Dabengwa tells vets to 'go hang'

BULAWAYO - As Zimbabwe marks Uhuru tomorrow, Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa (pictured) says he does not feel sorry for disgruntled war veterans — many of whom he says have hands “dripping with the blood” of many innocent people.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News on Sunday last week, the fired-up former Zanu PF bigwig and Home Affairs minister also accused the disaffected former liberation struggle fighters of having willingly operated as President Robert Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s “storm-troopers” for many years, waging a violent war against those opposed to the nonagenarian and the governing party.

He also charged that the ex-combatants had allegedly connived with the British government to rig the fiercely-contested 1980 elections in favour of Mugabe and the ruling party.

Dabengwa spoke in the wake of a widening chasm between Mugabe and war veterans — particularly those rallying behind embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations — as Zanu PF’s deadly factional and succession wars continue to escalate.

met with Mugabe in Harare in a desperate bid to mend fences at a much-hyped get-together that Zanu PF insiders have since said achieved “very little” by way of mitigating the former liberation movement’s seemingly unstoppable bloodletting.

Dabengwa said emphatically that he did not have much sympathy for his erstwhile comrades as they were allegedly only “squealing now” because their own interests and welfare continued to be neglected by Mugabe and Zanu PF.

In addition, he said, the UK’s Conservative party, had allegedly connived with local whites to award the 1980 poll to Zanu PF in a misguided strategy to “reward and look after a party” that they thought would safeguard their interests best — with Zanla war veterans allegedly actively taking part in the rigging, and continuing to do so in subsequent elections.

Zapu won 20 seats against Zanu PF’s 57 in that maiden election that was mid-wifed and supervised by the British government.

Dabengwa made the comments while responding to questions about his views on the recently published book In Pursuit Of Freedom and Justice that was penned by retired and much-respected Zanu PF elder Cephas Msipa.

“It’s a book that I would like to recommend to all the people who would like to know more about the history of our politics in Zimbabwe,” he said without any equivocation, adding that Msipa was very “knowledgeable” about the country’s troubled history.

“Msipa relates what happened during the elections and clearly spells out what happened when Zanla created no-go areas in the eastern districts of the country and made sure that no other political party was allowed to campaign during the elections.

“That is what gave Mugabe a victory that Zanu got during the 1980 elections and this is why the war veterans even at the recent meeting which they had with the president were able to tell him clearly that they were the vanguard of the party because it is them who put Zanu into power,” Dabengwa added.

“Those guaranteed votes in those eastern districts where Zanu PF was completely uncontested gave Zanu the victory and this is why they (war veterans) say it is them who gave victory to Mugabe”.

Dabengwa also said Mugabe’s recent rants that securocrats and war veterans should not interfere with the ruling party’s political processes were hypocritical and self-serving, considering that war veterans had been “at the forefront of campaigning for him and Zanu PF, often violently, all these years”.

“I don’t feel sorry for the war vets now that they have stated their case. They have stated that they are the people that made him (Mugabe) what he is today and they can’t understand why he is doing what he is doing to them.

“They are saying (to Mugabe) you are telling us not to interfere in the affairs of the party, yet it is us who are the kingmakers. It is us who decide and who have been deciding whether you win an election or not all along. So, who are the good guys here?” he asked rhetorically.

Dabengwa — who was for a long time a senior Zanu PF official following the since disbanded merger of Zanu and Zapu in 1987 — also corroborated the recent assertions by Msipa that Zanu PF was a very violent party.

“Since 1980 they (Zanu PF) have been using the same tactic. They will do everything possible to destroy their opponents. They use all sorts of dirty tactics violence and intimidation.

They think to win an election they need to use force,” Msipa told the Daily News on Sunday’s sister paper, the Daily News recently.

“From that time (1980), Zanu PF got the impression which they have used all along that violence and intimidation pay dividends. Zanu PF learnt a lesson that this is the way to win an election. They have used that method since that time until 2013 when it then acquired a new tactic of using voter-rigging.
“All those years up to 2013, it is the war veterans in Zanla who have been responsible for Zanu’s pyrrhic victory in elections,” Dabengwa chipped in.

He also disputed very strongly reported claims by the British in 1980 that Zimbabweans had voted along ethnic lines in that year’s plebiscite.

“People did not vote tribally in 1980 as the British wanted to conclude. People voted because they were intimidated and they were told that anyone who did not vote for Zanu PF would be dealt with severely and all the things which had happened during the war will happen to them.

“The whole issue was raised with Lord Soames who was governor then, who even said I am sorry to (then Zapu leader Joshua) Nkomo, and revealed that while he had made it a point as previously agreed that the votes from those districts would not be counted, he said was over-ruled by Westminster powers who ordered that all the votes be counted,” Dabengwa asserted.

He reiterated that the British had allegedly been “in charge of rigging while the war veterans were in charge of making sure that certain parts of the country were no go areas for Mugabe’s opponents”.

“The British rigged the elections. They were the ones who were in charge. The war veterans made certain that in the eastern districts, no other party was allowed to go and contest,” he said.

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Dabengwa, I personally respect you because you resigned from Zanu PF due to disgust of the mob's failure in running the country democratically. Given that, I suggest that be bold enough to hold hands with Tswangirai and Thokozani and form a formidable front to fight this Zanu PF mafia mob. They need a man like you for your contribution strategies in the form of military intelligence. By the way, Zanu PF is not going to be pushed off by the ballot box. They have mastered the art of rigging. They do not need the vets anymore. They have stripped the silver and gold off glitter of Zimbabwe and they have nothing to offer war vet but press on to rig and stay in power. We are far from moving this mob democratically because there is no democracy.

Mbareboy - 17 April 2016

Dabengwa talking the through does not translate into removing mugabe and Zanu pf. Yes tell the truth at the same time doing something to redress the past and current evils of war vets, mugabe and zanu pf. Tsvangirai said it mugabe , zanupf and war vets CAN RIG THE ELECTIONS BUT THEY CANT NEVER RIG THE ECONOMY. THERE LIES THE TRUTH. go on form a formidable coalition with MDC T and deal with the robbery once and for all. put your pride, self and zapu behind and think about the suffering of the people, the name you will create yourself and zapu that you finally get the last laugh over mugabe, war vets and zanu pf. It will be for every zimbabwean victory and you will also be a pillar and catalyst of that voctory and future of zimbabwe. you will be a living legend and you will be respected forever and you will rest peacefully knowing that you finally achieved your aims and dreams. sacrifice self and party for the benefit of all. after all you are still respected and honoured. this is the last push for you to achieve greater things. lead zimbabweans into victory just like what Dr Nkomo taught you. Viva Dabengwa n Tsvangirai.

nzipho - 17 April 2016

This is hypocris at its worst.this warvet was a minister in zanupf.he did not resign frm government bcoz of this belief of his,rigged 1980 elections.no .I remember this man,my commander,pulling down all mdc posters in bulawayo by himself,telling the s/station owner that only mugabe shuld rule.nhasi zvaipa.this is the only man who stood out in all zanupf in 2000 campains .pple actualy wanted him to resign as he set police on all mdc rallies.he was minister of home affairs.he rejected the calls to resign saying only mugabe will fire me .he was the face of opresing mdc.Fast forward to tday.I. ust listern to his ramblings in hidden cave smewr in Lalapansi.Pple these are the chamelions of our nation.In 1980 mugabe was not in charge of elections,it was free for all...Soames did not pay attention to yo complaint bcoz it was crap.The biggest threat to zanupf was Uanc,muzorewa,not zapu.Zapu never alowed both zanu n uanc to campaign in matebeleland.They wr very violent in bulawayo.zapu areas were nogo areas for the 2.bt zapu culd campain freely in chitungwiza,highfields ,any twn in mash.And still they were very violent,carying tsvimbos n 6 blade okapi knives.That time the 2 most violent parties were zapu followed by zanu mwenje of ndabaningi.Buti Dhu is now livi g in cuckoo land as jonso says.Zapu lost simply becoz of the numbers,tribal inbalance thats all.Old Josh,umdhala ws hugely popular wth old pple of the 70s.1980 brot in new breed of voters who new nothing much of him.Mugabe was popular becoz of his oratory skills n young age that time.There were more shonas than ndebeles ,simple.

viola gwena - 18 April 2016

Rewind back to 1977,Lusaka.I was sitting wth Cde Lookout Masuku,Cde Chris Hani and Cde Rex Nhongo.It was just a meeting of comrades in arms.Rex nhogo quiried why Lookout was in bad books wth Dhumiso n yet yu in one camp .Look out s answer was simple as he also questoned if Rex like emmerson.Chris Hani who wzs passionate on making Soth Africa n Rhodesia into one country,always told Lookout that was the only way zapu culd rule ,numbers game.Chris argued that as ndebeles in a free election ,wont win bt if Rhodesia is joined to S.A ,the numbers will tilt bt only as ANC .zapu n zanu join ANC n become one large party.So if Chris Hani told zapu the same n to this day yu mourn about being rigged,ah.ndinoseka zvangu Viola.

viola gwena - 18 April 2016

@viola,just shut up,stop thinking yu top shelf material,all your ramblings just give credence to the view that MAKARANGA will never rule zim,stop grandstanding and making idiotic claims,tarning the image of chris hani and lookout masuku,yu were probably one of those women that joice was giving to zanla commanders for their sexual pleasure,that was your contribution to the liberation effort,finnish and klaar

jojo - 18 April 2016

@VIOLA,give us a count of the zanla commanders who screwed yu

jojo - 18 April 2016

Dabengwa explain why you allowed ZANU to created a no-go zone in the Eastern Highlands? This is politics and you expect Mother-Theresa standards? Grow up and stop being a cry baby always.

Fresh - 18 April 2016

@viola gwena,dont take people for idiots and fools,why would chris hani discuss an a tribal alliance with cde rex in attendance,its one thing to amuse dailynews online people but when we make even the most foolish claims,lets make the a bit believable,and what was cde rex doing in zabia when he had already left zipra at that time?just update us on yo sexual encounters in moza

others - 18 April 2016

@viola,kindly assist me,1977 mnangagwa was a student at the university of zambia and mujuru was now a senior zanla commander,how then could they have had a rivarly?as for dabengwa and lookout,its a fact that they were best friends ,a transcript from joshua nkomos speech at lookouts funerals testifies that,even his biography the story of my life does confirm,pliz respond to these incosistences

truth - 18 April 2016

Shame Viola, for some reason I now doubt your intelligence if you can equate an okapi to an AK. I don't know what you smoke but it erodes your memory. It is no secret that the 1980 elections were given to the then little known Robert Gabriel by the British. If it suits you, believe your lies.

Jamengweni Godonga - 18 April 2016

@viola,to digress,the president has been called a foreigner on this forum,ED who was a zambian citizen and calls zvishavane home,could he be the child of zambian immigrants who worked at the mines in the shabanie area,its a fact that zambian and malawian immigrants and their descendants constitute the majority of people in that area and that most of them have localised their surnames,could he also be of foreign extraction given that he was deported to his parents in zambia in the early seventies?

truth - 18 April 2016

Maybe yu were too young in 1980.ask yo parents they will tel yu bob won those elections fare n square.the brtish n smith wanted muzorewa to win.even giving him 2 helicopters n an aeroplane to campain.muzorewa was their favourate.At one tyme mugabe was banned from adresing pple.everyone beaten cries fowl play.zapu wS no match at all wth zanu.Didnt zapu win all matebeleland seats?bt put tgether they lost.wake up.truth hates.Mugabe was a master at that time,unmatched.So if one was in moza culdnt they simply fly to zambia?yu nuts.Rex nhongo was always in zambia flying frm maputo.not only him,many ,.Cde Tongo had a home in lusaka.he always went there.I think yu are all kids ,believing comic books than what realy transpired during the war.Its a fact zipra guys were very good buddies wth mk guys.whats so dificult to comprehend on that.Hani always came to zipra camps.

viola gwena - 18 April 2016

Yu may love Cde Dhumiso bt facts are stubborn.I like him too.bt the idea that he can say all those things n yet he did worse in 2000,its a fact.yu all were there unles yu wr born in 2002.yu Truth if yu were around in zanu yu know that.yu know Dhabengwa hated mdc.Aak Welshman.Dhabenga was zanu s pointman when it came to crushing mdc.this yu shuld know,it was during yo tyme.its not so long ago.

viola gwena - 18 April 2016

Yu may love Cde Dhumiso bt facts are stubborn.I like him too.bt the idea that he can say all those things n yet he did worse in 2000,its a fact.yu all were there unles yu wr born in 2002.yu Truth if yu were around in zanu yu know that.yu know Dhabengwa hated mdc.Aak Welshman.Dhabenga was zanu s pointman when it came to crushing mdc.this yu shuld know,it was during yo tyme.its not so long ago.

viola gwena - 18 April 2016

My last@ Truth.yu sounded ,all along like a zanu person,a suporter of president mugabe.why do yu nw call him a foreigner,forget about Ed,who mind yu is NOT a foregner as yu want pple to believe.I have my own diferences wth sme zanu leaders bt I will not say such ugly things on president .he is the zanu leader and its best to respect him for that .these men yu call foreigners are zanu leaders.which zanu are yu my dear.

viola gwena - 18 April 2016

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williama - 18 April 2016

@Truth .if yu looking for foreign leaders try 1st yo leaders in mdc,job sikala,mr Tsvangirai ,mafume,tokozani, yu will know them by their names.Dhabengwa is shona for Tavengwa.I mean most of the guys sme originate frm Zulus in south,does that mater?or not becoz its touching yo leaders.who is originally frm here?theris no truth in yo name otherwise I wuld tell yu were yo ancestors came frm,maybe malawi.thats why yu hide yo name.bt it doesnt mater whr yo roots came frm.its yo I.d.Ngwena is a full shumba and zimbabwean.sorry.bcoz 1st lady was born in south doesnt mean she is foreigner ,nope.she is full zimbabwean,mwana wemuno.

viola gwena - 18 April 2016

@viola,i said pple call the president a foreigner,asked you to respond not throw tantrums,maybe i overrated yu,read,and respond with dignity,is it becoz your claims dont add up,have i exposed yu as a fake warvet?

truth - 18 April 2016

@viola,truth is my pseudonym as much as viola gwena is your pseudonym,if its your real name as yu claim,why does zim history not chronicle yu since yu make kindergarten claims of having consorted with the greatmen of the liberation struggle,dont put yourself on a pedestal that yu dont belong

truth - 18 April 2016

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,no comment

pita pita - 18 April 2016

Viola you missing something, Nkomo was not popular only in Matebeland but across the country of Zimbabwe among the Shona as well hence the name Chibwe Chitedza. The 1980 elections were rigged simple because Mugabe appeared level headed due to education and his cunning and less violent nature then since he was still new in the revoultion where as Nkomo was a real fighter and has been in the revolution long enough to have been hardened by the illtreatement of the Rhodesian army. That same fact held water when MDC took to the polls, SADC and African Union trusted Mugabe and rigged elections in his favour fearing the propaganda of ZANU PF that Tsvangurai would restore white supriority again. Only to find out latter that Mugabe has been deceiving people since then, He appeared a moderate to the whites in 1980 yet he is devil incarnete in terms of cruelity. He appeared a revoultutionary to SADC and African Union yet he is devil and worst dictator when he went to Mozambique with a court order for holding elections against all reforms crafted in the GNU agreement of 2008-2013. He had sponsored a guy to claim election right. So Mugabe has always been deceiving people. war vet are still being deceived, yet in Mugabe's mind all his way or no way.

amina - 18 April 2016

@viola gwena,ANC and umkhonto wesizwe records show that chris hani only went to zambia in 1982,and yu lie that he was with you in 1977,viola yu are a liar

others - 18 April 2016

Amina ,I think I rest my case here.I like facts that stick,not joining unconnected facts to draw a point.Actualy if yu care to read tdays Dailynews ,inside there it has the same history facts that Im saying.Read Long history,it correctly puts all this in print and very factual,about why zapu did not win elections.There was no way the British wuld support Mugabe.They prefered Muzorewa.As I said Old Josh was well known by pple of my generation n below yes.Even gen tongo loved umdhala.bt when it came to elections,in 1980,robert mugabe was the outstanding man.He got to be known by youngsters in thier 20s very fast bcoz of smetimes his cowboy pictures,in cuban or chinese militery gear.He spoke eloquently,good english.The youngsters went for him.My umdhala Josh was portraid is uneducated,tribal and untishona.that was the game that time.umdala hardly held any rallies in salisbury,he concentrated in bulawayo,which suited zanu.zanu culd aford to loose matebeland as long as they won all mashonaland.its simple pple.Mugabe of 1980 was a charming guy,an orator of the highest order.backed by the likes of zvobgo,tekere, ,good orators in their own rite.deal wth these facts,nt fiction.

viola gwena - 18 April 2016

Yos truly is also on newsday,sitting wth those women,inocently watching the proceeds.@Truth.theris realy nothing to prove to yu ,bt try not to fall in the traps n excitement of opporsition.Stick to yo party .Respect the president.its yu who said foreigner.,Yu trying to be clever by involving ngwena bt its RG yu 1st mentioned in disguise,saying so n so is saying this.noone said that but yu.next time make sure theris coherent between yo mind and hand that writes.I rest this isue .

viola gwena - 18 April 2016

Kkkkk.truth dnt start what yu cant deal wth.yu too small for viola.she has killed yu.im surprised she is defending mugabe from yu ,of all people.

kilian - 18 April 2016

@Others .Yo records are lying to yu,or yu r lying for records.Hani ran mk bases in zambia way before 1980.mk n zipra were both based in zambia.check wth Dhumiso.

viola gwena - 18 April 2016

I dont know about 1980,bt its true that Dabengwa hated mdc when he was minister.I read of that incident he pulled down posters of Tsvangirai at a service station.That is very correct.

musa - 18 April 2016

We shuld all thank viola for reminding us on politicians untrustworthy.is it viola s fault that forma minister dabengwa diskliked mdc?wuld yu want Tsvangi to join such a person,rather he shuld recall welshman.thank yu aunti vee.

nancy - 18 April 2016

In tdays daily, 1980 ,president mugabe is giving a press briefing and accompanied by muzenda and emmerson mnangagwa.yu want to tell me ngwena was 2 yes out of college there.who was saying in 1977 ngwena was at scuul in zambia?untruths like that make me believ viola.

unandi - 18 April 2016

@unandi,zanu pf history itself says mnangagwa was appointed special assistant to RG in 1979,get your facts before believing and how many years is a law degree,@ viola was asked simply questions,which she could not answer and responded with the old tactic of attacking the person who asks the questions,you can also read the question above,i cannot edit the dailynews online platform,her contributions are known to attack the president yet she distorts my questions and pretends to defend her false stories that are riddled with holes,everything is written,only lapdogs will fail to point them out,@viola must debate or duck questions if she cant answer

truth - 18 April 2016

@TRUTH.yu not being honest in yo questions.Menard Muzariri the late c.I.o head ,at his funeral it was reveald that mnard reported to mnangagwa from 1976,and mnangagwa reported to Tongogara n mugabe.unenge unonyepa iwe .

bob - 18 April 2016

Let me help yu pple.before 1975,vp mnangagwa worked in Gen Tongo s zambian offices of zanla.when cde mugabe came to mozambique wth cde tekere,gen tongo seconded vp mnangagwa to work wth president mugabe,1975.After Chitepo s death.I know this becoz I cooked for most comrades at chimoio.vp is in his early 70s,how culd he stil be in scuul in 1977.yu may not like him bt these are hard facts.

swerakuenda - 18 April 2016

How can anyone fail to understand chris hani worked from zambia n lesotho.Hani fot wth zipra.I dnt know viola bt she is saying facts.all the zipra guys n mk were very good friends.they operated frm zambia.

tobs. - 18 April 2016

@Truth give it up.I thi k yu r too young for all this.theris honour in saying yu didnt know.All yo questions wr answered by viola,fro the forieners to vp being at scuul.yu asked viola if ngwena culd be foreign n she answered yu.I think she said he is shumba,a local.if yu have further questions ask.tinzwewo

blaz - 18 April 2016

Viola was talking on Dabengwa being dishonest in his complaints.pple like jojo n truth just joined in,moreso truth.ndiwe wadenha viola.she wasnt talking about g40 bt mdc n dabengwa.unenge diibu wo futi iwe.But chimbuya ichi chakufemesa and yu both zanu.irwai mubvarurane

chifodya - 18 April 2016

THE vp went to university late in life,is that difficult to understand,after being deported he went to university of zambia,thayt didnt stop him from being zanu,ask viola when the VP WAS APPOINTED special assistant

truth - 18 April 2016

@Truth.we all know yo dislike vp.bt going on struggling to impose yo small thots on him is unproductive to this forum.That Swerakuenda has given yu the facts very clear.and I know that cde swera.Anyone who was at chimoio will know hiM.yu can check with Cde chanetsa ,who ws manning the boom in1978.he got kicked by gen tongo for failing to move fast.that day gen tongo came unexpectedly in the company of ngwena,who was already a senior in the camps.Poor chanetsa together wth cde arafat,galeleo janhi,were made to run rou d the camp 50 times.So truth.Im zanla thru nthru.I dnt get dismised from zanla.its our group.we dnt have NDC s here.we speak wht we want,when we want .

viola gwena - 19 April 2016

@viola,my apologies,but dont expect a bootlicking apology like the mutsvangwa one

truth - 19 April 2016


SaManyika Chaiye - 19 April 2016

@Truth. Apology accepted my child.and plse respect ngwena asjongwe s deputy.its jongwe himself who put him there as vp.bt still kudos to yu,yu have generated excitement on this forum.its to educate each other.to reasn wth one another.

viola gwena - 19 April 2016

@Viola.yu truly a mother.to forgive publicly smeone who was rubbishing yu wth no tangible facts,is great.

blaz - 20 April 2016

So where do the "oratory" skills of RGM fit in the development of the country? People were deceived by the ability to read fluently and equated that with strong leadership skills. It must be clear now how wrong they were. In terms of admin skills - RGM fails dismally no wonder all his projects/policies have poor/no controls, no review mechanisms and clearly no vision for the past 36 years. Sad truth that.

Sagitarr - 20 April 2016

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