Zapu disowns VP Mphoko

BULAWAYO - Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko’s political life and much-disputed war credentials are set to come under more scrutiny in the coming weeks and months after Dumiso Dabengwa’s Zapu asserted that the gaffe-prone VP had deserted the war and his comrades during the liberation struggle.

Refuting recent State media attempts to “vanish” Mphoko’s war credentials, and describing the VP’s war record as “dubious”, Zapu regional spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa also said yesterday that attempts to use Dabengwa to spin positive stories in favour of “the uncleanable” Mphoko would not succeed.

“Instead of reporting on the recent Lookout Masuku memorial, the State media sought to drag the nation into filthy succession dogfights in the fractured Zanu PF and also sought to use Dabengwa’s name to clean the uncleanable and improve Mphoko’s image and dubious war credentials.

“It is, however, necessary at this juncture for Zapu to set the record straight about this whole issue and … Mphoko’s status according to Zapu,” a miffed Maphosa thundered.

Delving into history, Maphosa said Mphoko, whose war-time nom-de-guerre was Report, had together with other Zipra fighters such as Tommy Ndebele, been left behind in Mozambique in the mid 1970s on specific assignments.

“Mphoko’s assignment, as chief of logistics at that time, was to await the delivery of arms from East Germany, arms and equipment which had been given to Zimbabwe People’s Army to be split between the two armed forces.

“Mphoko was supposed to get the Zipra forces’ (Zapu’s liberation wing) allocation of the weapons and ensure their safe passage for deployment in the Gonarezhou Park through to Malipati,” he said.

Ndebele had subsequently been killed, allegedly by Zanla forces who did not want him to penetrate the areas he was assigned to, in the Malipati front.

Without mincing his words, Maphosa asserted that Mphoko had deserted the war, an assertion that the VP has previously strongly denied, including going to the extent of trying to sue Zimbabwe’s leading daily newspaper, the Daily News, over the issue.

Maphosa added that in one of his war-time assignments, Mphoko was supposed to return to Zambia, to report to his superiors, which he never did.

“Mphoko remained in Mozambique for only one assignment and a sane person will know it doesn’t take over four years to only receive a single consignment of weapons during a war of Zimbabwe/Rhodesia proportions.

“Zipra has no idea what became of the weapons and equipment he was assigned to take care of when he was left behind in Mozambique.

“Zipra and Zapu never saw or heard from him since then, only for him to resurface in 1980 after the country attained independence, having been last with Zipra in 1976,” Maphosa said.

Among some of the people who have previously stated that Mphoko diverted weapons and deserted the war are combative former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda, and former War veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa.

Following Sibanda’s claims, Mphoko dragged the Daily News to the court demanding a whopping $50 million, in a defamation case that he has since lost with costs, after he failed to appear for the pre-trial conference in person.

The Daily News, which described as “ridiculous” Mphoko’s claim, had lined up a number of high-profile witnesses in its defence, in a matter that the newspaper said it was looking forward to with relish.

Rather curiously too, Mphoko has to date not formally moved to either challenge the open source of the newspaper’s original story, Sibanda, on his claims, or take him to court — choosing instead to take on the Daily News.

Mutsvangwa has also since sensationally claimed that Mphoko deserted his comrades in Mozambique at the height of the liberation struggle to enjoy life with his then wife-to-be, Laurinda — an allegation that Zapu has now formally corroborated.

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Mboko imboko zveshuwa.

Tahir Iqbal - 11 April 2016

please leave mboko alone

Harare - 11 April 2016

On this one l agree with the Daily News. Liberation War credentials are essential for one to lead the country.

changara - 11 April 2016

You will be surprised at the number of so called heroes and veterans of the struggle. Most of them are craven cowards who soiled their pants each time a helicopter appeared in the far horizon. In Honde valley area, one Perence actually abandoned his rifle and scurried for cover. Its anybody's guess what he is today.

MZILANKATHA - 11 April 2016

So viola was rite after all.thats why the fellow quickly left bulawayo,in a huff.he was running.

ino - 11 April 2016

So viola was rite after all.thats why the fellow quickly left bulawayo,in a huff.he was running.

ino - 11 April 2016

So viola was rite after all.thats why the fellow quickly left bulawayo,in a huff.he was running.

ino - 11 April 2016

But, 4 years is too much. Maybe the missing arms are the reason he is Vice President after all. You may line up people like him in Zanu Pf the Pro, the Dr and surprising most from Matebeleland.

(Zanu)nubala - 11 April 2016

@(zanu)nubala,what exactly are you trying to say?

jojo - 11 April 2016

Now the truth has come out. Mphoko is not only a Zipra deserter but a defector to Zanla. When the shipment of arms arrived from East Germany Mphoko surrendered Zipra's share of arms to Zanla perhaps out of fear for his life or as a defector to Zanla. With the philosphy of "You scratch my back I scrath yours" Mphoko gained the VP Presidency under the wrong guise that he still belonged to the ZAPU component of ZANU PF. The man is a sell out and even today we can see he is being used to fight G40 wars by the First Lady/G40 and in his capacity as Chairman of the National Disciplinary Committee (NDC) of ZANU PF. He and his G40 allies are persecuting ED's allies in the Party and Govt. No wonder this man has no shame and has stayed in a 5 Star Hotel for years at tax payers' expense.

Nyoni - 11 April 2016

These Zanu pf wars are very funny if not silly. I just don't get the fuss, about Mphoko. It only shows how chaotic this much talked, armed struggle was being carried out. It actual exposes the big ego's on some of these Zanla and Zipra people have till to date. Lack of accountability began way long back. Let's face it, these two armed wings were fighting a common enemy hence the formation of Zipa and its activities. The question is how is one defined or identified as a war vet. Mphoko's persona is directly put or placed in the struggle and that cant be changed. These war vets should come up with policies that take the country forward, rather than remaining stuck in the jungles. The war ended 36 yrs ago. You are all war vets, fired a gun or not , who have ran down the country.

X-MAN IV - 11 April 2016

this article seeks to belittle the role played by zipra by claiming one of its top commanders was a deserter whilst creating the impression that zanla were the brave ones,mphoko is a genuine hero and any further attempt to scrutinise him will actually expose that zanla and its so called heroes downed imaginary helicopters whilst zapu downed a viscount in kariba and contributed more to the liberation of this country than zanla

others - 11 April 2016

Mpoko being VP was never about being a war hero, it was a decision that was made as people thought that with him as the second VP it would be easier for Ngwena to assume the seat after Bob as he was a nobody and also had a trackrecord that was bad, which backfired because he then thought that he could get the top job and was then given even more impetus by the G40.

B Moyo - 11 April 2016

Most Zimbabwean are shocked to hear this news. VP Mphoko's image and standing has been damaged thru this official ZAPU Statement. If VP Mphoko did not desert ZAPU and ZIPRA in 1976 it is only proper that he denies this allegation. The VP should issue a statement explaining where he was and what he was doing between 1976 and 1980. If VP Mphoko did not desert he should sue ZAPU for defamation. If the VP keeps quiet then it is confirmation that indeed he deserted from ZIPRA and defected to ZANLA.

Cde Dube - 12 April 2016

@ Nyoni Mphoko was not the first to desert Zipra Solomon also left Zipra in 1972

zororo - 12 April 2016

He did the right thing by not fighting. It was a rare moment of intelligence on his part. Why did he had to fight? This was a useless war which brought thieves murders, clowns, comedians to power. He is lucky he is clever enough to benefit from other people's foolishness. Because of the war we are killed maimed by zanu pf and we are in poverty. Well done mboko, kukaitaa imwe hondo usaende futi, enda kumvana dzako. pfuti dzacho utengese!

Rt Brigadier - 12 April 2016

Nearly all zanla leaders came from zapu and zipra,Gen Tongogara included.the diference is while these cadrs left zipra ,mphoko went awol,absent wthout oficial leave,for 4 yrs.Now mphoko is representing zapu as vp.thats the diference wth gen mujuru.mujuru left cleanly.

viola gwena - 12 April 2016

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drorifrini drorifrini - 12 April 2016

My heart bleeds when sellouts are recognised yet bonafide war heroes like Noel Mukono lie buried at Warren Hills.

Samaita - 12 April 2016

Just wondering how a whole VP of a broke country can run with the idea that he can get $50 million from the Daily News. Could this be a new way to muzzle press freedom? What is it that makes his reputation worth $50 million?Its a strange country with a strange leadership. Wangu vuwe-e-e!

Mwenyendiani - 12 April 2016

Are these not the same weapons which were then planted in zapu farms and areas?

maita - 13 April 2016

Mboko is ZANU PF (the party formed after the UNITY accord), not Dabengwa's ZAPU. FULLSTOP!!!

Tsikwela - 13 April 2016

The majority of Zanu Pf leadership defected from Zapu including their chief Robert Matibili. Report Mpoko is not the only trailtor.

Zanu Yeropa - 13 April 2016

IT CAN BE SEEN THAT THIS MAN IS NOT STEADY OR STABLE. Can you imagine a whole VP of a great country leaving his constitutional duty to follow on a psychiatric woman Grace addressing rallies. He accepts that he reports to Grace and Grace is her leader, my foot. Has Grace ever taken any oath to lead Zim? Was it not for Mphoko to advise the President to stop his wife? Look at where the party is now because of the lack of advice by Mpoko? Did we need a war vet indaba to bring the President and Grace back to gwara

tendai zikomo - 13 April 2016

Investigate Mphoko very carefully, he is alleged to be Mugabe´s brother.....after Matibili achona Bulawayo, do you remember that Bob and his siblings were abandoned as the father vakatevera njanji towards Bulawayo. Mphoko cannot go against maiguru Gire.......kana Bob achivata akamira sezviya zveku Japan moti ko pa queen size bed anomuka mangwana..... do u now see the logic.....

Wamatongo - 18 April 2016

vp mphpko is a disgrace who deserted the war on zipra side now is trying to deny that gukurahundi happened ,i hope when the day of recorning comes he will tellus who is the peson the west spoke to to kill and plunder us as apeolple

iqiniso lizovela gabadela - 1 August 2016

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