this is not about Ngwena (Mnangagwa) but the country”.

Zimbabwe’s Constitution says in the event of the death or incapacitation of the president, the last acting president will take over for up to 90 days, after which the party in power will nominate a person to complete the remainder of the former president’s term.

A Zanu PF women’s league member linked to the G40 said Team Lacoste was “so desperate” in the party’s deadly factional and succession wars — hence the camp’s quest to exploit constitutional provisions to make sure that Mnangagwa would succeed Mugabe.

“They are so desperate these people that they are holding a series of successionist meetings around the country involving some war veterans and their suspended members, which is dividing the party and setting tongues wagging,” she said.

Apparently, and to this end, the Mnangagwa-aligned war veterans were in Mashonaland Central on Saturday with the twin objective of removing regional war veterans’ leader John Machiveyi from office, and briefing the provincial executive on the outcome of their recent meeting in Harare with Mugabe.

Machiveyi stands accused by Team Lacoste of being sympathetic to the G40 and being “too loyal” to under-fire Zanu PF national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere.

The spokesperson of the VP-aligned Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), Douglas Mahiya, confirmed to the Daily News yesterday that they were “annoyed” with Machiveyi and that they were currently embarking on an outreach programme in the provinces.

“As an executive, we are currently holding meetings in provinces to give feedback to our members on our meeting with the president. We were in Mashonaland Central at the weekend and realised that ... Machiveyi has not been consistent for quite some time.

“He has not been attending our meetings of late and his absence has impacted negatively on the operations of the association. We have since put in place mechanisms to see how we can solve this problem and we have assigned people to investigate his suspicious conduct,” Mahiya said.

The forthright Mahiya also reiterated to the Daily News that they were not happy with Kasukuwere, who is nicknamed Tyson for his combative political style.

Scathingly describing the youthful Local Government minister as “a mentally retarded person who has been given a whistle”, Mahiya also accused Kasukuwere of working to destroy Zanu PF — saying he had become “the party, the policeman, the prosecutor and the judge”.

He added that as Kasukuwere’s party position was so crucial in the life of the former liberation movement, it should be a preserve for former freedom fighters who would then use it to put in place a programme “to continue educating the masses on the ideals of the revolution”.

“He (Kasukuwere) must not demonise war veterans and he must come to us and acknowledge that he has no knowledge of mobilising the masses and building the party ... the moment he remains with this idea that he is superior to us and untouchable, then the tension will remain,” Mahiya warned.

And commenting on the so-called million-man march that is planned for next month by Zanu PF youths aligned to the G40, he said war veterans were capable of mounting their own counter demonstration.

“He (Kasukuwere) should relieve himself of this job and if he refuses we are going to take it upon ourselves to mobilise the people to show them how evil the G40 is.

“We are experts in terms of mobilising the masses. If he repents and wants to utilise the knowledge that we have, if he does that fine. We used to capture the enemies, taking them to the rear and teaching them and that is what we will do with him,” Mahiya thundered.


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Hazvina basa izvo Makaranga kana Mundevere havafi vakatonga Zimbabwe

jojo2 - 26 April 2016

this jojo should stop his nonsense of being a tribalist we dont care whether the president is ndebele or whatever as long he/she can bring zimbabwe back to normal

gunz - 26 April 2016

Spot on @jojo over my dead body mazezuru chete ndiwo anofanira kutonga Zimbabwe

Mudhara - 26 April 2016

What does he mean by mobilising the masses?

Dehwe - 26 April 2016

@viola,there is a danger that your favourite candidate ED is now being reduced to a karanga and regional candaidate by his enemies and supporters eg,@masamba akareyo,since the whole country votes and midlands alone cannot usher in cde ED on in an election,without asking yu to preempt your strategy,what is being done to ensure that cde ED has cross appeal on all regions in zimbabwe,without allowing his detractors,myself included from viewing him as a regional leader other than a national leader,coz it seams yu have fallen into a G40 STRATEGY of regionalising cde ED

truth - 26 April 2016

I doubt very much if this interview was held with a genuine team lacoste. Me thinks its G40, because there was never a storm to weather, but just training session for G40 to show them how its done, let them believe they are winning and strike them , when they least expect...They spend the whole year elevating Grace to a VP level , but with one strike at the conference , the whole year's work was destroyed, now useless VONCs now trying to reverse them because no manpower ....What next

Nesu - 26 April 2016

Zimbabwe is a nation of several tribes who live well amongst each other. The politicians are the culprits because they perpetuate tribalism to remain relevant. ED has as much right as any one interested in the Presidency & in any case he is not a regional leader as exemplified by the recent purges where 9 youth chairpersons from 9 provinces were expelled because they all supported him. G40 has purged bigwigs from all provinces because of their support for Ngwena. The Tsholotsho debacle also demonstrated that ED has a national appeal.

Chief Charumbira - 26 April 2016 in mutoko ngwena is not seen as mukaranga.they see more vp in him than job here is to campain for him side by side wth cde selling the broader picture of ngwena being mugabe s deputy,his confidantee since chimurenga.everyone in zim has a tribe,.we cant run away frm a national leader shuld be accesible by all,Including whites n indians

viola gwena - 26 April 2016

Chief Charumbira munobvepiko umambo hwenyu ndohwepi hatikuzivii

Jojo2 - 26 April 2016

@viola,brand mnangagwa yu are selling well but yo @masimba akareyo are misguided and should not be allowed to spoil ngwenas chances their tribalistic agendas,ngwena 4 all his faults is a rare zim politician and speaks more than 3 zim langauges besides english that enough shows he can be a uniting factor,the opportunistic @masamba should not tribalise the mans ticket

jojo - 26 April 2016

where is the tribal demagogue @masamba akareyo tanganda,dont yu have a tea of your own in the midlands,tanganda is for all zimbos,yu identify with tea fo makarangas only,dont spoil manicalands best products

sa manyika chaiye - 26 April 2016

@sa manyika chaiye. Na saManyikavo zvinovanetsa kunzwisisa. Makaenda same night school na jojo. Ngwena payakapinda paposition yeVP yakatiiyo " Masamba asiyana" implying that no corrupt behaviour will be tolerated or condoned from then on. From that day is when I started commenting on this forum in reply to his statement. Tanganda Tea is nowhere near to being a product you can be proud of: inotemesa musoro. Unless munhu anemusoro wakaoma sewenyu saManyika kana kuti jojo , kana akangoimwa anotemwa nemusoro chete. Magona pamati tanganda is for all zimbos, hunge kana mukanzwisisa irony yacho. Tanganda iZanu-PF inokonzera kuti vanhu vazhinji vemuZimbabwe vatemwe nemisoro. Hapana chasiyana pakuvaVP kwaNgwena: masamba achirimamwe chete, masamaba akareyo - Tanganda.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 26 April 2016

@jojo. I say this to you for the second time: Please ask other people who are capable of reading and understanding to help you whenever you read my posts. If you are somebody surviving on the crumbs falling from Kasukukuvere`s table you cannot vent your anger on me because I am not frustrating his ambitions if he intends to be Sabhuku kuvillage kwake. For that I think he qualifies and you welcome him. My post was directed to Midlanders (the majority of who are Makaranga) that they should be aware of such snakes as Kasukukuviri. Saka imwe tribe yawanzwa ndichidoma ndeipi ? Dzidza kuverenga zwakanyorwa kwete zwakaora zwiri mudzoro rako. Musoro wako unenge shamba kana kuti mwiwa risina kusvika - wakazara nemvura.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 26 April 2016

Theris now confusion on Jojo n Jojo 2.difere t characters of diferent even tho ,insults will not help wi ning an argument.insults do t help at all.yu can be understood wthout Insulting anyone.And tribalism to me is a desease that has killed people in Africa.from rwanda,drc,south africa, lets be seen as who we are or purpot to be ,an educated nation.tribalism must not be tolerated at all.editor must exercise his control on this platform.

viola gwena - 27 April 2016

Theris a very thin line between racists n tribalists.racists fry a black person on fire ,liching,tribalists hack off heads of persons of other tribes.sick minds.Theris nothing macho about being tribalist.yu r a intolerant person,ready to kill simply for tribe.Lets not be proud of being zombies.

viola gwena - 27 April 2016

@viola,very true,@masamba akareyo should know that mnangagwa was a member of the crocodile gang,a qualified lawyer,one of the pioneers of the liberation struggle,a close confidant of the president for four decades,surely with all these exceptionally qualities,@masamba thinks his strongest asset is that the VP is a mukaranga,back off @ masamba,stick to yo al shebaab and let those that see mnangagwa as presidential material sell him

jojo - 27 April 2016

@masamba,a man must have the humility to accept he is wrong,just read what @chief charumbira wrote,you are on your own,yu donk speak on behalf of midlanders,even the zanu supporter @viola never blows a trupmet about being a mukaranga,she campaigns on policies

GOLIATH - 27 April 2016

What "presidential material" can ever come from ZPF at this juncture? If their best brains have reduced the country to this rubble what can we expect from the remainder? I can't see anyone who can stem corruption, put in place constructive policies complete with checks & balances and with a vision for this country to succeed within ZPF currently. I don't.

Sagitarr - 27 April 2016

@masamba,we have enjoyed peace in zimbabwe because of this simple rule,muzezuru president,mukaranga first vice president,mundevere 2nd vice president,rega kurota,mukranga will never rule,even the respected mzii knew that,stop hallucinating

zezuru unqonquerable - 27 April 2016

it unconquerable

jojo - 27 April 2016

@Viola are you saying those who were involved in gukurahundi are tribalists. There is a familiar name on that list

changara - 27 April 2016

@zezuru unqonquerable . Kusaziva history yeZimbabwe kwako kwaratidza kuti uri mubva kure. President muzezuru ? Mukaranga wawakaona achigwisa imwe tribe ndiani, rinhi kwacho ? Kana uchida kuziva a tribalist vhunza uyo waunoti muzezuru president. Kana akakuvanzira enda unovhunza maKalanga vachakutaurira. Finally proof yekuti ndiani arikutonga Zimbabwe is there even for the blind to see. Your leader has ruined Zimbabwe irretriveably ? How can you have pride in ruining a country that you found with systems running perfectly well, a country that was an envy for many world wide ? That goes to tell how egocentric and brainless you are.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 27 April 2016

I would like to express my utter most disappointment on the comment by jojo2 that Ndebele can never rule. this is a treasonous statement because jojo2 is implying that Ndebeles even during the war they never participated for the liberation and providing leadership that brought this peace and stability that he is enjoying today. I think he should stop posting issues that he has no clue and knowledge about. Ndebele people are not [power hungry either do they fight for [positions but they identify skill, intelligence, knowledge, brilliance etc among their cadres within the movement and assign accordingly. please this is too bad and not acceptable. no wander why there ethnic uprisings in some countries because of such comments. jojo2 be careful and stop this nonsense and go to your rural home and rest. Ndebeles are not a clumsy tribe.

nqaks sigcono nkala - 27 April 2016

@masamba akareyo,zimbo is ruined becoz we entrusted idiotic makarangas with ministerial duties they cannot manage since 1980,ngwena bungled gukuhahundi,zvobgo amended the constitution until it becane draconian,josaya hungwe was and is still clueless,shuvai mahofa has excelled mo in love affairs than govt work,mavhaire brought enthanol which pushed up fuel prices,do yu need more examples?

zezuru unconquerable - 27 April 2016

This discusion is now unproductive.nothing good will come out of this .tribalism is bad,very bad.the moment yu post anything wth tribal conotasions,good or bad,yu are tribal.whether yu say mtoko are good,thats tribal n yu dnt fit in tdays world.yu r a remnant of tribe is more important than others.we r all equal in the eyes of God and the law.

viola gwena - 27 April 2016

On Guku I think I have given my side of reasoning on that.Anything further wuld be to try n defend vp more than he wuld himself.what is clear is explanations n reasnings may not be enuf to heal the affected.Vp himself perhaps did want to exonerate himself thru courts,when he told Hon Coltart.But its ironic that its Hon Coltart himself who did not want to go to court.Im also informed vp was pursueded not to take that route,by cabinet.So maybe gorvenment itself will see it fit to do smething else in order to heal.I may not have all the answers bt at some stage Ngwena himself will have to respond publicly on his involvement in Guku,but again if I thot he was to blame for my uncles tragedies,I wuld nt at all support him as I do.Only time will tell.There is God up there who sees everything ,like a bird in the tree.

viola gwena - 27 April 2016

race & tribe are identity fundamentals that are inextricably interwoven into human existance & interaction. we cant run away from that. now what is wrong is to use racially allusive & tribally oblique expressions in a typically suggestive or disparaging manner to gain cheap superiority and self proclaimed favour & status. we dont belong to tribes & races by choice but what matter are our humanity. the moment one starts talking about black/white or ndebele/zezuru then the twn evils racism&tribalism will be rearing their ugly heads; the possessed host will be in desperate need for rehab or a strong anaesthetic vaccine!

SaManyika Chaiye - 27 April 2016

That jojo 'thing' must be crazy! What do you know about makaranga nemandevere iwe? You do not want to be led by learned people because you know what you are holding in your dirty hands, aired through your dirty mind. Who told you that country belongs to zezurus? Back off Monna! We want peope with focus here not hurt. Nonsense!

Senator Culverwell - 27 April 2016

@zezuru unconquerable. He taught you the art of blame game, I can see. I am preparing medals for both of you as quickly as I can before he departs.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 27 April 2016

the series of comments are showing that zanu pple can be disturbed by irrelevant issues to easly lose track of discussions. now everyone is so engrossed into a debate marred by tribal undertones at the expense of debating the crumbling estate and how it can be defibrilated! your debates generate heat rather than solutions. it is typical of zanu clan to raise voices rather than raising ideas. we are doomed with zanu in leadership.

SaManyika Chaiye - 27 April 2016

@samanyika,how is the revolutionary party to be blamed for your 'debate' when the protaganist are well known anti zanu people@jojo,@masamba akareyo and yourself with @viola views only bring a breath of fresh air from your manicaland teas and the first lady being banned from setting foot in the midlands

truth - 27 April 2016

@samanyika.I thot viola is zanu.whats going on wth yu.At times its the zanu pple who are sensible.

unandi - 27 April 2016

@unandi; sorry I didn't get you, what do yu mean? @truth; some sections are saying heee hatitongwe ne such n such tribe, & the attacked tribes are also responding with senseless bile! this is typical of zanu just like what is happening at the main stage where you have tumu locust & g40 divided along tribal lines. the factional bllodletting is taking all yo attention at the expense of delivering 2m jobs or rather giving answers about the missing $15b! can you see? and @viola likes ED much to the chagrin of you & other tribalists & g40s. she is too weak a good woman to douse the tribal & factional flames engulfing all & sundry. and in all this attention to real challenges is diverted to cheap charlie chaplin comic politiking. hence my lamentantion; with zanu in leadership we are doomed!

SaManyika Chaiye - 27 April 2016

I used to dislike this viola bt I take my hate off for her on her exhotation on Guku.I was greatly affected,lost this input frm her at least calms me .thank Viola.

ino - 27 April 2016

@samanyika,i love yu man,i have ditched my collins dictionary as it is now too shallow to get an oxford dictionary coz eveytime yu write men,i have to consult,now i understand why uchifarira party yevarungu

jojo - 28 April 2016

@jojo.english dictionery nere chimanyika.samaz yu In love wth viola.propose.stop hiding behind ppf n be a man.

oliver - 28 April 2016

@oliver; i pretend to like @viola becoz most, if not all, on this forum have fallen for her charms! anyway don't be a typical zanu stereotype that digress from topics under discussion by throwing statements in bad taste! stop it (fanika grace)!

SaManyika Chaiye - 28 April 2016

@samaz.yo sentence construction is not reflecting any sence.who is being stereotyped by zanu? As what?to stereotype a person is to group evryone as low class,desreguding individual strengths.

oliver - 28 April 2016

the meaning of 'stereotype' is anglicanized or contextualised mhani. dont depend on dictionary like @jojo becoz you wont get the meaning of context but of words! all the same, @oliver; yu must learn to keep your mouth shut, because by opening it you display your hollowness. we are not on a lecture session where you need to understand everything. if you are ignorant don't opt for arrogance than politeness when you want to seek knowledge. diversionist nxaa!! izvezvi uchati diversionist zvinoreweyi.

SaManyika Chaiye - 28 April 2016

@samaz.yu r an ignorant tribesman.stil in animal skins bt using a cellfone.I hav a doctorate in english.not chimanyika.yu dnt think in chimanyika n speak in english.

oliver - 28 April 2016

@oliver; that doctorate is the disease you suffering from! you and grace have doctorates and you parade them everytime you try to seek & divert attention! stop it! it shows how fraudulent your doctorates are. hapaz palecture theatre pano paunomarker maplagiarised assignments ne pen ye red! to hell or whereever with yo overnight phd!

SaManyika Chaiye - 29 April 2016

@samaz.tinyararire apa ,kusafunda.kunhonga dikishinari kunge wanhonga pito.kuiridza day in day gona have to stereotype yu as a rural bus condactor,very bad handwriting, besides the english language.yo writings sell yu out,a rural college 1st year dropout.the little prases n metaphors yu learnt in yo 1st year is all yu have to show off,even in greeti g yo rural aunties.yu dropped out of college befo tackling similies in english language.parthetic moron.stick to chimanyika n dnt stereotype everyone from manicaland,becoz of yo village ,parthetic reasoning.mmmm tishore samanyika.

oliver - 29 April 2016

@samanyika.bambo masangana nazvo.itii mwiro.apa avemakata bambo.OLiver has killed yu samaz.Chirungu cgi gouya nge ngarawa bambo.endai moovhiye mbudzi.

jembe - 29 April 2016

at least i got you & @ jembe in the place where I really wanted yu to be. stay in your mythical form 2 jibes of xool truants arguing over which ethinc group is superior than the other. i said the moment you start dwelling into tribal trivialities, you need anaesthesia! at least you got ''phds''! fakofu diversionists!

SaManyika Chaiye - 29 April 2016

This is one mad manyika.ignore him plse.lets move on.this page is a record breaker 47,.!

nancy - 29 April 2016

Mabasa a viola

bob - 29 April 2016

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