Midlands province haunts Mnangagwa

HARARE - The political bombardment of the troubled Midlands province — the perceived citadel of embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s support within the warring Zanu PF — continues unabated, with the region remaining firmly under the curatorship of the party’s head office.

Well-placed Zanu PF sources told the Daily News yesterday that contrary to suggestions in recent State media reports, Mnangagwa’s avowed party foes, the Generation 40 group, had not been pegged back in the province, with the VP’s allies in the region remaining under heavy political fire.

“It’s simply not true to say that Team Lacoste (Mnangagwa faction) has won the war of attrition raging in the Midlands and that the G40 are on the retreat. The G40 know that if they defeat Ngwena (Mnangagwa) and his foot soldiers in the province, then he is to all intents and purposes finished in the race to succeed President Mugabe.

“By the way, just in case you guys don’t also see it, Midlands Province continues to operate under political curatorship, contrary to claims by some in Team Lacoste.

“The G40 are thus in firm control, unless if anyone is to suggest that (national party political commissar Saviour) Kasukuwere is now somehow a member of Team Lacoste, which is impossible,” a senior party official who claims to be “non-aligned” in Zanu PF’s seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars said.

Another party bigwig also said although Jorum Gumbo — who already stands accused by Team Lacoste of having allegedly “sold out” to the G40 — had been appointed the new interim Midlands chairperson for the next three months, Kasukuwere would indeed continue to be effectively in charge of the province as “the ultimate overseer”.

“What is clear is that the party has just demonstrated to Mnangagwa that he has lost control of Midlands, with Kasukuwere — assisted by Gumbo — running the show.

“Mnangagwa’s allies such as (party deputy secretary for administration) July Moyo and others are also definitely not off the hook yet as some would like to make the world believe,” the regional party official said.

This comes as other party insiders confirmed to the Daily News that Mnangagwa had allegedly failed to convince the last Zanu PF politburo meeting to block the reinstatement of some top party officials who were suspended during the anti-Joice Mujuru campaign, and who apparently now back the G40 group.

The insiders also said the beleaguered VP had suffered another setback after it was revealed that the votes of no confidence that were passed against his regional allies would only be reviewed by a special party committee that would be set up by its central committee.

In addition, it had been decided that other regional allies of the VP, who stand accused of orchestrating a reign of terror against anyone perceived to be opposed to the Midlands godfather, would also soon be hauled before the party’s national disciplinary committee that is packed with G40-aligned members.

And in another stunning development, a politburo member accused Mnangagwa yesterday of allegedly having been the mastermind behind the ouster of many party officials who were “falsely accused of being Gamatox (Mujuru camp)”, when the VP was the party’s secretary for legal affairs.

The miffed bigwig said people such as Tendai Savanhu, Nicholas Goche, Francis Nhema, Flora Bhuka and Jason Machaya could now bounce back after it became apparent that they were not Mujuru allies — a move that wold further dent Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations.

“It will be a major embarrassment for Mnangagwa if all these people are reinstated. Their suspension without due processes being considered was done under the auspices of Mnangagwa who was then legal secretary of the party.

“It will be a huge indictment  on the VP’s standing to be told in his face that he erred in expelling all these people without following proper procedures.

“Secondly, the coming in of the likes of Bhuka, Nhema and others will mean that Mnangangwa’s people in the Midlands will have to go down even further in the packing order,” a top Zanu PF official in the Midlands said.

This all comes at a time that Mugabe is said to have expressed worries about the never-ending chaos in the Midlands, questioning why there was so much disorder in the province where one of his vice presidents hails from.

“For the president it does not make sense that the province of the vice president is the most chaotic in the party. It speaks volumes of the factional fights in the province which have spread to the whole country,” another party bigwig said.

Just this last week, some of Mnangagwa’s supporters, fronted by the “violent” terror group Al Shabab group, ran amok in the midlands after Kasukuwere’s visit to the province -- in what insiders said was yet another sign that Team Lacoste was desperate to recover lost ground.


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If they 'successfully' remove Ngwena, who is the Presidential Candidate for G40? Does anyone know?

G40 Goons - 19 April 2016

@G4O goons,not sure but i think @violas secret admirer truth is angling fo a ministerial post

jojo - 19 April 2016

@JOJO.kkkkk.how ma y admirers do I have,including yu.Ngwena ndiye anoita.all these G40 r scared of the Ngwena Glare on corruption.

viola gwena - 19 April 2016

This is the usual media hubris, midlands is a huge region and its obvious that Munangagwa is not popular there and hence why zanu had to create a special constituency for him after loosing twice to the opposition. This man will not win a general election even with all the rigging that goes on in zanu.

Galore 123 - 19 April 2016

Kunyeperana nana Moyo G40 is Finished hapachina, ava mbuya kutiza kuenda China...wihtout support of the army nada

G40 dead - 19 April 2016

@Dailynews you are hilarious, the other day you said team Lacoste is dicapitated ko yamuka futi here, Vadzidzi vetsambo vanoofamba vachidziridza vanonetsa. Ndofunga Uyu editor had his way akatouraya Ngwena KWAA!!!!uchapinda 2017 uchinogtaura same uku Ngwena ichingotonga kuMidlands KWAKEST

Anesu - 19 April 2016

at the rate the@dailynews is going,mnangagwa must have a hundred lives,i guess mnangagwa must be given a share from advertising sales as he is driving your volumes

truth - 19 April 2016

Daily news matanga kuda kukusha Zezuru propaganda but vuno hazvigoni baba Shumba Mrambwe tinavo nyangwe zvigozhe sei . Midlands havalume Ngwena tinaye kusvika ZANU yaparara . Vakagara vakati MaKaranga haatongi toda kuvona 2018 kana 50% + 1 vote ichisvitswa nemazezuru oga

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 19 April 2016

Daily News is now like South Africa's Daily Sun, cheap tabloid based on beer talk stories, shut you idiots hamuna zvamunoziva basa kunyora nhema.

Munyori - 19 April 2016

Ngwena is the goon he will definetly succeed the emperor in 2017 Ngwena has the ideology he is the only one remaining hate him or love him ngwena will win the elections

Colonel - 19 April 2016

@Colonel.komborerwa iwe.frm next month I will be going to my mutoko constituency to campain full time for Mugabe AND Mnangagwa.One of these 2 will be our candidate 2018.I intend to target 40 to 80 yr old women.They will know Ngwena ,I will tell them how cde Chando was dispatched by ngwena to the area in 1977.we ,the Budja pple know what transpired that yr.we know wht Chando did for the pple.I am a naturaly gifted loudmouth.every time I arrive in my village,women come to me,nostalgically.viva Ngwena.2018.

viola gwena - 20 April 2016

Honestly how can a country be led by the so cold G40s? Dzungu rega rega. Viva Ngwena. We need a mature man with war credentials and someone who commands respect to avoid civil wars not vana 50 bedroomed house vanhu vachitambura. Vamwe vacho tinovaziva. Vachine daka ra Lobengula zvakapera kare kare zviye. Zimbabwe is now for all. Viva Ngwena. Shingai Baba. Ndiyo miedzo yekupedzisira kuona kuti makashinga here kutungamira nyika. Gushungo vanozviziva izvozvo.

Pasipemuswe - 20 April 2016

This Viola Gwena ,hate her or dispice her,she is a campainer.Ngwena maybe chooses his people well.Im begning to question my own dislike of ngwena.i think i reacted thru hearsay.He may not be the bad person i thot.Otherwise why all these warvets like him?somebordy answer me.

thomas - 20 April 2016

Mnangagwa definitely has proven leadership skills, is both shrewd and intelligent with loads of political experience. He also has genuine feelings for the welfare and welbeing of the people and the support of most of the war vets, army, Police and Intelligence service. Unfortunately he has one big failing: he lacks popular support and has zero hope of winning and free and fair election unless of course he formed a coalition with other political parties?

Mbewa - 20 April 2016

any continued rule by zanu will simply perpetuate the legacy of hardships for the majority while a few strip the last remaining parastatals. i wonder what could be the motive for mobilising pple to vote for zanu? what does the ordinary man/woman benefit from that?

SaManyika Chaiye - 20 April 2016

ZANU PF in all forms, whether G40 or Lacoste needs to be confined to the dustbins of history come 2018!

Baba Taffy - 20 April 2016

zanu inoshandisa vanhu .zvimwe svinukaiwo mhuri ngani dzirikutambura hurumende yezanu ichidya ichipfachura .chembere dzirikufa mumaruzevha nekushaya mishonga muzvipatara muchingoti zanyu zanyu vhurikayi meso varume

@chikanda - 20 April 2016

There is a monumental myth in zim yekuti Ngwena has no popular grassroot support just coz he lost in Kwekwe. any zanupf person would hve lost those kwekwe elections e.g mugabe wacho akhwinha mavotes mangani in kwekwe on the same elections??? kwekwe urban is not a yardstick to measure support yangwena across the country

Chikonaz - 20 April 2016

Zvenyu nhai Chikonaz.Tsvangirai ran away frm kangai,aona kuti anochaiwa.He neva won any parliamentary seat.So when yu say mnangagwa rigs elections n yu r aware of kwekwe,that he lost n accepted,whr is the reasoning here.yu think he rigs for others n allow himself to loose?come 2018 Ngwena will beat all.He was distructed frm getting on to the economy by g40.Those who think zanu cannot revive the economy,yu will be witnesses after 2018,when ngwena is in full control,eye ball to eyeball on corruption.parastatals.haaa ngwena for all.If Tanzania rose frm ashes of quazi socialist principles ,into an economic perfoma ,wht more zim,.Ngwena is the man.

viola gwena - 20 April 2016

Big wigs: without names! Regrettable, fictional characters are always the front of the political stories by our very best newspaper.This could soil the paper's reputation.Why are we not getting the other parties to say their side of the story, which is proper journalism practice? After the Zanu (PF) commissar visited the province, he issued a statement. Are we to disregard that statement and follow fictional characters bringing conspiracy theories now being espoused by the best daily newspaper in the country? It would appear out of the ordinary and suspicious that 88.9% of the daily news headline stories for the period October 2015 to April 2016 are about "Ngwena". Hmmmmm, its a love and hate story. Not anything about truthful reporting.

Mwenyendiani - 21 April 2016

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