Lacoste thugs run amok in Midlands

HARARE - Deadly violence broke out in the restive Midlands province yesterday when rowdy Zanu PF supporters linked to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa descended on their party foes in the Generation 40 (G40) camp who were scheduled to attend a meeting convened by national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere.

Sources on the ground told the Daily News last night that although the main target of the attack was Kasukuwere — who was dispatched to the troubled province by President Robert Mugabe after warring party officials there set up parallel structures — the frustrated Team Lacoste thugs went for anyone who was close to the venue of the meeting after failing to lay their hands on the Local Government minister, leaving two people battling for their lives.

Contacted for comment, former regional acting chairperson Tapiwa Matangaidze confirmed the chaos, adding “I heard that some people were beaten and I am rushing to the hospital to see them now”.

And while a cagey Kasukuwere himself was not willing to discuss the issue with the media last night, the Daily News’ sources at the meeting said the youthful minister had undoubtedly been the target of the attacks by members of the infamous “Al Shabab” vigilante group that has been wreaking havoc in the province.

“They arrived in a kombi and a truck and accused us of being members of G40.

“Then they started to assault us indiscriminately and with beastly violence, even as we desperately tried to explain to them that we were not members of this so-called G40 faction,” one of the victims, a mechanic who was working at a workshop some two kilometres from the venue of the Gweru meeting said.

An insider claimed that the violence showed that Mnangagwa’s allies were desperate to “retain control of the Midlands at all costs” as the violence instigators were allegedly clad in Team Lacoste branded T-shirts.

Speaking earlier at the meeting, Kasukuwere announced that the party had now decided to appoint Joram Gumbo as the acting provincial chairperson, in addition to reversing the myriad votes of no confidences that had been passed against mainly Team Lacoste members.

The latter move suggests that Mnangagwa has for now retained his alleged control of the province.

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Let them brutalize each other and fill up their Heroes' garden

Mukanya - 16 April 2016

mdc youths out to discredit zanu pf wearing lacocoste tshirts were responsible for the violence,frustrated by the heavy security presence at the demo,the thugs hatched a plan to cause chaos in the midlands

jojo - 16 April 2016

oooooooh shame!!!

SaManyika Chaiye - 16 April 2016

let them decimate one another before 2018 such that we wil have few lunatics voting for zanu and their zpf cousins!!! maisokwadzo!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 16 April 2016

jojo WAKE UP!!!

gnomic - 16 April 2016

as much as i detest lacoste and its leader,given the high stakes in the political drama,and all sorts of smear campaigns against mnangagwa,with the @dailynews leading the charge in reporting about mnangagwa recieving blows,deadly ones,left right and centre,this violence could have been the work of his enemies,G40,MDC,all out to discredit him,there might be a semblance of truth in @jojos claims

truth - 16 April 2016

shame stereki!!!

SaManyika Chaiye - 16 April 2016

kasukuwere WATCH-OUT Emmerson is battle hardened he will finish you

Harare - 16 April 2016


others - 16 April 2016

vana jojo......??????????/

Saunyamatoclear - 16 April 2016

its disgraceful to see a legion of haters thronging to watch a team they dislike while disserting their homeground where their team is turning against oneself! as if brother fighting againist brother is not enough, they blame the fight on a distant foe who is busy solidifying his home and trying to find a solution that will help even the warring brotherhood. its a shame that hatred has the cruelty of consuming the one possessed by it! how else shall sanity get restored to such a brotherhood? the impending peril is beckoning and there seem to be no place to hide. death seem to be the inevitable destiny as the jackals fights only end with one lying dead! what other consolation can I give to a victim of self inflicted harm? there is no other befitting tribute except the brief customary eulogy; RIP!

SaManyka Chaiye - 16 April 2016

Mugabe must not be let to get his way all the time. Its high time some form of resistance be put and spanners thrown into works wether within zanu pf or outside. Mugabe must be shaken on all fronts. After independence, team lacoste has been the armed wing for zanu pf, and taking them down will not be a walk in the park.

X-MAN IV - 16 April 2016

Makaranga will never rule Zimbabwe

Jojo2 - 16 April 2016

Jojo you re just a rascal, what logic do you have for your assertion that Makaranga will never rule Zim? (Ironically Makaranga re the majority tribe by population, but its irrelavant here). Can you put forward you logic why Makaranga must nou rule?

frankly - 16 April 2016

@ frankly,pliz note the difference between @jojo and @ jojo2,jojo the original is above debates on tribes,however has a census been carried out to ascertain that they are a majority,on what logic did yu come up with the notion that they are a majority,

jojo - 16 April 2016

@jojo. You must be one of the foreigners who are running our country. You know exactly what you are talking about because the foreigner who is currently on us wants his foreign wife to continue the with the status quo. You maybe right because makazviwanira zvitototo zvipashumaranga maZimbabwean who do not know what they deserve. Kudarikidza nechimwe chimukaranga chakanga chiri VP chaiimba chichitansa kambo kacho kekuti "Tichatongwa kusvika madhongi amera nyanga". Kozoti chimwe chiri minister of pyscomotor ( is it minister of saskamu) kakaimbavo kako kambo kekuti Robati saJesu mwanakomana watakapiwa naMwari. to put the icing to the cake chimwe chainzi Zwobgo chakachinja mitemo yenyika kuti Robati aite declare a one party state and thereby sealing his life presidence. So you see jojo you know what you are talking about.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 16 April 2016

Ndanga ndakangamwa. Chakachinja mitemo yenyika chaigaro boster pandari chichiti , " Kwedu takafunda. Dai kwaibaiwa mombe pese panograduater vana kwedu mombe dzose dzaipera." Ndiko kufundira kupusa kwakaita vazhinji vatinoona muZanu-PF. The more degrees they acquire, the more stupid they become.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 16 April 2016

@masamba.are related to samanyika.yu look sound similar.wht if anythig are yu saying.Do yu expect an answer frm jojo

yuba - 17 April 2016

Mugabe thinks he is God and has the supreme authority to bend and twist the law and constitution to suit his agenda - at least this is the impression he gives? I am not a supporter of the Mnangagwa faction but have to admit that I wholeheartedly approve of this recent stand they made in the Midlands. This abuse of power has to be stopped otherwise this poor country will continue in a downward spiral to goodness knows where. So I salute all those involved in putting Mugabe in his place. Mugabe needs to be reminded that he isn't God and that we are no longer prepared to tolerate his abuse.

Mbewa - 17 April 2016

vana JOJO ndovanoti chero kuweterwa mumusoro vanongoti ndizvo, mvura ikasatonaya hanzi ma sanction, wake up baba, Zanu is gone. you chased away mai mujuru who was the centre pillar, all hell has broken loose

people first - 17 April 2016

vanhu basa kuita factionalism vasingagadzirisi nyika. iyo 51% ya Zhuwao anenge achimbopihwa ani ma shares acho? its another silent looting spree

people first - 17 April 2016

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c537146 c537146 - 17 April 2016

@Mbewa.I totaly agree wth yu.thats why even tho im mdc I respect that tete viola.

oliver - 17 April 2016

From the grapevine ,Zhuwawo had set up a company to assist the said companies to be compliant.the charge fee is $40 000 deposit then $50 000 balance upon cirtification.corrupt caracters.kasukuwere made sme millions thru this and ngwena is well aware of this.

bantu - 17 April 2016

president robert mugabe is not god but is the closest a man of the flesh can be to god,@mbewa could do well to point out where the president has twisted and bent the constitution to suit his 'agendas',where has the president abused you @ mbewa,as far as i know the president made a call that people be empowered with land,some of us answered his call and are succesfully farming,he gave us hunting concessions and some of us are now in the previously white only arena,he has made a call that we indigenise the economy and we have heeded his call ,well @ mbewa if that is abuse i suggest you visit a psychiatrist ,the presidents record in office is almost beyond reproach,unblemished,save for the 'moment of madness"where he was illadvised by his overzealous minister of state security

truth - 17 April 2016

havasati vatanga

tongoonak - 17 April 2016

this is not good at all nothing to rejoice about, just reflects badly on. Ndingafara sei vamwe vachirovana? Ko pazvichasvikawo kwandiri? Yet us advocate for peace at all times guys. Kunyangwe zvavo vachitiuraya nenzara hatidi zvibhakera hazvibetseri nyika.

gunshot - 17 April 2016

@Truth.yu recievd stollen property.that farm belonged to one zimbabwean who is crying smewhr.robbing one bcoz he is white.yu can actualy sleep in that farmhouse wth yo family,peacefuly?yu never paid a coin for it.yu r rite,record breaking president at 92 still cracking bones to work.its sad.arent there capable men n women In zanu to recieve the baton stick.I hope this platform is nt read outside the country bcoz pple like yu truth,make us all thieves unashamedly.its sickening.just shut up n enjoy yo loot.

chaka - 18 April 2016

@chaka,if yo white guy brings forth his proof of payment for the land i will gladly give back the land

truth - 18 April 2016

@Truth.urimbavha.hand yoself over to police.and hauna ma deeds.pachaitwa land audit,ubvepo iwe ne tsine dzaunorima utakure.

chaka - 18 April 2016

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