'Mnangagwa will take over'

HARARE - After months of suffering a savage and relentless mauling at the hands of the Generation 40 (G40) group within the warring Zanu PF, allies of embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa have their tails up again, vowing yesterday that nothing will stop the Midlands godfather from succeeding President Robert Mugabe.

Well-placed sources close to the VP’s Zanu PF camp told the Daily News yesterday that Team Lacoste, as the faction is called, had “weathered the storm” and were now “very confident that Lacoste (Mnangagwa) will get there (succeed Mugabe)”.

One of the sources even claimed that Zanu PF deputy secretary for administration, July Moyo — said to be Mnangagwa’s foremost aide — had thrown down the gauntlet on Saturday, openly declaring that the VP would succeed Mugabe, despite “the G40’s machinations”.

“This happened during a heated extra-ordinary Midlands co-ordinating committee meeting that was called by acting provincial chairperson Joram Gumbo to try and douse the factional flames that have split the province into two because of the G40’s machinations,” the source claimed.

Midlands, said to be the citadel of Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF support, has witnessed some of the ugliest party battles over the past year, as the factional and succession wars devouring the former liberation movement continue to escalate.

Indeed, the province has experienced deadly and incessant infighting as the G40 have worked tirelessly to neutralise the VP “in his den”. This has seen the regional party leadership being dissolved unceremoniously, and Gumbo being appointed interim chairperson.

The G40 camp accuses Mnangagwa’s regional allies of steering the province towards “an alternative centre of power and seeking to stampede Mugabe from power”, while Team Lacoste members accuse the G40 of having “unbridled ambition and abusing the First Family” in that regard.

Another source aligned to the G40 who attended the weekend Zanu PF meeting in the Midlands also told the Daily News yesterday that while the warring factions had agreed to bury the hatchet at the get-together, Moyo had allegedly not hidden his “fanatic support” for Mnangagwa.

“It was a candid meeting where everyone was free to speak their minds about the problems arresting the political development of the province. Moyo openly told the meeting that he wanted Mnangagwa to succeed His Excellency, the president.

“To quote his exact words, Moyo said ‘it is my wish to see Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa become president one day.  I have no problems with that. So, if he can be, so be it.

“This shocked everyone in the meeting, given that the president is still there and we all wondered how that can be,” the source said.

Contacted for comment, Gumbo confirmed the attempts at uniting the province, but declined to shed light on what went on, insisting that it was premature to give a comment.

“I am a member of the politburo who was given the mandate to unite the party. So, while I can confirm that we had a PCC on Saturday, I cannot comment on anything before the job is complete.

“I will give a report to the politburo when I am finished. I am not sure in what capacity those who gave you all those details were doing so. You can get a comment from them,” he said.

Repeated efforts to talk to Moyo yesterday were unsuccessful, as his mobile phone was unreachable.

The meeting, according to other insiders, also saw Tapiwa Matangaidze and his team that allegedly includes Sports minister Makhosini Hlongwane and Lot Mpofu — all of whom are said to be aligned to the G40 — “telling each other some home truths” with Gumbo and the VP’s wife Auxilia Mnangagwa.

“The G40 camp complained about the issues of parallel structures and the holding of meetings at Moyo’s home, saying this was causing unnecessary confusion in the province.

“. . . (Auxilia) Mnangagwa told the PCC that the regional problems were about differences between Owen Ncube, Matangaidze and Hlongwane, and that their problems should not be allowed to affect the whole province,” one of the other attendees said.

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zvogotipeiko replacing a cruel geriatric with another. at 75, emma will be 81 when rwavhi Mugabe dies at 100 and why should the country be held to ransom by zanu zombies? again who is going to vote for zanu with the economy in a freefall like this?

josphat mugadzaweta - 25 April 2016

Yes indeed.ngwena is on a rollacoaster.nothing will stand in his way.noone will stop him.viva ngwena.

viola gwena - 25 April 2016

Even though I will never ever dream of supporting ZANU PF political ideology, here I am just saying Munangangwa has to be given the button of leadership in ZANU PF. This a relay game you cannot select someone not on the relay team to come and run you will be disqualified. So Ngwena ngavatonge immediately after Mugabe.

jambezi - 25 April 2016

Midlanders, beware of being devided by Grace through her probe stick Kasukukuvere, for her own ends. Grace is a dumb and blind mole using this guy to to destroy Garwe in the race for the state house after Mugabe. It will be very uncharacteristic of the Midlanders to give in to such shallow mechanization by morons riding on Mugabe`s shoulders to gain access to the highest seat in the land. If you give in it will be the greatest betrayal of all times. They are not waging a war against Mnangagwa perse. They are using Mugabe to weaken and eventually destroy the power Makaranga has on the country political scene. So be warned of their unwarranted intrusion in the region under the pretext of protecting Mugabe. Protecting Mugabe from who ? Who from the Midlands have they heard is pushing Mugabe from his seat ? History tells us all: there has never been any Mukaranga who has been found interfering in other regions telling people there how they should handle their affairs. I repeat: this move in the Midlands by the so-called G-40 is nothing to do with the so-called center of power ( a smoke screen used by Grace) but a well planned maneuvre by Grace to annihilate who we are as Makaranga. If she has to fight Ngwena she better be advised to restrict her war zone to Ngwena`s office in Harare but avoid setting her dirty feet in the Midlands.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 25 April 2016

We realy look forward to be invited for a cup of tea at state house,2018.we look forward to a normal 1st lady.especially us women.there is projects that must be done led by 1st lady.we dnt want a 1st lady that meddles in politics.A1st lady shuld even invite mdc women for some talks,all women.talks on projects for women n families.Auxilia we waiting.

viola gwena - 25 April 2016

The gukurahundi skeleyons are waiting for you bru.Come clean else u will have drama

Gudu - 25 April 2016

@masamba akareyo,i think yu can do better,are yu a tribal bigot?

jojo - 25 April 2016

Haitongwe neGaranga Zimbabwe hazviite, not in my lifetime ndezvenyu izvo

jojo2 - 25 April 2016

cde ED will never win an election,@viola maybe yu should use yo influence in the party so that we adopt the botswana system whereby the incumbent retires just before his term expires allowing the deputy to finnish off the term,then going into the next elections with all the advantages of incumbency,other than that,even the midlands might reject him,as shown by his thrashing by the MDC in kwekwe

truth - 25 April 2016

@masamba,u are dumb and blind and a moron 4 holding such views,idiot is an understatement

sober - 25 April 2016

@truth.yu see we cannot borrow sysetms from foreign institutions.we have our own zanu way,congress.This is our way truth.We cannot change that to suit a candidate.not even ngwena himself.he has to go thru a congress,bt that is if the party calls for one in agreement.or otherwise fate directs the party to unsure destiny,like if present zanu leader sees no reasn for congress when he is alive.bt yo observation is true n good,our party needs to rally behind 1 leader ,especially now.Leaders of parties donot win elections by themselves,bt its the supporters,those that propose his name at congresses.they are the campainers.In this case we ,or sme of us in zanu see ngwena as our last man standing,as warvets.Cde Mahiya has emphasized correctly in tday s daily,that warvets as the vanguard of zanu n zimbabwe will now need to relook into the affairs of how zanu is run.yes that comrade is the man.

viola gwena - 26 April 2016

IF one decides they want to lead,systems are there to be followed,party rules.one must not be scared of that route.it is the surest way of becomi g an acceptable leader to all.Shuld not wish to be appointed,but win party followers.It is this reasn why yu see many parties falling after for efully I stalling a leader.A clear case is when welshman hired mutambara.Welshman rallied all in his mdc to vote for mutambara,and his party clicked,was relevent ,bt as soon as welshman himself haunted mutambarz out n put himself ,his party went down.Yu need party principles to be a leader.yu cannot be pushed by vengeance of love of money n deals.its a Godly position.

viola gwena - 26 April 2016

get away with or without ngwena, whats the change your ngwena will bring, get away please, these guys failed us for almost four decades. zanu pf should be frozen because is a party of terrorists.... Bokoharams

JOHN FARAH - 26 April 2016

mugoti unopihwa anyerere (chombo)

tnkmafi - 26 April 2016

Zimbabweans,Lets forget politics of regionalism and stick to politics whose standart gives us economic independence. We want democracy where the power of an election is recognised.It does not help us if the current economic situation is not improved.Our concern should be hinged on nation building .As to who succeed the president we vote.We must have means of safeguarding our nation from bad tacktics employed by politicians for them to get power.

marechera - 26 April 2016

@marechera,well said,please tell that to @masamba akareyo,if we may ask,@ masamba,do yu intend to cecede the midlands and create a mukaranga kingdom?still what will yu do with the ndebeles who call midlands home?expel them to other provinces or worse given your tone put them in gas chambers?yu dangerous man

jojo - 26 April 2016

@jojo. Kumbira vakaenda kuchikoro vakuverengera vagokutsanangurira zvandakanyora.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 26 April 2016

@ VIOLA The problem is that the ZANU way is not the ZIMBABWEAN WAY. Bob himself acknowledged losing 78% to Tsvangirai, back in '08. He lost by an even bigger margin in 2013 if truth be told, some pun there, eh?!! Nobody but nobody believes in ZANU anymore, even the privileged few have seen the light. ZANU is rotten to the core.

Dunlop Munjanja - 26 April 2016

Zanu can be changed Dunlop.It does not end wth cde mugabe.It lives .it wil live long time,for the people .

viola gwena - 26 April 2016

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