Mugabe promises govt pay increase

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe yesterday said government will find ways to improve the welfare of civil servants by increasing their salaries to match the poverty datum line.

Addressing thousands of Zimbabweans that gathered at the National Sports Stadium in Harare to celebrate the country’s 36 years of independence, Mugabe said his government — which has been failing to raise the civil servants’ salaries on time — was working towards improving the situation.

“It is the desire of government that salaries progressively match the poverty datum line. Government apologises for the late disbursement of salaries, bonuses and monthly payments to pensioners, but be rest assured, government is working flat out to improve the situation. Now that the workers have begun contributing towards the pension fund, payment of pensioners will be more predictable and on time,” the 92-year-old president said.

Mugabe, whose government spends three quarters of its $4,1 billion annual budget on salaries, assured civil servants of a pay rise this year despite earlier indications there would be no increase.

Government has been battling a serious economic crisis that has seen it failing to pay last year’s bonus. The government, battling with a $10 billion external debt has to reduce its wage bill to meet targets set under the International Monetary Fund’s Staff Monitored Programme, an informal agreement between a government and IMF staff to monitor the implementation of a particular country’s economic reforms, whose key benchmarks include reducing the government’s  wage bill.

This is also happening at a time when Mugabe during his 92nd birthday interview claimed that $15 billion  diamonds revenue had been lost from the Chiadzwa mining fields.

He said the government’s drive to take over control of mines had begun reaping positive results.

“Our re-organisation of the mining sector, which includes the consolidated State ownership of the diamond mines and the strategic management of gold mining and gold products has started showing improved results with gold output now 20,2 tonnes, rising expectedly to 25,5 tonnes by the year end,” he said.

Mugabe, who has in the past used Independence Day celebrations to vent his anger against western countries, toned down his rhetoric yesterday.

He said his government is working towards increasing international trade.

“…Zimbabwe has also been making parallel efforts to boost exports by consolidating and expanding existing markets whilst also exploring new markets with the strategic focus on the regional markets.

“In the context of deeper regional integration, we are pursuing trade development through the Southern African Development  Community,” Mugabe said, adding the government was facilitating trade through a border efficiency management system.

The initiative will promote trade facilitation and reduce congestion at the country’s borders, he said.

He further said that the government is working towards improving the country’s roads, many of which have deep potholes, rendering them almost impassable.

“With regard to the State highways and other tarred roads, I note with satisfaction that the Harare International Airport Road dualisation project and the Plumtree-Bulawayo-Harare-Mutare highway upgrade and rehabilitation were successfully completed. In addition, several other roads have been widened. Government has found a financier and contractor for the Beitbridge-Harare-Chirundu road, which will be constructed at an estimated cost of $2 billion,” Mugabe said.

He claimed that the economy was improving and that the government has been able to revive other closed industries and some that were on the brink of collapse, further urging people to shun corruption, nepotism and regionalism.

However, statistics show that over 85 percent of Zimbabweans are not formally employed and several companies have shut down since the disputed 2013 elections.

“It is pleasing to note that Air Zimbabwe and the National Railways of Zimbabwe are now steadily on the way to resuscitation,” he said.

The nonagenarian claimed government had also increased electricity output at Hwange Power Station, which he claimed has eased power outages.

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the economy is on the rebound mari jawi ma civil servants akuzowana pay rise inofambirana ne poverty dutum line.

simba - 19 April 2016

He revealed that Zimbabwe's economy will be much bigger than those of Nigeria and South Africa by end of the year, as the country is making giant leaps to claim the title of biggest economy in Africa. Everything in Zim is going in the right direction, and the country will be receiving its Human Rights defender of the year prize in October thos year. LOL

Bona kuSingapore - 19 April 2016

the govt has made giant strides in uplifting the black population,zim ranks highly on the UN human development index,our people have piped water,good houses,good sanitation etc,zim could be further ahead had it not been for an opposition that called for sanctions,we thank the president for having a vision to uplift the masses,even though that has made him an enemy of the west

truth - 19 April 2016

@truth,what are yu smoking?or yu have a crush on@viola?

jojo - 19 April 2016

@truth I have to wonder whether you are of sound mind? I say this because you seem blind and totally insensitive to all the misery and suffering going on around you and the extent to which this country has deteriorated? Blaming Western sanctions that targeted a few individuals not the whole nation is an excuse that really has lost its sting and no longer resonates with anyone anymore. Ian Smith had international sanctions imposed upon the whole country but in spite of this the country still prospered producing some of the best harvests of maize ever. @Truth, you are so out of touch with reality if you fail to see and acknowledge the condition of our roads and the poor state of our schools and hospitals all basic but essential infrastructures for any progressive and developing country.

White Colonial Boy - 19 April 2016

What about temporary teachers who have not paid since January, when are they going to pay temporary teachers.

moroi - 19 April 2016

what do u think mgabe was going to say other than that things are going well .mgabe should stop insulting civil sevarnts.some of them are yet to receive their bonases and he is talking of increaments.unoti hatizivi kuti nyika yarwadziwa here.shut up u old mgabe

tongoonak - 19 April 2016

they can even pay today's low salaries, and he goes ahead and hallucinate about increases when the govt owes pple their salaries from past months! anosvuta mbanje here mutana uyu?

Glen - 19 April 2016

Chipatara, Far East. Maternity, Far East. Chasara kusunga twavo twose vonanga Far East. Ndinonamata zuva nezuva kuti dai vasimuka zvimwe mhuri yeZimbabwe ingafurwa nemhepo.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 19 April 2016

I will admit from 1980 we had a momentum on development,up to 1990.Gorvenment built nw scuuls in rurals,the uper tops ,colleges,clinics all in rurals.the rurals who a big number had nt known a clinic started going for free medicines ,that time.In twns nothin fact life went a step dwn.the standard of living went dwn frm 1980.A lot of standards that smith had introduced intwns went dwn .bt rurals there as a change.The 90s brot nothing to pple.we failed to rejuvinate zanu leadership n everything was stagnant,no change.politics drives the economies.2000 the economy started deteriorating.we stil did not change zanu leadership.donations dried as donars started to be dubiouse of our intentions.our economy was run on dona funds mainly,frm 1980.the production we did was largely for domestic this day the issue of leadership has nw affected the whole country.its an isue wth china,russia,eu,us.even SA wont lend us a coin bcoz of this.Tsvangirai says a stable zanu will be good even for mdc.Tsvangirai says he can work beter wth a younger zanu leader .I agree wth him.GNU brot the good times we had forgoten.

viola gwena - 19 April 2016

If all in zanu thru away personal gains,same in mdc.and we rally behind ngwena n save ,as new leaders our country will rise again.yu cannot rid warvets frm this country,never and yu cannot rid this country of get to work tgether again.we need movement on our economy.GNU brot the best of ourselves .both zanu n mdc.

viola gwena - 19 April 2016

@Viola u getting better now , that is the most sane contribution from u salukazi siyabonga

Ndoda - 19 April 2016

no to anything tainted with zanu DNA! tsvangirayi sounded rational on that ann7 interview but colluding with zanu wont give any progress. its also a pity that we get to hear opposition voices through foreign broadcasts becoz our local airwaves are locked to anyone else except zanu. tsvangirayi has a better state of mind than the selfish and ever bickering zanu.

SaManyika Chaiye - 19 April 2016

This is manipulative journalism, According to this article: Mugabe said it is government's DESIRE to raise salaries. This is what they wish not what they are going to do. We do want Mugabe to go but please stop misinforming the readers.

Mentalist - 20 April 2016

This is manipulative journalism, According to this article: Mugabe said it is government's DESIRE to raise salaries. This is what they wish not what they are going to do. We do want Mugabe to go but please stop misinforming the readers.

Mentalist - 20 April 2016

Is this old man sane?

Christ In Me - 20 April 2016

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