Actor, journalists arrested over $15 billion play

HARARE - Playwright and award-winning actor Sylvanos Mudzvova was yesterday arrested by police while staging a one-man theatre production Bring Back the $15 billion at Parliament.

Mudzvova was arrested together with journalists who were covering the event.

The journalists who included a Daily News reporter, were detained for close to an hour after being accused of being part of the production team by law enforcement agents at the Parliament police post while the actor was taken to Harare Central Police Station.

What was supposed to be comical show turned sombre as police descended on Mudzvova and the journalists who were doing their work.

“Varidizi vemusha havapo saka wauya kuzodemostrator chii (the owners of the place are not here), why didn’t you come and ask to do your play,”  police at the Parliament said.

The 30-minute play, which only lasted five minutes, before it was interrupted by the police, takes a look at the missing $15 billion which President Robert Mugabe says cannot be accounted for from revenue collected at Chiadzwa diamonds fields.

“No matter what happened I demand my share,” Mudzova announced through a megaphone.

“I am a villager from Chimanimani, I only need $5 000 from the $15 billion.  $1 000 for me and $4 000 for my four kids. This is not a demonstration, it’s a theatre production.”

The same Africa Unity square is where missing Itai Dzamara staged his demonstration against Mugabe “misrule”.

In an earlier interview with the Daily News Mudzova said he wanted answers from Parliament on the whereabouts of the $15 billlion.

“I am inviting all Members of Parliament (MPs) to come and watch this play before they attend Parliament because I want them to address the issue of the missing $15 billion. We cannot just remain silent when such amounts go missing.

“From there I will go to the Chinese Embassy because a Chinese company was involved in the mining of diamonds in Marange. “In China, they do not tolerate corruption, so why should it be tolerated here? After that, I will demonstrate at Mbada offices here in Harare,” said the controversial actor who has had a brush with law enforcement agencies over his plays. Efforts to get a comment from the police were fruitless as the spokesperson Charity Charamba’s phone was unreachable.

This is not the first time Mudzova has been arrested for controversial plays; Mudzvova and Anthony Tongani were also arrested at the premiere of The Final Push in 2007.

The play, written by Mudzvova, is about the chairman of a building called Liberty House (a thinly-disguised Mugabe) and his political challenger (presumed to be opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai) trapped together in an elevator during a power failure.

The internationally-acclaimed actor was also once arrested by police when he wanted to march to Parliament building to demand that MPs declare their assets before taking office.

In 2011, Mudzvova was among the Rituals outreach team arrested and detained in Manicaland.

Meanwhile opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai will today lead the planned MDC’s “mother of all mass demonstrations” against Mugabe to press for the promised 2,2 million jobs and also demand answers on the whereabouts of the $15 billion missing diamond revenue.

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I urge mdc-t members of parliament to ask the minister of mines and rhobhati about the $15d in malema style. we need to learn from down south on how to push for answers especially were huge sums of money cannot be accounted for! that $15b is enough to clear our current account deficit. our ministers we need answers and police, let go off that boy.

SaManyika Chaiye - 14 April 2016

Instead of arresting the comedian, use your energy to investigate those responsible for handling those funds and established where in the chain they disappeared. Between the Ministry and the Companies, someone knows the truth. The CIO and CID are busy arresting people who insults the Presidency in Combis, bottle stores, facebook, and growth points while they have no clue where $15 billion went.

JSC - 14 April 2016

Foolish stooges of ZANU PF Corruption, Why break the mirror which only reflects reality, why dont they go and arrest the Mukuvisi river which also daily reflects this rottenness

Isaya Mufiri - 14 April 2016

this is so bad how can we improve our country when u are doing such evil things

cleopas mutengwa - 14 April 2016

See, the problem actually derives from the fact that the police are ignorant of the law and of governance. Instead of sending him away saying "Varidzi vemusha havako", he should know that the journalist in his capacity as a citizen ndiye muridzi vemusha. Afterall, legislators are "REPRESENTATIVES", the citizens are the principals who are represented!

Tawaz - 14 April 2016

police are not only ignorant, they are moles that work blindly and oblivious of anything else that is not zanu! zanu riiged its way to parly so they think they own the place. so the genuinely elected mps whom we send to parly must take the action against this infringement by hotheads masquerading as police.

SaManyika Chaiye - 14 April 2016

But this actor is saying exactly what the President said, i.e our $15 billion is missing. Does it make one arrested to repeat what the President said?

machakachaka - 14 April 2016

police were at it again claiming to be doing their job of proving no citizen had a right

tapera - 14 April 2016

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chastuchus - 15 April 2016

give more of these stories brave zimbabweans fighting for what is right. it raises the moral of oppressed young zimbabweans to demand stolen items from their leaders. good going my silvanos mudzvova you inspire most of us youths

chatsva - 15 April 2016

Aluta continua i suggest we boycott Chopies supermarket and all gushungo dairy products we cant support this oppressive and murderous regime financially lets do something maZimboz hakuna achatisunungura but ourselves and God is on our side.

njomboyeuto - 15 April 2016

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