Zanu PF okays anti-Mnangagwa demo

HARARE - Attempts by war veterans aligned to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to sabotage next month’s planned “million-man march” against the Midlands godfather by Zanu PF youths associated with the governing party’s ambitious Young Turks, the Generation 40 (G40), are dead in the water.

The party has now officially moved to direct all its organs and followers to support the controversial march that the youths claim is to show solidarity with President Robert Mugabe, but which Mnangagwa’s allies say is targeted at the beleaguered VP.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday that the youths should report to the party’s leadership all the war veterans and other members who are said to be working feverishly to sabotage the planned demonstration, so that action could be taken against them.

This followed reports that ex-combatants and some party bigwigs in a number of provinces were working hard to derail the march — in what G40 insiders claim was an attempt at repeating what the VP’s allies allegedly did in the run-up to the 21st February Movement celebrations in Masvingo last February.

“Zanu PF and all its wings fully support the youth league and if they are encountering any problems, they know where to go.

“We have provincial leadership and they should take their problems there and they will be sufficiently dealt with because the party is backing their programme. They are a wing of the party and while they are responsible for organising the march we have a mandate to give them our backing,” Khaya Moyo said.

A fuming women’s league treasurer, Sarah Mahoka, also warned Team Lacoste — as the Mnangagwa camp is referred to — that they would fail “dismally in their machinations”.

“They should know better that the women and the youths are in the majority, not only in Zanu PF, but in the country as a whole, so they are the ones who will fall.

“We are making it clear again that where the president is concerned, there is no going back. We are his shield and we are mobilising to ensure that we send a message to all that the man is well-protected.

“You will see when the day comes as we will prove once again that the youths are the vanguard of the party, and that with the women’s league support, they will not fail in their mandate,” Mahoka told the Daily News on Sunday.

Manicaland Zanu PF youth deputy secretary for information and publicity, Passionate Dandajena, revealed in an interview with the Daily News on Sunday’s sister paper, the Daily News, on Friday that Team Lacoste ex-combatants were working hard to derail the march.

“Our efforts to fundraise for the march are being frustrated by a group of war veterans led by Comrade (war veterans leader Christopher) Mutsvangwa. But we will not be derailed and will achieve our mission in spite of their opposition,” Dandajena said.

She said unlike previously, when the youths had only approached individuals and ministers that they felt were willing to support their programmes, this time they were approaching “everyone” — a move she said would also “expose” those who were against the march.

“We are approaching everyone and this will expose those who either run away from their offices when we approach them or find other funny excuses to refuse us help. There are many senior officials who always try to avoid supporting the youth league here,” Dandajena charged.

Another regional youth official was even more blunt, naming Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa, Water minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri and Agriculture minister Joseph Made as being among the bigwigs who were allegedly opposed to the march.

“Muchinguri leads this group and Chinamasa appears to be even busier than the president himself,” the youth league official who declined to be named for fear of victimisation said.

Made was not picking his phone yesterday, while Muchinguri-Kashiri was unreachable. Chinamasa, who said he was caught up in meetings, promised to return the Daily News on Sunday’s call later, but had not done so at the time of going to Press.

“The million-man march is meant to offer support for the leadership of ...Mugabe and not to decampaign any individual. Some MPs are also not showing solidarity because they feel the march will be targeted at them, which is not the case at all,” Dandajena said when pressed to shed more light on the march.

She said they had budgeted $50 000 to transport almost 100 000 party officials from across the province to Harare for the march. They had also set up a committee to lead their fundraising efforts, which would include dinners and musical concerts.

Meanwhile, the youth league leaders in Harare said all was on track for the march in the capital, which is coming at a time that the governing party is experiencing arguably its worst ever internal ructions since it came to power in 1980.

Youth League national deputy secretary, Kudzanai Chipanga, said his executive would be heading to Mashonaland West yesterday to mobilise support for the marches, to show their backing for Mugabe.

“After our visit to Mashonaland West and Harare on Sunday (today), we are heading to Midlands mid next week, before heading to Matabeleland North and South next weekend.

“You must remember that since we got rid of those elements that were fuelling factionalism within the youth league who include the likes of Godfrey Tsenengamu and others on suspension, there has been unity of purpose, so everyone is determined to show their support for the president.

“We have a mandate as the youth league to protect the president from both internal and external threats, so it is all systems go, although we are yet to come up with an exact date,” Chipanga said.

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba was not available for comment to shed light on whether law enforcement agencies would clear the march.

But Chipanga was emphatic that this would not be a problem once the league formally advised authorities about their intentions.

“Once we agree on the exact dates, we will advise the police for clearance. What we have agreed on at the moment is that we will March in May, most likely in the first two weeks of the month, so we thought it would be prudent to approach the police only when we have the actual date,” Chipanga added.

Zanu PF insiders who have previously spoken to the Daily News have said the march will be punctuated by anti-Mnangagwa slogans, as well as placards denouncing his supposed key allies such as prominent war veterans Mutsvangwa and Victor Matemadanda.

“The march will put Team Lacoste in its proper place because the numbers will prove that the group has no support. Even in their supposed stronghold of Masvingo, more than 5 000 youths will participate in the march and those who thought that Mnangagwa had support will be put to shame because some of his supposed staunch supporters there will be with us,” a Zanu PF women’s league official said.


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these youths are crazy to say the truth. instead of marching for promised jobs , they march to support a man who is failing to go and rest.

makwerekwere - 24 April 2016

Oh man.its just self we realy need to compete wth our blundering children.its up to us reconstruct the idiology of the struggle.for the pple.The destiny is the cause of the overcome the economic struggle.The resistance against the systerm is a sign of philosofical economic struggle that has gone off the rails.Do we stand aside n look?Look up to the yuths to reconstruct the struggle?Our history n reputation demands otherwise.

viola gwena - 24 April 2016

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Webster Chirevo - 25 April 2016

kkkk machai nxaa

makwira miti - 25 April 2016

Jabulani Sibanda tried the one million man and all turned to be a lie however due to mediocrit analysis in Zimbabwe they counted the nearly 3000 people as million and a resounding success, Jabu was eleveted to a War Vets chairman, a yera later Mugabe \'s votes of the entire country could not even surpass the 1 million mark had not been rigging. Now there is another one who wants a mileage on the same match. Desperation of ZANU PF to please Mugabe amazes me, yet Mugabe does not even think of any one except his wife and kids and relatives.

amina - 25 April 2016

If this report is accurate then it is clear to me that Mugabe is intent on stirring things up instead of trying to do the opposite and calm things down by promoting reconciliation within the ranks as any good leader with the genuine feelings towards the people would do? Realizing that he has lost popularity, I get the impression that he wants to promote chaos that leads to civil unrest, violence and bloodshed with tribes fighting each other something that will ruin this country and make it virtually ungovernable? Such is is psychopathic mind? I pray that I'm wrong.

Kokorodza - 25 April 2016

even if you force people to march against any other individuals for the continued clinging on to power, that does not matter all. Mnangagwa has fought a genuine protracted war against the former colonial masters to liberate these youngsters who are now overzealous of the freedom they even do not see how it was brought about just being used for no benefit to fight other peoples wars. That old nonagenarian his time is up please help him to pass the baton stick to others who are energetic and give him an honorable advisory role. That is good for us all, rather than picking up squabbles that do harm us, hey you women's league and the youth league stop it!!!!!!!!!!

sukaihari nyamasvisva - 25 April 2016

anyone trying to revive zanu is like a desperate mother who tries to suckle a still-born child. zanu is dead guys and why should the rest of us die with it?! why cant this group of people disband and pledge this dead baby to the hospital warden for incineration?

SaManyika Chaiye - 25 April 2016

The march should be aptly named The Million Unemployed Men March.This will show the world that we can assemble a million unemployed youths on the streets because they are good political condoms.

Sabhuku - 25 April 2016


tongoona - 25 April 2016

kkkkkkk 1million jobless youths ngavaende kundoshandiswa nasabhuku

vhakelah580 - 25 April 2016

While the country's economy is almost completely dead, we gather some US dollars not to rehabilitate a deeply bruised road, feed hungry villagers or dig wells for widowed towns' mothers, we provide transport, not to transport food to the starving but to transport unemployed youths who have nothing to do, to march for the prolongation of Mugabe's hold on the ruling seat, an unproductive exercise. It is very shameful.

Mr Dete - 30 April 2016

$50 000 wud b better spent repatriating weman stuck in kuwait

jjjjjjj jjjjjjjj - 30 April 2016

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