Mujuru's ZPF under siege from Zanu PF

HARARE - Barely a month after former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) was officially launched, the young political outfit is coming under increasing pressure from Zanu PF, as more ruling party officials and supporters stampede to join the new kid on the block.

On Monday, a ZPF supporter was hospitalised after he was said to have been savagely beaten by Zanu PF activists, after being told that his party should stop “stealing” supporters from the deeply-divided ruling party.

The assault, which took place in the Harare dormitory town of Chitungwiza, saw the victim Remedy Musokeri, sustaining multiple internal injuries and losing several teeth, in the latest wave of attacks on ZPF followers.

Contacted by the Daily News yesterday, police spokesperson Charity Charamba said she was not aware of the incident.

But ZPF Harare youth co-ordinator, Farai Kuveya, said the new political outfit was “under siege because it is making serious inroads into Zanu PF’s support base”.

The Chitungwiza incident comes after four ZPF supporters were injured when violence broke out at one of the party’s rallies in Glen View last month, after a group of suspected Zanu PF youths ran amok in the area.

“These are the last kicks of a dying horse,” a miffed Kuveya said of the increasing attacks on ZPF.

The party’s spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, said their erstwhile comrades in Zanu PF were now “bereft of ideas and thus resorting to violence”.

“Zanu PF is known to be a violent party. It does not brook any opposition but the reality is that they are losing support left, right and centre.

“But all this will not stop us because we believe in peaceful engagements. Right now our focus is on the economy which is in such a bad shape,” Gumbo said.

Contacted for comment Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo, said he was in a meeting and thus could not respond to the allegations.

“When they were assaulting Musokeri, he was told ‘you guys are taking our people’ and they (the aggressors) were also demanding to know the whereabouts of our Chitungwiza co-ordinator Ephraim Mavungani, who had to flee his house fearing for his life.

“I only managed to assist Musokeri on Monday morning and he was later treated at the Avenues clinic,” Kuveya said yesterday, adding that the party had reported the matter to Chitungwiza police.

“This is not the first time one of our activists has either been assaulted or abducted in Chitungwiza.

“Although we know the perpetrators by name, no one has been arrested in all the cases, so we don’t take any solace from the police because they have never acted. I also don’t see them doing so now and that is what is giving these guys the guts to continue harassing us,” Kuveya said.

Cynical critics say ZPF is getting a taste of its own medicine as some of its members allegedly used to mete out the same jungle justice to the opposition when they were luxuriating in the ruling party.

“It is not fair to say that,” complained Gumbo to the charges, adding, “Have you heard that Gumbo or Mujuru ever incited violence?

“We may have been in Zanu PF, a party that perpetuates violence, but we never condoned that kind of behaviour. We don’t encourage that behaviour and culture at all.

“It’s not just us, the MDC formations are being harassed and intimidated. We have said it time and again that we want to create a peaceful, democratic and stable nation, where people can decide their own future and find space to express themselves”.


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Zvino patichazopinda muna 2018 apa hatisati tambodii na 2016 uku Zanu Pf yatotanga kare kurova vanhu.Hameno chokwadi.

chimuti - 31 March 2016

And Mugabe tells us he is so popular. If he was as popular as he claims why would his embattled party resort to violence every time it is cornered. Let people make their own decisions that is what freedom is all about.

Inyika - 31 March 2016

It has been interesting to note that over the years Charity Charamba never knows anything! cluwless like the whole lot...

TruthBTold - 31 March 2016

to hell with mujuru and her friends those are thieves and no one should sanitise them.let them taste their own mushonga

simba - 31 March 2016

the horror being faced by PF is a classical case of avenging spirits of the people they murdered whilst in zanu. its a pity that the spirits have possessed their former partners in crime. its a pity but who cares?

SaManyika Chaiye - 31 March 2016

for how long are we going to tolerate violence, this barbaric act must stop. Zimbabweans lets stop being used by politicians.

Tembo - 31 March 2016

You are now saying Zanu Pf is violent, were you not the COACHES. Strike hard Zanu Pf on these ZPF. We used to tell them when they were your Coaches you have good strikers but they were refusing.

Chemical Solution - 31 March 2016

vanacharity zanupf by birth

charityc - 31 March 2016

ZPF is not ZanuPF in name but in reality its youth is pure ZanuPF. In its ranks it has some of the known notorious terrorists who now claim that they have repented. They are been hunted down like mice. For Sekuru Gumbo to be surprised by what is done to his supporters should not be taken seriously. They used to deny that Mugabe's party thrived on violence. Although I really sympathize with them, it is true that they gulping down a concoction they brewed together with their fellow comrades from 1980 to December 2014. It was a formula they used in working their rigging of election process. If they are not careful by end of 2017 they would have been dealt with severely.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 31 March 2016

Those in the diaspora, especially those in South Africa should seriously start considering to come back and vote in the 2018 elections. They are needed here.

Come home to vote - 31 March 2016

@Simba & Chemical Solution you are missing the point. Its not Mujuru, Gumbo or Mutasa who are victims in this case it is the ordinary citizens who are looking for solutions to the challenges which they are facing.

Mentalist - 31 March 2016

Zanu PF is juss a bunch of wild people, mind you these omnivorous wild cats never learn from their previous mistakes. Even if you continue beating up people be warned and be rest assured that with the new system of voting that is to be used in the upcoming 2018 elections you will be definitely dead and buried. Plan ahead of your future after the downfall of your clueless party. You won't be acceptable to a new democratic Zimbabwe with such barbaric acts. We are ready to tackle you in the upcoming elections. Why is it that you Zanu PF youths continue to be used for just a cane of zed and bronco to enrich useless individuals? I wonder if you are able even to nurture your children to have a better life other than being thuggery!

sukaihari nyamasvisva - 31 March 2016

ini ndinoshaya chinorwirwa nevanhu chokwadi. vakuru vakuru vema party acho vanenge vachimwa tea isu tichidashurana. vanhu ngatidzidzei kusangoshandiswa kuita dirty work yevanhu vakakoniwa basa kare kare. for some of us, our vote is our weapon come 2018 nana mother mujuru ipapo.

zvirozviyedzwa - 31 March 2016

Welcome to reality you ZPF thugs. Time to learn how to fight back eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. There is no other way of confronting these thugs but to fight back

gamuchirayi - 1 April 2016

Mentalist,the fact that Gumbo is admitting that Zanu Pf is thriving on violence today is what we are against. Was he blind for the past years when he was in this leaking ship. Its Mujuru,Mutasa and Gumbo who refused the ordinary people to find solution for their country. So Mentalist , we are not missing the point. Even those who were beaten by Zanu Pf in Chitungwiza they wre part of Zanu Pf so the fight between these is just a fight of one family husband and wife,brother against brother and sister against sister.

Chemical Solution - 1 April 2016

never expect a solution from pf & joice. pf guys are trying to smuggle themselves into power after being ejaculated on hard frozen ground. pf is using pple just the zanu way and its unfortunate that the used pple are being beaten thoroughly. dhidhimasi was mp for makoni north since the early 90s and he did nothing for the area despite being a heavyweight in both gvt & zanu. now what can he do that he failed to do when both age & energy was still on his side? let then fight to their death so that we can rebuild from the rubble that zim has become.

SaManyika Chaiye - 1 April 2016

Colleagues we are messaging the point. I agree with mentalist its not about Mujuru or ZPF its about the values that we hold dear as a country. We all have lost relatives in this meaningless politically motivated violence and its the ordinary people who suffer the most at the end. We are hurting from what we went through over the last 30 years thats given but it doesn't justify the level of violence ZANU PF is using on any political formation. We adopted a new constitution in 2013 with enhanced human rights protection framework as a means of saying never again! That was the essence of the GNU. Do we want to go back to that arrangement come 2018? Guys I think its time we all unite and say no to Violence.

JINDAZ - 1 April 2016

This type of violent reaction to threats on it's perceived power base will continue to be the way ZANU operates. And, until we have proper policing and the rule of law, violence will continue to be the norm. This Charamba woman never knows or is aware of any unlawful acts perpetrated by ZANU. What does that say about our police?

Dunlop Munjanja - 1 April 2016

ZPF(junior) don't be cry babies. It shows you did not do your homework. We have been in this since 1980 and you in your first year ..... .shame. Those calling for people in diaspora to come and vote are deluded lyk uncle Bob. We have our vote in 2008 And the winner refused to take power.what assures you that the diaspora vote is in favour of the opposition. There are die hard Zanu pf supporters out here they only dispise it to get assylum papers.I salute those at home for being resilient opposition cadres time will pass and the country will be delivered to its rightful rulers.

view from the gazebo - 1 April 2016

When Malema crossed the floormhe did not waste time on attacking Zuma... He brought payback the money and Zuma conceded... Now on Zupta must fall and it's gathering momentum NOW the big Question is what is our Madam doing. Attack Mugabe you are now in the opposition. The country is burning and you want to play SISSY come-on mama you downed a chopper and Mugabe is a small potato.

view from the gazebo - 1 April 2016

We can't unite with anyone with the inscription '' PF"they have blood in their hands.They killed our farthers,mothers,brothers , sisters and old defenciless people.Its a pity to hear these leaders of ZPF castigating violeonce not knowing that " A hen can't teach its youster not to lay eggs when the mother lays" kana kuti gakanje haringaudzi mwana waro kuti usafamba nerutivi iro richifamba nerutivi. Charity begins @ home and not @ other people's home.

Chemical Solution - 1 April 2016

@gazebo; malema style does not work in our country because the home affairs ministry is run from rhobhati's bedroom! the police will detain anyone who confront the system, the soldiers will decapitate any limb that will attempt to revolt boldly. learnmore was our 'malema' and see what happened to the lad! tsvangirayi & chamisa tried it and the police displayed its heavy handedness in an exemplary way that was so deterrent to anyone harbouring the same motives. we were silenced in broad daylight and no civil society of activist ever dared try it again. madhuku was beaten thoroughly that other time! yet in south Africa, they have democracy in the true sense on the word. no one can have a stand-off with rhobhati like what malema or maimane does with jz; do it here and you will be braai like rex nhongo! even the boot lickers & rectum chewers in zanu knows that they can be fried in hot sulphur&petrol. zanoids would rather kneel(like shamu does) at rhobhati than challenge him. so you can see our situation and how it differs from SA?

SaManyika Chaiye - 2 April 2016

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