Independence Day now a farce: Zapu

BULAWAYO - With economic challenges leaving Zimbabweans hanging by the skin of their teeth, Zapu says the Independence Day on April 18 is no longer worth celebrating as the present Zanu PF regime has turned the country into a heap ruins.

In a statement issued ahead of Independence Day celebrations on Monday, Zapu regional spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa said the once respected day has lost its significance as it has now turned out that the President Robert Mugabe-led regime was even worse than white colonial rule.

“The day is yet another annual remembrance of the fall of the colonial imperialist regime of Ian Smith which was replaced by a black majority government, a development we should be celebrating as a nation.

“We however, cannot celebrate but only commemorate the country’s independence for it has dawned on us that instead of freeing the nation from bondage, we simply replaced a white oppressor with a black and African one,” Maphosa said.

Mugabe has ruled the country for 36 years and recently claimed that Zimbabweans would be angry if anyone suggests that he leave office.

And Zapu says it is disheartening that Zanu PF has perfected the art of dictatorship instead of service delivery.

Maphosa said the obligation of the government on political democratisation, economic and social development has been ignored for mere creation and centralisation of power, which has often led to serious violations of human rights.

“Economic and social rights, such as the right to an adequate standard of living and continuous improvement of living conditions, the rights to work, social security, education and the highest standard of physical and mental health have never been realised by a government that has shown beyond any reasonable doubt that its priorities are misplaced,” said Maphosa.

He further noted: “Just as the colonialists did, our own have thrived on divide and rule tactics, with tribal and ethnic segregation by the government,  a system that has polarised our communities and negatively affected social and national development of our nation.”

He also noted that policy inconsistencies, coupled with “economic policies unfavourable and irrelevant to people’s needs” have wreaked havoc in the once jewel economy of Zimbabwe.

The Zapu spokesperson further said the general populace has been the victim as those in power have turned demigods beyond reproach.

“It is disheartening and discouraging that almost three years down the line the country’s laws are yet to be aligned to the New Constitution. It also scares life out of all responsible citizens that the current dictator regime does not at all subscribe to constitutionalism.

“The Constitution being a forerunner in the creation of a harmonious national existence and foundation for a democratic nation State, absence of constitutionalism and the general will to follow the supreme law turns this year’s Independence Day commemorations into another sad episode of our history as a nation.”

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chastuchus - 15 April 2016

These breakaways donot help zanu or zapu.non at all.our comrades frm matebeleland always felt maginalised in zanupf n warvets ass.yes there maybe issues here bt breaki g way to form own unions is not solution.Dhumiso culd have been by now a zanu party leader in waiti g owing to his seniority,when he was in zanupf.Leaders who allow to be chased out of their parties may not have the stomach for leadership.and one of the strongest attitude of leadership is Patience,wait n watch things unfold.This is ngwena s strength.he could have left when teurai was made vp and him minister of rurals.instead of going ,he waited brothers like Dhu must muster that courage n put aside tribe maginalisation as reasons to quit.Look at mutsvangwa,no quiting.hold on to yo heritage whi h yu owe noone an apology or gratitude.yu go back to zanla.Zanla n Zipra are the origins of the struggle.Thats why yu cannot have the likes of moyo n kasukuwere join us.They dnt qualify.we remain a unit bound by our history of sacrifies.But Dhumi coming back to warvets wuld not have been a problem at all.rather it wuld have been great,our own commander from those days.Bt the love of quiting in a huff n recoile in bulawayo wil do him dwn.At this tyme where Mdc is showing balls again,unity is a must for zanla,zipra n zanu.Counter measures for our party to win 2018 farely.With what the president is giving away to UN that we used soldiers in last election,2018 we maybe for ed on us these bordies like UN.And they come to topple ,at any small god excuse.Ask Bgabgo of Ivory coast.We need to be strong again n start campaining right away ,in rurals our strongholds,in tyme.

viola gwena - 15 April 2016

My sincere apologies for such a long comes from the heart and again contrary to some assetions,I congratulate MDC for such a good peacefull walk about in twn.yu shuld have invited the president to recieve yo grievances.He is apolitical.Yu are also his subjects.Did yu not hear him shout pasi ne zanu?It shows he is apolitical.

viola gwena - 15 April 2016

21st February movement has more clout than 18 April.

Tsitsi - 15 April 2016

@viola ngwena : u are one hell of a Zimbabwean, keep it up

ndikuseka - 15 April 2016

kudos to sis v. you are very neutral in your comments. i wish what you are saying was all that easy and true. i don't think opting out of zanu pf is not a good idea. what is necessary is for people to calculate their nest move. in my view, mai mujuru made a wise move. its all about timing.

zvirozviyedzwa - 15 April 2016

@viola gwena,i cannot help but notice that you are now in overdrive trying to ingratiate yourself to the british sponsored opposition,tete our problem in the party is not tyson but the people you support in the party who have deviated from the founding principles of the party,you are free to join the opposition but when you join them tete ,discard your belief in individuals as exhibited by your undying love for mutsvangwa,mnangagwa ahead of values and institutions

truth - 15 April 2016

@Truth.joining wht opposition?yu may nt hav read me well or misunderstood me.breaking away is what im against.urikurasika papi wangu.we need unity in zanu.we need to sit n deal wth our problems.denying them wont wash them away.The british left long time ago.we need leadership re energising.if it shuld be yo G40 lets sit dwn n agree on that person to lead.Cde Mugabe is aged now .he cannot continue forever .he needs to retire.if its 1st lady that shuld lead or take over ,lets sit n agree on her so we can be united n rally behind our candidate.But ofcourse yu know Truth,zanu way Congress.

viola gwena - 15 April 2016

@Zviro.political divercity is when yu become a leader ,party principles shuld always supersede personal means yu stick to yo part even if yu are reduced in position.if as a leader yu accept that then yu r a leader.if yu quit becoz yu cant stomach being reduced ,yu r questionable.Teurai shuld have stuck it out in stay in zanla or even in the zanu,no position n wait.that wuld have distinguished her as a leader.Ngwena has stuck it out,even reporting to Teurai since she became vp.running to form parties means yu change also ideologies to hastily organise new manifestos to suit yo circumstances ,personal.that way yu will always a shysta.

viola gwena - 15 April 2016

Didn't even need to read viola's diatribe. She is ZANU through and through. Any MDC morons out there, watch out.!!

Dunlop Munjanja - 15 April 2016

@Dunlop.yu were lost.did yu all along thot viola is mdc?she is zanu,a Lacoste.maybe yu r new on this platform.she is a warvet.

hunda - 16 April 2016

She is a good campainer for ngwena.I prefer her lacoste than the im mdc thru n thru

rambanepasi - 16 April 2016

If warvets culd think like viola then this country culd restart again.she tells the truth.mdc yu enjoing her talk. t wen she takes on tsvangirai ,continue enjoing.

bob - 16 April 2016

@Viola I strongly agree with you, this need that our leaders have to be at the top and when they fail they drop off and start new parties, that will never help anyone, because when a leader vacates his standing in a party , power vacuums are created that usually are taken up by the wrong people as is playing out in Zanu now, whereas if Mujuru and simba Makoni and Dumiso Dabengwa the power base would be spread among a number of people not one or two and as such whatever fighting would be not be concentrated on the wrong things . if democracy was their aim then they would have stayed and spread democracy from within and fought centralizing power on one person

B Moyo - 19 April 2016

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