'Mujuru can't wait for 2018'

BULAWAYO - Former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) says it cannot wait to take part in the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections, adding that it will do everything within its power to oust President Robert Mugabe from power in order to rescue the country from Zanu PF’s misrule.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, ZPF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said his party — which is packed with former Zanu PF stalwarts and war veterans — was stepping up its efforts to dethrone Mugabe and his ruling party from power in the interest of all Zimbabweans.

He said of particular concern to ZPF and the majority of the country’s long-suffering citizens was the dying economy which needed “immediate and competent attention” if a complete disaster was to be avoided.

“Our focus is on the economy which is in such a bad shape. And indeed, we cannot wait for 2018 with things going this bad. We have said it time and again that we want to create a peaceful, democratic and stable nation where people can live well, decide their own future and find space to express themselves,” Gumbo said.

With Zanu PF trapped in its mindless bloodletting, as its bigwigs fight to the death to succeed Mugabe, analysts are concerned that Zimbabwe has once again hit the depths of humanitarian and economic despair that were last experienced in 2008, when the country’s seemingly unending political crisis precipitated an economic meltdown of monumental proportions — which culminated in the death of the Zimbabwe dollar and mass emigrations out of the country.

Addressing hundreds of ZPF youths in Bulawayo on Tuesday evening, ZPF interim Bulawayo provincial co-ordinator, Esinath Bulayani, also said the party’s mission was to rescue Zimbabweans from Zanu PF’s misrule of the past 36 years.

“We cannot just sit back and wait for Mugabe to die as if we have no other means to correct this anomaly. This is not a normal situation for Zimbabweans. We have become a laughing stock in neighbouring countries where most of our youths have gone to seek economic refuge.

“We are not a party that is a ‘simple come and go’. We are here to stay, hence power must be given to the youths in order to secure the future,” Bulayani declared.

“We have tolerated oppression for far too long, hence we have resolved that it is time for us all to say oppression has limits and this one has just gone way beyond tolerable limit. In a nutshell, we are simply saying that we do not brook oppression of any dimension, shape or colour,” she added.

Bulayani said it was “a disgrace” to have a country that boasted of having one of the highest literacy levels in Africa and yet it was suffering the outrage of having the highest number of unemployed people, including graduates, on the continent.

“The regime boasts that we have a very high literacy rate yet the very educated youths are without employment or are doing things which are not at all consistent with what they have spent years in school for.

“Fortunately, history will be re-written in two years’ time when ZPF will form the country’s new government” ... Mujuru has declared her readiness to free the children of Zimbabwe once again, after what she already did more than three decades ago.

“She has vowed to take on her former boss who has sworn never to vacate State House alive. But we are saying in ZPF that what everyone else thought to be impossible will be defied by us.

“We are not a violent party. We encourage peace in everything that we do. Other party youths are that type that can be used to commit violence and then be paid by beer and mbanje (marijuana),” Bulayani thundered.

The youth meeting was graced by senior party officials from Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South provinces.

But barely a month after ZPF was officially launched, the young political outfit is coming under increasing pressure from Zanu PF, as more ruling party officials and supporters stampede to join the new kid on the block.

On Monday, a ZPF supporter was hospitalised after he was savagely beaten by Zanu PF activists, after being told that his party should stop “stealing” supporters from the deeply-divided ruling party.

The assault, which took place in the Harare dormitory town of Chitungwiza, saw the victim Remedy Musokeri, sustaining multiple internal injuries and losing several teeth, in the latest wave of attacks on ZPF followers.

ZPF Harare youth co-ordinator, Farai Kuveya, said the new political outfit was “under siege because it is making serious inroads into Zanu PF’s support base”.

The Chitungwiza incident comes after four ZPF supporters were injured when violence broke out at one of the party’s rallies in Glen View last month, after a group of suspected Zanu PF youths ran amok in the area.

“These are the last kicks of a dying horse,” a miffed Kuveya said of the increasing attacks on ZPF.

Gumbo said their erstwhile comrades in Zanu PF were now “bereft of ideas and thus resorting to violence”.

“Zanu PF is known to be a violent party. It does not brook any opposition but the reality is that they are losing support left, right and centre.

“But all this will not stop us because we believe in peaceful engagements. Right now our focus is on the economy which is in such a bad shape,” Gumbo said.

“When they were assaulting Musokeri, he was told ‘you guys are taking our people’ and they (the aggressors) were also demanding to know the whereabouts of our Chitungwiza co-ordinator Ephraim Mavungani, who had to flee his house fearing for his life.

“I only managed to assist Musokeri on Monday morning and he was later treated at the Avenues Clinic,” Kuveya said yesterday, adding that the party had reported the matter to Chitungwiza police.

“This is not the first time one of our activists has either been assaulted or abducted in Chitungwiza.

“Although we know the perpetrators by name, no one has been arrested in all the cases, so we don’t take any solace from the police because they have never acted. I also don’t see them doing so now and that is what is giving these guys the guts to continue harassing us,” Kuveya said.

Cynical critics say ZPF is getting a taste of its own medicine as some of its members allegedly used to mete out the same jungle justice to the opposition when they were luxuriating in the ruling party.

“It is not fair to say that,” complained Gumbo to the charges, adding, “Have you heard that Gumbo or Mujuru ever incited violence?

“We may have been in Zanu PF, a party that perpetuates violence, but we never condoned that kind of behaviour. We don’t encourage that behaviour and culture at all.

“It’s not just us, the MDC formations are being harassed and intimidated. We have said it time and again that we want to create a peaceful, democratic and stable nation, where people can decide their own future and find space to express themselves”.

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These PF people do not have much to offer the voters. If they can comment now that "before disaster". Zanu's projects have all been disastrous, the economy is in disaster right now. I wonder what it is they will really do differently from a party from which they have focused their recruitment efforts.

Sagitarr - 2 April 2016

Mujuru is yet another zanu pf puppet whose role is to split the vote of a divided opposition thereby mitigating its effectiveness. Same tactics as every other election

Confucius - 2 April 2016

elections unlock funds from donors from the west,its not the elections they cant wait for,its the funding from the anti zanu west

truth - 2 April 2016

It is a noble idea to rescue Zimbabwe for the good of everyone soonest but I would suggest that all opposition parties and all stakeholders come together and agree to form a coalition steering gorvenment which should try alleviate the current problem dacing the country while at the same time preparing for a proper viable peaceful and democratic election fir 2018. Otherwise having People First taking over by whatever means does not bring everlasting solution to current problems facing Zimbabwe. It't just like returning ZANU - PF in its worst.

Pythias Makonese - 2 April 2016

the reason why Zimbabwe is this situation is because an average Zimbabwean doesn't want the truth. below are some of the truths that people routinely circumvent: 1. rwavhi gukurahundi Mugabe committed genocide in Zimbabwe mainly the gukurahundi atrocities of the 1980s. this is the reason why he doesn't want to vacate the throne because he knows that he will be arrested. this has nothing to do with his marriage to grace is this come well after he had committed the crimes. 2. grace is a useless slut who left her marriage to get married to rwavhi because of pecuniary gains. 3. joice mujuru was the main driver of corruption in zanu with her late hubby rex. she owns a number of farms, mine and buildings around the country. she has no positive contribution to make to the country given her horrendous performance in govt for the past 35 years. she is a liar who wants us to believe that she always had differences with Mugabe yet she begged him to stay on the eve of her official cashiering. the fact that on top of her priorities is the chasing of solo's killers shows that she is in it for her own benefit and not for national benefit. tsvangirayi lost his wife in dodgy circumstances but never has he said that he wants to avenge that. also, joice consistently said that she has no ambition to become president now she is lying that people requested her to be president. the day we learnt to accept and tell the truth, our country and ourselves shall be liberated!!! VIVA SAVE 2018 VIVA!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 3 April 2016

Unfortunately as Zimbabweans we claim to be literate, however that doesn't determine whether we are really intelligent or not. media is busy clouding our heads with issues that really don't put food on our tables. Zanu pf is scared and have put in place a plan way before election time to split the votes in the 2018 election (e.g so called Mavambo, dawn Kusile outfit). The G40 - Lacoste saga is the most saddening issue in the papers nowadays and private media is playing into the hands of Zanu PF. Why hasn't Zanu pf cut off Ngwena and why does R.G leave the same threat as acting president when he leaves for his globetrotting wastes? all the supposed fiascos in the revolutionary party are stage managed, ask Cde Moyo and he will tell you how clever he is.. Instead of acting against a rotten regime we wait and see if it will split in the middle and hope for the best. We are too gullible as a people and personally i believe we deserve the situation we are currently in.

warevei - 3 April 2016

Mujuru can be a better option regardless of your former position in ZanuPf. If you dn't support her, you will never kick the current leaders out of power. One thing that is certain is that Morgan will never rule Zimbabwe, even if HE WINS AGAIN.

Peace lover - 3 April 2016

mujuru cannot come out and pretend to save people from misrule when she herself was working to cause this suffering that we find ourselves in please dont give her new blood.

simba - 3 April 2016

she has come out and she will rule this country. what counts is courage hama. she is courageous. most of the war vets, moderate politicians and the international community are on her side. if morgan is to rescue his political career, he has to align himself with her as a junior partner. come 2018, mujuru in power.

zvirozviyedzwa - 3 April 2016

What is the major difference between Zanu and PFZ. Both are led by big time looters- Bob ($15 billion) and Joy ($9 billion). Mujuru denied Strive Masiyiwa from investing in the Telecom Sector for 5 years. She is anti-development! Most people know the blood shed she shed in Mashonaland Central.

Herbie Mutasa - 3 April 2016

this is all bullshit.Pazvai tapira mainge bhurugwa nebhandi neZanu muchitsenga maDiamonds muchidhidha mumafasha emaUS dollars .Kuda kuti vhara kumeso sezvinonzi tirivacheche.Tsvangison uripiko nhai chipuka ndipemwenje ndikupe vote yangu,Ukabharabhadza futi wapinda panyanga you shall be removed uzvizive!!.Zim isu vanhu tisu tichainakisa manjemanje futi.Thanks a lot to that insatiable bitch Gire matako ake aparadza "Revolutionary Party"

henzo - 3 April 2016

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