Mugabe dribbles restless war vets

HARARE - War veterans aligned to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday reiterated their calls for a stop to the relentless purges in Zanu PF, as President Robert Mugabe skirted many of the issues that the disaffected liberation fighters wanted to see addressed immediately.

Among the ex-combatants’ other main grievances were the need for Mugabe to rein in the ruling party’s national disciplinary committee (NDC), as well as its commissariat, which they accused of dividing the party through “unwarranted” suspensions.

Presenting their resolutions from various thematic committees, the war veterans — who are meeting in Harare — also declared that they were the rightful custodians of Zanu PF’s ideological orientation, also arguing that the party’s central committee should be responsible for ensuring discipline in the party, and not the NDC.

“We resolved that party slogans should be praising the party, its various organs and the president only and not anyone who is not president.

“We also agreed that new songs and slogans should be approved by the central committee first like we used to do in the past because the current scenario is dividing the people.

“We also raised our concern over the manner in which the NDC was dealing with disciplinary issues, acting as the police, the prosecutor and the judge at the same time,” former senior army official and broadcaster, Munyaradzi Machacha, said as he read a report by the thematic committee on ideology.

Machacha’s report also took issue with Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, accusing him of being at the centre of the seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars that are devouring the party.

In that light, the war veterans called on Mugabe to ensure that the position of political commissar in the party be given to a former freedom fighter.

“The commissariat department should be preoccupied with mobilising supporters for the party, not to expel others from the party. Suspensions and expulsions without following due process are too much and this is threatening to split the party into pieces,” Machacha warned.

But responding to the grievances, Mugabe chose to dwell on the issue of the former liberation fighters’ welfare that they had also raised, in addition to once again reprimanding war veterans who do not respect elders in the party.

He also accused some of his senior colleagues of “selling out the revolution to the enemy” and harbouring ambitions to “prematurely” take over from him.

“There are some in the party who have become ambitious that they go about telling people that the president has gone to Singapore to seek medical treatment so he is about to die.

“I am not dying any time soon and you will be ashamed,” Mugabe said, adding that he was ready to carry on “until the people say I should step aside, so let’s not bother ourselves with these succession issues, let’s look ahead”.

“Because we are the custodians of the party ideology, we should not be seen dining and supping with Americans. We hear some among us are seen frequently in restaurants, eating with them.

“What will you be talking about? It is the work of the Foreign Affairs ministry to link with foreigners. Are you a spy, agent or what is it? It will be misinterpreted by ordinary people, so be careful,” he warned.

Mugabe also took a swipe at war veterans who brag about their liberation war credentials, saying they had lost the liberation principles.

“Some of you have lost the discipline we were taught and that is not good. You cannot say rude words to your elders. Never, never!

“We want discipline, the discipline we find in the army is called external discipline but we also need internal discipline, but there are those who when they get top posts, they despise those with lesser posts,” he said.

However, he promised the gathered veterans that he would ensure that they have improved access to health facilities, as well as scholarships and fees for their children.

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A war commander a war veteran commander in Chief has spoken its always a word of command in Zanu pf which is forward march,turn left,turn right about turn period

Colonel - 8 April 2016

What did i say two days ago ? i said these moron have no balls and brains hence they will be out smarted by this close to hundred years old granny . These are dull reserves based guys and no sane person can take them serious that is why they are manipulated by zanu come election time they will be used to threaten , beat, maim ,and kill innocent citizen who do not support zanu and after elections they willbe rubbished liked used tampons .So the only solution is to have them and their party zanu removed from power and a civilian person takes over to lead other civilians who are the majority finish and klaa .

Diibulaanyika - 8 April 2016

As usual the War Vets were dribbled by Bob. The moment the War Vets lost control of hosting the meeting we knew the outcome of the meeting had already been pre-determined. The War Vets were alowed to spew hot air but the Patron just ignored their concerns. Mugabe sees the War Vets as a spent force and will now turn to the Youths as new foot soldiers of the party. Mugabe 8 and War Vets 2= 10.

Victor - 8 April 2016

In the minds of these former war volunteers is that Mugabe will one day give them 50 000 dollars again and they do not want to offend him . They think Mugabe used his money to give them 50 000 dollars not tax payers that is why they worship him .On top of that we all know all war vets a Mugabe zombies and boot lickers . Hence they is need for civilians to kick them Mugabe and their zanu out of power so that we restore law and order which is vital for economic development .Mugabe and war vets are jamming our economy developments and we can not afford to have them in power even for 2 hours they are more dangerous than HIV to us all .

Diibulaanyika - 8 April 2016

Tichanzwa na viola tete.

fadzi - 8 April 2016

when this meeting was set I said the script was written and the rest was going to be acting, with rhobhati being the main actor! I laughed at the war vets saying they need 20% of everything. they admired curthbert dube so much that they said they also want to be CEOs, perm secs and all those flamboyant posts that are notorious of mega-salaries. in simple terms they said they also want to steal, give us a chance! but the young turks wont have non of that as they are also agitating for their turn to steal. other bullfrogs who have had enough of stealing, like obert mpofu, are quiet. its the thin and hungry ones who are wailing and jostling. access to thieving is their motivation but bob plays it clever and keep them at bay becoz the cake is getting smaller & smaller.

SaManyika Chaiye - 8 April 2016

These dunderheads never cease to amaze me. Every one in Jerusarema knows that Mugabe has nothing to give...the economy has practically tanked. The few crumbs remaining are for him his close mates. He even has the gumption to tell these idiots that they should respect the elders...coded language which simply means that "you should follow me and stop asking too many questions". Anyway, its anyone's choice to either wake up and smell the coffee or bury their heads up their smelly asses!

Surai Chidembo - 8 April 2016

I had anticipated to hear that these war vets took president Mugabe to task, they made a lot hullabaloo prior to this meeting, but shockingly did not show any intentions to take him to task

Frank Zibusiso Nyathi - 8 April 2016

The meeting was such a success,as we wanted and as we I said before the meeting was nt to imbaras our head of state,as other parties wuld hav enermy here was g40.we delivered our to their door step our initiateves.yes we had planned to have a closed door meeting wth our patron bt it wasnt to we aird our grivances. He listened.he promised to get back to was great to meet long lost comrades.I saw swerakuenda.

viola gwena - 8 April 2016

Yu must all know we r nolonger desperate to have meetings wth anyone.we are in charge.sorry.

viola gwena - 8 April 2016

kkkkkk want success when you will continue drinking and bathing sewage water driving on pot holes and if some still thinks that he or she can do successful with Mugabe who has failed to run this country close to40 yrs then that person 's head is full is sewage stuff no doubt about it .The 50 000 he gave these fools shall never come again forget it .

Diibulaanyika - 9 April 2016

the president never dribbled the warvets but dribbled the half baked political analyst,private media and dailynews online participants who had all predicted chaos

truth - 9 April 2016

the meeting was thus heartbreaking to the prophets of doom and a succes to all involved

truth - 9 April 2016

You are given promises 36 years after being neglected . Hogwash. Ikozvino mopera kufa muchingotongwa nemunhu mumwe . Madutye evanhu. You still talk of the barrel of the gun . ISIS ndiyo shasha dzepfuti kwete imi macowards anonamata munhu zvakadaro . Mugabe is the real source of your problems. Choose another person then to lead the country not what you are doing . the real war veterans are all dead not you cowards.

Chrikadzi - 9 April 2016

The meeting was never a success because surely nothing came out of this meeting. The big man surrounded himself wth secrocrats now how can youn ask him Questions when monya dzake dziripo . Unomonyonorwa ka nhaiwe. Unotouyawo nemonya dzako ndiko kuti urarame ubvunze zvaunofanira kkuita. Not even a single war vet asked a Question since ari macowards

Skorokoro - 9 April 2016

Ko zvokupurwa kwemawar veterans zvakataurwa here nhai veduwe. Vanhu kungopurwa here zvisina basa zvongonyararwa

Shaqri - 9 April 2016

the disgruntled lot was kept at bay by open threasts and exclusion from the plenary meetings. what remained was the script as laid down by rhobhati and his inner circle. the beaten ones are down & out.

SaManyika Chaiye - 9 April 2016

Poor war zealots. There has never been a meeting of 10000 people that will will discuss intelligently. In ordinary parlance, its called a rally. Wake up fellows and smell the coffee. You want free education for your kids, Asi vana venyu madofo kani. You are grandparents now, and still want to waste time talking about school fees. What about employment, since your dear party has destroyed industry like there is no tomorrow. As Chemist says, muchamama chete

mzilankatha - 12 April 2016

Poor mob,drunkards and taxi drivers.I wonder how these old daft comrades fought in the war.How could they be defeated by one old man who never held a gun in his hand except his useless communist and Maoist thick volume books,How could 10 000 men and women be bused from all over the country to Harare just to sleep in lodges and to be fed by Mugabe and in the process forgetting to tell him what they have always been shouting loud about?They failed to articulate important issues except to insult the whole population by their insane ,selfish and egotistic demands.Which economy can sustain such unreasonable and mercenary like demands.The best demand which you comrades should have made is to tell Mugabe point blank that he ,his wife and his zanupf must step down and call for elections supervised by the UN.You failed comrades to side with the masses.You put yourselves exclusively in your own corner for selfish reasons and you thought Mugabe likes you?no.He just used you in the Hondo yeminda and the previous election because he had given you bribes in the form of ma Z$50 000-00,plots of land which are lying idle rt now and injuries compensation which you didnt deserve after all.No comrades,you messed up The people of this country now know that you are not real war vets but some kind of parasite.You dont sympathise with the suffering masses?Show us this time that you have balls and tight vaginas between your legs by refusing to be bought by Mugabe.If you do the right thing of siding with the povo at this time of need the povo will be with you like we did during the war.Remember we clothed you and we cooked for you,we hid you and we supplied you with information and surely you cant let us down again this time after your 36 yrs of brutalising us and selling out on us just to keep the maggot infested Mugabe and his ZANUPF in power.

Cde Dokora - 12 April 2016

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