Zanu PF wars: Aluta Continua

HARARE - Hopes that President Robert Mugabe’s meeting with restless war veterans in Harare last Thursday would stem Zanu PF’s ugly factional and succession wars already lie in tatters, as it emerged yesterday that brawling party bigwigs are ratcheting up their deadly assaults on one another.

Sources close to the ruling party’s two main warring factions — Team Lacoste that is rallying behind embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations, and the Generation 40 (G40) group that is rabidly opposed to the Midlands godfather succeeding President Robert Mugabe — told the Daily News on Sunday that the nonagenarian’s meeting with war veterans had changed “nothing”.

“Although the president’s meeting with war vets promised so much, in the end it delivered nothing as those who were killing each other for power are still at it, probably with more venom now after that (Mugabe’s) intervention failed,” a senior party official who claims to be “non-aligned” said.

Asked to say why the meeting had not delivered the much hoped-for results, the bigwig said it was “always unrealistic” to expect that the get-together would stem the party’s mindless bloodletting of the past 15 years which has seen dozens of its leading lights purged from the former liberation movement.

“My sense is that many people, including a few naive ones inside the party, under-estimate the levels of disaffection and animosity within the party. The sad reality is that G40 and Team Lacoste members don’t just dislike each other, they hate each other now and can hardly tolerate each other even in formal meetings,” the central committee member said.

Indeed, the restless war veterans who are rallying behind Mnangagwa openly attacked alleged G40 kingpins at their meeting with Mugabe, including the party’s national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere.

They also called for a stop to the relentless purges in Zanu PF which they say are targeted at officials perceived to belong to Team Lacoste, and that they further claim are not mediated impartially by the party’s national disciplinary committee (NDC) which is said to be packed by G40-leaning office bearers.

On Friday, a diplomatic spokesperson of the Mnangagwa-aligned Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) faction, Douglas Mahiya, told the Daily News on Sunday that while their meeting with Mugabe had achieved some successes, there were “certain issues that need follow-up with the president”.

“The meeting met our expectations, but was not exhaustive on a number of issues,” he said — adding that among other issues war veterans needed to be paid $18 000 each, which was allegedly outstanding from 1997.

However, he openly criticised Zanu PF national deputy youth secretary Kudzai Chipanga over what he termed his ongoing failure to respect elders.

“The disrespect that is being exhibited by the likes of Chipanga is against the Zanu PF party ideology,” he warned ominously.

While addressing a rally that was held at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera recently, Chipanga, who is said to be a G40 kingpin, rudely asked former War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa to “shut up”.

Another party official seen as close to Team Lacoste said the meeting had been a “total failure” as more members loyal to Mnangagwa were allegedly still set to be booted out of the brawling former liberation movement.

“It’s aluta continua (Portuguese for the struggle continues) because the G40 are still as determined as they were to decimate Ngwena (Mnangagwa) and anyone seen as loyal to him,” the official lamented.

At the same time, it was claimed yesterday that Team Lacoste bigwigs were using food aid as factional politics bait in hunger-stricken Masvingo, in the camp’s desperate bid out-manoeuvre the G40.

MPs aligned to the G40 who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday blamed Masvingo Provincial minister Shuvai Mahofa, an alleged staunch follower of Mnangagwa, of being among those selectively distributing the food.

“I am fighting hard to reverse the food distribution process, which is being done on factional lines,” Chiredzi West legislator Darlington Chiwa said.

Callisto Gwanetsa and Denford Masiya, who are Chiredzi South and East MPs respectively, also confirmed that they had experienced the same problem.

“We know there is such an issue but it is now in the hands of the relevant authorities,” Zanu PF Provincial commissar Jappy Jaboon told the Daily News on Sunday.

A visibly-tired Mugabe also once again openly admitted on Friday that Zanu PF’s seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars were continuing to destroy the party, appealing for unity among his brawling lieutenants.

“Look where we are now compared to what we used to be, especially during the time of the struggle? . . . we need to work and revamp the party.

“There are factions that are accusing each other, using the opposition papers to say bad things about one another . . . we need to stop this. Where are we going? I appeal to you to unite for the good of the party,” the exasperated nonagenarian said.

“The trust has been lost among party members. Everyone must do a self-introspection . . . youths should be united, focused. The leadership of the party should provide that element of unity, provide that historical understanding that enables us to go forward as a party,” he added.

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The fights wont stop until the problem of leadership is sorted out.theris a leadership wont be solved by expilesions.these expilesions have been hapening since simba makoni,maybe since edson zvobgo bt stil the problem is alive n very bare.its like taking to the bottle hoping finances wil improve tmorow when sober,and going bak to the bottle again hoping for a solution.this is wht g40 is doing,purging n purging,til when.until g40 itself comes up wth a credible leader this wont stop.the fights will continue bcoz theris a vacancy at the top.President is old and everyone can see that.even Stevie Wonder can see our president is way too old for any nob.

viola gwena - 10 April 2016

African political parties should structure themselves , just like western parties, what do you need a youth or women .s league ? Just have card holder members then all this nonsense will stop. These groups they create confusion and claim to be superior to ordinary card holders. Some are said to be youths even they are old enough to start a family. They do not even bother to look for a job because the party provides everything for them.

Be warned - 10 April 2016

Yes it's true. The fights will not end even if ED is given the post. What we need is ZANU pf to be buried forever in 2018 and let a new party move the country forward until 2030. By that time all those making noise will be dead anyway .

Be warned - 10 April 2016

Yes it's true. The fights will not end even if ED is given the post. What we need is ZANU pf to be buried forever in 2018 and let a new party move the country forward until 2030. By that time all those making noise will be dead anyway .

Be warned - 10 April 2016

100% in agreement with sis v ngwena our leader is too old to carry on the responsibility he has. time for him to take a break and enjoy the yrs that he has been blessed with. we need someone young to take over the reigns.

zvirozviyedzwa - 10 April 2016

This war of succession would not have been if ZANU handed the keys to the mandated winners of the 2008 election. Greed will yield nothing except more shame to the perpetrators of dishonesty. Until ZANU goes away, there can never be anything in the positive.

frankly - 10 April 2016

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jjajja maria - 11 April 2016

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phachimeso - 11 April 2016

18 000 what, for what, from where? $18 000 times 34 000 gives you $612 000 000 (six hundred and twelve million US dollars. Where do we get that kind of money? The sense of entitlement that these guys have is now just too much. We are not talking of the farms they got, the other 50k ZWD in 97 etc. zvanyanya, on top of it you did not demand to know from Mugabe what happened to the 15 billion but u call yourselves the protectors of the poor. Shut up, mhani.

Inini - 11 April 2016

ISIS or G40 is a deadly faction. Hokoyo ne ISIS

Dingiswayo - 11 April 2016

The ideology that the war veterans continue to talk about will not work in the current state the Zanu Pf party is in. It also remains absurd for the war veterans to say there is still money owed to them when the country is this state due to President Mugabe's move to pay them huge amounts as compensation not saying compensation was bad but was it the right time and did the government have resources to do such an endeavour. The populace and the war veterans have to open their eyes to how trying to please them by Mugabe's ways has landed the country and stop asking for the impossible. The government can not even pay its workers, maintain schools or hospitals let alone the medical aid. It is high time that reality kicks in and people begin to think of how to turn the economy around than asking for hand outs. Communist ideologies will not sustain Zimbabwe.

Zim Analyst - 11 April 2016

The centre could not hold.Mugabe is now out of touch with the party due old age and ill health.War vets kingpins real knows that this is the right time to destroy zanu pf bcoz mgabe and his G40 are adamat for reforms.

tongoona - 11 April 2016

zimbos are being held to ransom by one man,this man wants to rule at all costs,if he is not hounding out joice,he is plotting to upset the unity accord by seeking nomination ahead of john nkomo to replace the elavated joseph msika as party chairman,if he is not executing a genocide,he is planning to push out our president before his term expires,this man is the root of all problems,zimbos will only know peace when this man exits the political scene

truth - 11 April 2016

@truth.wth this type of thinking can pple expect zanu to invigorate itself as yu say.yu blaming smebody else besides the man in charge.are ok.?no wonder yu run when yu see viola.

hove - 11 April 2016

Blaming the loader for the accident when its the driver who slept on the wheel.

unandi - 11 April 2016

Frelimo was in our situation during Samora s time.For a long time noone in Frelimo dared samora to change frelimo s ways .The change in mozambique only came when he died.the economy started picking up.The moskens started tracki ng bak to their beloved moza,which they had run away from.war ended.It took Chisano just the guts to say to his countrymen,lets sit n talk.and dhlakama obliged.even Tanzania was headed for disaster bcoz of mwalimu s beliefs of mwalimu saw sence n gave up to the party,to elect a younger person.What is so wrong wth us?will the deaths of our children ,of hunger,inspire us to reason well for the country.Are there n men anymore in zanu ?I ask inizvangu viola ,mbuya zvangu.

viola gwena - 11 April 2016

Zanu we are just fortunate we have very weak opposition,chancers,otherwise we wuld hav been history by now.Had Morgan summoned enuf guts to stand his ground in 2008,we wuld be opposition tday.we lucky the guy took off to Botswana.Had he been like that Ivorian Quatara ,stand his ground inside the country ,in a hotel,it wuld hav been disaster for us.Bt how long will we be lucky to have Tsvangirai.?lets put our house in order.2018may bring in unknown new challenges,the I ternational community.interference.

viola gwena - 11 April 2016

You survive on violence. VIOLENCE ALONE.

George Charamba - 11 April 2016

@zviro do yu agree on this analysis by tete viola ,on Tsvangirai?

titus - 11 April 2016

Ask that dibula

opra - 11 April 2016

morgan does not want to use people to usurp power. he believes in the ballot. where the ballot fails he believes in dialog that how he got tricked in 2008. taking zanu head-on we leave a trail of bodies strewn all ova the place and focus will shift from gukurahundi (i don't like this term) to something else. if focus is shifted morgan will be at fault for inciting and the real murderes will go scot-free. very few people understand morgan, the boy is not an idiot but he values life over a position that he would have fought for. right now we cant really calculate our chances because reforms are not yet cast in stone; posa is still there. morgan knows what the pple want and the pple themselves also know what they want but the system is beating them down. morgan islaw abiding despite some of them being draconian!

SaManyika Chaiye - 11 April 2016

Bad excuses samanyika.cowerdise wil always be an option for chancers.pple had already died for morgan.he opted out.mugabe came frm the bush to face ian smith,a man who was hunting in 1980,mugabe stood his ground,he was here for elections.he won n never ran.eye ball to eyeball wth smith n he never blinked,took power.zvinoda mikono.

opra - 11 April 2016

He ran n left Biti to anounce the unanounced results.Biti had bigger courage than Tsvangi.

musa - 11 April 2016

We should be ashamed of the lack of courage as civilians to stand up for what is fair and right. Zimbabwe will never succeed in any national projects until this is the default thinking mode. Expecting MT to stand his ground is easy, how about asserting that position by demonstrating peacefully in his favour? We love watching soccer and sleeping too much and expect a nation we want to be delivered by others while fa*ting away in "luxury"...

Sagitarr - 12 April 2016

Even you, Viola, will see some of these truths now hidden from your view, when you become blind very soon. You will SEE.

Misitadete - 30 April 2016

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