Crisis as war vets defy Mugabe

HARARE - The stage is now delicately set for a potentially explosive encounter that could radically reshape Zimbabwe’s turbulent political landscape when President Robert Mugabe meets restless war veterans in Harare on Thursday to try and iron out their deepening differences.

In a daring act of defiance yesterday, war veterans aligned to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa openly contradicted Mugabe saying they were “equal partners” in Zanu PF and that the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) was not just an affiliate organisation of the ruling party as the nonagenarian said on Saturday, on his return from Japan.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News, the spokesperson of the Mnangagwa-aligned ZNLWVA formation that is led by former War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa, Douglas Mahiya, also said it was folly for anyone to think that former freedom fighters did not have a key role to play in Zanu PF.

“Just as you cannot separate Jesus from God, and cannot separate Jesus from the Holy Spirit, you cannot separate war veterans from Zanu PF. After all, we (war veterans) are the ones who introduced Zanu PF to the masses during the war of liberation.

“If someone wants to separate us from Zanu PF, I think it will be a betrayal of the liberation struggle,” Mahiya said as he unapologetically contradicted what Mugabe said at the weekend.

This sets the stage for a potentially bruising battle when Mugabe meets war veterans this week — who have for some time now been of the view that they are being marginalised in national politics and not also enjoying the dividends of democracy as Zanu PF leaders are doing.

Mahiya said further that ex-combatants “are not supporters of Zanu PF but are members of the party”, and as such were not supposed to operate under the leadership of people they had taught politics.

“During our training as liberation fighters we were taught how to use the gun and also taught how to handle the masses in terms of politics. So you cannot say we must go under them while we are the ones who were educating them. War veterans have a big role to play in Zanu PF politics,” he said.

Prodded to comment further on the view that war veterans should play second fiddle to Zanu PF, Mahiya said this was a misunderstanding as each party needed the other, adding that one side could not dictate to the other on issues that had to do with how the party must be run.

“The issue is not about direction. As war veterans we already have direction. However, the direction must not constantly be renewed because if you do so you will lose that direction.

“You cannot renew the direction that we had, the direction of fighting the colonial regime. We think that as war veterans we are taking the right direction. Now, it’s about how government functionality and programmes benefit the people that we fought for,” he said.

Mahiya also admitted openly that Zanu PF was “collapsing like a deck of cards” because of its seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars.

“What we are experiencing is tantamount to total chaos in the country and total destruction of the party, and if we leave people destroying the party as war veterans we will be left with nothing at the end of the day.

“Zanu PF is being manipulated to produce a different product altogether, which is a misdirection of the liberation war. This thing is becoming tense because our former enemies have infiltrated us,” he said.

Mahiya’s sentiments follow Mugabe’s pronouncement on Saturday that former liberation struggle fighters needed to take a back seat in Zanu PF politics and allow party leaders to steer the wobbling ship.

“Hatitongwe neassociation … never ever, hatife takabvuma izvozvo … tine gwara reparty … musangano ndiwo unotungamirira vose, maassociations ose. Ndiwo unopa gwara kwatiri tose, watsauka watsauka warasika, wava chipfukuto, gamatox … tinoda gwara, gwara nekuti tisina gwara hapana kwatinoenda tinorasika (We are not led by affiliate associations, we will never agree to that. We have party guidelines. The party leads all associations, it is the one that provides guidelines to all of us and if you faulter, you are now a weevil, gamatox. We need guidelines, without which, we are lost),” Mugabe said.

Mahiya was confident that their meeting with Mugabe on Thursday would resolve the many political and economic challenges bedevilling Zanu PF and the country — taking a dig at senior party officials that are said to belong to the Generation 40 (G40) group.

“If we are going to get a platform, we are going to tell the president about the current economic situation and our plight as war veterans. What we need is to provide solutions to the current situation and that is why we went to war.

“The economy will not recover if we continue to have people like Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere. I am surprised why the likes of Moyo and Kasukuwere are not resigning as we have passed votes of no confidence against them.

“For Moyo, who deserted the liberation struggle, we know that he is in Zanu PF to destroy the party. Moyo once said the only way to destroy Zanu PF was to join it and destroy it from within,” Mahiya claimed.

He also demanded that the G40, which is said to comprise party Young Turks opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe, should stop bad-mouthing ex-combatants.

“The so-called G40 wants to destroy the legacy of President Mugabe and war veterans so that they will then takeover. But I want to tell Zimbabweans that the country will continue to face economic woes if we allow this to happen,” Mahiya said.

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What is happening in ZANU-PF these days is now very scary for most of us mortal ones. Ini zvangu ziii!

Mercy - 4 April 2016

You are not alone Mercy. Most Zimbos have been feeling this way for a long time. Meanwhile, the economy continues to die. And then you hear some retards say the Daily News is inventing the ZanuPF fights. But as they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining, and all shall be well one day - hopefully soon! Nomakanjani!

Khumalo - 4 April 2016

We the people fought for the liberation, side-by-side with these war-veterans (the real comrades). Our parents, brothers and sisters died and some were maimed fighting from the streets and villages... while they were in the trenches. People spent sleepless nights kuma base, huku nembudzi dzedu dzikapera. These war veterans are our parents and brothers and sisters too Zanu taingoinzwa mumapepa nemunhaurwa......takazoina Hondo yapera 1980 kuma Elections. Chimboitai tione

KayDee - 4 April 2016

Looks like we should brace ourselves for some more fatal car accidents. Ko nhai macombi ekuHeroes anokwirirwa kupi?

Tozvireva - 4 April 2016

Looks like we should brace ourselves for some more fatal car accidents. Ko nhai macombi ekuHeroes anokwirirwa kupi?

Tozvireva - 4 April 2016

“The economy will not recover if we continue to have people like Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere".....ko kumbotyei kutaurira bob wacho kuti ndiye trouble causer...dont hit about the bush tell him directly..

MBEVA - 4 April 2016

This is why I have always regarded Jonathan Moyo as one on our side only it took him a very sorry long time to come to a conclusion of his one man fight against the evil Zanu PF. Perhaps it was impossible for him to give it a quick hand. People have suffered for too long unnecessarily under Mugabe and his comrades, though we liked them in the beginning.

Yeoman Thomas - 4 April 2016

Mugabe is having sleepless nights, mainly because his plans of trying arrange a secure future for his kids and wife seems to be hitting brick walls. His own comrades and friends are resisting it. Mugabe is also no longer sure about China, whether it can again guarantee unassailable asylum for his family. His choice of Mpokho as one of the VPs from Matabeleland seems to have worked well, the man is sheepingly subservient to any whims and fancies of the first family. However, the Munangagwa issue must be driving all sexual appetite away from the first couple every night - one can safely guess. Munangagwa has two major hats: (1) a war veteran (2) a Karanga. It is the synergy of these two that has moulded a very big challenge that Mugabe is finding difficult to bulldoze away and leave his family in guaranteed bliss, come God's call or retirement. Each time Grace/Mugabe tries to set dogs on Munangagwa, they stand accused of persecuting either of 1 or 2 mentioned above, something Mugabe is struggling to disapprove. Mphoko, (and I strongly question his intelligent quotient) tried to come open and told Karangas that there is no one way for them to state leadership. He became an embarrassment even to the few who had not believed that he absconded war in favour of a woman's in-betweens. One thing is clear; dawn is approaching in Zim from the east. Mutsvangwa - a Tekere heart-alike, stands to have his name written in BOLD in the history books of Zimbabwe. So! there is a God in Heaven. What we will see on Thursday is simply a clear marking in red ink of the already drawn battle lines. What hastens the approach of dawn in Zim is this dangerous fact that the security sector is also divided as Mugabe himself confessed. The child-brained G40 are with the CIO, whereas the rest are unleashing the lacoste fragrance. They all cry – Prodeant Vaxilla. I wonder whether SADC has a mechanism or instrument that detects tsunamis and earth quakes well in advance.

Danai Pazvagozha - 4 April 2016

@danai pazvagozha,get your head examined,if you dont have the money to visit the psychiatrist put your number we eco cash

truth - 4 April 2016

Political leadership is only under security provided by security organs. This day today none in power trusts anyone in the security anymore coz these organs have been compromised. If one leaves a drink on the table in either the politiburo or central committee the next thing would be to throw away the drink. Thats bad. Vana vanyamunhu havadaro. Bring back sanity in the patry pliz ndapota. tinodirei kuita zvinotisekesa nevanhu. some of us died for this country and we are turning in our graves

ngirozi mikairi - 4 April 2016

Woe to you Grace Kasukuwere Jonathan Moyo and your god Mugabe,truly i say sooner or later we will keep you in Chikurubhi for your atrocities.corruption ,money luandering,abusing of human rights,violation of constituion,Killings, WELCOME TO CHIKURUBHI

Mugabe watiuraya - 4 April 2016

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prof esso - 4 April 2016

Sad that this old man Mahiya is so out of touch with reality. ZANU PF is fractured beyond repair. It is the hand of Almighty God in action. He has heard the cries of the people.

Essexvale - 4 April 2016

The biggest problem with parties in Zimbabwe is the failure to capture in their constitutions the roles of each affiliate comprising of their alliances. War veterans and the civilian leadership never sat down to define their roles in the movement. This is why also the MDC split up several times. The students, workers and academics couldn't accept being led by the other. Right now Zimbabwe People First is launching. Obviously there are distinct groups coming together to set it up. Once the party is rolling then the issue of supremacy will come to tear it apart. My advice to all political groupings is that they must outline the role to be played by each constituency making up the party. It is best to disagree at inception than on the way.

Sabhuku - 4 April 2016

These war vets are useless, very useless. Sorry to say this. You guys are busy pampering Mugabe, hee we support Mugabe, hee one Centre of power what what. Hee destroy the legacy of the president. You do this while Mugabe is telling you to shut up and go to hell. He got you teargassed the other time. Right now muchaenda ku meeting and sing more praises instead of asking where our 15 billion is and telling the man to retire (as everyone including you war vets want). You call yourselves the vanguard of freedom and independence yet you are used by Mugabe to oppress the people. You kill in his name and obsequiously obey his every whim. You people must shut up. Kuswera muchititambisira nguva ne politics instead of doing things that will get us out of the mess you created.makarwira kuti vana veZimbabwe vatambudzike here imi. Shut up mhani. STOP IT.

Inini - 4 April 2016

Gonzo nachin'ayi zvatosvorana

Sitting on terracess - 4 April 2016

Povo yaramba.Gen Tongo varamba madhisinyongoro.cdes like vp mnangagwa and sk moyo cannot be muniors to the likes of jonathan moyo,zhuwawo n kasukuwere, they being in zanu makes them an arm of zanla whr cde vp is second only to president.thats how it zanla we have top RG Mugabe followed by ED Mnangagwa ,C Mutsvangwa.this shows seniority which cannot be zanu cde ngwena is nt on the structures besides being vp.thats why zanu has to be sorted out properly.its our party.we formed it.Noone can challenge us.hatidi.

viola gwena - 4 April 2016

The lunatic war veterans are the biggest enemy of the advancement of Zimbabwe. Since 1980, together with Mugabe, they have held Zimbabweans hostage through their 'we died for this country mantra'. They have neither advised nor ever wanted Bob to leave because for them 'Bob is their mini industry'. Now that Grace is faced with reality around these murderers, and calling for change of direction; they cry foul. Imagine a future from Mugabe to Mnangagwa or Mujuru; will our ordinary children ever have a chance. Grace wants Bob and his crew to vacate and for me she is correct. Do Zimbabweans really feel the same? Deep thoughts are needed.

Save - 4 April 2016

Save foseke.vaudzei tete viola.

gire - 4 April 2016

If yu love grace ,save ,I suggest yu propose zvinehunhu.

yuba - 4 April 2016

.....Now, it's about how government functionality and programmes benefit the people that we fought for,” he said. ...Good point Mahiya .....If we are going to get a platform, we are going to tell the president about the current economic situation and OUR PLIGHT AS WAR VETERANS...As Zimbabweans we thought Vets had "finally" realized that classism is what has killed Zimbabwe. It is the fodder that opportunists like Mugabe; Mnangangwa; Mutswangwa; Mboko and company will always pretend that they will address and meanwhile the situation affecting the generality of the common Zimbabwean they ignore knowing well that you guys will be busy celebrating your new found glory. Zimbabwean situation is BAD it needs to be addressed for the benefit of all Zimbabweans.

Ronaldo Muso - 4 April 2016

Ummm, regai tione

obert maseko - 4 April 2016

kkkkkkk, @Truth, you just savaged me but fogot to tell us the truth as per your own gospel. Or is that I have bitten where it matters most? Just wait for Thursday, you will see the real truth. By the way, fear for Mugabe is fast waning in ZANUPF and war veterans - in the same manner Nhengure discovered that ZIzi did not have horns, contrary to Zizi's ferocious threats of using horns against dissenters. Forget about Mugabe's rantings to hired women at airport. Zizi once ranted harder. But it required a single bird to show that Zizi is hornless, they just only bigger ears. kkkkkkk apply the analogy and it fits and flash. Wait fir Thursday. Time is ticking.

Danai Pazvagozha - 4 April 2016

@gire,and what can yo tete tell us besides her undying love for ED the ghukurahundist? so he can come in and finish the job of butchering the people of matebeleland and midlands

truth - 4 April 2016

The meeting will come and go . Period.

Amai Mandigona - 4 April 2016

@ngirozi that's how bad the situation is for these guys; if you leave a drink when you come back you must incinerate both the drink and container and make sure you wont inhale the smoke. zanu members are like dogs sharing food that's almost getting finished; they brawl to death! ndichi mudiki ndini ndainzi feeder imbwa, saka pandaiisa chikafu muguhwi(food trough) dzaitanga dzichinyatsodya dzese mushe-mushe; kuzoti chaakunopera paimuka dziho(a dirty & nasty fight) zvekuti I will have to hold the offensive big ones. at one point the dogs almost turned on me and was rescued by the elders. such is the case in zanu; now that there are not more companies to extort & hard cash itself is getting scarce by the day, the proverbial dogs are turning against each other!

SaManyika Chaiye - 4 April 2016

@danai,thursday you will be full of praises of what a wily politician bob is and what a lame duck ED is,the warvets were busy abusing female cadres,ask oppah,she said it herself joice was the pimp in moza,others on this platform are invited to open up so that appropriate counselling is done,otherwise they will take out their frustrations on the forum

truth - 4 April 2016

The outcome of the meeting is already known by clever Bob. So dont expect a lot from it. He will give them a 4hour long speach narrating all the war stories up to current events then everyone goes home as usual. War Vets will come back with lots of promises on paper and nothing in thier pockets. The masses with no hope at all. War Vets will be wipped into line and come back with tails between thier legs

Known outcome - 4 April 2016

The more I read this Daily News the more I like it. Keep telling it like it is like this, even as Zanoids of all manner and kind try so hard to discredit you. The best read out of and on Zim by far! Respect!

Kt - 4 April 2016

I wonder why these idiots are obsessed with Jonathan Moyo, AM sure its because he has the guts to tell them what they are really are - blithering idiots. Even now the youths are against these few misguided elementsof the liberation struggle such as Mutsvangwa, Matemadanda and this EQUALLY IDIOTIC Mahaiya,. They think they can arm twist the Government to give hem lump sums again, what about the thousands who died and they never benefited anything, let alone their offspring who they sacrificed to join the liberation struggle. RUBBISH, KICK THEM OUT, HAPANA ZVIRIMO APA, ZVIMA BP ZVEGA ZVEGA IZVI!

truths - 4 April 2016

Poodles in Zipra should as Mugabe about their stolen property. Those in Zipra raise up your hands.

(Zanu)nubala insizwa - 4 April 2016

is this chap @truths related to @ truth?if so,welcome @truths,voila gwena run,this is a tag team,and both sound g40 whilst yu hang to the past

others - 4 April 2016

Poodles in Zipra should ask Mugabe about their stolen property. Zipra should change the name to Zimbabwe National Libaration Army (Zinla) to fit into ZANu PF.

(Zanu)nubala insizwa - 4 April 2016

G40 is rotten bcoz of zhuwawo & kasukuwere ( bootlickers)

Benito - 4 April 2016

Chinobhururuka chinomhara. Mati changa chichasvika kupiko chidhara Bob nemukadzi wacho. No matter how hard Bob can try to reverse the momentum of the winds of change blowing in Zimbabwe he cannot win. Now is the time - kana kuchifiwa ngakufiwe. You cannot patch it up Gushungo - better surrender and go kwaZwimba kunorima mbambaira. Or better still go north east kune dznza revekwako. Taneta newe. Zwawaka looter takura uyende nazwo - hapana mwana weZimbabwe anoda kubata tsvina dzako.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 4 April 2016

Mugabe must not tell the comrades that they can not challenge the establishment. They chased away Sithole and imposed Mmugabe in 1976. They wrote their demise long time ago and now they are see the true animal they created. Go back to basics Magagoa Declaration (1975) and elect a new leader on Thursday . Forget about congress , democracy is never absolute , Kick him out and cal. A press conference soon after.

Be warned - 4 April 2016

regai timbowona kuti maWar Vets vane masimba here,kana kuti imbwa dzisina mazino. Vakakwanisa kutaura resoundingly nyaya yaGire neG40 and make a stand then its all set Mugabe anenge audzwa kuti musatanyoko and the stage will be set for a free for all.

henzo - 5 April 2016

I like Inini's thoughts above. Yes Mahiya has done a bit of what i feel we need in openly defy Mugabe....but he still falls short. I tell you real change will come when someone openly stands up and defy Mugabe. the same way that Tekere did. That will be the day Mugabe cracks. If at that Thursday meeting (and for now lets not expect much from it - it will all be praise singing and nothing else) someone stands up and challenge Mugabe and we all rally behind that person, if, like what was written yesterday, someone says kusiri kufa ndekupi or its better to die on your feet than leave on your knees and openly says Mr President it's time up. Then we will see the real change. We will see mugabe crumbling. No doubt Mugabe knows that people dont like him. he also knows that it's only the corrupt that want him to remain in power. So yaa the warvets have done a bit of that. But its still far from being enough!!!

Jojo Madiro - 5 April 2016

I'm very disappointed that these "war vets" have tied themselves to ZPF. If the ordinary voters fully disown their party at the next election what will they DO? They have no vision, maybe they were so indoctrinated that they have one track minds I don't know. My gut feel is that ordinary voters are tired of both ZPF and the war vets period. They want a fresh start with merit as the cornerstone of institutional leadership to build this economy again. ZPF have failed in every sense of this word.

Sagitarr - 5 April 2016

haya, nyaya yanetsa iyi...kana ngoma yoririsa yoda kupaduka zvokwadi. I just pray to God that this does not have a massive and negative effect of us the populace. May God rise up a leader who is after His own heart and not what people expect, want and desire. A leader who has God and listens to him will go places. I wonder who that leader is, we await on the LORD

speaker 1 - 5 April 2016

This platform,Dailynews is good .even tho it takes sides,it allows others to take part.Bt for the record,I have said it before,this meeting is NOT to embaras our patron.No.So dont get excited ,its yo own thinking.Mugabe remains our leader since mozambique.However there has been a lot errors and deliberate wrongs that has hapened n still hapening in our affiliate zanu.that needs to be corrected and again we the comrades think its now not for our patron to carryout that task.we want smebordy else to move wth speed to rectify the ills of our party n nation,if we get the vote in2018.we cant push our current leader to run wth youngsters like biti n welshman,morgan.that will be embarasing him.theris no bigger embarasment than this,a whole african liberation movement to send in a 94 yr old for a takes its course,its time to move on faster than before.So plse as yu wat h from the stands dont get too overly excited on yo own party ideas.we are zanla n zipra.its the real cause of liberation for the masses that draws us to act,.we all learn from mistakes.we made mistakes befo bt its good men n women that rise to own up n correct the errors of the past.Last uprising was for our families bt now its for the movement for the nation.

viola gwena - 5 April 2016

And allso for the record,my petsonal preferences ,of ngwena does nt necesarily make him the best candidate in zanu.there are others,sekeramai ,mujuru joice,bhuti dhumiso,many others.zanu will have to elect an able person thru the most democratic processes ,so that our party can come up to speed in relation to other lib parties in 1st we will remove fear .Fear has been our biggest let down,fear n toomuch respect.Our leader deserves a very good rest.he deserves to join other elder states men for advice on sadc problems,not for him to solve bt advice when consulted.Kasukuwere s rantings about Mugabe continuing is just for his stomach thats all.he is a scared youngman fearing to loose all he got thru mudhara.thats all.we dont have time for such for now.

viola gwena - 5 April 2016

Mmmmm.yes tetes,viola mutunhu unemago

oliver - 5 April 2016

This can kill off g40.whr is jonathan moyo when viola is having free reign like this.

jabu - 5 April 2016

Viola yu r a woman,n must suport other women,Grace n mujuru.dnt dine wth men at the expense of women.

musa - 5 April 2016

@truth.iyi ndiyo tight na viola.g40 yo problem is bigger than lacoste

bob - 5 April 2016

Yes,its true bob.g40 claim ED is unsaleable bt look in 2018 very old bob will be expired,if around.can g40 market him to youngsters who r 16 now.Can the nation expect any thing proper frm such a government,led by a 94 yr old.its g40 who are trying very hard ,unmercylesly pushing an old electable?at what cost,in terms of lives?when yu force pple to vote in a person they dont want yu end up killing.we dont want that.g40 come up wth a credible choice n lets compete.dnt hide behind 1st lady n mudhara man enuff.not cowering men.

viola gwena - 5 April 2016

rhobhati & co have succeeded in dousing the flames of change by name-calling and mud slinging! zim needs dynamic brains that can flow with the tide of global politics rather than the straight-jacketed corrupt maniacs who masquerade as war-vets or politburo members at the expense of sound socio-economic dvpt of the kantry. Mugabe is not a sine qua-non to this kantry and there are a lot of brains that can lead successfully so he must be forced to accept that he cant go it alone especially at such an advanced age! war vets must be awakened from their deep slumber marred with that horrible nightmare that keeps telling them that robhati is a panacea to their woos! infact he is the pathogen to this chronic ailment that gamatox has failed to exterminate! the personal fist-fights btwin rhobhati and his bootlickers is getting everyone's attention at the expense of progress we are losing direction.

SaManyika Chaiye - 5 April 2016

its now dog eat dog , i think we are in the finals of real change,zanu pf never went to war to liberate or to have one family enjoy the fruits of the liberation lets fight for realignment,its now or never ,lets change the mind , we can't resolve problems with the same mindset that we had when the problems where created, we cant continue to do the things the same way and expect different positive change and the right mindset are imperative. old minds , have to go to pave way for real change

kodza - 5 April 2016

kwete!!!ngitsho,ladies and gentlemen lets wait for thursday,in bob we trust

truth - 5 April 2016

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