Makandiwa predicted Zambia's xenophobia

HARARE - Popular Zimbabwean preacher, Emmanuel Makandiwa prophesied about the xenophobic violence that recently rocked the Zambian capital, Lusaka, according to a video posted on YouTube.

The video, which shows Makandiwa predicting the disturbances on April 9, exactly nine days before they began, has gone viral on social media platforms.

In the video which shows the United Family International Church (UFIC) leader speaking to local and international visitors at the church’s Life Haven base in Mt Hampden, the charismatic preacher called on the gathering, which had a sizeable number of Zambian nationals, to pray for the nation of Zambia in order to avert events “previously unheard of in Zambia”.

He said:  “I saw two secret meetings taking place and I was able to “attend” the meetings. And I saw people gathering to formulate a terrorist group... and I am seeing a protest rising up against it (the issue) about foreigners, is it a nationality thing or it’s an in-house thing,” he says, in what appears to be an apparent reference to the underlying cause of the disturbances.

Zambia, which was recently voted as the most peaceful nation in Africa, was rocked by violent protests aimed at Rwandan nationals believed to have been behind a spate of ritual murders in Lusaka and the government had to quickly move in to quell the disturbances which could have easily escalated into bloodshed.

Xenophobic violence has no history in independent Zambia and the recent events took many by surprise, including the Zambian president, Edgar Lungu who described it as a shame.

Two days after the prophecy, Zambian newspapers were lauding the prevailing peace in the country, in what some analysts have seen as an effort to dismiss Makandiwa’s prediction.

Makandiwa’s spokesperson,  Prime Kufa confirmed the prophecy and said: “They may have felt the need to give their nation such assurances seeing that Prophet Makandiwa has become a voice to the nations which cannot just be ignored and that his prophecy would have been taken seriously by their nationals.

“Some of the Zambians who heard of the prophecy were in polite dismissal saying though they believed in the accuracy and timeous fulfilment of Prophet Makandiwa’s prophecies, Zambia was an exception when it comes to violence.

“This thing might not move a lot of Zimbabweans but the Zambian nationals who knew of the prophecy before it’s fulfilment are in awe. Many have been calling our offices and some sending texts to express their gratitude to the Prophet of God for having called for such a prayer, without which, worse things could have happened. Most of us could never have imagined that such a thing could ever happen in Zambia.”

Kufa said on the same day, Makandiwa gave another prophecy on the need to pray for the aversion of a British Airways plane disaster at Heathrow Airport and a few days later, a drone collided with a BA plane on approach to the airport.

“We have to thank God for such a man. When he accurately prophesied that gold production levels would rise, it was inconceivable amidst the closure of the big gold mines that was taking place but ever since, gold production has been on a high and even recently our president acknowledged it,” Kufa added.

“The Zambia prophecy comes soon after Prophet Makandiwa gave another prophecy on South African deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa which was fulfilled to exact detail.

“Prophet Makandiwa has become an international voice over the years, giving accurate prophecies over nations and many of his former critics have accepted that love him or loathe him, he surely has a prophetic eye and is a man whose voice cannot be ignored,” said Kufa.

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This is a proven voice worthy to follow, Glory be to God. Thank you Jesus for the Prophet.

Joseph - 26 April 2016

The purpose of a prophesy is to let the children of God be prepared of impending disasters or mishaps. Please dont twist facts to suit your greedness

mahurepachechi - 26 April 2016

Glory be to the living God. We have a great prophet in the country. A great seer of our time. May God protect him and continue to use him for our benefit as mankind.

Raymond - 26 April 2016

the man of God Prophet E Makandiwa is a true man of God ,true prophecy must come to pas Deutronomy 18:22 ,hate him or like him the facts are there to speak for themselves .A prophet has no honour in his own town and among his own people .

mukudzeyi chibwe - 26 April 2016

If these Man of God will spend more time on their knees Zimbabwe will not be in this quagmire.

Christ In Me - 26 April 2016

people must distinguish a prophecy from prediction,those familiar with the history of zambia know of the tribal tension in that country and also the issue of barotseland,the indeginisation drive has also brought in extreme nationalist sentiment in africa such that predicting that citizens of any country will rise against foreigners is no prophecy but a prediction and probably security intelligence,dont be fooled

truth - 26 April 2016

THere is something to be said about prophesy and Africa. It seems to me that most "Prophets" are in Africa and for the most part in areas with great poverty and desperation. I am sure there is strong correlation between poverty and the rise of false prophecy. Makandiwa, Magaya Angel etc.. all began to thrive as Zimbabweans became desperate and seeking divine intervention for our problems. These guys are good at this act. None of them, I repeat, none of them are true prophets but opportunists that are just taking advantage of people. For all the people that believe in their prophecy can anyone show me something they have done to alleviate the suffering of people other then line their own pockets.

gudo - 26 April 2016

The devil is behind the violence, he planned it and caused it and told his messengers what he was doing to give his messengers prophetic clout so they continue to deceive.

Seer - 27 April 2016

KKKKKKKKK if you were following the Zambian politics since that imbecile Lungu took over, even a little kid would have known that there will be attacks on foreigners. Mugabe was himself 'assaulted' by a mob meaning Zambia was ready to attack what they perceive as 'unjust'. Lungu created the mess Zambia is in hence anything is possible. Would that be a prophesy if I tell you that someone in the ZANU PF will die of an accident before 2018? Watch the space and please give me money when my prophesy comes true.

Fake Mkandiwa/Magaya - 27 April 2016

Ko prophecy iyi yakabva kupi, mademon n'anga zvinoporofita kudaro.dai kurikwaMwari dai pane kundiso .Mwari anoda vanhu vake zvikuru ,satan ndiye akauya kuzouraya nekuparadza.chenjerai maporofita enhema

soko - 27 April 2016

Amos3vs7 says Surely the Lord God will do nothing,bt he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.ITS HIGH TIME AS ZIMBABWEANS WE SHOULD ACCEPT WHAT GOD HAS DONE FOR US AS A NATION.BEING GIVEN A GIFT BY THE NAME PROPHET EMMANUEL MAKANDIWA.HE IS A TRUE MAN OF GOD.THE LOVE HE HAS FOR THIS COUNTRY I WISH PEOPLE ESPECIALLY THOSE IN POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY WILL HEARKEN INTO HIS VOICE.BECAUSE 2CRON20vs20 says believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established and believe His prophets and you shall prosper.

JJ Tawanda - 27 April 2016

thank you prophet E Makandiwa. you are a Seer indeed. no honour in your home land, but the world out there knows your true calibre. keep it up

me - 27 April 2016

why are his prophecies revealed to a secret meetins with visitors only and not at his City Sports Centre? be like TB who makes his prophecies public well before the event not after the event.

tapedza Madhubeko - 27 April 2016

True lies! Dai akataura ka kudhara..Ungabudisa prophesy zvaitika woti wakaprofita.. He is a magician like Dathan and Korah... Makandiwa is fake.. Yngu ndeyekuti gore rino Zimbabwe ichanaka.. Zvisati zvaitika so.. kwaaks

Mudzu one - 27 April 2016

Who doesnt know kuti mavideos ese aMakandiwa anobikwa. All lies. And anyway if you follow news this was something which took time to built up and people knew something like this would happen so hapana nyaya naMakandiwa. False Prophet wezvikwambo

Gift - 27 April 2016

i jus love prophet makandiwa

tn makandiwa - 27 April 2016

Prophet Makandiwa is a true VOICE to the NATIONS

Puro - 27 April 2016


MHURURU - 27 April 2016

Ndirikuona guva mumusha wenyu, hecho chimwe chiporofita icho, kuvanhu vasingadi kufunga

mr predictor - 28 April 2016

thank you my Lord

annitah - 28 April 2016

Prophet E Makandiwa you are a voice of God .The prophecies were soo spot on , Thank you our Seer. May God Continue to bless you .Thank you

Clettos Mharakurwa - 28 April 2016

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